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Is Ibotta A Scam Crazy Customer Service Catastrophe Making Users Mad?

    Is Ibotta a scam? Customer service problems seem to be the main complaint with Ibotta. what_is_ibotta_a_scam_I_ougta

    You hear others claiming Ibotta deals can make money back when you buy groceries but is the Ibotta app worth it or not?

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     Is There A Dark Side Of Ibotta?

    So is Ibotta is a scam? no it’s not a scam, when it works correctly and the user uses it correctly.

    It’s really not that easy to say… as it’s not a scam but below you can read about some Ibotta reviews and complaints and see that it can get annoying to use and then have problems with customers service like some have described. 

    To make sure this is the right app for you and your situation, you will have to weight all the info in this Ibotta review into consideration as it doesn’t work for everyone the same way.

    Can you use Ibotta to save alotta… on groceries?

    So you hear “Ibotta is the best I saved money on something I did anyway” or  “You can stack coupons with Ibotta and checkout 51 and get cool deals.” 

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    Ok, so yeah this could work but now were getting into extreme couponing a little, and if you see extreme couponers they spend way too much time collecting those coupons. If you really want to save that much using this app, you would have to use a few different ones with coupons.

    The extreme coupon show always looked like fun at the register when they get discounts that seem as exciting as winning on a slot machine. The problem is the time it can take for the money you really make.

    Trying to make a lot from the Ibotta, would be like trying to become an extreme couponer as it’s possible but not realistic. Then add that to slow customer service and you have an app that may take way too long for what you make.

    So what is Ibotta

    This is a mobile app that will give you cash back with certain purchases. The app will show you what products are eligible and at what stores. So then you will need to buy the specific items that are on the app and then upload a picture of your receipt and you get paid.

    Sounds fun right? Well with better apps coming out such as the Dosh App [HERE] where you can just connect your card and not have to scan receipts, its hard to see this one as a very good app to use.

    Well if you don’t mind the lower payouts, scanning receipts and slow customer service then you can set up Ibotta and see for yourself if it will work for you. 

    How Does Ibotta Work

    You just simple need to sign up and get the Ibotta App

    1. Search to find the products that you want to buy
    2. Look through the gallery and add the products your want to your buying que
    3. Now just go shopping like normal and just remember to save that receipt
    4. Now when you get home it’s time to confirm your purchases
    5. Once you have properly confirmed your purchase you will receive your cash back.

    If You’re Curious (Or In A Hurry):

       Get The Ibotta App Now FREE and check current deals Plus New Features And Updates [HERE]

    How does Ibotta pay you?

    Ibotta will pay out in a few different ways. You can get Pay-pal, venmo as well as gift-cards. You just need to get your account to reach $20 dollars.

    Ibotta Issues

    So there are many that have issues with it only being a mobile app as when you use the mobile app and have issues with your phone there have been complains of problems getting cash after.

    • It’s limited in the available offers people can choose from.
    • Pretty low cash back where this is only for side cash and pretty small amounts. You will have a tough time sometimes even making the low payouts.
    • Unless you learn to use some extreme coupon jujitsu you might have some troubles making this worth your time and effort.
    • As long as you understand that this is just a free app that can help save some money and play it like a game you should be fine with using it. This is after all making money on things that you were already buying.

    If you don’t see things that you were already buying anyway. Just don’t let hitting goals cloud your judgement in the short term. I would not recommend buying anything just cause, to get some higher payouts.

    Is Ibotta A Scam… Quit Playing Games With My Cart? what_is_ibotta_does_ibotta_really_work_logo

    Like I said above this is not a scam, but with that said….There has been some pretty disgruntled users of the Ibotta app.

    The problems with these types of things is some times its user error and other times its the company.

    Ibotta complaints:

    So the slow poor customer service complaint over and over seem real as that seem like something Ibotta needs to step up a little.

    • The other complaints mainly about how they were told error messages to saying that their account was fraudulent.
    • There has also been other complaints of offers for deals disappearing right after you buy a product.

    Now I’m sure there have been people trying to game the system trying to scan different receipts or possibly not reading the instructions completely.

    There have been complaints about doing everything right and still not getting their rebate until lots of wasted time with slow back and forth with Ibotta customer service.

    I know this app works, so the issue seem to lie in doing one thing wrong and then having any issues where you need customer support.

    If everything goes smoothly typically you will be fine and most likely enjoy the app.  Ibotta_scam

    Well this app is not a bad idea to try out if you have been wanting to try another rebate app. You can  use this app to compound savings and offers from other rebate apps.

    You just need to remember that it’s free, its for purchases you were going to make anyways and typically if you call customer service it will typically end up being your problem not theirs.

    The reason is when it all boils down your using something for free that makes you money so the support will always be limited in situations like this and it’s normal.

    So if you feel you want to still see how much you can earn with the ibotta app you can here.

    You don’t have a ton to lose besides a little time. If Ibotta doesn’t work for you, just move on to something like the readers top choice, the Dosh app to get cash back automatically without scanning.

    Final Thoughts on the Ibotta App

    I would recommend using this app more as another app to use to compound your savings… while using something Like The Dosh App as your main cash back saving app that automatically credits you with cash.

    Well it’s a toss up as some love the app as they happen to just be in a situation where the offers where things they used anyway and things worked out.

    Others may have had phone tech troubles and got locked out or possibly were involved in a little tom foolery with scanning different receipts. Then they got bad customer support and then scam gets thrown around.

    I think the only way to really see if it’s for you is to try and see what offers you have available to you and see if you can make it work for you as it seems like its a gamble as they just will only work for a certain crowd while others will just not find value in it. So really it just comes down to your lifestyle and what types of products you normally buy.

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    Got any horror stories or positive stories about Ibotta I would love to hear your thoughts and your two cents about this App in the comments section below!

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