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Is Facebook Cash Code A Scam Or Really A Way To Make $397+ A Day?

    Name: Facebook Cash Code
    Price: $69.95 a month
    Overall Rating: Scam


    Facebook Cash Code is commonly known as a link posting scam and is very similar to many other link posting scams. Facebook Cash Code will not give you anything that you really need to start an online business. Also they’re not associated with Facebook in any way. Nothing on the site really is the truth.

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    Is Facebook Cash Code A Scam? Don’t Believe Everything You Think You Hear On T.V.


    Ok, so what is Facebook Cash Code and is Facebook Cash Code a scam? Well the makers of this product would like you to believe that buying their program can make you 300+ a day.

    They claim that you only need to work 2-5 hours a day and there is no experience necessary. They want to make you feel that you can work around 2-5 daily and make $300+ a day. This is possible but not with Facebook Cash Code.

    Is Facebook Cash Code A Scam? No Value All Scam


    So there is no value in this course and is really just there to play with your emotions. They want to make you feel like there is finally this easy program that has been seen on TV, that will work easily just using Facebook.

    They get you on a fake looking news article page, which seems like it has value.
    Then they try to get you on their registration page to get your name and email. Everything up to this point besides the fake news looking article is not really a problem.

    This company is just a site trying it’s hardest to look legit. Typically trying to look legitimate is a red flag for a person who is just trying to pull a fast one on you.

    The sales pages for Facebook Cash Code also known by FB cash code, features many testimonials that are fake. They want you to think that they have been seen on Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC, cause they plastered the logos above.

    Now lately none of those news sites have had much credibility but many Americans believe what they see on T.V.

    They actually use the Earn at Home Club video for people interested in the Facebook Cash Code landing page. So they just use the same video of another scam and just switched the names that’s how much time they have to spend on this product. They most likely get taken down all the time and have to constantly  and quickly rebuild.

    Is Facebook Cash Code A Scam? Can You Really Believe Anything They Say?

    The news article features an unknown person Martin J. Peters who has made supposedly a lot of money.He is now successful and it’s all thanks to Facebook Cash Code. How are you supposed to trust this persons testimonial??? Well by his picture and how honest he looks… these are just fake stories. They will probably change this picture, so if you’re reading this and don’t see Peter they probably just updated it.

    I’m sure you out there will be shocked to know that the nice guy Peter that you started to trust his testimonial is really just a stock photo.

    is_facebook_cash_code_a_scam_fake_stock_photo1 is_facebook_cash_code_a_scam_fake_stock_photo2 So they claim that Facebook Cash Code is $47

    • Then you try to leave the page and it’s $37 dollars
    • Then you try to leave again and they offer it at $27 dollars.

    If you actually buy this you will be taken to the checkout page, this is the only place that you can read the fine print and most don’t do this when ordering.

    Then you also find out that this course cost a lot more. So it’s really $47 dollars a month for the first month and then $69.95 a month until you cancel. Then they add in an extra $1 a month payment to be in the “success road academy training.”

    What happens when you want a refund?

    Well you can try to contact them but they do not have a…

    • Phone number
    • Address

    They make it impossible to get ahold of them in a reasonable way. even when you click a contact link, it takes you to another site that you can’t contact them on. They seem to actually be located outside the U.S. That is what makes it so much harder to stop these people.

    Pros and Cons of Facebook Cash Code

    There good at tricking you out of your money


    No real information on what you’re buying
    Subscription pricing is actually hidden in fine print
    They have no real customers and use all Fake testimonials
    They have no way to contact them so typically a credit card charge back is your only option

    Is Facebook Cash Code A Scam?  The Only Lesson Is How Not To Get Scammed By Similar Product In The Future.

    Is Facebook Cash Code a scam? Well this is just another version of an ongoing scam trend with people in other countries. They exploit loopholes and get away with it for now as it’s hard for local authorities to pinpoint where it is in other countries with poor regulations. So if you want to not lose money stay away from this scam.

    They will promise everything, then just deliver nothing…. They will say and do anything they can get away with just to get you to make that emotional buy. They want you to thow logic out the door and just believe that it could be true.

    They will not teach you anything of real value, the only valuable lesson you can learn from this is how not to get scammed by a similar product again.

    So If Facebook Cash Code Doesn’t Work, Now What?

    If you’re looking for a quality marketing system that you can actually make work for you at a reasonable price don’t waste your time and money with this program.
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