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Is Earn At Home Club A Scam

    Name: The Work At Home Club Scam earn_at_home_club_scam_logo
    Website Owner: Jennifer Con artist Becker
    Advertised Price: $1 then after 3 days $39 a month

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    Is The Earn At Home Club A Scam Or Can You Actually Earn At Home With This Program?

    So is the Earn At Home Club A Scam? Well You may have seen a work at home club review and then saw this Jennifer Becker and thought this looks real. The only thing is she’s not the inspirational single mom you may think she is. The Earn At Home Club Scam is very similar to many work from home sites that look like there’s a news story with a simple rags to riches story.

    They have the typical fake news looking site with a general video that plays talking about work from home programs. Then shows a picture of what looks like Jennifer Becker with her daughter and dog. This is just a stock photo and is to give the illusion of a legitimacy to beginners looking for quick money online.

    What Is The Value Of This Earn At Home Club Scam?

    Well there is not much, if any value in the Earn At Home Club A Scam.  Typically they will send out an ad to people signed up to lists that offer an income from home type program.

    These scams change names as much as people change their minds. Each week another is getting built-in preparation for the last one to crash from all the negative reviews.

    These scams are only around for a short period as they need to get noticed and get their name out but then by the time lots of people start trying it, comes the floods of negative reviews and then the name changes and they do it all over again.

    Fake News Post Promoting Jennifer Becker And Her Earn At Home Club Scam!

    Then when you factor in the scammy fake news looking site plus it shows Jennifer Becker who has been tied to many other scams. I’m assuming the scammers got lazy and just keep using the same person for convenience. This happens when one site is taken down and they then just simply reuse most of the same stuff to promote another scam.earn_at_home_club_scam_fake_news_page

    So another thing that makes this look instantly like a scam is not only the fake news site but also the “single mom in a jam” back story.

    You want to be careful when you encounter a story of a stay at home mom “against all odds” rags to riches story.

    This is not always going to be a scam as many people will give you their story to relate tot their audience but this one is so you can study what it looks like to never fall for it again.

    The problem comes from doing this on top of a fake news site, on top of also giving unrealistic claims of easy money. 

    Then coming from this Jennifer Becker persona which is a fake friendly sounding name.

    Well they then go on to say you can earn $397 a day with no skills required. All you need is the ability to turn on a computer and the internet. Making $397 a day is possible but it’s not as easy as people would like to make you believe.

    So $397 a day would make it $142,920 a year… That’s not bad for no skills required.

    This is the whole “promise you a huge income with no skills or effort” type hook.

    So Does The Product Give You Anything In Return?

    Well they’re actually too busy telling you how much money you will make that they never show what you will be doing.
    So now not only are they using a fake timer to create a rash last minute decision without thinking but also they use fake testimonial pics in their as well.

    So what’s the price?

    Well the regular price is $99 now discounted to about $5 dollars. So when you try to leave you will get another pop up offing it now for just a $1 dollar.

    So in the fine print, they have listed the charges that will go on your credit card. Again this is not a deal breaker offering your prouduct for a dollar and saying it was regularly a higher price. This is just another indicator as they go to $5 then $1 as this is showing their product is not worth much and they’re trying to get you on to charge your credit card. 

    If you don’t read the fine print, it sounds like a good deal to make $142,920 a year.

    Why are they doing this?

    Well the $1 is just to see if you’re a buyer.
    Then you only have 3 days but they make it sound like they have a guarantee but they really don’t. You can’t even return it before the three days is up as they will just cut contact with you.
    Then they use forced continuity to then charge your card $39 a month until you cancel. By the way you can’t cancel, not without a huge fight and credit chargebacks.


    You will then be given access to Facebook Training they have just so they can give you a free 10 days and then after that they charge you $29 dollars a month.

    This is all giving the illusion of a cheap deal. Really they’re just tricking you into unknowingly paying $68 a month.

    Then after you you want to get a refund, it all of a sudden becomes hard to get a hold of the customer support agents. If you complain or report any issue they make it impossible to get a hold of you.

    Then Why Have I Seen Positive Reviews About It?

    You may see other positive reviews and that comes from them paying $25 a sign-up…. Lots of people probably take advantage of the cheap $1 offer and you would get $25 as they know they can force payment from the customers credit card.

    The only way to beat this system is to have a prepaid credit card with only a few bucks on it, but there is no point. Also there are ways of knowing if there’s more money and they may not even accept a prepaid credit card.

    So it’s only a dollar but really it’s going to be $68 a month and they will not let you refund it.

    They actually claim to have a 90 money back guarantee but just never answer when you try to get a refund.

    So Is Earn At Home Club A Scam? My conclusion

    Is Earn At Home Club A Scam? Well they can’t explain how it works or what you will be doing but that can only tell you there is no skill involved.  Then they have a faked news story saying how you can make the same unrealistic money they do with no time, and no work.

    If you see programs like this you want to be very cautious. I have never seen a legitimate product that also has this many red flags and warnings.

    After this scam has been exposed, another one will undoubtedly pop up. They will continue to exist as long as someone still falls for them. Just always do your research and check forums, blogs and check out the comments and really see if the program you’re about to try that just mysteriously popped up is really what it claims to be.

    What Options Do You Have, Are There Any legitimate Programs Anymore? 

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