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Is One Coin A Scam? The Currency Backed By Baloney

Name: One coinis_one_coin_a_scam_logo

Price:  Varies On How Much You Buy
Overall Rating: Scam
One Coin Summary:
One Coin is mainly preying on beginners to trick them into thinking this is next Bitcoin.  The owner has lied, made up new rules to not allow members to withdrawal money they earned and cancelling accounts of people who complain or voice concerns. Currently One Coin is worth nothing and is not listed on any legitimate cryptocurrency exchange.
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Is One Coin A Scam? One Coin Or One Big Con?

Is One Coin A Scam? Will there really be a demand for this currency or is this Cryptocurrency really only backed by Baloney?

One Coin is a Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme that appears to be ran by a woman named Raju Ignatova. She is supposedly a doctor which I’m assuming was a paid title she got from a phony diploma company.

One Coins currency has never been listed on a cryptocurrency exchange which is a really good indicator that One Coin Is worthless. If you check out coin market cap which shows legit cryptocurrencies you will not find One Coin listed on there. This is a very similar to the MLM scam Yo Coin

If you’re not wanting to read the whole review and just get the final summary Click Here To Skip To The End.

Is One Coin A Scam? Is One Coin Just A Cryptocurrency Backed By B.S?


So with cryptocurrencies that are new and have never been listed on cryptocurrency exchange are very risky at best.

Many will make claims that they’re the next Bitcoin but fail miserably. The reason is they never set out to be the next Bitcoin but rather just want you to think this. Then they want emotion and greed to override logic and get you to invest a bunch in the beginning.

One Coin has no value but to make matters worse when you buy into One Coin packages you’re purchasing just educational materials. Then you will only receive 60 percent of your commissions from your referrals and 40 percent will go to buying you more worthless One Coins to keep the Ponzi moving forward.

So One Coin is just realistically backed by baloney and B.S. Then the only way to make money or make your money you lost back, is to recruit others and get paid for referrals.

If the product is worthless and you just get paid to recruit you’re in a Ponzi scheme. No matter what if the One Coin’s Currency is worth nothing then anything they do and sell is worthless and just there to give an illusion of a real system.

Is One Coin, Soon To Be Done Coin?


So is One Coin Worth the try, in my opinion absolutely not as to make any kind of income even recruiting, you would need to buy a “Pro Trader package” that costs €1,000 or $1111.45 USD. This is very high to just hope that you can trick others into jumping on board.

There is a lot of negative things you can say about One Coin but it’s all not necessary to look that far into, as the currency is just not worth anything. If it ever just disappears while you’re promoting it you will be left hearing the complaints, not Ruja.

Ruja has claimed that after Oct 1 2016 the coins generated will go from 1.4 million a day to 14.4 million a day. Ruja claims that the coin price will stay the same or increase. This is just to get people’s greed to override their logic.

Not only that but they only say lies on top of lies and claim that they where on Forbes when really they just paid for an ad. They’re constantly trying to trick people into thinking you have a real chance. is_one_coin_a_scam_ruju_ignatova

There is no public market which decides the value of One Coin only Ruja decides the value.

Also when you want to get paid, you’re in for a treat. They will not only give you multiple excuses such as computer problems or claiming that they have already sent the payment but they will also never pay you.

Then when Onecoin scam victims  wanted to see tracking numbers, they would never provide them and just ignore emails.

Also Onecoin scam victims  were finding that after hounding One Coin for months to get payments, they would respond with a new rule. One new rule that they probably just made up on the spot is you have to be recommended “two tycoons” or “one premium package” to actually qualify for withdrawals. They choose who gets paid and who doesn’t according to how much they need you to make the scam work.

So what they’re really saying is you can’t get your money unless you refer two tycoons which is €5000 or $5600 USD x2. If you can’t get two Tycoon packages sold, then all you need to do is sell one package.  The only problem is that package cost €12,500 or $14,000 USD.

So in order to get your withdrawal you would need to con two people into spending €5000 or $5600 USD or one person spending €12,500 or $14,000 USD. This will not be easy… If you could con someone into investing that much into the One Coin scam then One Coin would probably pay out a little commission to you. One Coin has still not informed their affiliates that they must recruit new investors to withdrawal money.

They require people to be KYC certified to get paid and for some reason only the people who recruit are becoming KYC approved. The ones that didn’t met the recruiting goals magically will not be able to get KYC compliant.

One Coin states that KYC authentication requires a months time but will never pass if they don’t feel like paying you. So One Coin appears to be only paying those who continue to bring in new paying Onecoin scam victims. This is just to keep this Ponzi moving forward.

Then not only do they not pay out and make excuses but they also had banking troubles and switched banks.

Also if you complain about not getting paid, you will have your account frozen. Then they will say they will return your money for the course. Then they will just not refund your money for the course. Then not respond to your emails besides telling you excuses that are not real. 

Is One Coin A Scam? Will One Coin Payments Always Will Be Delayed indefinitely?


So is One Coin A Scam? I would say absolutely. If you think you can make money with this you really have to realize first it’s worth nothing.

Then you need to realize that they will con you out of your money, unless you’re continually recruiting. Also this is not the first time for this scam and they quickly end after the owners collect millions from their members/victims.

Stay away from this if you don’t want to lose lots of money and time.

So due to all the risk involved, along with signing up for a MLM with a worthless product making it a Ponzi you would be better off staying far away from this scam.

If Not One Coin Or If One Coin Has Scammed You What Are Your Options?

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If you have tried One Coin or waiting for a payment from one coin I would love to hear it in the comments below.

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TimTayshun says November 9, 2016

Great article. On point. A few minor corrections: The CONTEXT for which the directive was made that a specific OneCoin victim who wanted out and was complaining about poor customer service/ sell orders constantly timing out, etc., was in regards to dealing with a former member named Chris Stone. In October of last year Stone began having multiple issues with the ponzi system and after over a month of both trying to sell coins and contracting customer support worth no direct answers, he became reasonably disgruntled. Chris had joined a year earlier under Juha Parhiala and was the 1,556th OC member (either altogether or under Juha, I’m uncertain about that detail). Nevertheless, he signed up even before coins began being recorded on a Master Excel Spreadsheet in January, 2015. Since there has NEVER been any actual “mining” of the pseudo-cryptocurrency going on, Stone was able too use am EXCHANGE system to trade his free ponzi tokens for fake crypto coins at a rate of 4:1. As such, and being one of the earliest victims in the scam, he had at some point accumulated the invented value of nearly €200,000 in OneCoin ponzi coins and was trying to sell them, get out, or both. He wanted a refund on his plagiarized (mis) education material and to take custody of what he was told was his “cryptocurrency.”
That didn’t happen and Ruja #KleptoQueen Ignatova seized all his holdings and told him that he was basically shit-outta-luck for raising a stink. He then DEMANDED his investment back knowing that fighting over what he now realized were worthless fake coins was futile, but STILL ran into problems. When he contacted his Team Leader, Master Scammer, Juha Pariah/ Parhiala, he was told in order to “get out” he had to con at least two new victims into buying Tycoons (@ €5,000 each). Juha was CLEARLY just making shit up off the top of his skull and there was nothing to this affect so much as mentioned in Onecoin’s TOS (which now changes in almost a weekly basis). Stone went to the media with these details and screen shots of the FB exchange and interaction between himself and Juha, as well as publishing an email response he’d received directly from Ruja which started that “the coins are secured by the company and can never be lost or hacked, thereby protecting the IA (Independent Affiliate).” Eventually OneCoin realized that Stone was not going away and would only create more controversy to the company, which was already beginning to be plagued by false advertising claims, exposure in various lies and other misleading statements they had publicly claimed, as well as the more infamous fake “Forbes cover” and paid advertorial.
The company relented, returning the cost of his initial package (while confiscating the fake coins in question) and politely told him to F#-off.

Just wanted to clarify that to put it in the proper context. However, to be clear, this would NOT be the last time such infractions and thievery would occur. Much more recently at least half a dozen IA’s have had there accounts frozen, and these are only the ones we know about who have raised a giant guys and made videos exposing this additional element of fraud within the bigger fraud system, itself. It is estimated that MANY dozens have suffered the same mistreatment and excommunication from the CULT.

    Brandon says November 11, 2016

    Thank You so much for taking the time to give all this infomation! This is helping to inform others with your detailed comment. It’s nice to hear people seeing that this is a fake currency cult that is going to just steal your money.

    Thanks Again For Sharing This,

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