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Is Fanbox A Scam Or Legit? Find Out If FanBox And It’s Offer Is Really As Neat As They Make It Look



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    Is FanBox A Scam? | The FanBox Scam Looks Legit To The Untrained Eye?


    fanbox_scam_sms.acIs FanBox a scam or legit? Well I will let you be the judge after reading some of the claims that have been floating around about FanBox.

    In this FanBox review I will cover a few sneaky things about this supposed “money making miracle” program. It’s a tech company that has been around and operating under a different name ( Inc, Founded in 2001). FanBox Is a company that reportedly does not pay employees or gives employees only partial payments and generally just yanks it’s customers and employees around by not really paying out either.

    This FanBox scam has made it through with nothing but smoke and mirrors. If you have not already been exposed to this scam you can consider yourself lucky. If you so much as just click on their link to cancel, it will spam all of your contacts. 

    With the growth of the internet many can go about trying to earn money in a few different ways. This opens up the door for tons of scammers to come out looking like legitimate companies and tricking people into thinking that they are a part of something real. 

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    Is FanBox A Scam?  | Is There Ever A Good Reason To Start The FanBox Earnings Scam?

    Well, What Is The Fanbox Scam Supposed To Enable You To Do?

    FFanbox_scam_landing_pageanbox has a layout that is similar to that of Facebook. Fanbox has a platform which claims to enable members to earn money by blogging, depending on how much time a user spends reading a particular blog.  Fanbox claims to have a unique advertising system.  They claim that registered premium members can promote their blog posts & content and earn with PPC. (pay per click) money.

    Fanbox claims to share the revenue it generates with the creator of the content. This seems like a great easy deal but it’s not and I will explain that later. So basically you are supposed to be able to post anything you want on Fanbox and your post will be noticeable to other Fanbox users. 

    When different users on Fanbox visit your post, they will see advertisements automatically on the right side of your post (very similar to Facebook). You then have 24 hrs to try to make profit from the ads.

    Is A FanBox Membership Really As Prestigious As They Make It Sound?

    No. The memberships make you think they are hard to get and that you needed to be invited by other members to get in. The reason they are doing this is because they are wanting you to believe that people are fighting to get a membership with FanBox.

    This makes a person feel that they are privileged if they get accepted with FanBox which in reality everyone is.

    Everybody and their mama can sign up if they wanted to. If you don’t believe me you can just type in “FanBox invitation code” in Google and you can get your activation code. 

    Here are just a few flaws with this system. 

    1. There’s a much lower possibility that people will buy stuff on Social Media. 
    2. There is usually very low probability that people will be drawn to your ads on the sidebars, as most people have banner blindness and just block out ads in their head.
    3. Most of the time nobody will buy right away unless they know exactly what they want.



    Is FanBox A Scam? |  FanBox Program Explanation

    Some People Have Called This Software A Breakthrough.

    So there are a handful of sites similar to Fanbox that allow users to earn money through generating content, apps, ads and through networking. Fanbox was supposed to have been created in order to facilitate “making easy money.”

    It’s unique claim to fame is the fact that they allow there members to promote, sell, share and buy digital media online making it the first social and digital media marketplace hybrid.

    Promoters of Fanbox are calling it a technological breakthrough when really it’s just a Facebook knock off that you can share, sell, promote and buy. 

    How Can You Earn?

    FanBox is an experimental site that is only open to registered members who have read and agreed to the terms of service. You can link your Facebook account with FanBox to add all your Facbook contacts to your FanBox account. 

    The other ways to make money with FanBox are:

    • (Creating posts) – They claim that the more posts you have, the more people will visit your profile and those people are most likely to spend more time on your blogs.
    • (Interlinking Blogs) FanBox allows users to link the top visited blog and supposedly earn on every click. 
    • (Advirtising) – Similar to Facebook, FanBox claims you will be able to create clickable ads that can help direct more traffic to your blogs.


    Is FanBox A Scam? | Why The FanBox Customer Protection (IPL) Plan Should Be Avoided At All Costs.

    How are people getting exposed to this scam?

    Typically through emails…

    How do they do it?

    One of the main ways they get your emails is because they ask you to sign up and invite your friends. If you happen to hit the invite button, your friends will be getting a random ad from FanBox in their inbox. If one of your friends who’s contact list you happen to be on, hits the invite button, a FanBox advertisement will get sent out to your inbox.

    fanbox_scam_invite2 fanbox_scam_invite3 fanbox_scam_invite1 fanbox_scam_invite

    They are standing right on the line of acceptable and non acceptable as there is a big difference between barely legal, rather than ethical and honest. This company not only was not paying members of FanBox but they were allegedly also not paying their employees.

    Not only were they not getting paid but they also had to workout three times a day or they were supposedly not doing their job and could get fired. The only reason I can assume they did this is if you work all the time and then workout you will not have the time or energy to complain.

    The people already employed there who also were not getting paid were told to hire new recruits and to tell them that their airfare and hotel expenses will be reimbursed. The employees then thought, why would they tell anyone when they were not getting paid themselves. Many of them are probably going to get together to file a class action lawsuit against this new company FanBox. 

    Also the BBB has over 50 complaints on just FanBox alone now this is not the “end all be all” metric but it really shows the character of the company and owner. Not to mention they had a company before called and at the time when they were operating received an F rating. 

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    Fanbox_scam_michael_poustiThe owner Michael Pousti (image to the left) supposedly spends money like there is no tomorrow. There has been investigators that have gone down to talk with him but his workers always say he is just in a meeting. After repeatedly trying to get in contact with Mr. Pousti he finally claimed that he would not speak and explain his side. This is typically the actions of a person who is lying. 

    Pousti has already had a Class Action Lawsuit filled on his other company for failing to pay wages, overtime and creating unfair competition at the company. Even after all this FanBox continues to just post up advertisements trying to still recruit new employees to work for free. 

    Is FanBox A Scam Or What?

    Well when you factor in not paying out people who have earned money, not even paying out to employees and having a F rating with BBB with the last company that was under Pousti’s care you start to see a trend. The trend is Pousti doesn’t seem to like to pay out unless he has to, which is not the kind of owner you want to work for or with. 

    The general idea of FanBox is to create an opportunity for people who already spend a lot of time on Social Media to make some extra money. This is to enable them to monetize while spending time on sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc.  

    This is where the system gets a little shady…

    Now the idea sounds awesome as your supposed to just post/share a pic,video or article on FanBox and the more “likes” or “re-shares” on your post, the more money you will make with FanBox in theory.

    The problem is… where is the money coming from? The people just “like” or “re-share” your post but no one is paying money. 

    The other really tricky part is then the fake “Fanbox Customer Protection team” or “Account Protection Team” will email you and want you to pay with your credit card until the FanBox money matures in 90 days. Also once you start paying money and your account finally reaches maturity in 90 days, Fanbox Customer Protection has been known to then just not pay you.Fanbox_scam_email_1Fanbox_scam_fanbox_customer_protection

    There is an IPL or “i’ll pay you later” function that allows you to borrow from FanBox in order to jump start earnings. Then a subscription fee is deducted from your earnings which is 1% of your monthly earnings. They get your credit card by asking you to pay the “IPL monthly processing fee.”

    You have to wait 90 days from the time of subscription for the first cash out. After that it’s just like all the other companies and is paid monthly. The problem is this company does not tend to keep it’s word on payouts.

    They supposedly pay out a little in the beginning and then they get your credit card so they can charge the IPL processing fees. They make you think that you will be able to withdrawal money later on if you pay these fees. Little do the people know that they will just get money taken from their card. Then FanBox will just end up not paying you the money they said they would give you originally.


    With the FanBox Earnings Scam I have seen people say their account was loaded with anywhere from $500 – $4000 – $15,000 in their FanBox account and then are asked to give credit card number to validate the account or else you will lose the money in the account. 

    If you don’t believe me hear what one person who did it for a year and why he says FanBox is a scam:




    Also here are some complaints on Ripp Off Report from other angry FanBox members below.







    Is FanBox A Scam?  | FanBox Scam Conclusion


    So is FanBox a scam?  In my humble opinion YES, it’s definitely has all the red flags of a scam. I have even read that the owner of FanBox has given some of the owners of blogs that had negative reviews of FanBox a Legal notice to cease and desist. The lawyers claim that they were writing defamatory statements, so that is probably one reason why the scam articles warning you about this program, may not be posted online as much as they should be.

    This is a scam in my opinion due to the fact that there are numerous claims that they do not pay when you want to cash out. There are also claims that they don’t even pay there employees. The “funny money” you do make with FanBox is not even real and you can’t cash it out when it gets too large.

    The money in the account is nothing more than a carrot that they can dangle in front of people to get them to jump through hoops. Just read through their Legal Terms that allows them to get off of the hook below.


    They will claim that you have made money with no effort and have FanBox credits that you can use to post advertisements on FanBox. The big catch is that in order to use those credits you must be an (IPL or I’ll pay it later program member) of FanBox. This is where they get your credit card and this is where many find the answer to the question “Is FanBox A Scam” and the answer is usually always Yes! Unless you work for FanBox.

    Please if you are a paying member of FanBox and would like to tell your story please feel free to do so…I would like to hear if anybody anywhere was able to cash out anything more than a couple of hundred dollars.

    My Advice:

    With the trouble that has surrounded this company of not only FanBox but the previous company you should be able to make a educated decision just off of that alone. Then when you factor in all the complaints of people not being able to cash out shows already one too many red flags.

    Then once your in, you need to pay money to validate your account and then give them a credit card number. All this for some fake money that they claim is connected to you. Also with the fact that they will spam you and your friends if you just click on a link, should really paint the picture of what this company is all about. They seem to be just in business to make money at anyone’s expense. This is why this company gets a low score and a scam rating in my book.

    Would You Like To Know What I Have Learned Through My Experiences?

    Making money online takes real effort and action. Don’t believe all the hype out there! The more hype the faster and farther you should run in the opposite direction. You need to find the right knowledge first to build a solid foundation. You also need the proper tools, resources, training and hosting to really be able to make money online. 

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    PRODUCT NAME: FanBoxFanbox_scam_logo
    Overall Ranking:
    10 out of 100
    Price: Various amounts depending
    Owners: Michael Pousti 
    Recommended Alternative program to try:

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