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Is Dollar Cell A Scam

    Name: Dollar Cell
    Website URL:
    Website Owner: Unknown and typically use fake names anyway
    Advertised Price: Free To Sign Up, you do the work they keep the money

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    Is Dollar Cell A Scam?

    So is Dollar Cell A Scam? This is just another website make just for scamming and this is not the first time this scam has come up and wont be the last. This is the same scam just different name.

    Below is the exact text that they have on their home page: 

    “Earning from home, made easydollar_cell_scam_make_1500_week

    Earning has never been this easy.
    Students, job seekers and House wives
    can find best opportunities for earning,”

    Uh… ???? This doesn’t really tell anybody very much and doesn’t fully make sense.

    So this is just another site built just to trick and scam people with their claims that you can make money online with basically no work.

    They make you feel if you work for an hour a week spreading AD links around and doing simple tasks that you can earn easy money.

    They don’t just say you can possibly earn some extra cash, no they tell you that you can earn up to $1,500 a week just starting out. As you can see I added what they should put after the $1,500 a week promise… No legitimate affiliate site would really make that type of claim so there you have it red flag#1. You can make this kind of money but it doesn’t happen in your first week.


    What Is The Dollar Cell Scam Exactly?

    Alright so the value you might see in the beginning with this program is that it’s

    • Easy to join
    • It’s free
    • There is little work involved
    • You are supposedly guaranteed at least $1,500 in your first week

    Well this Dollar Cell scam sounds neat right?…. Well you have to dig a little deeper to see the true colors.

    Bottom Line The Dollar Cell Scam Wont Pay You

    Now there is just one small teensy-weensy problem…

    “You Don’t Get Paid with Dollar Cell!”

    There is nothing but complaints from real users to fake positive reviews from unscrupulous affiliates looking for easy and high commissions.
    This is the same old scam just different name like very similar to sites like

    This site has gone under many different names. The only thing I’m unsure of is, if they’re the same owners or just different people all trying to capitalize using this shady scam. They have used many different names just like the Dollar Cell Scam.

    It’s ok to change the direction and name of website but this one has been a different name every time I turnaround.
    Also they have many mistakes on their site which happens but when it seems careless and not an honest mistake you might very well be getting roped into a scam.


    Is Dollar Cell Really The Place To Trust To Make 1,500 In Your First Week?

    So is Dollar Cell A Scam, Yes! This is nothing but a way to tell you what you want to hear just to get you to sign up. Then they get you to do the work for them and they will then not pay you and keep all the money from your work. If anything they will just pay you a small amount to make you think it works and reinvest more.

    Then when you put in more they will keep that and find reasons to not pay you. All these scams have many reasons they will make up for not paying. 

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    Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?”

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