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Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? The Main Objective Is To Sell You More Things, Not Make Money!

    Name: Millionaire Bizpro
    Price:  Varies 
    Overall Rating: Scamis_millionairebizpro_a_scam_logo


    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? This products support is not good and there is tons of upsells. You get access to affiliate software and traffic generators. To actual use this system as advertised you would need to purchase a lot more. This program seems like to make it work you need other things they sell. Essentially they use this as a way to get you to buy things to make it work. When really it’s a old washed up system and will be a struggle no matter what. It basically is going to get you to spend more money and time than they make you believe.

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    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? Is This Program Really Valued At Over A Billion Dollars?

    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? Well this is started by a person who goes by the name Derek Maxwell.is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_derek_maxwell

    He says “please call me Derek” in the video as if I was going to call him Mr. Maxwell like he’s the school Principal or something.

    He claims that you can make thousands of dollars just after 30 days.

    He’s just such a neat guy he just starts telling you that he is a multimillionaire and shows this 3 million dollars in the bank.

    Well he must not be lying as there is no way to fake that with Photoshop or oh wait yeah there is and it would be very easy, Hmmm… Well At least they don’t use fake testimonials or do they?

    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? What Is Millionaire Bizpro?

    is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_scacity_closeWell this program is supposed to make you money on autopilot according to the owner. So this is another magical software course that is SUPPOSED TO BE already to make money.

    The owner claims that you just need to activate it and watch it start to generate money on autopilot.

    They claim that the offer is only good for a day, to get you to make a purchase without logic and make more of an emotional buying decision.

    Then when you click on the video and go to their YouTube channel you see that the video has been up for a year.is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_limited_time_close_year_long


    The idea is to use their landing pages to collect email addresses, while promoting an product.

    Now the thing with this program is in theory it could work BUT there is just a lot left out.
    It’s like me saying if you just find a great excellent product and qualified traffic you will sell tons of products like Amazon.

    In theory that would work but to find excellent products and qualified traffic that’s not very competitive, can be very tricky.  If not everybody would be rich.

    The overview of ideas said in Millionaire Bizpro in theory could make money,  I just wanted to make sure to  point out that a lot of information is being cut out and your just getting enough rope to hang yourself.

    This is a general idea that you could have easily searched out on You Tube. The thing is all training sometimes can seem boring and average. Some actually are and some you just have to fully pay attention to little subtle differences, that can be big differences later on.

    Millionaire Bizpro is just an old idea with some landing pages that are the same as everybody that is using this. They will be selling everything to everybody which will be essentially selling nothing to nobody. There will be not target audience unless you understand how to write the landing pages.

    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? This Seems Like Just Another Sneaky Way For The Owners To Get Money But The People Don’t Not Earn Money.

    is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_testamonials_girlThey also use fake testimonials on Fiverr. I have yet to see a program that really works, that uses fake Fiverr testimonials. 

    is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_testamonialAlso when they claim that they made a large amount of money very quickly and they’re on Fiverr as just a fake paid testimonial, you start to think that they could be lying everywhere else.

    You can supposedly get all this for $17 dollars.

    The problem is the program will not cost you only $17 dollars.

    Once you get hooked with Millionaire Bizpro you encounter a load of upsells. These products are necessary for supposedly getting your business running.

    They have a basic membership plan at $37.95 a month.

    They also have a $349 a year Webfire plan that is supposed to generate traffic.

    All the upsells are questionable at best and they claim that you need to purchase a subscription to Webfire to generate the traffic.

    The problem is that Webfire is not a good company and has alot of complaints about them. Their definition of finding free traffic and leads is almost essentially spamming random work at home forums. You will have a really hard time building a legit and long term business using these tactics.

    They also try to up sell you on their platinum membership plan. This one will set you back around $197 dollars. This platinum premium plan is to give you access to additional training, social share buttons and a feature that drives free traffic to your website.

    Then after you buy any one of the packages you will get no support to help you. They do not have a Facebook group or a forum or blog or anything. You get only a number to call and these customer advisors don’t call back. They also cover there tracks and will be able to get away with it because of their liability states they’re not responsible.is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_liability

    This program has you promote other scammy products to earn money.

    So why do they have positive Millionaire BizPro reviews?

    There is so many good review around on thin affiliate sites because you can make a lot selling this scam to others.

    The Main Problems with Millionaire Bizpro

    They also want you to sign up with Pure Leverage GVO a MLM autoresponder company. They go to these landing pages for certain products that Millionaire Bizpro has prebuilt pages for and ends up possibly getting sales for the MLM autoresponder.

    These landing pages are fueled by questionable traffic sources and then going to cookie cutter landing pages and selling someone elses product. This would equal very low conversions.

    The only way some probably make money is being an MLM rep for GVO autoresponder. Then they get a subscription to Webfire and get untargeted traffic  to these pages. Then get a very low conversions in return and hope to make some sales. Then with poor untargeted traffic and basic landing pages you’re going to get a few lucky sales here and there but not what they make you think.

    The hardest part is getting real qualified traffic & they left that out. Also getting qualified traffic is the really hard part. You have to understand how to define your audience.

    So really Millionaire Bizpro is just a product that the owner uses to sell more products with. It’s main job is really being a vehicle to sell you Webfire subscriptions, GVO autoresponder and promote and sell with the Clickbetter marketplace.

    Then they have you going around in a circle to all of their Network marketing companies or partners. Then when you sign up to go into this fake environment you’re essentially paying them real money to give you very few qualified leads and sales in the long run. They want you to make a quick decision and think that seeing this video us Luck, fate or god doing it. is_millionairebizpro_a_scam_fake_emotional_close


    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? I would stay away.

    Is Millionaire Bizpro A Scam? I would say yes. Even if you work hard to promote thisyou will only make a little bit of money at best. This is just to get people hooked so they buy more products and services connected to the system they lay out for you. If your new and looking to realistcally make long term money this is not for you.

    So Millionaire Bizpro Doesn’t Work, Now What?

    If you’re looking for a quality marketing system that you can actually make work for you at a reasonable price don’t waste your time and money with this program.
    If you’re wondering what you can do if this is a scam I have a program for you that really does work without any hype and you can try for free, no credit card.

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