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Is My Millionaire Mentor A Scam Or Did You Just Win The Lottery?

    Name:  My Millionaire Mentor is_my_millionaire_mentor_a_scam_Logo
    Price:   $49 + many higher priced upsells
    Overall Rating: Scam 
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    Is My Millionaire Mentor A Scam? Or Is This Really A Way To Make Money Just Referring Leads To Professional Closers?

    Ok, so is My millionaire Mentor a scam? Well I will just go ahead and save you some time and say yes. This is one of those scams that if you have already seen a few like it, they stick out like a sore thumb.

    This is another program trying to lure you in with fancy mansions, yachts and cars. The reason, well because it still works. If someone has just a tiny belief that you might be telling the truth they’re blinded by the hype.

    Then once you think this could be true, a lot of times people wont have the will power to look to see if it’s a scam. Many times they don’t want it to be. Many people will later wonder how they could have gotten sucked in.

    What Is My Millionaire Mentor A Scam Or Real Way To Make Money Online?

    So what is Millionaire Mentor all about? Well it’s a program that promises 100k in a month and of course with very little work.

    Well if you watch the sales videos yois_my_millionaire_mentor_a_scam_Ryan_matthews_fakeu will get your fair share of fake earnings screenshots from other testimonials and lies from this so-called Ryan Matthews guy.

    They claim that this is not MLM or network Marketing and that you will be working with a team of pros that know how to sell In-demand high end products and services.

    They’re saying that you just simply have to refer people to them. Then they work on the phone with these people you refer and close the sales for you.  

    Then if they close the sale your supposed to get a $1,250 to $5,500 dollar commissions every time.

    They then go on to tell you if you don’t know where to find these people it’s fine as they have a 21 step training program to show you how to do it all.

    This guy named Ryan Matthews talks about Matt Lloyd and how great he is. He then goes on to tell you a real good “rags to riches story.”

    He keeps saying how he was just like the average person until this system came along and changed all that. He actually makes up a pretty believable story.

    He talks about how he was saving change to just get gas for his car and then suddenly met Matt and turned his life around.

    What Is My Millionaire Mentor? Is This Program Really As Good As It Seems?

    Well first off, they’re being lazy using the same Fiverr paid actors for testimonials. Some are the same ones that I have seen before in other Binary Options scams

    Wild outrageous claims

    is_my_millionaire_mentor_a_scam_fake_testamonial_calculator The claims made in the video say that “$1000 – $10k is yours guaranteed every day.”  They also show a woman in the beginning saying a number that is just on her phone calculator….

    Then she just repeats the number on the video. This shows zero proof as I can put the same number on my phone calculator and say I’m making that every year, month, day, hour etc.  as well.

    So this Ryan Mathews is just another voice actor with a fake name that sounds familiar.  I’ll make up a good fake familar name now, how about “Mike Stanley.”

    He sounds familiar right, you know good ol Mike Stanley from Nantuket.

    Ok I’m just being silly here but you see what I’m saying.is_my_millionaire_mentor_a_scam_500_lie

    They just use a fake name and fake testimonials and typically the names are just too common sounding to be real names.  Real names tend to get weird like Peep Leja or Ramsay from blogging tyrant.

    Now it’s not like you must have a funny weird name to be a real person. Also many legit people use pen names but it’s still a possible warning sign.

    So they’re doing some extra sneaky tricks as they will go as far as telling you they will give you $500 for just watching the video.

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    Then you need to pay $49 dollars to get access to the program. is_my_millionaire_mentor_a_scam_FAKE_testamonial

    If you don’t take the offer for $49 they will charge you $89 dollars for hosting fees.

    This is a ridiculous amount if they’re just providing basic shared hosting. They make you think that you’re getting the secrets from rich mentors as well.

    This is just like a lot of MLM scams. After you join you find out they’re scams and realize that to recoup your money you would have to try to hook others into doing the same thing as you. 

    There is not solid training anywhere in this program so you’re paying for nothing.

    How does Ryan Mathews site keep working?

    When you buy this overpriced garbage and hosting, this makes the creator of this smoke and mirror show a commission.

    So if you decide to try it out you will lose your money and just make a scammer behind the scenes, another sale.

    That’s Just The Beginning, Take a Look At All These Upsells:

    1. $97 monthly inner circle membership
    2. $97 monthly elite earners membership
    3. $97 monthly done for you emails
    4. $194 OPT formula
    5. $291 affiliate bonus domination
    6. $194 funded proposal
    7. They will give you the option of purchasing all the above for a cool easy to afford $1,995 LOL
      But of course there’s more…
    8. $1,997 10,000 leads in 100 days My Millionaire Mentor Scam Review
    9. $997 income revolution
    10. $997 90 day challenge
    11. $997 six figure coaching secrets
    12. $997 add the nitrous
    13. $4,997 Diamond coaching program
    14. $8,997 Titanium Mastermind

    So Are You A Fan Of Upsells That Come In Later, Claiming That You Need Them In Order To Really Succeed?

    Well if you’re not a fan of being sold, duped or getting up-sold after being told you could do everything with just the beginner program then you will want to stay away from this program.

    The other really interesting thing about this program is that it has gone by many other names in the past to promote the main program.

    This is really a program just to promote MOBE a MLM program and this is very similar to what Empower Network was doing to promote their network marketing opportunity. The tricky thing is they say that it’s now an affiliate program and not an MLM. 

    Matt Lloyd  is the mastermind behind all this trickery and has started many other fake companies to promote this such as MTTB system, Inner Circle Riches and now is doing My Millionaire Mentor.

    These are all built to get you to join MOBE.  

    The only way to get people to join is by promoting his old product is with new programs with differnt names that get you excited.

    Then they funnel you back to MOBE.

    They have to do this to trick other newbies into trying it.   This because the product is garbage. Garbage can be rsold with a fancy image, sales presentation and angle.

    How Does This Keep Getting People?

    So eventually they tempt you into buying these high-end products first, before you a sell them to make a commission. So right when you start you will need to go all in like Empower Network used to tell people and buy all the products.

    If you don’t buy all the products you can’t make commission from products you didn’t buy. So if someone buys the top program that you didn’t purchase right when you join, you wont make the commission and your up line will.

    The people in your up line that already bought the course will end up getting the commission forthe products you didn’t buy yet. They’re a lot of them so get ready to start spending if you want to be apart of this. 

    What Is My Millionaire Mentor A Scam Oe Legit? | My Thoughts On My Millionaire Mentor

    So Is My Millionaire Mentor A Scam?

    Well in my opinion I believe this is a scam. They’re nothing but a copy of The Empower Network that will suck you in, drain your money and spit you out with a lot of what you don’t need and not much of what you do need.

    The only thing they make different is they’re now trying to call this an affiliate opportunity and not an MLM opportunity. I’m just waiting for the new MLM trick on how they will hide the pyramid MLM part as this isn’t an affiliate program at all.

    This program is already starting to trick you buy saying this is an affiliate marketing opportunity. You can see from the disclaimer for MOBE below.


    This program shows they’re focused on getting you in and making money from you, not really training you and getting you further. This is not only a scam but a copy cat version of this scam.

    So this is an old scam and many have seen this and that is why the owner has decided to market it under so many names. Also why he wants to try to reference My Millionaire Mentor as an affiliate program and it’s not.

    This is definitely a bad program to get wrapped up in. is_my_millionaire_mentor_a_scam_dangle_the_carrot

    You will be spending money with upsells while they continue to dangle the carrot until you don’t have any more money left.

    The worst part is even the people who spend that money will not get shown how to actually build a business online and get good traffic.

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