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“is automobile code scam”

    Product Name: Auto Mobile Code is_automobile_money_code_A_scam_logo
    Overall Ranking: 1/100
    Price: $49 dollars with 6 upsells 
    Advertised Owner: Giovani & Tessa Leoni
    Real Owner: Ronnie Montano
    Verdict: Scam

    Is Automobile Code A Scam | Is This A Real Program Or Yet Again Another Scam?

    is_automobile_money_code_A_scam_giovani_tessaSo you may have stumbled across the program called Automobile Code or may have read an Automobile Code review online and are asking yourself “is Automobile Code a scam?”

    There are actually two videos floating around with people in it with the name Giovani Leoni and Tessa Leoni.

    They also use a bunch of random actors that claim that money just falls into your lap after trying it.

    This scam must really be getting people as this video sales page looks very similar to a a couple of different software scams that have very similar claims 

    Now the owners of the Automobile code program are not really the owners but also just actors. 

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    Is Automobile Code A Scam | Does Automobile Code Have Any Value?


    So many are thinking what does Automobile Code do exactly?

    Well it is supposed to be a software program that allows you to create quick mobile websites for business

    owners. They claim that you can then sell these websites for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.


    This scam is very similar to many other Binary Options Bot Scams Such as, Cash Code, The Aussie Method, Fast Cash Biz, 3 week Millionaire, Google Trader and they typically lead to a unregulated broker like Binary Book to steal your minimum deposit that they get you to make. 

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    The sales material makes you feel that the training provided teaches you how to do this almost overnight.

    This is not as easy as it sounds. In reality you are going to have to typically talk on the phone, if not also visit face to face to show them how there website. What benefits will they get with your services over others.  Also many businesses that have the money usually already have a website and if they don’t they usually have a local webmaster/website designer in mind. Business owners nowadays can actually create a website rather easily and if they set it up on wordpress they typically use themes that are already mobile friendly. 

    So Auto mobile money code is a software app that manages SMS text messages to drive traffic from business owners to various products and mailing lists. This program is supposedly capturing cell phone numbers from around the world that you can use to make money with. 


    Is Automobile Code A Scam | What Does Automobile Code Have To Offer?

    Now after all the sales material, people will naturally be excited and want to just send text messages around the globe and watch the cash come rolling in. Now the only way to text people is to use your own contacts of friends and family but that is normally not going to be even close to enough, so that is where you get stuck and that is when the upsells start coming in. When you start they know that you will need contacts as well as an automated program to send out thousands of texts at a time. 

    So now that your hooked, they start the wave of upsells. Once you get into the members area you will see a few products there to supposedly help speed things up and make it easier. Below I compiled a short list of the upsells as these upsells are just going to steal your money.

    Is Automobile Code A Scam Upsell #1 – 50 Business done for you ($297)

    This is a list of 50 private label products that are licensed by the owner. These are products with resell rights to resell it to others. These PLR products are typically old, low quality content and usually provide very little value.  

    Is Automobile Code A Scam Upsell #2 – Auto Mobile Code Titan: price of ($295)

    The fake owner Tessa shares how her apprentice make loads of money by activating the Traffic Titan. This upsell is to supposedly allow you to have access to send text messages all over the world. This makes you believe that you are getting unlimited messages for $295 but actually you just get the program. They hype this up by saying that after you activate this application will send text messages to people all over the world.

    They claim that this will then multiply your traffic and your income 10x times and it cost $295 just to activate it. Even with the program you will still have to continually buy credits to continue sending messages throughout the world. Soon as your credits are up and you do not buy new ones the application is now a $295 dollar piece of garbage.

    Is Automobile Code A Scam Upsell #3 – Viral Texting Machine ($179)

    This is just another application that claims that it will send texts throughout the world. This is seems to be the same or very similar to the Automobile Code Traffic Titan. I think this is there way of lowering the price and calling it something different to see if you will purchase it then. I am assuming that it has less reach than the $295 dollar Titan but they really do not give a lot of info about it that makes it look any different. It looks like literally they are just calling the same product and different name and hoping that it sells you. 

    Is Auto mobile Code A Scam Upsell #4 – My Top Tier Business: price of $49-$97 with more upsells

    This is a product with a JV partner by the name of Matt Lloyd who is a pretty well known pyramid scheme scammer. My Top Tier Business is just another scam to waste more time and money with. You definitely want to stay away from this product. There have been multiple complaints about Matt Lloyd and his My Top Tier Business. He is the type of person to say anything to get the sale and then not back anything up and take your money. This is a scam to try to siphon up to 10k from unsuspecting people to purchase everything they have to offer.

    Is Auto mobile Code A Scam Upsell #5 and #6  – Money Mobile Code: price of $47 (with more upsells) &  E Mobile Code $47 (with upsells)

    This is unbelievable but it’s basically the same thing as Automobile code and they are just preying on your confusion. Mobile Money Code and E Mobile Code are the exact same thing so like all the others do not waste your time or money on this or any of the other upsells.  

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    Is Automobile Code A Scam | Why Automobile Code Is Not Something You Want To Put Money Into

    One thing that the paid actor Giovani Leoni keeps telling you is that he is going to show you how to make money almost instantly but never does. The funny thing is he states that he will show you but all you get is money flowing into bank accounts with exciting music.is_automobile_money_code_A_scam_owner_giovani_leoni_video

    They never reveal the how to part, that is just to get you hooked. 

    One major red flag is the fact that they use actors and never show their real face. One thing that is very fishy about the whole program is that while Giovani is saying he and his wife are the owners when really the owner is a guy by the name of Ronnie Montano. 

    The real owner is actually a scammer by the name Ronnie Montano. Ronnie Montano is connected with a few online scams such as Emobile code, mobile money code, my binary code and a few others that look exactly the same as this one. 

    The one that I am talking about is no different than all the others as you will see later how Ronnie Montano pulls this magic trick off over and over again.

    One of the things that Ronnie does over and over again is use actors to look like the owners. In This Automobile code scam they use the couple Giovani and Tessa Leoni. Look at the disclaimer below that basically says that they can use actors to lie to you. 







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    Now if you looked through all of the scams created by Ronnie Montano they are basically the same if you take out the actors. Even more interesting
    all the programs are practically using the same sales material and script for their intro video. is_automobile_money_code_A_scam_Ronnie_montano_real_owner

    The actors in the videos say that they only want serious beginners who are dedicated to the training and committed to learning their system.

    Why would he say that?

    Because scams like these prey on the unsuspecting beginner and inexperienced marketers. This is how they make their money and are able to keep these scams going. They are hoping that you join get sold by the hype and then get suckered into paying for multiple upsells after.

    They try to hook you with all the talk about making $500 dollars a day and then shows a bank account loading up over $2k a day. They also talk about how this is by invite only and is limited to 100 people. It’s about as special as getting of an invite to go to a direct marketing/MLM seminar and more like, limited to the first 100 thousand people. 

    All the scarcity is just so hopefully someone will make a quick decision cause they think they might miss out as the countdown timer is completely bogus.  He also tempts you with a free secret report that you can get if you sign up to his list. The actor goes on to explain that they cannot explain too many details about this program as it will alert the FEDs to shut it down, sounds a little fishy to me. 

    Why Automobile Code Will Not Work Like It States In The Video

    The reason why this system will have loads of problems is the fact that you need a large list of cell phone numbers to actually market this service. So now if your like most beginners you will not have a list and will need to buy one from Automobile code.

    You have to pay for each message sent from the automobile application. You have to buy credits for $50 – $300 dollars and higher. Also the style of texting that they are considering is very old fashioned and irritating to most people. It is like you getting a spam text message from someone you do not know, Have you ever then opened it up and bought something? Typically you would delete it and not even consider the offer. 

    So they also want you to focus on how many smart phones there are out there and how many more there are than computers. Many people nowadays are using SMS apps versus their original SMS texting service. People are using all sorts of apps for texting like Whatsapp, Viber, ChompSMS, Textra and even Facebook messenger. 

    Also the majority of mobile users are from developing countries, meaning you will be paying to send messages across the world.

    These messages are being sent to others that do not know the language or have no need or cannot afford the products. This makes it so that most of the people that you paid for to send out messages to will just delete the message and not understand it and you will lose money. 

    Also when you read the fine print you will realize that this program never intended for you to earn any money. So despite the testimonials they know that you will not make squat. 




    No More Ronnie

    Well as long as new websites are being released, they will be popular because Ronnie Montano has a huge mailing list and huge network of JV partners that he give kickbacks to for helping promote this scam.The things that you see in the fine-print is usually all you need to know to make a decision about Auto Mobile Code. 
    Product Name: Auto Mobile Code
    Overall Ranking: 0/100
    Price: $49 dollars with multiple upsells 
    Advertised Owner: Giovani & Tessa Leoni
    Real Owner: Ronnie Montano
    Verdict: Scam



    Is Automobile Code A Scam | Automobile Code Conclusion

    So in conclusion is Automobile Code a scam?  In my opinion this is about as scammy as it gets they are trying to get your money any way possible and then sending you on a wild goose chase. From what I have seen this program shows all the tall tale signs of a scam. 

    What To Do Now?

    Automobile Code is definitely a product you want to steer clear of. There is really no magic wand or formula and or a way to get rich overnight without work. If someone is saying you can make money fast is usually just saying anything you want to hear to get you signed up. If you have already purchased Automobile code then you should return it immediately as you have 60 days but I would not trust them, as they may give you a hard time. So you want to try to get a refund as early as possible. 

    Are still looking for a way to make money online and are sick of the scams and want something that works now and later on in the future? Check out this all in one program that gives you all the training and resources necessary to build, host and SEO your website and you can also try it before you buy it for free. If This Sounds Interesting then check out my #1 recommendation here and how you can get some bonuses and help from me.  

    Please let me know if you have had any experiences with automobile code, I would love to discuss it with you.

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