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Is 4Life A Scam? Or Are They The Pioneers Of Transfer Factor Science?

    Is 4Life On The Cutting Edge Of Science Or Just following A Trend?

    4Life is an Network Marketing company ran by David and Bianca Lisonbee.

    This company has several pitfalls that I will be covering that I feel make it not a good idea for health or business.  


    I will also explain the 4life Transfer Factor product in more detail and show why it’s not anything special.

    This is another one of those MLM’s with their product thrown together last minute to try to capitalize on a trend coming out.  The problem? It’s a good product but are too late, too expensive and too low quality to really thrive in the market.

    They come out selling it like they have been the ones pioneering, testing and researching it for many years. Many claiming that it’s nothing more that overpriced Colostrum and Egg protein, with some fruit juice with a few cheap synthetic vitamins thrown in.is_4life_a_scam_product_ingredients_garbage

    For example, their aloe vera juice is not even good, coming from concentrate. Then when you see that they add in synthetic Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). It probably tastes horrible as well so it’s probably a lose-lose situation buying this particular product. 

    They also have a large amount of products making them a jack of all trades but master of none, which in the supplement world is a big deal.

    If you’re not getting good supplements that make a difference and give good results what are you taking them for? Nothing.

     Is This Just An Overpriced Product That You Can Get Better And Cheaper Elsewhere? 

    Basically 4Life makes an average product but then sells it for a high price. They also want you to believe that it makes the handicap walk again… OK, OK  that’s a bit of a stretchis_4life_a_scam_milk_will_farrel but you probably get what I’m hinting.

    These types of claims are used all the time with MLM Network Marketing companies. These claims are the only thing that can make someone really consider buying in to an overpriced average product.

    Like always there is no scientific claims that support any of the outlandish claims that 4Life makes about their products.

    This is yet again another MLM company that has had the FDA & health services step in and tell them to stop making unfounded, hyped up health claims.

    This by itself does not mean a lot, but it’s something that should at least cause you to look into it a little closer. 

    MLM’s tend to stay in business by consistently lying and over hyping. The more successful the Network Marketing company typically the better and smoother the lies.


    4Life Transfer Factor Review | Why 4Life Has A Neat Product But You Can Get It Anywhere And Is Just Another Overpriced Network Marketing Opportunity

    You can go searching online and easily find an equal or higher quality product almost anywhere. They do have a lot of products but that’s actually a bad thing not a good thing. 

    People often get aggressive or very high and mighty spiritually to get you to join. This is no different from all the rest of the MLM’s out there.  

    All the distributors are focused on selling family and acquaintances to build their pyramid downline, not to help medically.

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    I understand you have to make money to make a living but you also need to find products you believe in that can help others or they wont really sell.  

    This is why supplements have been on the rise for a while! It’s so easy to make an average supplement put it in a fancy box,

    Then say it does everything from heal cancer to making the blind see again.

    4 Life Transfer Factor

    The term transfer factor has various meanings in science. It can relate to anything from immunity, to an extract of human white blood cells that could transfer a type of immunity called cell mediated immunity.

    4Life Has 2 different types of Transfer Factor:

    • They have cow colostrum Ultra Factor XF
    • Chicken Egg Yolk OvoFactor

    They claim that transfer factor plays a crucial role in supplying knowledge to the immune system.  They claim that these transfer factor molecules are made by the immune system, for the immune system.

     I’m not arguing with any of this… but did you know you can get the same type bovine colostrum products many other places?

    Before you think I’m bashing on the theory behind bovine colostrum I’m not…. 

    I actually take Jarrow Formulas Colostrum Prime Life And it Supports gastrointestinal, Immune, Respiratory Health.  I just think there is a cheaper better way than buying it from or becoming a rep with 4Life. 

    They claim you can support your immune system by teaching it to recognize, respond to and remember health threats. Which is probably true but again you can so this with other less expensive products of the same quality. 


    Transfer Factor Just More Expensive Bovine Colostrum

    There has been investigation into this and many support it’s claims but also many deny the claims made. I see it as unless you find that pasteurized milk or eggs are good for you in general then I would not take this.

    If you really feel that pasteurized milk is good for you go ahead and try selling this to others and take it yourself. This is a nice product in theory but why would people get it from 4 Life reps and not just from anywhere online?

    I feel that cow colostrum could be good for you.  They might start doing this with goat milk colostrum.

    Colostrum can be good for specific applications and ailments. I’m still on the fence about how good regular cows milk is for you after the pasteurization process.

    Due to the pasteurization process it’s not supposed to be good for you. Many still drink it and it’s in just about everything. So obviously many seem like they could get some benefit from it.  

    I see people claiming that it’s healthy for you but that is what they said about milk until recently figuring out that it can possibly be bad for you.

    Many doctors will even jump on board promoting something if they’re getting compensated enough. So the point I’m trying to make is, this could be healthy but the science and evidence is still not there. 

    Right now it’s more speculation than fact if it’s good or not. I say it’s good and it I think played a part in helping me with healing issues.  Getting a lower quality from a Network Marketing company and paying more is what I have a problem with.

    Why join a scheme just to get cow colostrum? 

    You can buy cow colostrum anywhere just like 4Life’s. You can have it ordered quickly online, without having to jump through all the annoying MLM hoops that come with it.


    The Many Colostrum Products Online

    If you believe in it, you could probably sell it. After taking this and seeing no results you will be stuck in a dilemma of either lying to make money or cutting your loses. What I have seen is many that start these Network Marketing Businesses are not ready to cut their losses when they find out it does not sell.

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    MLM Trap 4Life  

    The problem is unless you are knowledgeable about the topics you can be persuaded by a MLM salesmen that is good at what they call sowing the seeds of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).  This is a selling tool that has a long history of being used heavily by MLM/network marketers  for swaying decision-making.

    To ignore the specifics seems to be the approach used by 4Life to allow the reps to make no specific claims, besides a general statement that it boosts the immune system.

    So this is just yet another health supplement that are not sold in stores because no one would actually buy them. So they’re sold by self-employed distributors who work within a classic MLM marketing plan.

    Their goals are not to just sell these below average products but to entice others to become representatives as that is where the real money is. The real money is in screwing others.

    If you get others to then go out and spawn other people you can make money rather easily the hard part is convincing those people to do it and do it consistently. Getting minions under you to do your dirty work is not easy.

    This is where a lot of lying starts coming in to play as many who join cannot sell this and then to make money back they will need to recruit. When they start to recruit they will not tell the recruits how hard it is and then lie and sell the dream.

    Then those people that they sold on the idea will then come to the same realization and have to either quit and cut their losses or lie the same they were lied to.

    Well in this case I know there is enough info to show that transfer factor and 4Life is just a way to make money with a Ponzi but adding this product makes it a legal network marketing company.

    There will always be believers and non believers and no matter what info is presented they will want more facts and even if those facts are given they could say not a reliable source and this can go both ways.

    What you really need to do in situations like this is use your gut and really think are these overpriced vitamins and supplements any better than the ones you can find out on store shelves already?

    Also is this a sellable product that serves a need or an overpriced supplement in a pretty box to mask a pyramid Ponzi structure? I think if you look close enough without trying to sell yourself on it you will get the answer.

    Is 4Life A Scam? | My Thoughts On 4Life

    This is not a bad product but there is not much to say about this, as this is just a stereotypical MLM scam. They get tons of products that are all lack luster and average, that just sell for a higher price than the same or better quality products.

    These products they sell are everywhere in health foods stores and especially online. My question is why would you want to sell overpriced average products? If you don’t think they’re overpriced then I would say go for it.

    Then add in all these bonuses and levels you can eventually hit but never do. Soon you will realize you’re stuck in a MLM trap.

    Sure you can make money if you basically devote your life to this. Then whats this really going to do, as you will have no free time to relax. All you have time for is to hound anybody that you can or that your with to buy or die.

    You will try to find realistic reviews that can back up any of the claims that 4Life and their distributors claim and all you will end up finding out that the products they have are nothing special, are not better priced and are harder to get than just ordering it online.

    This is a product where you will not get a straight answer if you ask any rep about the product also. So you really need to do your own searching and use your gut instinct and I feel it will give you your answer.

    So If The 4Life Business Model For Making Money Doesn’t  Work For You What Other Options Do You Have? 

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