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Instant Payday Network

    Instant Payday Network Review Instant_payday_network_review_pic

    Name: Instant Payday Network
    Website: Instant Payday Network
    Price: Free To $15 – $30
    Owners: Jeff Buchanan
    Overall Rank: 56 out of 100
    Final VERDICT: Borderline LEGIT 

    Instant Payday Network :  Is It Legit Or Is It Just To Lure You Into Yet Another Pyramid Scheme


    Jeff_buchanan_instant_payday_networkSo a general overview of Instant Payday Network can be summed up by saying MLM recruitment. There are a few other courses like “Online Profits For Newbies”  & Zipp Nadda Ziltch” that use this same method or system to lure you in and join a MLM or in this case Empower Network. Now this program is unique because even though the whole thing has scam written all over but it still can work, just not very well.

    This program if done correctly can earn you some extra cash and does work if you start sending referrals through a network called my cash freebies. You do however build up referrals on a list that then is owned by the site owner and if you decide not to join,  your list that you built is bombarded by the owners MLM links for empower. This is how this course works as it will hook you with the free business opportunity part and slowly turn you into a list building slave for the owner, so he can advertise and sell their MLM offer to lots more people. This course is very similar to a review I did on Automated Wealth Network.

    How Does Instant Payday Network Work?


    So in order to be qualified to actually market Instant Payday Network you need to first join Express My cash freebies and Double My cash freebies. These are websites that you can sign up for one or two of the multiple different Freebie offers from Fortune 500 companies, that supposedly need you to advertise. Now the my cash freebies part is legit and they will pay you and typically return your money well at least on the offer that I did.

    I ended up doing a trial offer for a hunting knife and the women’s multivitamins for my wife at first. Then I received them and cancelled them. You also have to cancel according to which time zone the product manufacturer is in. They tell you to wait more than a few days and then when you return it, only really have a window of a couple days to get it sent back.

    I actually ended up selling my freebie items on E-bay for double what I paid for them, that was one good thing about it. I did have a credit report try to get me and I think pulled an extra $20 cause I didn’t cancel in time as they say that you also have to keep it for a certain amount of days in order to get the credits.

    Examples of the offersYou need to get one full credit to be able to promote and make money.Express_cash_freebies_instant_payday_network_scam

    In the picture is an example of the my cash freebies page and some of the trial offers and how there are some paid and some free but most of the time you have to go paid to get your full credit.

    These are not permanent offers either and can change at any time and often do. Some of these only require you complete the free trial offers, but you still need to enter you credit card information for 99.9% of the offers.

    So How Instant Payday Network really breaks down is it is a middle bridge site that connects you with my cash freebies referral site and helps you market the freebie offers page above, in hopes that others will sign up and do the same as you. When they sign up you can get a commission.

    This by itself is not a scam, as if you produce consistent content you will get a few commissions. It lures you in when you make a quick sale but you can never really make that many sales from it.

    So What Do People Do Then?

    Instant Payday Network is so old and outdated that unless you already understand how to market online you will be very behind and this program is realistically for beginners. They teach you to get the credit yourself so you can then market this idea to others.

    Then these people you sign up, need coaching to get through the process so that they to can get credits and get paid themselves, when they refer a person with their approved link.

    Once you find out how hard it is to make a living from freebie referrals, you will later on be enticed to start the empower network to supposedly make ” the real money”. 

    It can be very hard to get people to trust this site. Getting people to trust this site is just as hard as selling them your own product. So you essentially waste time trying to promote this outdated freebie offer with lots of videos and stuff that does cost you money. This is all to just earn a few commissions here and there.

    Instant Payday Network Is A Tool To Help You Sell My Cash Freebies And Is Really Nothing More Than Some Landing Pages With A Autoresponder.


    Instant_payday_network_sign_upThe Instant Payday Network program is basically there to help you market the my cash freebies offers page. They give you landing pages that you need to promote yourself. These landing pages take you or someone you want to join the whole freebie referral agent process. Now again this in itself is not a scam, it just happens to be highly saturated.

    All these types of programs end up having some problem in the end. Instant Payday Network has been around for so long and has such outdated training that if you started now you would be very behind starting off on the wrong foot.

    Essentially you need to get people interested in filling out freebie offers for businesses. The hard part is getting people to pull out their credit card which by the way, has to be a real bank card.

    This is where the program gets tricky, as it is not essentially a scam. You will however work a lot for very little money. You must keep working as others are constantly on your tail trying to do the exact same thing.

    You are promoting a product in a sea of others with very little barrier of entry. Getting into this business with an old technique will give you nothing but a really hard time.

     The reason programs like this are so hard is because anyone can do them. There are loads of videos online with these types of offers. This idea still does work, If you can get past it being an outdated method and realize that you wont make a lot of money, while still putting in a lot of hours.

    I think if you have never done anything online or are looking to learn how people make money online then this course could be helpful to you. With that being said there still are better ways to make a real business online.

    How Much Do You Make A Sale With Instant Payday Network?


    Once you have got a person to completely go through an offer which can still have many complications, you can earn your commission once the credit is cleared. There are many ways that you can lose your commissions. Referrals get put on hold if they suspect or have used that computer already to sign up with My cash freebies before.

    Also many people trying to get a credit don’t like how scammy it feels and will stop with a partial credit.Then the work you did is all for nothing, as you don’t get paid until you get a full credit from one person.

    But If and when you do get a commission you get

    • $20 dollars for My Cash Freebies
    • $30 dollars for Double My Cash Freebies

    Then after you start making sales you will feel the need to not leave money on the table and sign up for the Empower Network as if you don’t your sponsor makes the commissions off of your referrals when they sign up and not you. This is where they get you…You will put in a lot of work into my cash freebies and make a commission here and there but then want to make more and be sold on joining The Empower Network.


    Want To Learn How To Build A REAL Business Online? Click Here


    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    PRO #1 It is essentially free but you do have to do trial offers so you still will have to pay a little
    PRO #2 You are given use of a system that teaches you how collecting leads works
    PRO #3 You are not on a contract or have to pay after you sign up
    PRO #4  All the information to do this technique is all given to you for free

    The Bad:

    CON #1 You have to buy trial offers that is not cancelled will charge quite high amounts
    CON #2 Getting credits can be hard for some as you can’t have previously signed up for any of them
    CON #3 The main focus of this network system is to market the owners MLM links unless you sign up, like with all MLM programs you also have to buy all the products that you want to make commission from.
    CON #4 The program, system and techniques are very old and many have saturated it, on You Tube and Craigslist the two main places to market this.
    CON #5 You have to be able to know how to market already online to realistically to really be able to get the word out, to possibly make a part time income.
    CON #6 You have to use your bank card and have struggles when you don’t stop payment in time and are charged for something you didn’t want.
    CON #7 The Training is not very good so you end up training people so you can get a commission instead of it being passive you are really involved like MLM recruiting.


    Who is Instant Payday Network For?


    The network is really aimed at people just starting out and are not comfortable building their own blogs and/or buying an autoresponder. It is targeted to help the person who has never made a dime online to make their first sale. Then when you get that first sale they are hoping that you see that it works and sign up for the MLM side of things. This is for anyone who just wants to see if making a sale is possible for a beginner without any experience. This is for beginners but remember you will need to learn a lot on your own to make this system really work for you and make any income worth trying for.


    Instant Payday Network Tools & Training


    nstant_payday_network_DashboardInstant Payday Network does at least steer you in the right direction and gives you a step by step training that shows you clearly how the system will work to make you money. They also give you access to their autoresponder and also allows you to make a easy landing pages.

    This helps to sell and capture leads to market the my cash freebies offers, with step by step video tutorials teaching others. The problem with this is they own your list if you cancel or quit and they also market their links for Empower Network with your leads until you sign up under them yourself.

    Instant Payday Network Support


    The support offered if basically non existent. You get the step by step videos but after that your on your own. You can also specifically sign up under people that are giving away incentives. Such as if you sign up with them they will help you out type thing. If you don’t sign up under a helpful sponsor then you are basically on your own and have to learn how to do it by yourself.

    Instant Payday Network Price


    There is technically no price involved for the system but with that being said to make commission you have to have credits with a company called my cash freebies. To get those credits you have to buy a couple of “freebie trial offer” items. Then you have to follow the rules carefully and cancel them in time or your will get charged.  Most of the time you have to buy offers to just get your credits as they are much easier to get the ones that you pay money for. The only other up sell is to try to get you to sign up for the Empower Network which like I have said you need to not only pay monthly fee but also buy each course that you want to make commission on.

    My Final Opinion of Instant Payday Network


    Instant Payday Network and the system it teaches works good enough to not be completely a scam but it an idea that is on it’s way out and dying. This program is another program that works but to really make any money you need to get other people to sign up under you. Many will not just sign up for freebie offers unless they are wanting to try the business idea out for themselves.

    So essentially everybody you sign up will be in direct competition with you all the time. Then until you sign up for the MLM side of things you only get paid one time from my cash freebies only when they sign up so all that work and you only get one commission and the networks owner still owns your list that you build and markets their MLM links to your list of referrals.


    Instant Payday Network at a Glance…


    Name: Instant Payday Network
    Website: Instant Payday Network
    Owners: Jeff Buchanan
    Price: Free – $30+
    Overall Scam Rank: 56 out of 100
    Final VERDICT: Borderline LEGIT 



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