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Is Juice Plus A Scam – The Juice Is Loose.

    Is Juice Plus A Scam? Well did Ex-celebrity endorser of Juice Plus, O.J. Simpson kill his… Well lets not get into that. 


    With every MLM/network marketing product out there, you will always have people saying it’s gold in a bottle and healed their pain, arthritis, cancer etc.

    The reason is always the same, the people that sell it are the main buyers of the product.

    They’re also the recruiters so their Juice Plus reviews are most likely a little jaded.

    If you’re buying in a product ever month just tell me how many bad Juice Plus reviews are you going to write?


    Probably very little, right.

    Then add in the fact that when you sell others on the same dream you can make passive income off of them making sales. I am pretty sure that you would never say bad things about it? 

    So if someone is selling Juice Plus they tend to talk about the company as if it was a miracle.

    They will try anything and everything to try to recruit you with a company based on the MLM format. Network marketers tend to want you to basically believe in magic.

    Then you can start telling people that you believe in magic and you believe in them to. 

    All of a sudden when the “magic” disappears people then finally start talking truthfully about the product. Then instead of magic it is more like a kick in the crotch with a steel toed boot.

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    The Value Of The Juice Plus Scam


    is_juice_plus_a_scam_ingredientsWell as many put it, it’s not the worst thing you could be doing. Ok I see it’s not the worst thing in the world but is it the best thing or even the average thing?

    If your low on basic vitamins like A, E and C and Folate which are all the vitamins and everything they have then you may feel a boost.

    That same boost could be felt by taking any fruit and vegetable powder and by supplementing A, E and C and folate.

    So the value of taking Juice Plus was really that it is more convenient than growing a garden. More convenient but not healthier, theirs a big difference.

    It’s much more convenient to microwave pre-prepared, processed food instead of making it for myself with fresh organic vegetables and ingredients on a stove but it’s not as good or as healthy. 

    Well Juice Plus capsules may be more convenient than growing a garden but it is not as healthy, which is the main factor of taking supplements.

    It’s also not as cheap and easy as just getting these fruit and vegetable powders from health food stores. The same powders that they put into juice plus for much cheaper.

    Then if you get the powders all you need then is just a multivitamin and you can make your own juice plus. So if you make your own you save yourself from paying marked up prices and get involved in a Ponzi scheme with a product. Known as MLM/ network marketing.

    Sure you can become a distributor and buy in your products on auto-ship and sometimes recruit members but most of the time unless your at the top, your at the bottom getting scammed.

    Most of the distributors only barley make enough to break even. After all the driving, selling, recruiting and buying in the product many are actually losing money. Don’t be fooled by the hype, hype sells and that is why they still use it.

    This is just yet again another health care MLM that is just selling average health products for a really high price with a pyramid structure similar to Advocare, It WorksUsana and Le-vel Thrive.

    The Juice Plus Scam Has Managed To Make It To 20 Countries 

     The company

    The original company was founded by a man named Jay Martin who started the company and is the president of National Safety Associates corporation which sold fire detectors in the 70’s and water filters in the 80’s and then the Juice Plus scam In the 90’s.

    Juice Plus is a multi-million dollar company in Tennessee that operates in over 20 countries as well. Their recipe for success is due to the image of fruits and vegetables are good for you.

    They try to encapsulate the goodness of fruits and vegetables in a powdered form but they just are not nearly as potent as live living raw fruits and vegetables.

    The main thing they sell and push is really getting new recruits as you will not be able to sell juice plus like a store, you will only be able to sell the Juice Plus scam to your friends and family and some occasional strangers that were born yesterday.

    Well Is Juice Plus A Scam? The Case study of the Juice Plus Scam

    Powdered Fruits and Vegetables vs Raw Fruits and Vegetables

    is_juice_plus_a_scam_encapsulated_fruit_vegtablesSo powdered fruits and vegetables are definitely claimed to be not as bad as I thought they would be. They’re also not as beneficial as many make them out to be.

    The owners of the company are just hoping for a placebo effect and the rest of the people that say it is useless are the 80% of people that don’t feel anything.

    Then when the people that get a placebo effect and buy into the Juice Plus scam they will tell everybody that it cures every disease you have ever heard of.

    These powdered fruits and vegetables are definitely much lower in quality in comparison to live fruits and vegetables.

    Supposedly these powders do not contain the crucial enzymes needed for absorption.

    Some brands will claim they have effectively preserved them but the reason they claim that is because there is no way to tell.  

    Unless you get a huge placebo effect brought on by the intense need to sell, you will feel it do nothing.

    This is what I believe is the main reason many don’t really feel anything. The ones that do are selling the Juice Plus scam to others.

    Although when you buy it in a four month supply sent to you on auto ship you kinda have to be a believer right?

    Powdered fruits and vegetables have very little fiber as well and that is another key component to what makes real living fruits and vegetables so much better.

    If you’re deficient and have no other options then powders can be a alright choice.

    The one thing to remember with powders is that they’re dead and no longer alive and your not getting the healing benefits of eating live foods.

     Unless you just do not have any other options, just taking powders are not going to cut the mustard.

    There has also been many vegetable and green powders that contain carcinogens like arsenic. Some contain 24 mcg per every 0.4 ounce serving which exceeds the safety established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

    Some have also been tested and contained more than double the amount of aerobic bacteria allowed which causes gut inflammation and infections.

    What Is The Best Option To Get  Real Health Benefits With Out All The Network Marketing Doing It Yourself At Home

    If you’re looking to get all your fruits and vegetables in a healthy living form the best way is to just buy organic fruits and vegetables.

    The problem is eating them whole and raw is not very realistic for many in today’s world. Also juicing is hard on your liver due to stripping of all the natural fibers and leaving just the juice with loads of sugar.

    Grinding them up into amazing raw smoothies/soups like in a Vitamix Blender [HERE]

    is basically the only blender that really works for grinding up and pulverizing fruits and vegetables into smooth palatable smoothies.

    The Vitamix is a much better investment in your health than paying into Juice Plus. I made the mistake of trying to make smoothies with a Ninja. The thick chunks  in the smoothies makes them very hard to stomach.

    If vegetable are not properly grinded up they’re not easy to drink and do not digest nearly as good. 

    Blending fresh live vegetables and fruits with living raw enzymes in their natural state, while also maintaining all the natural fiber is the best way to get healthy.  

    Also a lot of studies have also shown that phytochemicals work best in whole foods and not in powdered forms. If you’re wanting to really go in depth about the Juice Plus Scam check this out.

    The Clinical Trials Of Juice Plus

    Another interesting thing about the Juice Plus scam is they talk about their clinical trials.

    Well all these trials and tests where all paid for by Juice Plus meaning the results are taken out of context and only specific people of their choosing get published in their findings.

    This is a tricky and confusing topic but if you want to learn the nitty gritty check out this article about the problem with science funded by businesses.

    Is Juice Plus A Scam? Conclusion

    is_juice_plus_a_scam_fuit_and_vegtable_capsulesIs Juice Plus a scam well that depends on who you ask…

    if you ask anyone outside of the Juice Plus scam, they will hopefully come to the conclusion that it’s at least not necessary.

    I would say that is_juice_plus_a_scam_perception_vs_realitythis is one of the better MLM programs as people seem to believe in the product and perception is reality, especially with network marketing.

    This whole program is still nothing more than a Ponzi scheme with a product called Juice Plus added. 

    Juice Plus is nothing more than encapsulated fruit and vegetable and grain powder with vitamins A, E and C and Folate. 

    Juice Plus also claims that the pills are not to replace real fruit and vegetables but rather be taken as an insurance policy for your health.

    Juice Plus has way less nutrients and fiber and minerals and vitamins as live fruits and vegetables.

    So if you’re only going to take them as an insurance policy that means they really do not work.

    Unless your already healthy and eating healthy they claim basically that Juice Plus wont really work. 

    If that is the case why would you really need to over pay for Juice Plus and not just make your own raw smoothies? Are you willing to gamble your health for convenience?

    So is Juice Plus a scam?… Well I would say, YES.  I see no reason to pay marked up prices for fruit and vegetable powder capsules and then selling them to your friends and family through a sleazy method such as MLM.

    If you’re willing to sell unsatisfactory, sub-par pills to your family and friends and tell them it is going to chance their life then the Juice Plus Scam is for you.

    If you’re thinking that the science and idea behind taking Juice Plus is flawed and that this is really nothing more than overpriced average fruit and vegetable powder, then you may want to run the other way when you hear about the Juice Plus Scam. 

    I am not saying that Juice Plus contains zero benefits but you have to take a whopping 15-20 capsules daily to get any real benefit from them.

    Not to mention you still have to eat live fruits and vegetables and take these for insurance, yeah right.

    If these pills were taken in serious dosages to try to mimic eating live fruits and vegetables I am sure it could have a dangerous side effects down the road.

    This is just like the people that used to just drink fruit juice all the time and found out later that it was bad for them without all the natural fiber.

    Final thought

    There is always one thing that bothers me about all MLM’s. While people are fighting over which product is better the problem still lies in how MLM’s are set-up to begin with.

    Owners of these programs rarely say the truth but if they do they will tell you that all MLM’s are bogus…

    These MLM companies pay just a smidgen out to lucky reps and distributors here and there.

    They’re all created to make the owners money and consistantly take the representatives money. 

    So If Juice Plus Doesn’t Work Well For A Business Opportunity What Are Your Options?
     Are There Any legitimate Programs Anymore? 

     Are looking to get away from Scams and MLM’s like Juice Plus?

    The problem with trying to make money online is that you end up getting more confused, feeling more frustrated, and not even knowing what you really should be doing. If you can believe that some programs will work for you, it’s a good start but not enough.

    Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?”  Then no matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together. This is because only a few programs out there actually teach you to succeed, the rest are just capitalizing on your ignorance.

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