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What Is Forever Living A Scam Or A Good Place To Buy Health & Wellness Products?


    What Is Forever Living… Is Forever Living aloe vera really even special or good tasting?

    To quickly answer this question, No. The problem is not that Forever Living is a scam but it’s products are very low quality for a high price. 

    Their more popular items such as the Forever Living Aloe Vera contains 

    • Aloe Vera Gel,
    • Sorbitol,
    • Ascorbic Acid, (fake vit C)
    • Citric Acid, (cheap vit C)
    • Potassium Sorbate  (can lead to allergies)
    • Sodium Benzoate (perservative)

    These ingredients make me question the real health benefits of using Forever living

    If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

    ✅  This Specific Aloe is the TOP RATED Best Tasting Aloe overall & most popular with our readers.

    What is Forever Living you might still be wondering… well it’s really just another health and wellness recruiting scheme. This type of scheme is one of the most popular  that uses the MLM/pyramid business structure.

    This is another program very similar to other health and wellness MLM’s doing the same thing with slightly different products such as:

    So Is Forever Living A Pyramid Scheme?

    Well this program seems to be doing yet again the same thing as every MLM network marketing company.

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     They have a basic product and then adds in aloe vera to justify the high price.

    Forever Living is where you buy in or sell overpriced drinks, supplements, essential oils and facial creams.

    Forever Living Realistic Earnings… wink wink

    These overpriced products are used to run the recruiting scheme. These pyramids are built on the backs of those who think that they’re starting their own business.

    They just want you to think that you’re about to start an amazing business where the earning potential is unlimited. 

    Well it’s unlimited for the actual owner and his friends.

    Once a pyramid gets big enough there is not enough people in the U.S. So you would have to be a globetrotting network marketer to make it work especially with one that is already this big.


    Forever Living Scandal

    With MLM’s the smaller and less known the better. An MLM company of this size is bound to already have too many reps.  Someone knows somebody who sells this. 

    There is a slim chance that someone actually needs or wants to buy these products. 

    The thing that many do not take into consideration is there is no real demand for these products in particular.

    Sure Aloe Vera and Honey are probably huge but that does not mean people want to pay way more and get it through Forever Living.

    This makes you wonder how do they sell so much, well it’s all the recruiting.

    This makes people who sell also the buyer and consumer.

    Can work for a very select few, but screws over a ton of others in the process.

    What Is The Value Of Forever Living?


    The value of Forever Living is only as much as the fake intrinsic value that the Forever Living is_forever_living_a_scam_aloe_100_natural_with_added_preservativescommunity adds to it.

    The more that are willing to buy into their dream, the more fake value is placed on the company.

    Value only lasts as long as the smoke and mirror show. The main problem is the good vibes are fake. The only reason the customers are raving fans is because they’re also the sales people.

    Once people start getting wise to whats going on, the value drops, the top people start leaving and soon there is nothing. 

    These types of companies either go out of business or get huge from expanding internationally. They’re so saturated where you live that they need to go to different countries to tap into a bunch of new people.

    Moving to new countries makes the company money but unless you want to move to Kenya with them and sell, you’re stuck.

    You will be selling products without any real need, where it’s already saturated with people selling.

    The only hope when something is saturated is selling the products retail to real consumers. If you have sold MLM products in a saturated market you will know how laughable that is.

    The only value is being a good recruiter to help build that pyramid.

    What Is Forever Living Exactly?

    Ok many would claim that Forever Living is not a scam but that is where I differ, as this is not a scam in the eyes of the law but that does not mean it’s not a very cleverly crafted scam. 

    This is supposedly not a scam and is just another MLM network marketing opportunity and many would say that it’s a good way to make money. Well to those people I ask, why does 95 percent of the people who join not make above the poverty wage?

    If those numbers are the norm, I always wonder how can anybody besides the owners actually say that MLM’s are not a scam.

    This may not be considered a scam to some but it is so close to being a scam that they’re so close to crossing the line that they’re on their tippy toes holding their breath. is_forever_living_a_scam_rex_the_owner

    When it’s all said and done the only difference from a scam and this MLM is a scam rips you off quick, this does it slowly over time.

    This company was created in 1978 by Rex Maughan and since it’s been around for a long time you may think that is a good thing.

    Actually it just makes a lot more people before you in the pyramid. If there is already a lot of people signed up before you, good luck trying to make good money starting so late after everybody else.

    Once a MLM has become as big as Forever Living they’re like Amway sure they’re big, however everybody already knows about them. What consumer that is not also a distributor actually buys in the products? 

    Not very many people in their right mind that are not being semi forced under duress by a relative or a so-called friend.

    So if Forever Living was founded in 1978 and is a multibillion dollar company with a presence in over 150 countries, you can imagine that you’re not going to have a very easy time selling these products. As most of those sales are from the salesmen and women. 

    Is Forever Living A Scam? | Is Forever Living’s  Products  Yet Again Just Another Decoy For The Same Old Pyramid Scheme


    Ok so I hear many say that this is not really a scam and if you get out there and just give it your all you cam become a good little worker bee for the company.

    The problem is this is not only about just being a good salesmen as the product you’re selling is crap. If the product you’re selling is crap you have to be more of a con artist than a salesman.

    Forever Living What  They Don’t Tell You

    Any good salesmen will tell you that they need a good quality product. This is not about a good products anymore and is based more on understanding the right tricks.

    People selling MLM are not focused on telling you what is in the product that makes it so special for the money. If they say this Aloe Vera is special, it’s really not. Just slap the person in the face and say Aloe doesn’t cost that much sucka.

    The key to making money isn’t selling the product to consumers like most businesses. Nope, Forever Living understands that the product is a “red herring” that distracts from the relevant or important issue. The important issue being that the MLM pyramid structure will work you to the bone and most likely screw you over, slowly.

    The products for MLM’s rarely have any real value and only intrinsic value that the community has placed on it.

    Once the community hype dies so does the company. This is when most of them move to other countries and keep pulling the same scheme year after year in different countries.

    The products are just there to make people get excited and rally around and to make the MLM not an illegal Ponzi.

    Adding in the product to sell is the only thing that separates an illegal Ponzi from a legit MLM network marketing opportunity.

    So if you’re all about going to meetings and talking to random strangers and pestering them enough to try your snake oil then don’t let me stop you from doing this.

    Forever Living is nothing different from any other MLM out there. To qualify for the commissions you need to spend a specific amount upfront and then a certain amount each month to stay qualified.

    Disadvantages of Forever Living Products

    Once you get in you realize that no one is really buying the products but everybody is recruiting as no one can make a living selling overpriced average products.

    There is not even a real logical reason you should even be required to buy a certain amount of products to receive a commission. 

    Especially when the products are always overpriced average stuff you can get anywhere. This is just a way to turn their sales force into recruiters and get money from them like a consumer.

    So to become wholesale qualified you need to buy the Forever Combo pack $414.70 or you need to get two people to buy that under you in your downline. If you didn’t want to buy it and get two under you it would be a little tricky. You would have to sell them on it without you actually even purchasing it.

    So they know that most likely everyone that joins will typically buy in. Then they get a lot of people buying in products just to stay commission qualified.

    So to become a Forever Living Business Owner you need to have 4 personal case/combo pack credits in a month. Then you actually have to personally buy one of them.

    You always have to be active to qualify for commissions and extra bonuses. Many people end up buying in cases of products themselves to qualify. This means that most of the sales of the products were actually purchased by the sale people.


    Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel

    So a quick example of a main product that Forever Living sells:

    Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel 33.8 oz is $18.66

    If you’re in to doing a little research you will find that the products and business plan with Forever Living as well as many MLM’s out there just are not good opportunities.

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    This gel has junk in the trunk

    This aloe is not only expensive for what you get and you also have to sign up for an MLM but they also have an inferior product as well. 

    Just with an example the Aloe Gel they sell contains: 

    • Sorbitol- Sorbitol causes premature cataracts, retinopathy, heavy weight loss through diarrhea, and peripheral neuropathy Learn more: 
    • Ascorbic acid – This is cheap Synthetic Vitamin C and research is starting to find out that these synthetic vitamins are not every good for you and can leave unnatural compound behind that your body does not know what to do with.
    • Potassium Sorbate – Sorbic acid can cause a condition called Contact Urticaria. This causes burning and itching rash that can pop up minutes or within an hour of exposure. This is just what is known about it so far, just imagine once they start really testing it.
    • Tocopherols- This is a generic term for more than seven types of synthetic vitamin E, these are extracted from genetically modified plants such as Genetically Modified soy. Learn More
    • Sodium benzoate – is a preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells Learn more:

    Not Only Is It Not Really That Good For You… But It Also Taste Bad… Seriously. 

    ✅  Main Forever Living Complaints about the taste and quality of their aloe vera drink 

    Forever Living Products Good or Bad?

    Well i would personally say that Forever Livings products are bad. Forever Living’s Aloe also has anthraquinones, these anthraquinones are factors that cause adverse effects on the colon. They at least don’t use Whole Leaf Aloe which is bad for you but not many aloe vera juices do anymore. All the other stuff they add in does not make it healthy and is more unhealthy. 

    Forever Living’s Aloe juice is more expensive and has way less amount for the price you pay. I can guarantee it taste bad, as most aloe gels are really gross tasting. 

    You can just get a Aloe in a better form from Georges pure aloe. 


    It’s also cheaper for the amount you get and the quality. You don’t have to sign up for anything to get it.

    You get 4 servings With 33 oz Forever Living Aloe at $18.66 a bottle

    • So that is $4.50 a serving.

    You can get Georges aloe online for as low as 12.99 for 16 serving gallon.

    • So that is 80 cents a serving

    Also Georges is much better quality aloe and taste like water.

    Why does Forever Living put so many synthetic cheap preservatives in something that is supposed to be healthy. 

    Georges pure aloe has removed the components that cause bad taste Aloin, and sugary components that contributes to spoiling. 

    Is Forever Living Products Safe?

    Also many other companies including Forever Living are not aware that Aloin is not good for you any more and is carcinogenic and not even considered by the FDA to be GRAS or generally recognized as safe, anymore.

    So taking Forever Livings Aloe would have a few things that down the road could cause you cancer. Seems like Forever Living should change their name to Limited Time Living. 

    They do this with all of their products to keep them cheap so they can make huge profits. Could you imagine selling this product and people could just go to the store any time without paying a membership and get a way better quality aloe.

    I would always use George’s Aloe and have no need to pay more for Forever Livings aloe with added synthetic ingredients.

    Even if you didn’t like how George’s takes out stuff they believe is unnecessary you can get really cheap Aloe Gels of the same quality for really cheap.

    This is just one example of how their products are just overpriced and average. If you went through their whole line of products I would not be surprised if you found that all of them are average at best sold for a high premium price.

    Hey As Long As The Outcome Is Income Right?

    Many people seeing the people high up on the pyramid at the conventions receiving big checks and think “Hey this company has been around since the 70’s it’s got to be good.” Well to date there is no income disclosure provided.


     I can understand why most MLM’s don’t have an income disclosure, because around 70-95% of people just quit and fail within first year. 

    Then even some of the top people do not make any money or money above the poverty level. Many studies show that many reps make around 3-5 hundred dollars a year! 

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     Only 1 % or less of distributors actually make a profit after expenses.

    There is a sliver lining as if you’re one of the talented people who clawed their way to the top of the pyramid, you’re amazing and very tenacious.

    You should really consider turning your talents to something that is much more profitable and scalable.

    The main reason there is no income disclosure is because there is a high level of people not making sqaut.

    Now I’m sure that Forever Living has a neat anecdotal sales line that explains why they don’t have an income disclosure.

    The people who are making money are not making much and the small 2-3% of people at the top of the pyramid are making all the money. 

    Forever Living just like all the other MLM’s spend a lot of their time at hype conventions bragging about large commission checks that people have made.

    When you realize that 90% of the distributors or representatives in most MLM’s don’t make any real money you start to wonder with the millions of members in this company how much are those owners making?

    is_forever_living_a_scam_4_headquartersThe crazy part is they’re doing it off of the backs of other people and those people actively defend it.

    Showing off money like this without loads of people making a living from it as well proves that really just the top positions and the owner is making money.

    So Whats The Problem You Can Just Simply Return It Right?

    Well with most MLM’s the return policy sounds easy and effortless. This is if everything goes perfectly which it wont. So you’re supposed to be able to return products within 30 days of purchase. 

    So they will buy back your products that have been purchased within 12 months. To get them to buy it back you need to first give written notice of your termination.

    Then you need to complete a product return form and show proof of purchase. Then ship the products back.

    Then you also lose out on any commissions or possible sign ups as you cannot take them with you and Forever Living keeps them. Then the products that are returned are deducted from the sponsors up-line.

    So even if you wanted to stay and you got a lot of terminations you would have to pay back commissions. After that they will then decide if ranks of up-line need to be changed due to downline people terminating their contract.

    Then after all the facts are verified the distributor will then receive a refund check from Forever Living with any bonuses, as well as the cost of shipping and handling subtracted .

    There Is Still Just One More Catch

    You will not actually receive a refund for 75% of the products that you buy in the first year.

    • They claim most of the products that you return as being sold or consumed.
    • They will not refund sold or consumed.

    So if you’re not successful in the first year, you will lose most of your money. So the refund policy is not as sweet as it sounds.

    Is Forever Living A Scam? | My Thoughts On  Forever Living 


    So is Forever Living a scam? Well in the eyes of most people and legally… no. In my honest opinion I would stay away. The law does not allow for free speech anymore as companies like this will threaten to sue you. but I can say I wouldn’t suggest it. 

    If I told you to sell a product that I just created, was higher priced than anything out there, lower quality, worst taste and I told you to go recruit for me. 

    What would you say??

    You would probably tell me where to stick it.

    The problem is these big business come to you with the same opportunity but they have deep pockets, the money, the flashy suits, the cars and the hyped up conventions and the slick sales psychology to fool you.

    These programs are just set up to make the person think they’re making good progress… when really they’re just an Egyptian slave helping to build a pyramid for the owner and top positions.

    Then all the people at the bottom basically turn into slaves for the company doing tons of work and getting paid very little.

    Also you’re not running your own business, you’re working for Forever Living legally.When it comes to help selling and marketing the product suddenly it’s your business again. 

    You would be very successful in just about anything else if you’re able to make Network marketing actually work and make good money.

    Cause most of the people who make good money from MLM’s are the owners or people who were even possibly unfairly planted their by the owner.

    You can start any other business where at least you did not have to kick a large part of your profits to your up-line. Also where you’re not controlled by it like an employee.

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    Forever Living shows you the products as if the company is based on it but it’s not. Forever Living is just a recruiting scam that over hypes and sells a dream that is not realistic. If you don’t mind making a few people extremely wealthy while you lose out and work hard drumming up leads for them that you don’t own, then Forever Living is for you.

    What Now?

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