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Is Dollarnize A Scam? Will Dollarnize Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes?

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    Overall Rating: Scam

    Quick Summary: Dollarnize is a scam and it is just a way for the owner to get people to promote this scam thinking they will be making money. Then when they make enough to get cashed out you will need to fill out paid surveys that make the owner money as well just to be eligible to get paid out and then after jumping through all the hoops your left with no money and a bunch of wasted time.

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    Is Dollarnize A Scam? Be Wise And Stay Away From Dollarnize

    What Is The Dollarnize Scam? Dollarnize is a website that makes crazy claims that they will pay you money for simple tasks. This is a somewhat new site using a somewhat old scam technique. 

    They claim you can do small tasks that take just 30 seconds to earn $10 dollars per task.

    • There is 3600 seconds in an hour and you could do 120 tasks in an hour.
    • That would then pay you $1,200 dollars an hour.
    • Then if you worked 8 hours day, that would be $9600 a day.
    • then you work 5 days a week you would get $48,000 a week.
    • Then 192,000 dollars in a month.


    Then you would gross a cool $2,304,000 that year. Wow I don’t know about you but that sounds a little too good to be true. So lets see why they make these bold claims.

    What Is The Dollarnize Scam Exactly?


    So just up front, there is no value in this. I don’t want me to bore you with politically correct criticism with a course like this as it’s just a scam. This course is not worth the time. Just to let you know up front there is no value to this course. This is just to trick people into doing work for the owners.


    Is Dollarnize A Scam?  Dollarnize Will Overemphasize Under The Guise For A Fake Money Prize

    Ok so how does this Dollarnize scam work? Well they first get you excited to earn money with this opportunity so you will want you to promote it. They will tell you that you can make $10 for every unique click you get through your links. $10 dollars a click, is what they try to hook you with first as most will just want to get that money. Then when the money is showing up in the dashboard of your members area you may think that it could be real and that there not just playing with your emotions.

    When do you ever have to pay for a survey? 

    So if you do decide to follow through with this scam and get enough money to get paid out the scam doesn’t stop there. Most scams just wont pay you and cancel your account but this one has one extra trick up their sleeve. When you want to get paid out they tell you that you first need to complete surveys. The best part is you need to pay for these surveys.

    They also have many reasons for not paying. They can claim that you sent fake traffic who is going to prove otherwise? They could also claim that you didn’t log in within 30 days. is_dollarnize_a_scam_rules

    Even if you where somehow diligent enough to do all this they will still not pay you. They just use the fake money in your account as a way of dangling a carrot to get you to do more tasks that the owner will make money with.

    So when it’s all said and done this site is nothing more than a site that is used to get people to promote it to make fake money in account. They get you with the tempting offer of a “30 second task” and “getting paid $10 dollars.”

    Then they get you to jump through more hoops in hopes to get paid.

    Really all that is going to happen is your going to promote this offer to others and they will do the same. Then the Dollarnize owners will be getting paid from all the people doing these simple tasks but it will look like you are getting a cut.

    Then when you want to get paid they hold the payment over there head until they fill out and complete paid surveys. Even after you complete the surveys they will just keep your money. Then they just focus on getting more people who have never heard of it and do it all over again until they shut down and set up a new site with different name and image.

    Is Dollarnize A Scam? Will Dollarnize Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes?

    So Is Dollarnize A Scam? Absolutely and I would stay away from this as it will just waste your time and some money. If you don’t think it’s a scam try it out and after you don’t get paid share your experience here and expose the scam.

    This is not one of the worst scams out there as they at least don;t rob you of high dollar amounts but they’re ultimately wasting a resource that’s more precious than money which is time.

    They get you to do all these tasks and keep the carrot dangling in front of you to get you to complete as many tasks as they can. This is just going to waste your time and some money and just make the owner rich.
    There are many other reasons Dollarnize is not a very good idea. If you have been involved with Dollarnize please share your experience and tell the world what you think of them.

    So If Dollarnize Is Not A Realistic Business Idea To Make Money… What Is?

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