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Is Blog Ninja A Scam Will You Really Go In A Beginner And Come Out A Blog Ninja?

    Name: Blog Ninjais_blog_ninja_a_scam_logo
    Price:   Free + Hosting And other add ons along the way.
    Overall Rating: Legit 
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    Is Blog Ninja A Scam? | Is Blog Ninja All You Need To Set Up A Business Or Is There A Little More To It?

    is_blog_ninja_a_scam_registration-minThere is no doubt Shoemoney is making money and does help his customers but is this system the right one for you?

    This program will work to get you a blog set up and hosted but if your new, this will just get you part of the way.

    Then once you get your blog up you will need to pay for everything that comes along with it.

    This is not a everything included type of program.

    What this will do is walk you through the process of buying a host and setting it up through them with Bluehost.


    What Is The Value Of Blog Ninja? Is This A Scam Or Real Way To Learn How To Build A Online Business? 

    So this program does have value I had to stop as I didn’t want to add my url and file to my blog. If you don’t want to do this they will not let you move forward.


    I do want to say that this can help you if you’re looking to make money online but it seems to be for more of the reason to sell you hosting and push you into their hosting program than a way to supposedly giving back.

    This will give a basic overview of what to do but after you’re going to be left needing more. This is where they Up-sell you on more things later on down the road that will help the blog you just built.

    Building a blog is just the first step and does nothing without the proper marketing. This proper marketing will come in the form of an up-sell.

    Up-sells are not bad and neither is the course but I just wanted to make sure you knew what you’re getting into before you started the course.

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    This is to look like a free system to help beginners make their first dollar online. The problem is Jeremy is paying you that first dollar to do a task and you’re not really earning it.

    Shoemoney is paying you basically like paying advertisements to get leads and sales. If he pays you to do tasks, he can have you do specific tasks where he is making money and you’re just learning enough to make you a danger to yourself.

    So yeah you can make your first dollar online but there is a couple of caveats.

    So when you first sign up for blog ninja it will be free. Now to make that first dollar you need to share one of his posts. So this is where he is basically just paying for leads and social shares.


    This is not the worst thing in the world but making your first dollar doing a task for someone, is not the same as really making your first dollar from a customer.

    Jeremy knows that the dollar he pays out to a potential buyer is nothing in return for the social push.

    This is really a neat idea but after it’s all said and done you might not be making anymore dollars. Then you move on looking for something more after basically advertising for Shoemoney.

    So now you can make a few dollars from Blog Ninja but once you sign up for his hosting through Bluehost not only does he get a good commission from Bluehost but the money you made and more will just go right back into other things.

    The Product – Blog Ninja

    So the karate belts are neat and a great way to see your progress. You have to finish a lesson to make it to the next one.

    the good thing is this does teach more affiliate marketing which is one of the best methods out there for beginners all the way to advanced.

    Now Shoemoney is a Guru in the affiliate marketing space and has done a lot of different things and has an absolute wealth of knowledge. If he is going to share all his secrets is another thing entirely.

    The problem is how much of that knowledge will he actually give you in this course. I would say it is a good idea to stay updated to the things he is doing but not sure if this would be the most bang for your buck if you’re a beginner. This course seems to be targeting absolute beginners.

    What Is Blog Ninja A Scam? | Why The Blog Ninja Products May Just Be Another Basic Type Course Just With Interesting Martial Arts Branding

    Blog Ninja Training

    So the training is very easy and digestible. The problem is instead of giving you everything you need for one price that you can make a decision on. He says it’s free but does not let you go further until you either get hosting through Bluehost or show your site url and prove its your site.

    Most people who go through this will not have a site built already and they’re banking on the fact that they go with Bluehost.

    I have found that when you’re a beginner you just don’t know what you don’t know. When everything is not all done for you and explained there can be more technical difficulties that you may have thought.

    This is why if you’re a beginner you could really benefit from using an all in one program like this one I talk about here. They not only teach you how to set up a blog but market it and they also give all the tools and resources necessary to do everything all in one place.

    This eliminates the confusion of dealing with multiple different companies to run your business. This is especially helpful when you’re just starting out as everything can sound so confusing.

    The main downfall of this system is it’s targeted more at beginners and other people wanting to start marketing online. The problem is, it looks like a free course to walk you through everything with everything you need but it doesn’t.

    You think that it will remain free to give back after making millions but can end up becoming more of a bait and switch.

    By the time you end the course you’re going to need to pay to get things started. Many that are just looking to learn for free just want to figure a few things out first before just diving in. Many will find that if they just follow along they may not be ready and then will later start letting the blog just go downhill.

    This is sort of like me telling you I’m going to teach you how to fight for free but then I say to do this you need to buy weapons. Then I sell those weapons and once you get those weapons, I will just teach you how to do some fancy movements and expect you to be able to use them later in real life.

    This is the main problem with this is transparency. If they say it free it should not have a bunch of locked areas that you have to complete that cost money before you get the info.

    This is mainly so that newbies that need hosting will typically go through this all the way. This can all discourage beginners.

    Support May Not Be Very Supportive

    This is something that is not available but something that is very important when starting out.

    Blog Ninja does a pretty good job at keeping you on task which is good but you just have to have the money and time to be able to set up the things they tell you along the free journey. is_blog_ninja_a_scam_video_intro

    There is just so much more to online marketing than just following the steps in Blog Ninja.

    This support has just the contact us page but no real immediate support and most of the time those email messages are only good for the most basic questions. If the problem is harder, technical or confusing questions, they seem to sometimes get lost in translation.

    So if you don’t have a good responsive support team answering your questions the most simple problems could literally take years to figure out.
    So you will have to pay for your hosting and deal with your hosting company to answer questions. This is not that hard and wont cost you a ton but you will start to realize there is a difference between cheap shared hosting and more powerful cloud hosting.

    Then when you have problems you’re dealing with hosting and Blog Ninja and not an all in one resource where you can do it all.

    This site just takes you instantly on a journey to setting up a blog and picking themes when realistically you will have no idea what you’re going to do and how your going to do it.

    Trust me it sounds like building a website is the hard part but once you try to get rankings you realize that there is a lot more to it, if you want to make money from your blog.

    With Blog Ninja you go right from beginner to setting up your website and buying hosting. This in theory seems like the right choice.

    If the people have no idea of a niche or what angle they’re going to focus on then building and hosting that website/blog in the beginning serves no real purpose other than to make Blog Ninja and Jeremy a quick commission.

    Now with all this being said this is not a scam and is showing you a legit way to set everything up and at the end market it. You just need to take everything into consideration and figure out if this si the right course for you.

    If you have a niche and really know what you want to do and just can’t figure out the website then Blog Ninja would be a good fit.

    If you’re still unsure of your niche and not sure how to really make money from a blog and need more focused attention and have everything all in one place also completely set up a starter membership and learn first course and get free hosting an 2 free websites then check out My #1 Recommendation. 

    What Is Blog Ninja A Scam? | My Thoughts On Blog Ninja Scam


    So is Blog Ninja A Scam? I would say that Blog Ninja and Shoemoney in general are not a scam. This course just has a few things that might not best suit a complete newbie as it’s a beginner course but it also assumes that you have already tried a few things and failed and understand what you want. The training does work but really for the right person at just the right time in their journey which is not a lot of us.

    This is a great course but if you’re a beginner you may want to Try This out first and then you can go through all the lessons as you will have a website.

    If you’re looking for if the product will work, I would say yes and it does teach you some things so it would not be a waste of your time. If you’re a beginner and want to figure things out without first spending money and buying things and rushing into setting up a site before you understand your niche then you will really benefit from Checking out this review here.

    The bad thing is they have a free course but it just shows you stuff that you need to do that also cost money and there is many different version and variations of something like hosting as it can be $3 to 260 a month and they will just be suggesting all the way down to black belt and they don;t have this all in one so beginners will struggle thinking that it’s just one thing or price or free and ends up costing much more.

    If you’re looking for if the product will work, I would say yes and it does teach you some things so it would not be a waste of your time. If you’re a beginner and want to figure things out without first spending money and buying things and rushing into setting up a site before you understand your niche then you will really benefit from Checking out this review here.

     So If The Blog Ninja Business Model For Making Money Doesn’t  Work For You What Other Options Do You Have? 

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    Get the training to learn how to start a website in any niche or market you choose. There is not only one product to fight over and promote anymore. If you’re serious and looking to make full-time income this is something that will help you tremendously. 

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