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Is Mobilexpression A Scam Or Are They Just Getting You Excited For Nothing

    What Is Mobile Expressions A Scam Or Real Deal To Earn Money?

    Well this is a different way to get information, basically you sign up with your phone.

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    You then need to have the tracking software installed on your phone. Then if you stay with the program and keep it on your phone you have the chance of winning weekly drawings.

    To make a long story short it doesn’t work, well at least good enough for people to want to keep using them. Then it seems like the blame gets put on you for not using it correctly. 

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    Weekly Prizes:

    So if you do everything right you are supposed to be entered to win prices each week. You can get prizes, cash, gift cards and specific items of the week.

    I would not get the emails and I did not win anything but maybe that’s just the luck of the draw.


    I think it’s to get people excited about winning just like other places giving out prices but for the most part it’s not something that you can expect to win often.

    When you join you get $5 after week 1 for New Members of Mobilexpression who install and keep the app on their device.

    They have to also be active and have settings on phone properly set up to completely qualify for $5 bucks.

    New Members that are active for a week will receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

    They also do sweepstakes which rarely win but makes people excited.

    When you join Mobilexpression, you will be automatically entered to receive an entry into a $100,000 dollar your opinion matters sweepstakes.

    One lucky person will win $100 every month and then be entered to win $2500-100,000.

    Don’t get your hopes to far up as this is just like a lottery. They could also make the winner a person they know for all we know.

    What Is Mobilexpression Goal?

    So the main goal of Mobilexpression is to develop a better understanding of people using mobile devices.

    Mobilexpression is looking to find the importance or ratings of various mobile web sites and applications.

    Anyone over the age of 18 with a smart phone that is compatible with the Mobilexpression software and the ability to get access to the internet, can do it.

    Even if you can only access internet some of the times you can still do it.

    They claim that their software does not monitor your phone calls and does not record phone numbers that you call.

    What Does The Software Do?

    MobileXpression software records and collects info about your data usage.

    They track things such as messaging services, Mobile web browsing activity, usage and titles of download applications as well as cameras on mobile device.

    This app/software may also collect info on the web pages you view, links that you accessed and usage times for device activities such as text messaging, call lengths and web browsing.

    They claim to never collect or view personal content in any of their files. They claim that the actual content of text, email and instant messages never gets seen.

    Mobilexpression Review: Are They Just Here To Get Your Info And Not Really Give You Much In Return?


    How much memory space does this require:

    The memory required to run this software is a little under 100kb and 128kb to store the collected data before it’s encrypted and sent by Mobilexpressions servers. For Ipad and Iphone users it has less of an impact.

    Why does this need to be installed on Mobile Phone?

    They claim that by installing on your phone you can take part without any inconvenience.

    This makes the collection of mobile consumer preferences both highly accurate and much faster.

    So if you’re using a Iphone or Ipad you will need to download a configuration file which allows your web traffic to route through the Mobilexpression servers.

    Get the app off your phone

    If you’re wanting to get the app off your phone, you can just follow their uninstall instructions to cancel participation.

    Is this going to cost you money?

    Well although this is free, depending on where your surfing the data usage on your phone is not free. If you get charged for text messages you will run some additional cost with text.

    If you have unlimited data then this should be free. 

    Also to be eligible for the incentives the mobilexpressions VPN must be allowed to connect with MobileXpression every 15 minutes.

    This also requires that the email account be set to check in on a regular basis. Your phone needs to be checking the email account every 15 minutes.

    Mobile Expressions Complaints:

    is_mobilexpression_a_scam_survey_taker They have complaints from closing account after getting points up. 

    Asking to reinstall software so they can say that you have not been remaining active.

    They have also been known to not give you your gift card like they say along with other prizes or commissions.

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    Many have problems once they contact customer support with a complaint. They just tell you to uninstall and reinstall the app. They don’t contact you by phone and they have a long wait time to get back to you.

    They have others that complain about it messing up their Ipad or making phones act weird and then on top of all that they never earned the rewards like promised.

    A lot of times you will get the $5 dollar amazon gift card to get you excited to stay and then they give you tokens to win in sweepstakes drawings every week.

    This is how they keep you participating.

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    Then you will realize that you wont win anything and really its just a way for them to continue to track you without you uninstalling and canceling.

    They have had more than one person basically say that after you join you get 1 incentive like the Amazon gift card, if you’re lucky as some don’t even get that.

    This then hooks you and then after that they just enter you in for the drawings. The drawing is just there to get people excited and would be surprised if they ever selected any real people to actually win.

    They will always give you good excuses, they use these all the time to get out of paying.

    The excuses are:

    • You didn’t install the software correctly.
    • You must activate fetch data setting to 15 mins
    • You have not remained active due to uninstalling and reinstalling

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     My Thoughts On The Mobilexpression Scam


    So is MobileXpressions a scam? Well in my opinion I would say yes.

    They’re just yet again another survey company that tricks people into doing one thing when really they want something else from you.

    They typically have offers and sweepstakes to keep you wanting to stay around and usually will come up with good excuses if you actually make to many points with them where they don’t want to compensate you for your time.

    They seem to have all these neat sounding things to get you to try this software/app but then once you get involved.

    You quickly realize that they’re all just to keep you hanging in there so they can collect data from you for almost nothing and then sell it off to companies willing to pay way more.

    They use things like sweepstakes and remaining a member for over 90 days they will give a tree to Trees for knowledge.

    They claim that after 90 days a tree will be donated every month you take part in the program.

    These are all just clever way to get you to install the app and forget about it.

    I went to and I could not even find their name listed on there as a sponsor.

    So not sure if they’re lying or if other sponsors are not listed. 

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