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Is Cash Code A Scam Or Is This Really The First Binary Options Trading Software To Really Make You Money With No Effort


    Product: Cash Codeis_cash_code_a_scam_logo
    Creator: Robert Allen
    Price: $250 minimum even though they say free.
    Rank: 1 /100 – SCAM

    Is Cash Code A Scam | Is This A Real Way To Make Money With Binary Options Trading?


    Ok, so you may have wondered “is Cash Code a scam” after possibly clicking on an ad or landing on a cash code review that claimed it worked.

    Cash Code is just another sleazy scam that promises you everything and delivers nothing. In the video there is nothing but hype. It’s just another program that is just there to make the owners rich. 

    This scam is very similar to many other Binary Options Bot Scams Such as, Google Trader, The Aussie Method, Fast Cash Biz, 3 week Millionaire, Automobile Code and they typically lead to a unregulated broker like Binary Book to steal your minimum deposit that they get you to make. 

    The landing page starts off with a semi believable video about a man named Robert Allen that tells you that you just won the lottery and you will be a multi-millionaire in a few months.


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    Then they show images of people who are supposed to be real people and their bank accounts where they made huge amounts of money with just the cash code software with little to no effort. I will explain below why this program is not going to do anything close to what they say.

    Is Cash Code A Scam | Other Than Hype What Value Does Cash Code Software Really Have?


    is_cash_code_a_scam_Fake_timerThere really is not very much value to this program, it’s designed to take your money plain and simple. It gets promoted by people who are willing to promote a scam for higher short-term commissions.

    The real owners of these types of programs are banking on the fact that you will get their free software and then pay the $250 minimum requirement. Then they get handed off to their brokers and the brokers then pay the owners of the websites *(like Cash Code) a big commission for introducing a new client to them. 

    So whether you are using Cash Code to make a few million in a few months or even a few bucks in a few days, it will do neither. 


    Is Cash Code A Scam |  Well If It’s Not A Scam They Are Not Doing A Good Job Of Looking Legit.


    You might have already seen some other cash code reviews saying that it’s a software that is going to trade binary options on autopilot. If you are not familiar with Binary options you will want to stay away from any of these types of scams and binary options in general.

     I do know that you need a good understanding of how world events effect the economy, if you are wanting to start trading binary options. I’m not a Binary Options expert but I do know that Binary options trading is real but this program and software are just there to prey on beginners. This software is to just cash in on all the inexperienced investors that don’t understand using a broker or binary options trading software.

    The person named Robert Allen is almost guaranteed to not be the owner of Cash Code. Robert Allen and everyone else on the website were all just paid actors. You can actually find the picture of Daniella who is one of the testimonials and is just a stock modeling photo of a supposed women by the name of Danielle Pecoff.

    You can find in google images and typing in “IMD Modeling – Danielle Pecoff at IMD


    Then check out her picture in the testimonial for Cash Code below.



    Now I’m not saying that everybody that uses a stock photo is a scam but it definitely doesn’t help their credibility on top of the outrageous claims.

    The testimonials actually GEO targets where you live and will say that these people live in the same place as you, just to make you believe a little bit more.

    As you see above Daniella is from the United States if you are from Canada or anywhere else it would say they were from there. They are always saying there is only a few licences left and then if you refresh the page they then have more licences that have left all of a sudden.

    This is simply a clever scheme that people are able to get away with due to all the fine print. If you see below they have had their lawyers help them out.


    • They state that there is no guarantees that you will achieve results similar and there is in fact no guarantee that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques.


    • They also make sure to mention the publisher will not be held liable to any consequential damages arising from the use of the material, which is provided as is.

    NOTE: Many legitimate sites have to make some sort of earnings claims and stuff like the terms above but they also don’t basically guarantee you millions in the next month.


    Is Cash Code A Scam |  This System Has More Red Flags Than China And The Double Dare Obstacle Course Combined



    is_cash_code_a_scam_robert_allen_fake_actorCash code claims anyone can make astronomical amounts of money with their software and they don’t ever really explain how it works.

    They just say sit back and let the software do the work. They are always talking about how you can live your dreams in your dream house and live the lifestyle and basically make you feel that this could really happen in 60 days.

    They keep talking about how the program is free but don’t be fooled as you can not use this without a binary options broker or any broker.

    What happens is you put in your email then they will say you need to now put in the broker minimum of $250 dollars into your account.

    There are fake Cash Code reviews going around to get people to believe that this program is legit. Really the positive Cash Code reviews are just people promoting it due to the high commissions. 

    They have a CPA cost per action offer and if they promote this scammy offer they can make $250 dollars commission just for referring you and getting someone to put money into Cash Code. The only problem is your readers will never trust you again.

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    The real owner is always hidden with programs like these. The claims of making a million dollars in a few weeks or months should be the biggest red flag as real brokers and investors never talk like this. 

    This is another example of the “to good to be true type Binary Options program” this is very similar to other similar programs such as Binary.Fund and The Aussie method as they do basically the same scheme.

    Is Cash Code A Scam | A Gamble That Is Not Worth Taking.

    Well is Cash Code A Scam? I definitely believe that Cash Code is a bona fide scam! There is no other way to look at it. They don’t really ever tell you what you will be doing. They just claim that this free software will do all the work for you. The only catch is you have to deposit $250 dollars at least just to use that free software. The other catch is you have to follow this exactly as they say or you could lose everything. 

    As Robert Allen Says In the Video:

    ” If you get one step wrong or if you click off by accident you lose everything and you’ll never be able to get it back”

    This is so they can always keep your money and say you didn’t follow the steps exactly.


    I’m sure there has to be a way to accidentally make a little money with this software, so they can continue to get away with this scheme but unless your willing to gamble with poor odds I would stay away from Cash Code.

    Well Great If This Doesn’t Work Then What Does? 

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    Product: Cash Codeis_cash_code_a_scam_logo
    Creator: Robert Allen
    Price: $250 minimum even though they say free.
    Rank: 1 /100 – SCAM

    Has anybody made any money with this Cash Code Software? Please feel free to share any ideas thoughts or comments you may have about this program.

    Also please spread the word by sharing this review on all your favorite social media networks. 

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