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Ibotta vs Ebates Which Ones Going To Work For Your Situation?

    Ibotta vs Ebates Which Has The Best Cash Back Savings?

    I was confused on what the best cashback sites were for 2018.

    Many of these cashback sites like Ebates are poping up everywhere.

    Many start looking for comparisons of Ibotta vs Ebates and quickly think “can I use Ebates and Ibotta together” well the answer is yes.

    All of us are constantly on the lookout for better ways to earn some extra cash or save more money.

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    There is never any shame in being a baller on a budget. Everyone could always use money back for things they bought anyway.

    Well rebate programs like Ebates and cash back apps like Ibotta can both be used with great results.

    It really comes down to:

    If you do more shopping at physical stores than Ibotta is your app

    Make more online purchases…?  Then Ebates will have you covered better.

    I will give you a quick comparison of both and give you an idea of the pros and cons. They can  both be helpful depending on your specific situation.


    Ibotta offers you ways to earn money while still using coupons as many love to stack Ibotta and coupon deals when available.

    Get tricky and also use store loyalty cards stacked with coupons with your Ibotta app… Then just wait for the TV show producers of TLC extreme couponers to give you a call, cause your extreme.

    The Ibotta app is straightforward just follow the directions and start shopping at your participating local stores. You only job is to buy the deals from participating stores and scan your receipt.

    This is great for just getting some kickbacks from the small things you already buy like bread, milk, eggs and cereal.

    Then once you reach 5 buckaroos you’re paid the next day. You don;t have to wait a month or two to recieve the money just get more than $5.

    Like most cash back apps Ibotta is free and no membership or any other fees required.

    Also a kicker is inviting your friends with your Ibotta referral code after you sign up. This can help you make even more with the app.

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    So ebates is more online purchases and offers up to 40% cash back.

    You can double savings with coupons also, coupons that Ebates actually offers in addition to your rebates.

    They have over 2000 stores listed on the Ebates website. So there is a good possibility you will find something.

    They also allow instore cash back options as well.

    Very similar to the Dosh App they have just added an option to attach a credit card and link offers.

    With in-store purchases you get cash back ranging from 1-12% depending on where you shop.

    At the time of writing this there is significantly less physical stores than online stores that ebates works with.

    I’m assuming that soon they will get a lot more.

    If Your Curious About Ebates (Or In A Hurry):

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    Ebates also has a referral program where you can make even more telling your friends and family.

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    So you heard all the good now you probably want to hear if there is anything you need to be aware of.

    Ibotta Cons

    So as I touched on earlier is Ibotta is only used for physical bricks and mortar stores. You need to actually go into the stores.

    There are a few hoops to jump through before you can get the offers. Then you make the purchase but unlike Ebates or the Dosh app your job doesn’t end there. You then need to also scan bar-codes and upload your receipt in order to get your cash back. This alone can be a deal breaker for some not looking for such a hassle after they shop.

    the stores with Ibotta can be limited but they do have big stores they partner with:

    Big Box Stores like:
    Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, Ralphs, RiteAid, and Safeway,

    So you can typically find just about everything with the stores they do have.

    Ebates Cons

    Ebates has a few things just like any that make them difficult at times.

    So as you know its mainly for just online shoppers. they have some in store offers now but they are much more limited in store opportunities than Ibotta.

    You need to remember to go to Ebates first before shopping. You wont have to scan receipts like with Ibotta but you will need to make sure you go to first and choose the store that you want to shop at beforehand.

    Then you need to activate the tracking link. This is not difficult and they have a browser extension but some have still had some troubles with this. If you fail to go through the ebates site first it will cause you to lose your cashback rebates from not being properly tracked.

    You only get paid every 60 days. If your wanting money fast ebates is not the place as they will only pay out 4 times a year.

    There are many exclusions and stores sometimes stop partnering with Ebates.

    You can’t use gift cards when purchasing cause if you do you wont get your cash back.

    Well now that you know some pros and cons about Ibotta and Ebates you can see instead of Ibotta Vs Ebates it’s really use both for different situations to maximize your cashback savings.

    It really does depend on your current shopping and location.

    The main take away is if you shop more in stores than Ibotta is better to start with.

    If you do most of your shopping online then Ebates has got way more opportunities for cash back.

    If you’re like most people, you probably do a little of both so why not try Ibotta and Ebates together along with stacking coupons. Then you will turn into a saving machine combining both with coupons as well.

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