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Is Juice Plus A Scam – The Juice Is Loose.

Is Juice Plus A Scam? Well did Ex-celebrity endorser of Juice Plus, O.J. Simpson kill his… Well lets not get into that. 


With every MLM/network marketing product out there, you will always have people saying it’s gold in a bottle and healed their pain, arthritis, cancer etc.

The reason is always the same, the people that sell it are the main buyers of the product.

They’re also the recruiters so their Juice Plus reviews are most likely a little jaded.

If you’re buying in a product ever month just tell me how many bad Juice Plus reviews are you going to write?


Probably very little, right.

Then add in the fact that when you sell others on the same dream you can make passive income off of them making sales. I am pretty sure that you would never say bad things about it? 

So if someone is selling Juice Plus they tend to talk about the company as if it was a miracle.

They will try anything and everything to try to recruit you with a company based on the MLM format. Network marketers tend to want you to basically believe in magic.

Then you can start telling people that you believe in magic and you believe in them to. 

All of a sudden when the “magic” disappears people then finally start talking truthfully about the product. Then instead of magic it is more like a kick in the crotch with a steel toed boot.

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The Value Of The Juice Plus Scam


is_juice_plus_a_scam_ingredientsWell as many put it, it’s not the worst thing you could be doing. Ok I see it’s not the worst thing in the world but is it the best thing or even the average thing?

If your low on basic vitamins like A, E and C and Folate which are all the vitamins and everything they have then you may feel a boost.

That same boost could be felt by taking any fruit and vegetable powder and by supplementing A, E and C and folate.

So the value of taking Juice Plus was really that it is more convenient than growing a garden. More convenient but not healthier, theirs a big difference.

It’s much more convenient to microwave pre-prepared, processed food instead of making it for myself with fresh organic vegetables and ingredients on a stove but it’s not as good or as healthy. 

Well Juice Plus capsules may be more convenient than growing a garden but it is not as healthy, which is the main factor of taking supplements.

It’s also not as cheap and easy as just getting these fruit and vegetable powders from health food stores. The same powders that they put into juice plus for much cheaper.

Then if you get the powders all you need then is just a multivitamin and you can make your own juice plus. So if you make your own you save yourself from paying marked up prices and get involved in a Ponzi scheme with a product. Known as MLM/ network marketing.

Sure you can become a distributor and buy in your products on auto-ship and sometimes recruit members but most of the time unless your at the top, your at the bottom getting scammed.

Most of the distributors only barley make enough to break even. After all the driving, selling, recruiting and buying in the product many are actually losing money. Don’t be fooled by the hype, hype sells and that is why they still use it.

This is just yet again another health care MLM that is just selling average health products for a really high price with a pyramid structure similar to Advocare, It WorksUsana and Le-vel Thrive.

The Juice Plus Scam Has Managed To Make It To 20 Countries 

 The company

The original company was founded by a man named Jay Martin who started the company and is the president of National Safety Associates corporation which sold fire detectors in the 70’s and water filters in the 80’s and then the Juice Plus scam In the 90’s.

Juice Plus is a multi-million dollar company in Tennessee that operates in over 20 countries as well. Their recipe for success is due to the image of fruits and vegetables are good for you.

They try to encapsulate the goodness of fruits and vegetables in a powdered form but they just are not nearly as potent as live living raw fruits and vegetables.

The main thing they sell and push is really getting new recruits as you will not be able to sell juice plus like a store, you will only be able to sell the Juice Plus scam to your friends and family and some occasional strangers that were born yesterday.

Well Is Juice Plus A Scam? The Case study of the Juice Plus Scam

Powdered Fruits and Vegetables vs Raw Fruits and Vegetables

is_juice_plus_a_scam_encapsulated_fruit_vegtablesSo powdered fruits and vegetables are definitely claimed to be not as bad as I thought they would be. They’re also not as beneficial as many make them out to be.

The owners of the company are just hoping for a placebo effect and the rest of the people that say it is useless are the 80% of people that don’t feel anything.

Then when the people that get a placebo effect and buy into the Juice Plus scam they will tell everybody that it cures every disease you have ever heard of.

These powdered fruits and vegetables are definitely much lower in quality in comparison to live fruits and vegetables.

Supposedly these powders do not contain the crucial enzymes needed for absorption.

Some brands will claim they have effectively preserved them but the reason they claim that is because there is no way to tell.  

Unless you get a huge placebo effect brought on by the intense need to sell, you will feel it do nothing.

This is what I believe is the main reason many don’t really feel anything. The ones that do are selling the Juice Plus scam to others.

Although when you buy it in a four month supply sent to you on auto ship you kinda have to be a believer right?

Powdered fruits and vegetables have very little fiber as well and that is another key component to what makes real living fruits and vegetables so much better.

If you’re deficient and have no other options then powders can be a alright choice.

The one thing to remember with powders is that they’re dead and no longer alive and your not getting the healing benefits of eating live foods.

 Unless you just do not have any other options, just taking powders are not going to cut the mustard.

There has also been many vegetable and green powders that contain carcinogens like arsenic. Some contain 24 mcg per every 0.4 ounce serving which exceeds the safety established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Some have also been tested and contained more than double the amount of aerobic bacteria allowed which causes gut inflammation and infections.

What Is The Best Option To Get  Real Health Benefits With Out All The Network Marketing Doing It Yourself At Home

If you’re looking to get all your fruits and vegetables in a healthy living form the best way is to just buy organic fruits and vegetables.

The problem is eating them whole and raw is not very realistic for many in today’s world. Also juicing is hard on your liver due to stripping of all the natural fibers and leaving just the juice with loads of sugar.

Grinding them up into amazing raw smoothies/soups like in a Vitamix Blender [HERE]

is basically the only blender that really works for grinding up and pulverizing fruits and vegetables into smooth palatable smoothies.

The Vitamix is a much better investment in your health than paying into Juice Plus. I made the mistake of trying to make smoothies with a Ninja. The thick chunks  in the smoothies makes them very hard to stomach.

If vegetable are not properly grinded up they’re not easy to drink and do not digest nearly as good. 

Blending fresh live vegetables and fruits with living raw enzymes in their natural state, while also maintaining all the natural fiber is the best way to get healthy.  

Also a lot of studies have also shown that phytochemicals work best in whole foods and not in powdered forms. If you’re wanting to really go in depth about the Juice Plus Scam check this out.

The Clinical Trials Of Juice Plus

Another interesting thing about the Juice Plus scam is they talk about their clinical trials.

Well all these trials and tests where all paid for by Juice Plus meaning the results are taken out of context and only specific people of their choosing get published in their findings.

This is a tricky and confusing topic but if you want to learn the nitty gritty check out this article about the problem with science funded by businesses.

Is Juice Plus A Scam? Conclusion

is_juice_plus_a_scam_fuit_and_vegtable_capsulesIs Juice Plus a scam well that depends on who you ask…

if you ask anyone outside of the Juice Plus scam, they will hopefully come to the conclusion that it’s at least not necessary.

I would say that is_juice_plus_a_scam_perception_vs_realitythis is one of the better MLM programs as people seem to believe in the product and perception is reality, especially with network marketing.

This whole program is still nothing more than a Ponzi scheme with a product called Juice Plus added. 

Juice Plus is nothing more than encapsulated fruit and vegetable and grain powder with vitamins A, E and C and Folate. 

Juice Plus also claims that the pills are not to replace real fruit and vegetables but rather be taken as an insurance policy for your health.

Juice Plus has way less nutrients and fiber and minerals and vitamins as live fruits and vegetables.

So if you’re only going to take them as an insurance policy that means they really do not work.

Unless your already healthy and eating healthy they claim basically that Juice Plus wont really work. 

If that is the case why would you really need to over pay for Juice Plus and not just make your own raw smoothies? Are you willing to gamble your health for convenience?

So is Juice Plus a scam?… Well I would say, YES.  I see no reason to pay marked up prices for fruit and vegetable powder capsules and then selling them to your friends and family through a sleazy method such as MLM.

If you’re willing to sell unsatisfactory, sub-par pills to your family and friends and tell them it is going to chance their life then the Juice Plus Scam is for you.

If you’re thinking that the science and idea behind taking Juice Plus is flawed and that this is really nothing more than overpriced average fruit and vegetable powder, then you may want to run the other way when you hear about the Juice Plus Scam. 

I am not saying that Juice Plus contains zero benefits but you have to take a whopping 15-20 capsules daily to get any real benefit from them.

Not to mention you still have to eat live fruits and vegetables and take these for insurance, yeah right.

If these pills were taken in serious dosages to try to mimic eating live fruits and vegetables I am sure it could have a dangerous side effects down the road.

This is just like the people that used to just drink fruit juice all the time and found out later that it was bad for them without all the natural fiber.

Final thought

There is always one thing that bothers me about all MLM’s. While people are fighting over which product is better the problem still lies in how MLM’s are set-up to begin with.

Owners of these programs rarely say the truth but if they do they will tell you that all MLM’s are bogus…

These MLM companies pay just a smidgen out to lucky reps and distributors here and there.

They’re all created to make the owners money and consistantly take the representatives money. 

So If Juice Plus Doesn’t Work Well For A Business Opportunity What Are Your Options?
 Are There Any legitimate Programs Anymore? 

 Are looking to get away from Scams and MLM’s like Juice Plus?

The problem with trying to make money online is that you end up getting more confused, feeling more frustrated, and not even knowing what you really should be doing. If you can believe that some programs will work for you, it’s a good start but not enough.

Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?”  Then no matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together. This is because only a few programs out there actually teach you to succeed, the rest are just capitalizing on your ignorance.

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Jack Dinkmeyer says June 13, 2017

–I have taken supplements for years with excellent results–real supplements like vitamins, etc. Then I tried Juice Plus. Positive benefits? ABSOLUTELY NONE! Did nGot feel energized. Did not feel stronger! Actually was feeling weaker! Couldn’t leap tall buildings with a single bound! The only benefit was to Juice Plus for the money I threw away on their bogus products.
–Joking aside, there were results: 1)the first was STRONG underarms odor. My lovely wife tried them for a week and also ended up with STRONG underarms odor. Being smarter than I, she immediately halted Juice Plus. I telephoned our distributor asking the reasons for odors. Her reply? That tiredest, old, lazy know-nothing excuse–“IT’S TOXINS BEING RELEASED FROM YOUR BODY! Toxins? Right! Just more ” Check’s in the mail” B.S.! 2) but the second result was much more disturbing, EXPLOSIVE diarrhea! From someone who never has that condition–three or four times a day. 3) Along with all this wonderfulness was GAS in sufficient quantities and in such great strength that it would make children cry, women faint, and paint to disengage from the wall. Again, from someone who rarely suffered this complaint.
–After days of wondering “what the Hell?”, I spotted Juice Plus capsules in my supplement box. VOILA! After days of trying to figure out what I changed differently, it struck me the only change was Juice Plus. And so I tossed the remaining capsules into the trash where they belonged and got on with my life. The odor is gone and diarrhea has lessened but not yet over. Gas is still a constant companion making itself known to one and all.
–If others are experiencing great results, WONDERFUL! But as for me, I’m used to never being sick, never having diarrhea, and certainly not the copious amounts of gas I’m pumping into the atmosphere. I suspect it will be weeks before I regain my full health again.

renee says May 12, 2017

My suggestion. If you want to try these pills, get them from a cheaper source like eBay or somewhere that you are not paying full retail and making some Ponzi Schemer richer.
That is what I am going to to anyway.

Lia Rose says May 2, 2017

Oh thank you so much! I was sucked into signing up to the juice plus biz recently. Had no idea there is so much sugar and chemically processed sugar in the chews. Also had no idea you could buy the same powders for less. When I was researching it at first, I just looked at youtube, looked ok and in alignment with helping people with their health. Till now my mum got me to look into pyramid schemes that I found this blog. To get you to buy the products, they say to think about the cost of medications, doctors and medical bills etc . if you were not to take juice plus. They say , what would you invest in your health.
I am seeing more clearly that this is far too much to be charging people, when there is less expensive ways to integrate into your lifestyle. They teach you to love money, to aim to reach higher levels in the biz, think of who you can help with that money you earn. But I feel, if I am making money from something I want to charge a reasonable price, and be honest about what the product is worth and what it contains, especially if I am in it to help people. If I choose to continue this biz, Im the one who needs help..psychological help! This biz is not congruent with my values as I once thought.
Thanks again for shedding the light

Sarah says November 12, 2016

Only to see the comments from the brainwashed reps who will come defending their cash cow

Oliver says October 23, 2016

Interesting examination. My friend has started selling this product, recruiting reps etc. When I heard about it my reaction was ‘sounds like a pyramid scheme’ and seems like I was pretty much right. Having said that she’s made her deposit back and seems to have gained confidence. Plainly she won’t make much money out of it but it’s better than nothing. Clearly the juice itself is just like any ‘miracle’ super food vitamin malarkey – i.e. it gives you expensive urine. But I don’t suppose it’s any worse than any other similar products.

julie moore says October 20, 2016

Well I think this product works well for me . I lost half a stone in a short while . Also my nails have grown which before they never did

    Brandon says October 20, 2016

    Hey Julie,

    I’m glad that they work for you, They’re not the worst MLM product out there. The only thing is what makes them any differnt than garden of life supplements with dried fruit and vegatables? Did you change anything such as diet or excercise more while taking the Juice plus? They just don’t have anything that special to get you to lose weight just from taking it or make your nails grow nessesarily.

    As there are many factors to making your nails grow.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin b-12
  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
  • Vitamin H (Biotin)
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Herbs that grow nails

  • horsetail
  • Stinging nettles
  • flaxseed oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, also may improve nail growth and overall health.
  • All these below have had effects in helping nail and even nail fungus:

  • green tea
  • cat’s claw
  • reishi mushrooms
  • milk thistle
  • tea tree oil
  • If that did work for you just imagine if you used that money to just buy raw fresh fruits and vegtables and blended them into smoothies using somthing like a Vitamix. The Vitamix will hold it’s value and can truly pulverize everything unlike the Ninja or other cheaper blenders

    If you get recults from juice plus and taking dead fruits & veg in capsules you will really benifit from not juicing but blending fruits and veg into a smoothie to keep natural fiber. Also they’re all live, living raw foods that you get so much more from.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

      Robert says November 5, 2016

      All right as far as I can evaluate it. I took these products an became very ill!!!! My dictors said me it was because of these undefined powders and shakes.– So I would recommend to be very, very careful in swallowing up these products!
      Later I readed on the websites of the JUICEPLUS-DOCTORS-CRITICS why I have had all these problems …even if it seems to be not more than hay and sawdust.
      And mostly positiv claims seem to be written by sellers. You can read about all this on
      As I looks zo me it seems to be A BIG SCAM!!!

Scott Atkinson says October 14, 2016

I see Juice Plus everywhere on facebook these days, friends who I know from a hobby that I have do it, and although they have never approached me directly to join there are lots of subtle hints, and ‘hey look at me and how im doing with Juice Plus’ posts on facebook…
I tried Amway when I was younger, got suckered into it thinking I was going to be a millionaire, then quickly got disillusioned seeing people who had recruited me and did nothing making money off my hard work. I quickly left…
Thank you for highlighting this, by the way I live in the UK, so Juice Plus has made it across the pond…

    Brandon says October 14, 2016

    Hey Scott,

    Yeah Thats what these companies tend to do after everybody has heard about them where they started. They start to branch into other countries pulling the same tricks. These MLM’s stole alot of tricks from Politics and learn to capitalize on everybody everywhere. I was shocked to see that they hav Bear Grylls endorsing it as if thats really somthing that would work for him out in the wild. These pills are not the worst thing but they certainly are nothing special just like many other MLM products and eventually everybody that starts will turn to recruiting once they realize how hard it is to sell. Then essentially it just reverts right back to a pyramid/ponzi scheme where everybody is in a race to recruit, and not many real products are sold.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Mark says September 10, 2016

My daughter has just started selling the Juice Plus plan.
I think it’s a con but she thinks that this will solve all her money worries.
Only time will tell.
I will let you know how she gets on.
Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    Brandon says September 13, 2016

    Hey Mark,

    Yeah these types of programs can be tricky especially for the younger people who have not been exposed to alot of buinsesses. As these blended vegetables and fruit seem harmless but the fact that they’re dead dried fruit really makes the supplement not really that effective mixed with the fact that they’re expensive. You can literally get the same type pills from garden of life and other pills in the stores makes this very hard to sell unless you live out in the country without a health store near by. Also the best way is taking in real fruits and vegtables and Juice plus even says this is not to replace fruits and veg but to supplememnt meaning they really don’t do anything. For the price you could buy all this stuff for over a short period of time you could buy a refurbished vitamix or a new one and just blend fresh live fruit and veg with pulp smoothies that will be amazing for your body. The reason I say vitamix as they’re really the only blender that can make palatable smoothies without chunks and also can puree the skin with all the fiber as well. If you just use this blender with good fruits and veg blended with raw milk or yogurt products you will feel better than any Juice plus pill can give you and do it for the same price or less in the long run.

    This is not the worst mlm I have seen but it’s still just not good enough to compete and if somone buys it from you it’s not long until they figure out there is better options. Then all the selling and product buying is on the distributors shoulders and later on the person will typically figure out what is going on (that it’s kind of a scam) after they’re already in too deep. Then they have to start recruiting as that is the only way to recoup some of the money. They wont be able to sell very much of these products and then they will typically start to defend the product to save face and not have to admit they were wrong.

    This is a tough thing as hooking younger people into this is the way they do it and then they use strong sales presentations using cult like tricks to get people to believe this is possible when really it’s a product that couldn’t make it to market on it’s own so they get people to sell it to their friends and family claiming that they cut out the middle man. The problem is the middle man is the reps/distributors and they also do the sales and marketing and do not get any real discount and the full prices are just bad deals. I would love to hear how it goes, some can make this work but it’s just not a good idea and if you can make MLM work I believe you can make anything work, lol.

    I Hope This Can Help And I Appriciate You Taking The Time To Comment,

S.M.Bell says September 9, 2016

Your evaluation is factually inaccurate unfortunately. There is a 20 year history of medical and scientific research to explain the many areas you’re mistaken about. If you’d like to learn more please read one of the over 30 double blind placebo controlled randomized gold standard research studies published in peer reviewed medical journals. If Yale, Georgetown, BYU, UCLA, ASU, King’s college, University of Birmingham, MD Anderson Cancer Center (and others) all see value in Juice Plus, maybe you should dig a little deeper. Or at least fact check.

    Brandon says September 10, 2016

    Wow you must be a rep throwing out a bunch of info you heard at the last Juice Plus Meeting. Can you give some link to these double blind studies showing Juic plus Is amazing?

    Also all your randomized gold standard research talk means nothing if you don’t actually show what this did for the people, in these 30 double blind studies.

    Where are, at least one or two of the sources? It’s neat that you can come on here and talk about double blind studies and name off a bunch of well known colleges but you may need to provide a little more than that.

    if there is 30 show a couple talking about Juice plus. Even if it’s at least average it’s still not a good idea as you can get these types of product anywhere for less, thus making it hard to sell.

    The Other problem? Even if dehydrated dead vegtable and fruit powder is good for you why not just buy Garden of Life products that do the same thing? Why not just get a vitamix and blend live fruits and veg with skin and fiber? I’ll bet you wont resopnd lets see if you prove me wrong.

    Ken Bowles says September 26, 2016

    Only an Juice Plus affiliate would be so ignorant. ALL the studies have been funded by Juice Plus = 0 credibility. This product has not been shown to diagnose treat cure or prevent ANYTHING. It has been shown to make the owner rich really rich. The justice department just got done with Herbal Life and they are headed you’re way. There’s one born every minute and you are one of them.

Andrea says July 12, 2016

Its a scam and buyer beware.
According to the sales people this product helps women become pregnant, cures all sorts of diseases and transforms people’s lives.
Why isn’t the Mayo Clinic on top of it all.
A family I know believe in this product and that’s all they talk about.
I had to sit through a presentation by JP+ reps and asked why it doesn’t solve world hunger as well.
But it does – Tower Gardens!
Critical thinking, please. Research and don’t rely on anecdotal information.

Anonymous says March 15, 2016

I would probably believe all your comments knocking one company if you weren’t trying to sell your own at the same time.

    Brandon says March 16, 2016

    You Know Anonymous I know your a Juice Plus Rep or your married to one and decided to make this supposedly thought out comment, but by not putting any info on yourself or your email or at least even a fake name I’m assuming you want your comment to be just taken as the truth, without a debate or something. Well sorry but it will be used as an example to all actual readers of this blog not just Juice Plus promoters mad because my article out ranks their Juice Plus blog.

    What would you suggest?Are you wanting me to just say something sucks and then not give a better way??? Again I’m not sure why it devalues the information or why it’s now somehow not relevant after I say things about this another business. I can understand If I gave no reason and just said “hey don’t do Juice plus cause the owner plays with his bippy all day and I hate his face” I would understand your point more if I said somthing like that. When you find out something doesn’t work and the facts are there wouldn’t you want to find something else to take it’s place?

    It seems only normal if your looking to make money online with an MLM and someone presents and much better opportunity to get out of MLM but still make money, that is also Free to check out, what would be the thing that really gets your panties in a bunch?

    Do you hate suggestions?

    Do you hate informative articles that give you other options?

    I understand your trying to anonymously make me look bad rather than putting your real name and email cause you don’t want to stick around for a real debate but seriously that is such an old argument to say. So you can’t believe me and the words that I say or try out a program for FREE just because I debunked a scam that was overpriced and is a waste of time??

    Not sure why suggesting something that could actually work is not helpful, but I guess to you I would say then basically go anywhere else and find someone that does not show you the pros of a opportunity that they believe in and show you the negative of products that they believe are a scam or rip off. I mean coke Vs Pepsi, bargain detergant vs regular, car manufacturers vs other car manufacturers, if you don’t like basic human commerce it’s probably time to start living off the grid in that Tiny House as suggestions are here and the way many get the word out about a products or services.

    I believe there is a saying for you and it goes… tough titty says the kitty but the milks still good.

    If your into just reading about a scam without it leading anywhere and without suggestions, I would say this blog is probably not for you. Also I don’t twist your arm it’s a suggestion not sure why that would sway your opinion about the facts that I wrote.

    Thanks For Helping Me Make An Example To My Actual Readers
    Commando Brando

      Anonymous says March 28, 2016

      You’re the best for exposing this, I had no idea and dead vegatables and fruit do nothing… people that sign up for this or any other MLM’s are Pricks

        Brandon says March 28, 2016

        Just wanted to say that is a little harsh, I don’t think everybody in a MLM is a prick, only the ones that believe their way is the only way and actually fake believe it works, when it does not and the products suck. If anyone can see that for themselves later on they are definitly not pricks. The people that hang around and say nothing that makes sense and just fire off lame insults are definitly losers.

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