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Is Neways A Scam? – Why Neways Seems Like They’re Still Using Their Old Ways 

Is Neways a scam? As long as Neways is not reverting back to their old ways:)is_neways_a_scam_thomas_mower
Ok so the reason I say this is the previous owners Thomas Mower And Leslie Mower were sent to prison for tax evasion.

Not only that but they also had to pay criminal fines in 2013 which I will explain further down in this article.

This is not what necessarily makes the company bad.  The problem is if there willing to risk getting in trouble for not paying taxes they’re definitely not afraid to take money from blind followers of Neways.

What Is Neways A Scam Or A New Way To Start A Business? 

What Is Neways and What Value Do They Bring To The Table?

Well unless you’re needing to find a place to buy overpriced household, health and beauty products while trying to recruit others then I would say there is not much value.is_neways_a_scam_bio_gevity

They made claim that they have products free from 3000 questionable ingredients. They claimed to have a much healthier product than most.

This is not actually true as they have actually made a product called “BioGevity” This product has ingredients that are not healthy Like Human Growth Hormone HGH.

Neways was actually ordered to pay a criminal fine in 2013.

In the list in the picture they claim that bovine gelatin and betonite are bad but they added in HGH into their product.


Is Neways A Scam? – Why Neways Products May Just Be Another Basic Product That They Expect You To Sell

So Neways main way to teach distributors to sell is though scare tactics. Like I touched on above they have a list that they talk about with 3,000 questionable is_neways_a_scam_3000_questionable_ingredients_list ingredients that they don’t put in their product but they will add in other questionable ingredients not on that list.

They claim that everyday products you use will cause cancer or problems down the road.

I agree that there are many products which have ingredients that could cause cancer with repeated exposure, so I agree with that.

The problem is they’re getting you to go from one product thinking it may cause cancer or other health problems to taking Neways and possibly getting other problems down the road.

MLM’s Are They Really Any Good?

MLM products are never good quality, only alright or average quality for a high price.

Also these drinks are things like Noni juice and other basic and bogus made from concentrate garbage.

They were also selling weight loss products based on diuretics or selling water pills that help get rid of your body’s salt (sodium) and water.

This Noni Juice From Concentrate reminds me of Morinda Bioactives that Claims their Tahitian noni Juice from concentrate is good.

Then selling water pills also reminds me of how “It Works” decided to sell Weight loss wraps that are the equivalent of wrapping Saran wrap in oil around your belly.

This makes you sweat off water weight giving the appearance of weight loss.

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With these MLM products there is always a catch and they like to hide it from all the customers and distributors. So many are just blinded by ignorance.

If you’re the type of person that thinks i’m full of it go ahead and join, there is not much I can say. The only advice I can give is this. Really look at the product and think is this sellable or is it just another copy of something that is already out for more money.is_neways_a_scam_neways_pyramid_scheme

If you mainly see that the money is made in recruiting and not selling the product, rather you’re stuck in a pyramid. No one in the pyramid will ever tell you that.

They will just give you some story about how everything is a pyramid and how they make thousands just talking to people about it.

The catch:

  • With this you also have to buy in products to stay commission qualified.
  • Then be under someone to join
  • More money is made with recruiting than selling products

These are all indicators of a pyramid scam which in my opinion is all the MLM’s out there. Yes some are better than others but when it all comes down to it, they will make very little money for the majority of the members.

This is a system not to allow people a way to start a business but rather a beautiful scam to make the owners and top beginning followers money. 

What Is Neways A Scam? | My Thoughts On Neways

So is Neways a scam? Well when you take into consideration that they have ingredients on their list that are actually better than some of the ingredients that they put in their products. Also when you factor in the previous owner went to prison and is already out and working somewhere in the company possibly.

The sale of the company to another person was just probably another MLM trick to keep the business going by selling to a friend. Then they can step back and not be in the spotlight and the new owners can act like they don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.


So I would say it’s a scam in my opinion but if your willing to sell these products to your friends and family or if you can, random strangers then there is nothing I can say to stop you and I would say go for it.

Neways likes to make other products look bogus by bragging about what it doesn’t contain than what it does contain. The problem is if you look what they contain you will find that they’re just doing this to divert your eyes from reading their ingredients labels.

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