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Is My Paying Ads A Scam – How Long Do These Really Work?

    Name:  My paying Adsmy_paying_ads_scam_logo
    Price:  Free to as much as they can get from you
    Overall Rating: Scam
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    Is My Paying Ads A  Scam? |  Money For Nothing?

    Is My Paying Ads A Scam?

    Well This is a trendy program that seems to be working for many scammers. This is a paid to click scheme. This is run by a guy named Uday Nara.

    The way these work is you buy up ad packs and others in this program do the same thing. Then you make traffic for others who have paid just like you.

    This is a closed loop system where you’re just marketing to other marketers who are trying to do the same thing as you.

    Well It already has a one red flag as they do not accept PayPal and not because they don’t want to but because Pay Pal cut them off.

    I was curious about this as I thought they were getting shut down but really they’re still in business just not using PayPal anymore.

    What Is My Paying Ads A Scam Or Will This Program Actually Earn Money ? 

    There is no value to joining one of these programs. There is a bunch of stuff they say that you will get when you sign up. It’s just a scam to get you to start investing money into them. Now the tricky part about these scams is, you can make money from them.

    You just need to be aware of how much you invest to get those small returns. Then after you try to reinvest a larger sum, you could lose all your money or have a hard time getting paid out for it.

    Here Is What They Will Claim: is_my_paying_ads_a_scam_promo

    • That they will deliver high quality traffic in a short amount of time.
    • They also offer revenue sharing on ad packs you buy.  
    • That they bring two-fold benefit of long-term stability and continuous progressive earnings.
    • They have ad packs from $1 all the way to $50 dollars.
    • They claim you get revenue sharing until you get 120-150% return.
    • 10% referral commission
    • $5 dollar minimum cash out $500 max
    • You need to view 10 ads daily to claim revenue sharing.

    Whats the Cost of Joining?

    Well it’s free to join but you would need to buy ad packs to take part in the revenue sharing part. Then it’s a minimum of $5 dollars to join the revenue sharing. If you just invest a small amount you will not get much in return. This is how they get you to invest a lot more. 

    Products To Lure you In That You Can Waste Money On:

    • Business Directory – Get 20 credits you can list your business in front of a bunch of people who either don’t care or will steal the idea.
    • Login Ads – These are ads viewed when logging in
    • PTC ads – This gets others to click on your ads
    •  Banner Ads – Different banners on the site for ads
    •  Text Ads – Text ads within the site
    • Solo Ads – Email an offer to list of My Paying Ads subscribers/members
    • PPC banner – Banner ad to buy to get more almost worthless traffic

    Rules To Follow To Be Eligible For Profit Sharing:

    • Members must first buy Ad Packs or business listings
    • Member must log in to My Paying Ads Daily and Surf at least 10 ads from surf ads page.
    • If you don’t want to surf daily you need to buy surf free plan.

    You can see that there is many ways that they could take your money. There is stipulations that make it easy to disqualify you.

    Even if you get money and do everything right, they can still not pay you claiming you did something wrong. Then just keep stalling and lying until you give up.

    Also all the purchases on the site are non refundable.

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    What Is My paying Ads? | Why The My paying Ads Model Keeps Working Even Though Its A Scam.

     This is just a remake of any one of these scams listed below. They will just continue to run under different names if they close down. Some have managed to even stay in business for a while.

    Just Another Revenue Sharing Scam With Cheap Layer Of Lipstick!

    My paying Ads is very similar to:

    1. Make money every 30 minutes
    2. Traffic Authority
    3. Traffic Monsoon
    4. Fanbox
    5. Empowr
    6. Click Intensity

    My Paying Ads is a scam that has been ran under many names like listed above.

    You buy ads to take part in the revenue sharing and when you click on ads you’re creating traffic for others that also buy the ads.

    The Reason It Really Doesn’t Work And Only Works For So Long.

    The only people you can possibly sell things to is, the make money online niche and even then it’s not very good.

    The Reason The Traffic Isn’t Very Good

    Most of the people clicking on your ads are just others trying to make money from you clicking on their ads. They’re not real customers looking to actually buy things.

    But I’ve Been Paid How Can This Be A Scam?

    Many will defend their purchase and claim that they have been paid by My Paying Ads so it’s not a scam.

    First they’re most likely working way hard for very little. Also they’re just doing this to sell others into joining under them.

    If they were honest they would say, “stay away.”  As you barely make anything from it. The money you do make is just to get you to invest more.

    When people start investing more, that is the time your payments for some reason or another don’t get paid out to you.

    The only way to make money from this is by joining in the scam and scamming others. Then just telling them they can make a lot, if they start recruiting people to this scam.

    If you don’t want to be scammed, you will really want to stay away from revshare programs like My Paying Ads. They always seem good at first, just to get you to put in money.

    Later down the road they either start shaving and skimming people’s accounts, to completely shutting down accounts. My Paying Ads can decide to cancel  still needing to be paid larger sums of money.

    These have gone on forever and if you don’t already understand them you definitely want to stay away.

    Don’t be fooled by people in the program recruiting saying that you can make money. Some can make a little money, as this is how these scam companies grow. Then once people have made a little bit of money they tend to start investing more. 

    Then they will just get more and more risky with their money. This is when they will shut down your account without warning.  Typically stating that you did not do something correctly.

    What Is My paying Ads? | My Thoughts On My paying Ads

    Is My Paying Ads A Scam? Yes

    They’re running a slick scam where they get you to believe in them with small little payments in the beginning. Typically those people will reinvest and then once they build up higher amounts, suddenly Pay Pal doesn’t work. Then you can’t get a hold of them or they can claim you where not in compliance.

    They put in rules in the terms of service that allows them to do this. So your safest bet is to stay away from these all together. Dont listen to people who say these can work, if you have money to spare. It’s just throwing your money down the drain.

    The admins of these types of revenue sharing sites can only do so much to keep them going, They will all eventually go down and take everybody’s money with them. This is why My #1 recommendation will always be one of the most solid business models in the work from home industry.

    If you’re looking to invest money and make real money in return your best bet is to learn how to set up your own business online without having someone control your money and the site.

    Get ahead of the pack. Dont continue to invest money in program like My Paying Ads that are worse than just gambling with your money.

    So If My paying Ads Business Model For Making Money Doesn’t  Work For You What Other Options Do You Have? 

    Well if you’re looking to make money online, that you control then stay away from My Paying Ads.  You can truly set up and host two free websites with training, keyword tool and help from community of other like-minded entrepreneurs that’s not an MLM for FREE Here.

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    Get the training to learn how to start a website in any niche or market you choose. There is not only one product to fight over and promote anymore. If you’re serious and looking to make full-time income this is something that will help you tremendously. 

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