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Is Global Test Market A Scam




    Name: Global Test Market
    Price:  Time 
    Owners:  Eric Salama of the Kantar Group is CEO
    Overall Rank: 35 out of 100

    Is Global Test Market A Scam Just Like Many Of The Other Survey Sites Or Is This A Legit Way To Make Money?

    Ok Well is Global Test Market A Scam? Short Answer no, long answer Yes. I will admit that there are people who claim to make semi decent income from surveys but I do not know who they are and why they think that is a good way to realistically make good consistent money online. It takes a long time to get money from surveys and the Global Test Market scam is no different.

     Well if you have asked yourself if Global Test market is a scam I can definitely understand the skepticism but if you think you can make thousands you may want to be more skeptical.  There really isn’t anybody alive that does not get a little excited the first time they run into a survey for money opportunity. Well I see people suggesting these are good legitimate companies but after riding the survey roller coaster you will definitely have a different opinion.  I personally do not recommend any survey companies as of yet. They are just huge time wasters and for the time and effort you could focus your time much more wisely and make much more money. (Check out my #1 recommendation if you are ready to learn how in this review here)


    Is Global Test Market A Scam | What Is The Value Of Global Test Market To You?

    Ok So Why is Global Test Market still around and able to stay in business?  Global Test Market does claim to have around 5 million members. When it comes down to it Global Test market comes out the overall most trustworthy looking one so many think “what’s the harm” and give this opportunity a shot.

    People new to taking surveys for money pop up every day. People new to the “survey taking online world” are able to get tricked easily into thinking there is real money to be made with them.

    The problem is making people believe it’s possible to sit at home and make good money form doing surveys. There will always be claims and stories flying around about how such as how some random fictitious older woman in Marietta Georgia supposedly makes $50k a year doing them in here spare time.

    They will always usually hook you with the ease of sign up and selling you on the fact that you can make money by just giving your opinion. The idea is then once you do sign up you will want to try at least a few surveys to get some points. These survey sites such as Global Test Market tend to attract huge amounts of easy money at home seekers thinking that survey taking is not too hard but then get disappointed at the results.


    Right when you first land on Global Test Markets page you will see a Global Test Market login lading page.




    Is Global Test Market A Scam |  What Do You Do Exactly With Global Test Market?

    You need to accumulate a 1000 market points in order to cash out $50, just be prepared it takes some time. For most people it will take about 6 months to reach that amount, taking into account how well your information is updated on your profile. Payouts acquire about 6 weeks if no problem occurs and payment data is up to date.

    How It Works After Joining

    Well like most of the other survey sites out there Global Test Market is free to join so that is not the problem. They also will pay you money for survey that you take but the amount of surveys you qualify for is low, the length of time to get paid take a while and it is hard to get enough surveys to rack up enough points to get paid out in the first place.

    The average survey is around 20 points and it takes on average 10-15 minutes a piece (if your better than most). Each point you earn is about 4 cents, so most of the surveys they have out there earn less than a buck. So if you could actually squeeze in 4 an hour, you would only make $4 dollars a hour which would only be if you really worked hard daily. Also most likely you would not be able to get that many surveys lined up due to many not qualifying for the survey. Many would not be able to last more than a few days of taking surveys daily for 8 hrs a day to only make less than a person at a fast food restaurant.

    Typically to make 1000 points an average person would attain that in about a month of boring tedious work if they were quick and two months if slower. This equals only $50 dollars a month or every other month. Not to mention that you have to wait six weeks for a check and during any of that time they can shut down your account and not pay you a dime. 


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    Is Global Test Market A Scam |  How The Global Test Market Survey System Works

    Well if Global Test Market is free to join and you can make money, you may be asking “what is the problem?”

    WEll the problem lies in the when they play on the fact that you will envision yourself writing articles that only takes 15-20 minutes. Then people think if it’s possible to make $10-$15 dollars a survey for 20 minutes and then calculate doing these surveys all day and making $30-$45 dollars an hour, they would think if they worked hard enough they could make $240- $360 a day.  There are a lot of survey sites and it is nice to know that Global Test market is one of the more established ones but it is still the same ol thing as with other survey sites. Many will come to find out later that the surveys that pay out a lot of points are almost a urban legend. 


    So to break down why I think Global test market is a scam and why it’s not a good opportunity to make real money. 

    Earn Very Little But Is Also Very Time Consuming – First and foremost this is far from passive income as a matter of fact if you did this full time you wound trade your job for a worse one that pays less than McDonald’s starting wage. 

    Survey Companies Get Info From You For Free – Many of these survey sites claim that they do not use the info that people give to them if they do not qualify you.  I feel these surveys and the businesses that participate in these programs just want free statistics but with more honesty so they involve payment. Then make the threshold high enough that most will not even complete it giving loads of free info to them and the ones that start making money they could just not qualify there accounts for surveys and even cancel their account so this is not a good way to make any sort of long term money. 

    The Vetting Process Takes Way To Long – They are always asking loads of questions to target a specific demographic and then you have to spend forever filling out the screening questions to see if you qualify to take a survey. This will give you the most problems as many of the surveys will just filter out the demographic that they want and not accept others. This process you never get paid for and can take up to 10 minutes.

    Then when people are close to payment thresholds they could magically not accept a surveys from those people. This can enable them to get free information from consumers and just wear a person out with not getting accepted.  Soon people will forget about this and quit and the company gets free statistics and did not have to possibly pay if the survey takers never return. 

    Payments Take Way Too Long –  

    They take way too long to pay you and any claim that 4-6 weeks is the average if everything is good but can take a few months. Not to mention how long it takes to hit the payment threshold then you have to wait weeks or even months to get it. They are possibly making payments take so long so that they can look over all the accounts and see if they can cancel any of them on technicalities and not have to pay. 


    Is Global Test Market A Scam | In Conclusion This System ————-?????

    So Is Global Test Market A Scam Some would say no but I would say yes. There is really not a upside for the survey taker and is really only good for the businesses and the survey sites. Also when you add the fact that that many members have claimed after reaching the required points they refused payment or how a check took up to 2 months to show up. If you are fine doing really hard work for at the most $4 dollars a hour then surveys are for you but if you want to make real full time income online then you will want to stay far away from these time wasters.

    All in all Global Test Market is not a complete scam and will pay but I personally would not waste any time doing and would suggest anyone trying to make real money to do the same. This will take the same amount of effort to do as something that creates bigger better results but you basically get paid in peanuts. So not only is it very time consuming but it’s also very difficult to get qualified and then it can take months to get paid, If I was to bet on people succeeding or failing at this I would bet failing.

    The only way to make money with these is by referring it as an affiliate and not actually doing the surveys yourself. This is not a good opportunity so I could not in good faith recommend it to the readers of this blog but if you are wanting to make money from this, telling others to do it seems to be the only way but steering people into an opportunity that does not work for profit is a recipe for disaster and that is why I am saying stay away from the Global Test Market Scam.


    Name: Global Test Market
    Price:  Time 
    Owners:  Eric Salama of the Kantar Group is CEO
    Overall Rank: 35 out of 100

    Well If You Can’t Make Money With Surveys What Can You Make Money With?


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