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Is 48 Hour Cash Code A Scam Is This Mystery Man Really A Good Samaritan, 48 Hour Cash Code Review


    Name: 48 Hour Cash Code Is_48_Hour_Cash_Code_A_Scam_logo
    Owners:  Mystery Man

    Price:  $1.95 initially then after 7 Days $47 a month, then to use the “FREE Software”
    a minimum deposit of $250 and then a call center will try to get as much as they can from you  

    Overall Rating: SCAM
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    Is 48 Hour Cash Code A Scam? Is This Mystery Man Really Trying To Help You?

    Is_48_Hour_Cash_Code_A_Scam_3_stepsIs 48 Hour Cash Code A Scam? Have you seen articles giving a positive 48 Hour Cash Code Review and wondered why?

    Well I will be covering why this supposed Good Samaritan is giving away this free software and why others speak highly of it, even though it’s a scam.  

    So this is a very vague story of a guy who leached off of some unknown friend. This friend then not only gave him a place to stay.

    Then this great friend also introduced him to another successful man named David Allen, who he then learned some secret method while he was hanging out at the fanciest penthouse in the biggest hotel he had ever been in.

     Sound believable or hyped up? lol.

    It seems this David Allen might be friends with Walter Green from free money he also is an actor that is not the real owner and is the face 

    This mystery man said this guy David Allen wanted to loan him the software and not explain anything and see if he could set it up.  This mysterious guy was willing to try anything and figured it out and activated it and went to playing video games and when he came back magically $891 dollars and 20 cents in his account. 

    Wow a specific un even number to try to make it look just that much more believable while he played video games.  Then now all he had to do is going to sleep and bingo, bango, bongo, $3,586.75 wow such a specific number, it must be real (tongue in cheek:)).

    This stranger gave this mystery man access to this magic software and now after becoming a millionaire he wants to pay it forward..Is your B.S meter going off yet?

    What Is The Value Of 48 Hour Cash Code  | 48 Hour Cash Code Review  


    obviously there is more to it then paying this guy $1.95 and the supposed 20% cut. This program never says anything really about it besides everything you want to hear without any idea what you will be doing.

    This just wreaks of a binary options software bot but them asking for a credit card to get the $1.95 is just a trick to get your credit card and run it to make sure their is some money on it and then they can bill you $47 a month, if you read the fine print.


    This is so you can get the supposedly free software that only cost $1.95. So not only do they get your credit card number when you pay $1.95 but you also will be charged $47 a month and that is just the start. They will obviously try to get you on the phone later and up sell you and tell you how you can invest now and be a millionaire in a few weeks.


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    What Is 48 Hour Cash Code Exactly? | 48 Hour Cash Code Review

    So what is 48 Hour Cash Code Exactly? Well that is a good question as they sure as heck leave you in the dark.

    I just so happen to know that this is just another overhyped video to funnel people into unregulated brokers like Binary Book and Glenridge Financial that then get you to spend thousands over the phone.

    There are many other similar copy cat programs out there such as: 

    Then all these program above are all promoting unregulated scam brokers such as Binarybook or Glenridge financial.

    I was not about to give these guys my credit card number as I know they’re a scam, if you don’t believe me go ahead and try it but when they do what I say please come back and warm others and some will still believe that this is their ticket to the big time.

    This course is nothing more than a promotion site to get people excited to get the mysterious software that makes millions but they have to deposit the minimum of $250 dollars.

    Since they get a hefty commission from the unregulated brokers, they then pay other affiliates to promote the 48 Hour Cash Code site. The CPA offer for 48 Hour Cash Code  is found on clicksure which is known for having tons of just straight scams to promote.


    48 Hour Cash Code Review | Is 48 Hour Cash Code A Scam? 

    If you think that you’re not the one to do this you probably aren’t but the people who invest $250 are buyers and they know they bought it, hook line and sinker.

    Once they know they’re sold on it they have basically a Jordan Belfort in his prime, Boiler Room type person tell you everything that you want to hear. 

    They make huge commissions off of you as when you give them the money they’re not giving you anything and it’s all theirs.


    They’re many that have been scammed for 5-10 or even 15k or higher. They make the person believe if they invest now they will be rich forever. This is a complete scam as once you give them the money they will cut all ties and not answer back.

    They can also say that they can’t give you your money until your account is in good standing or in compliance.

    They will have you do all sorts of things to get it back into compliance and they never will give you back your money. The thing that makes this scam so tricky is they can play it at many different angles and change-up what they say, to what their reason is for not giving money back. 

    They’re just lying and trying to tell you what they need to do either to get money from you or why you can’t get your money back.

    This is another Binary Options bot scam but this one made it much more sneaky. First they ask for the upfront money of a $1.95 and then once you do that they have your credit card and they can not only take out the $47 a month but once you try to cancel, they will try to take more than that.

    Then once they get as much money as they can from you they hand over a worthless Binary Options bot that will then need $250 for a minimum deposit.

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    This is where a company such as Binary Book steps in an juices people for even more money. This is why the cost is only $1.95 as they charge monthly after 7 days but also send you to the unregulated Binary Options broker that give them a kick back of $250. They then bank on getting more through selling you on the phone and trying to get big sums of money from you.

    So 48 Hour Cash Code is paying $25 bucks a lead to get people to do the $1.95 offer, cause they get $250 from the Binary Options broker plus the $47 dollars a month. Then the Binary Options broker has their boiler room call these people who invested $250 dollars.

    Then they scam the people out of as much money as they can get. This scam has been around for a while just in many different forms and names so I’m assuming that they’re making good money doing this.

    Is 48 Hour Cash Code A Scam?  | My Thoughts On 48 Hour Cash Code  


    So is 48 Hour Cash Code A Scam?  Well in my opinion I would say definitely YES. This is just a trick to get you to think that it works long enough to get as much money as they can from you. It makes you believe that all you will be out is $1.95 when really its $47 a month and for nothing.

    Then it does not stop there as the software will cost you a minimum of $250 dollars to set it up for a minimum deposit. Then when you  try to get that money back is next to impossible. So if you don’t want to waste tons of time and lose out on money and fight like a spartan warrior to get it back, you would be better off to stay away from this scam.

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