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Is Ambit Energy A Scam? Surprise Rate Hikes, Yikes!

    Name: Ambit Energyis_ambit_energy_a_scam_logo
    Price:  Varies and is not that low
    Overall Rating: Scam
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    Is Ambit Energy A Scam? – Is This A Good Deal To Discount Your Energy Bill?

    What is the Ambit Energy Scam? Well this company has abused the de-regulation of the retail electric market. Ambit Energy is masterfully luring many customers in, by getting them to switch from their current energy suppliers. They get people to make the switch by falsely claiming that they will charge cheaper competitive rates that reflect current market conditions.

    How They Get You To Switch, With Their Dishonest Pitch!

    Ambit convinces strangers to make the switch by offering them things like

    • Travel vouchers
    • Cruises
    • Paying for some of your energy bill
    • Telling them what they want to hear 🙂

    It sounds really good at first, so many make the switch.

    Ambit Energy Consultants have a misleading sales pitch they use… They will claim that they have low competitive pricing on energy that reflect current market conditions, rather than charge a higher flat fee.

    They’re just flat-out lying to others, When they say that the rates charged reflect “current market conditions.” 

     In reality, they’re not competitive. Also the prices have no relation to the current market conditions.

    They’re just charging whatever they think that they can get away with.


    Well I can definitely say that they have had a lot of bad press, anything from tons of customer complaints to multiple class action lawsuits.

    When you watch the Ambid Energy videos on You Tube you find that everybody is claiming it’s not a scam.

    So should you really believe them, or are they just trying to sign you up, so they can get that free cruise?

    So Ambit energy is a MLM/network marketing company that provides electricity and natural gas supposedly at a discount.

    You may already know the MLM drill… you join… Then build a team… and then watch the money roll in from all the sales your recruits/downline make. It just sounds so gosh darn easy.

    Many people want to be politically correct when they say MLMs are not a scam but they’re a scam. Sure some can make money sometimes, even people in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme made money at first. They also told others and recommended it.

    Then when these MLM recruits get lucky and then make some money, best believe they will get a nice big cardboard check in front of all the newcomers at the MLM hype/pep rallies. Then they say something like “If I Can Do It Anyone Can!”

    The “Old MLM” Jump, Pump And Dump 

    These people at the top of these Network marketing companies are typically serial MLM’ers or friends of the owner or both.

    These serial Network Marketers know the routine.

    They Jump from one Hot MLM trend to the next.

    Get in early and Pump prospective Buyers and the company up.

    Then just recruit, recruit, recruit and Dump.

    Then they move on to the next “new MLM opportunity” before the previous one before dies out.

    Then Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

    What Is The Ambit Energy Scam?

    This is a company that was started when the founders found a loophole. Not a loophole to help people save money but more to con people out of their money later on.

    The genius scammer duo is Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless. These two saw that they could tell everybody they have a cheap energy service, meanwhile on the backend they “take their customers to the cleaners.”is_ambit_energy_a_scam_owners

    In other words they make you think you’re paying a cheap payment like getting an adjustable rate mortgage. 

    Then later on you get charged variable usage rates that can fluctuate greatly. All of this is of course added in the legalese fine print of the contract.

    They know the majority wont really read those over anyway.

    Ambit Energy Scam – How Ambit Really Takes Care Of You

    Ambit Energy is definitely not looking out for their customers so why are they in business?

    This scam seems to work due to the MLM structure forcing people to want to stay, as they try to recoup any money spent.

    As I stated above, not very many people will read all the fine print on a utility bill.

    The number is large enough where Ambit made a MLM business around it.

    Users of Ambit Energy were told that when they join Ambit and use their service they will save a lot of money on their electric and gas bill.

    There was just one minor thing they forget to mention…. People would later on receive a bill that was astronomically higher due to sudden rate hikes.

    How Ambit Energy Tricks You

    They sometimes can have alright rates for the first year, if you get on a fixed rate plan. So whats the problem? Well if you let that contract expire they double or triple your rate without notice. They claim that they send you a letter by email but many have claimed to never get that email.

    Unless you proactively hunt down where to renew, you don’t get the letters or email to renew. Then that’s when the price gouging and 2 times, 3 times even 4 times the price of average bill.

    So once you sign up for Ambit and their suppliers, you can’t get out of your contract without a fee. If you let contract expire they will charge you as much as they can get away with. Until they cancel your service and make the switch. This can usually take month or two.

    So you have to remember, with Ambit energy if you don’t pre-register before you contract runs out every year you’re charged 2-4 times more. Then when you try to get out they need an extra 2-3 months to cancel your plan. Then they get you for the highest rate they can while you wait for them to cancel.

    This is where most of the customers got tricked by the Ambit Energy scam.

    These are the main complaints against them and is the reason so many customers are filling a class action lawsuit against them.

    Ambit Energy complaints

    I normally get a few screen shots of the complaints but there is just so many that it would be better to read them for yourself. I’m surprised that this company is still in business.

    After A Little Research It Started To Ring A Bell… It’s Not Very Hard To Tell…  That This Rate Hiking Energy Company From Hell… Is Something You Would Have To Sell… If You Wanted To Make Money With Them As Well!

    If you want to be a Ambit Consultant and stay commission qualified to earn money with “the Ambit Energy scam train,” you will need to pay a fee of $429 plus $24.95 per month. This is on top of your gas and power bill.

    This is also on top of the fact that you would have to sell this to others, knowing that the rates will increase for no reason.

    Ambit Energy Scam Class Action Lawsuit

    You will be amazed when you see that Ambit Energy had tricked 13 million customers.

    They grew their energy company from 1 million in revenue in 2006…. to 1.2 BILLION in 2015, probably even higher in 2016-17.

    If you want to see the class action lawsuit check this out.

    Is Ambit Energy A Scam – You’re Just Getting Gassed And Later You Will Be Shocked.

    Is Ambit Energy a Scam, I would say yes. If you’re just trying to get cheaper utilities this is not the place. Using Ambit to cut your gas and electric bill will eventually lead to a higher variable rate in the future.

    These variable rates also have nothing to do with the current market trends as they claim.

    So basically this is just a very well thought out scam that just looks legal.  With all the stuff that they have already done, it’s just amazing they’re still around.

    Their company just denies, denies, denies and then pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes.

    If you’re thinking of using Ambit energy to save money I would suggest you check out the complaints above. If you where considering it for the business opportunity, you should possibly consider an opportunity where you could build a real business online, that you own.

    You want an opportunity that…

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    Over hypes and Under delivers.

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    If you have used Ambit Energy or got shafted with a rate hike please feel free to discuss your problem with Ambit in the comments to help others.

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