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Is Millionaire Blueprint A Scam, Well It’s Not A Real Blueprint To Make Millions That Is For Sure!


Name: Verified Profits or Millionaire Blueprint is_millionaire_blueprint_a_scam_logo
Price: Fund a minimum of $250 to fund unregulated brokers account
Owners: (Fake Owner:) a guy named Walter Green
Overall Ranking: 1 Out of 100
Recommended Alternative program to try:


Is Millionaire Blueprint A Scam | Millionaires Blueprint Review


is_millionaire_blueprint_a_scam_landing_pageSo Is millionaire blueprint a scam?

Have you by chance been exposed to a video promising huge riches from a binary trading bot/software sales video recently?

Have you by chance been exposed to programs called free money system, verified profits or to a man named Walter green?

Well if you can answer yes to any of these questions then you have probably been scammed or are about to be scammed.

This so-called Millionaire Blueprint has been associated to so many names that you can really tell that it’s had it’s fair share of complaints.

This is why this program has so many names to confuse people trying to negatively review it, like i’m doing and confuse people they are trying to scam.

Well after reading this review I can assure you that they will at least not take your money and if they have you can still take action with your credit card company and hopefully get a charge back as this is a full-fledged scam.


Is Millionaire Blueprint A Scam | Millionaire Blueprint System Scam

is_millionaire_blueprint_A_scam_hard_salesWell to make it simple this is a scam, plain and simple this is no different from all the other Binary options scams out there such as 3 Week Millionaire, Google Trader, Cash Code, The Aussie MethodPush Button Commissions, Fast Cash.Biz and

There is no such thing as a done for you type system that can generate massive revenue without any knowledge or really any work. If there was a program out there like that it would be very closely guarded and hidden as if everybody started to do the same thing it would lose its power.

millionaire blueprint is nothing but trouble and you will lose your money, best case scenario you will get little bit of your money back after fighting like hell.

The reason it’s so hard to get your money back after you have deposited your money is they will say your account is not in compliance. 

You will never be able to get your account in compliance and they will just have you jump through hoop after hoop and in the end keep your money.

You are told in the beginning that this is a free system but it is nothing more than a clever way to get you to deposit a Minimum of $250 dollars into a shady unregulated broker account.


Millionaires Blueprint Review | Why Would You Want To Use Millionaires Blueprint Software?


is_millionaire_blueprint_a_scamThis whole product just really does not say anything besides you are about to become rich and you will make millions within weeks. This system never really explains why this would be possible and realizes that many will get sucked in and then the hype and greed will take over and they will not listen to anything and only see dollar signs.

Then once you deposit your money the hype and greed trance/spell you were under starts to disappear and then reality sets in, that you have been scammed. 

This all starts with the bait, of a free software program that makes millions at the push of a button all for free, sounds realistic right?

Well it could in a dream world.

So what happens is people like the owners of Millionaire Blueprint make a sales page with a video that promises you everything you could ever want and more if you just download this software and take action before it’s too late.

I am sure I don’t need to tell you by now that this is really not a limited time offer and will be there until it gets shut down and another will pop up in its place. It’s only limited to the amount of time before someone shuts them down.

If you are looking for a real way to start earning while your learning and build a real foundation online to start a real 3-10k a month and turn a hobby into a full-time business making full-time money then you will want to read my review of my #1 recommendation and see the formula that I followed CLICK HERE.



Is Millionaire Blueprint A Scam | Why Millionaire Blueprint Is Just The Same Scam New Name

So just to go over a few more things about this program if you still do not think it’s a scam by now.

Red Flag #1 – Fake testimonials:

This is used in these fake Binary Software scams and is used here as well. Nowadays you can just buy a testimonial for $5 bucks I do not know what you could actually use them for besides something like this but you can buy them.

These actors are just paid to say what ever you want them to say. it is funny how they say that they are actors and are for entertainment purposes and results not typical but then state that you can be really rich by using this system.

Red Flag #2 – Millionaire Blueprint never tells you what exactly you will be doing:


They tell you worthless info and then touch on the fact that their system will convert US dollars to pounds and then to Yen and then back to the Us Dollar again and then make money from nothing.

 There are many different types of arbitrage and this is just one form of it and uses the financial system.

This form of trading similar to High Frequency Trading come and go in milliseconds. If your too slow you lose money quickly.   This is a method that banks use called “Arbitrage.” Many investors will not use this type of system as it costs millions to develop and are very complicated to use properly. 

“Millionaire Blueprint” claims that it’s all about arbitration when it has claimed that it was binary options trading software which are two completely different things, they are saying anything to get people to invest money.


Red Flag #3 – No Real owners:

Very similar and typical of all the other Binary Options scams that have come before it, there are no real owners and just scam actors that they pay to claim they are the owners. There will be different owners for the Binary Software as they are just scam promoters such as Millionaire blueprints Walter Green.

They do not really even explain who they are besides saying they are “Awesome.”

Then they will always send you off to an unregulated Broker that pays them a commission and then they take your money.

After you get hooked with the free software you come to find out that the software does not do a thing without a deposit. So you think well you got to pay to play right, wrong.




This then goes to unregulated brokers that pay these scams sites such as Millionaire Blueprint to promote their services and they will give them a $250 dollar commission for just sending people their way.




How can these unregulated brokers take your money?

Well they claim that your account is not in compliance and once it’s in compliance you can then get your money but they will never allow it to be in compliance and that is the scam.

There are more red flags but there is already enough evidence that this is a scam I feel that I’m beating a dead horse.



Is Millionaire Blueprint A Scam | My Thoughts On Millionaire Blueprint Scam

So Is Millionaire Blueprint a scam? Well knowing that it’s a new Binary options software that promises very high returns almost instantly I can safely say that, YES this is yet another Binary Options/Arbitrage scam. Now a days there seems to be a new Binary Options Robot launched every week. Just checking for the red flags you read in this article will cut 99% of these scams.

Also as you can see below they claim that the average person that participates in any how to online trading course and automated software NEVER GET ANY RESULTS. is_millionaire_blueprint_a_scam_TOS

There is no real reason to use a BInary Options bot for any investment.

It’s also not a good idea when you know that the success stories are made to trick you and supposedly only for entertainment purposes. Well if your idea of entertainment is paying out $250 dollars to a con artist who hires low-level actors to entertain you to throw away $250 dollars or more then give it a shot.

If you are like most people who don’t think giving away $250 dollars at the least is a fun entertaining way to spend money then you will want to steer clear of this scam. 

When It’s All Said And Done.

Millionaire Blueprint is a huge scam and should be avoided at all costs. This is the sort of crap and garbage that makes people not trust anything online in general. This program really offers no real guarantee, no real value or substance. It’s just all hype and dreams and smoke and mirrors. 

This program should be avoided like a cheap bargain face tattoo. 

If you are looking for a real way to start earning while your learning and build a real foundation online to start a real 3-10k a month and turn a hobby into a full-time business making full-time money then you will want to read my review of my #1 recommendation and see the formula that I followed CLICK HERE


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Kristena Calhoun says February 6, 2016

I didn’t even have to read all the way through to know this company was a scam, just the name alone tells you that it is. I mean it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make that kind of money. There is no easy blueprint. However, I think the information you provided is going to definitely help someone else from becoming a victim of this place. I noticed you said that the owner was not a real person, I was curious how you know that?

    Brandon says February 6, 2016

    Hey Christina,

    Yeah I know what you mean this program has warning signs everywhere. The owner is Walter Green and they use ths same guy which I doubt that’s even the actors name.

    A scam like this, a person will not use their real name and show their face. All these guys hire these people and all the testamonials actors and just make a video with stuff that people want to hear.

    I also saw this guy in other videos and realized that there is a bigger guy that pays these people like Ronnie Mantano, if you see my review on Automobile scam you will see a man in the videos that seems like the owner but is really paid actors. This really just breaks down to what you believe is more likely to be true as no one can guarantee anything as many people and products can be deceptive.

    This really just came down to hearing more than one person saying it and my own gut feeling as this comes down to not knowing for sure but basically 98% sure that those are not the real owners.

    It’s like a guy with a bloodly knife over a dead body saying he didn’t do it, theres a possiblity that he got set up but most likely they did it. These scammers never show there face or real names and addresses as that would not be good for there personal life.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Jason says November 30, 2015

So I have seen a many advertisements for Millionaire blueprint and even asked myself “is Millionaire Blueprint a scam” and have definitely wondered if they really work.

It sounds like this is not the product for me or anyone for that matter. But let me ask this question. And if you wrote this, I apologize, I may have missed it…..did you use this personally yourself and that is why you know so much about it?

If not, is there a free trial period to test the software out? I was also curious about your #1 recomendation program… how do I really know that that program you recomend is different from Millioniare Blueprint?

    Brandon says November 30, 2015

    Hey Jason,

    I will tell you honestly I have not done this program, but I have got some inside info from some forums and other places as well.

    I have done loads of reasearch on this and also talked on the back end chat with the unregulated broker and told them they took my money and they said it was due to account not being in compliance which lead me to believe that is how they keep your money.

    Also them saying your account is not in compliance is a thing that they just say as I did not even have an account at the time and told them that and they would always go back like a knee jerk reaction to saying “well your account was probably not in compliacnce.” I know it’s hard to take somones word for it as this seems like the ticket to riches but I must warn you that if you try this program you will lose your money.

    If you do try it please let me know before you do and comment here and let people know about your expierience as they will take your $250 minimum deposit and tell you that your account needs to be in compliance to get it back out.

    If your looking to really make money and are even remotly interested in this program you really should look into trying my #1 Recomendation and start a real sustainable business online.

    Thanks For Stopping By


Ehab says November 30, 2015

Hello there,

Great review! When i find any website mentioning in it’s domain “Millionaire” Directly they lose my trust and i assume that this program is a SCAM even without opening the website, as to be a millionaire is not an easy task even to make steady income needs a lot of hard work!, thanks for your honest review.

    Brandon says November 30, 2015

    Hello Ehab,

    I agree with your comment, as many things now a days with millionire in the tittle seems to usually be a scam program. Well as always if your getting scammed and feel you want to start somthing that you can use to build, research, get trained and host a sustainable long term business online with an all in one place type package then you will want to at least sign up for the free membership and get started HERE.

    Thanks For Stopping By


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