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Is Scribie A Scam Or A Good Way To Break Into Transcription World?

    So Is Scribie A Scam?

    Well not really. Most of the time when you hear a scam you think…

    • Someone hacking into your account. is_scribie_a_scam_Logo
    • Nigerian black money
    • Ponzi schemes

    but what about scams that steal your time and give you very little in return?

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    You will see all sorts of Scribie reviews, some saying go for it and others claiming how much of a waste of time it is.

    This service can end up becoming a borderline scam mainly if you work for them. 

    If you get Trasncriptions done with them, it will be lower quality due to lower experience needed to sign up to become a Trascriptionist.

    They seem to make it sound like you can get pretty good money for each “hour of audio” but that is what makes it tricky.

    Getting paid per hour of audio transcribed is a lot less than getting that same pay per hour with a job.

    Many figure this out and find that unless you’re a transcription typing badass, you will not make squat with this service.


     Is Scribie Worth Doing, Are People Actually Make Money With It?

    This has value for beginners who are wanting to become professional transcriptionist at home but that is all it’s good for.

    If you wanted to become a professional transcriptionist at home this could be a good way to practice without having experience.If you have experience and you know what you’re doing this is definitely not the place that you want to go, to get good money with transcriptions.

    Scribie is great mainly because it accepts you a lot easier than other transcription services like where their pay is 6X times better at $1 per 1 minute of audio and not $1 for 6 minutes. The only problem is it can be hard to get accepted to places like So if you have no experience you can at least get paid more with other places like transcribeme.

    The only hard part of becoming a Scribie transcriptionist is applying and waiting to get accepted. This process can take around three months.  Also for every 3 hours of audio done accurately you can get a lackluster bonus of $10 but that is also hard to do.

    Why Scribie Can Be Seen As A Scam?

    The problem is when the price is lower, the quality of audio to get transcribed is lower creating a more difficult audio to transcribe. The more difficult the audio is to understand the longer it can take someone to type out.

    So Scribie has guidelines that you have to follow or else you will get a low rating. Then if your rating gets low enough you will be kicked off and your account will shut down.

    If you can get and keep your rating high you can become one of the many editors, which is a paid position that is better than just transcriptions.

    This website should be used to practice transcriptions or just to get some extra beer money. This will not pay the bills.

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    They pay an incredible low rate because they’re taking many people on without any experience. This is really more of a stepping stone to break into the world of transcriptions.

    How much is low pay?

    Well Scribie pays transcribers $10 dollars an hour of transcribed audio. Each of the audio files is broken up into 6 minutes. So essentially your paid $1 for every 6 minutes of audio transcribed accurately.

    Now this is where I say it can sound good but getting paid $1 from 6 minutes of audio transcribed without errors can take much longer than 6 minutes.

    It can take a good typist with pretty good skills (60-80 WPM) 18 minutes or more to transcribe 6 minutes of audio accurately. It also could take longer if the audio is unclear on exactly what they say or the people speaking have strong accents or speech impediments, you’ll have to listen over and over to understand it.

    So on a good day you’re going to be able to take home around $4 bucks an hour and that is on the high-end and it wont be consistent. This is also before taxes so making $4 dollars before taxes in this day and age just isn’t going to cut it.

    If you don’t type fast it will take you so long that it will break down to $1.50 or less. You would be surprised how long it can take to write what someone else is saying with 95% accuracy really quickly. It can take some 40 minutes or more in the beginning to type out 6 minutes of audio.

    The one good thing is your able to listen to a sample file before claiming it as your job. This can at least make it easier to choose files that are relatively simple to understand and not getting files with a bunch of people “slipping back to their native accents” that are hard to understand.

     My Thoughts On The Scribie 


    Is Scribie A Scam? Well when It’s all said and done not completely, Yes it will pay you but it’s hit and miss and pays very low. This program offers nothing special and basically you wont even make part-time money from it.

    So if you’re fine with this program not making very much money and you enjoy proofreading for fun and don’t need any money than scribe is most likely for you. As long as you pass the test and meet the requirements you can start transcribing with Scribie with zero experience.

    Then once you get a little better try applying for other transcription jobs like or learning how to get paid much higher and make a living from it using courses like transcription anywhere.

    At the end of the day Scribie is just too low of pay for most people to consider this a good option.

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    If you love transcribing or just want to learn and get paid a little Scribie might just be a good option.

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