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How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners And Not Waste A Ton Of Time

    How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Guide To Getting Started

     “How to start affiliate marketing for beginners.”

    So here is my complete starter guide on how to start with affiliate marketing.

    If you’re a beginner or just starting out this will help so much.

    This is actually more in-depth than most beginner training that you pay for.

    If you want to skip this and just get your free EXTRA training click here. 

    Quick  Overview Summary Of What You Will Find In This Article: 

    1. Choose your niche dig deep and find something you can talk about for a few years.
    2. Find your unique angle
    3. Think about the need your going to serve
    4. Imagine who your target audience is going to be
    5. Find out where your target audience is right now… Find out where they are now and where they want to be.
    6. Learn what passion, interest and or competitive advantage you have in the niche you choose.
    7. Figure out what traffic source or resource you like the most, also if you want to advertise or use SEO. Example Blog, you tube, podcast, social media, webinars etc. Which ones do you like the most and make that the main traffic source.
    8. Research different affiliate programs for products and services inside your chosen niche.
    9. Get a host and domain
    10. Build a site on that host
    11. Start immersing yourself in the best blogs in your niche and get influence and then use that for ideas and topics but find your own voice and be yourself… The more controversial you are the better.
    12. Start writing anything, you just need to get words out and start with a crappy rough draft
    13. Then at least figure out enough to write mediocre content
    14. Then finally start slowly finding your voice and writing as if you’re talking to a friend.
    15. Start regularly producing solid entertaining, informative content around the niche and keywords and then solve a problem.
    16. Slowly start building and understanding what your competitors and audience likes and start giving it to them.
    17. Then add in your affiliate suggestions explaining what it can do for them and how it can help the journey you just took them on.


    There’s more to affiliate marketing training for beginners than that,

    I will break it down a later in this post.

    Now writing a long-winded beginners guide wont help either, cause it’s typically too much to process in the beginning.

    This all sounds really easy


    you will find… if you try to do it all yourself, you may be in for a long bumpy ride like I had.

    So this will be all the important parts to get started as a beginner.

    If this article is not enough,  I will also show you a place to put all this together for free.

    Then you can fully wrap your head around the concept of affiliate marketing.

    Then also get started building a blog and see if this is for you. The best part is you can start it today.

    This Goes Out To All The Beginner Affiliates In The Hood Up To No Good

    So if you have searched “how to start affiliate marketing for beginners,” this is going to be one of the best free answers on that question.

    If you have been wanting to start with affiliate marketing, you’re probably getting bombarded with crazy offers…

    and wild claims and lots of hype, right?

    Then you don’t get any real info…

    and are confused on what you’re going to do. 

    Well I’m going to do the opposite.

    And Make no crazy offers

    And Just show you really what you need to do as an aspiring beginner affiliate.

    Also show you where to get free training to tie it all together, sound fair?

    If you can see through all the B.S. and hype 

    you will find that most courses are just to sound good…

    … And sound  like it “could work…” 

    They say “no experience necessary” right?

    The problem is you need experience to make them work correctly most of the time.  

    So these courses are preying on beginners.

    Well these programs are so tempting and some so cheap, you may not be able to help yourself.

    Then you might get stuck in a vicious cycle of buying hype glitz and glamour.

    You go through years of getting burned, wasting time and losing money.  Trying the next best thing frantically trying to recoup the time and money you lost with the last course.

    Then end up having the same thing happen to you, yet again.

    Good Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners Starts With Building A Really Good Solid Foundation

    You really need a good solid foundation on how things work online.

    You want to be able to grasp the concept so you can reduce the scams you fall for in the future.

    Then you wont fall for the magic software to do everything for you, that supposedly makes 10K an hour on autopilot while you sleep.

    Now It’s Time To Break Down How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

    1.  Choose your niche dig deep and find something you can talk about for a few years.

    Ok, this seems easy enough right?

    Well you would be shocked at the difference of what you think you can talk about and research, versus what you really can execute.

    This wont be easy at first.

    So find a niche that you could talk about for a least a year.

     It does require you immersing yourself into the niche.

    You need to at the very least have some interest in the topic.

    This is why I say something you can talk about for a least a year… as that is typically something that you have some interest in or are going to have in the future.

    2. Find your unique angle

    This can come really hard or very easy.

    Think college and what your major would be.

    If you have a niche in Golf you could major in specific supportive golf shoes.

    If your niche is kayaking you major in specific competition kayaks or extreme kayaks and all the things that go along with that.

    If your niche is boating your major could be specific types of boats like…

    • Fishing Boats.
    • Bass Boats
    • Wakeboard ski Boats
    • Catamaran Boats
    • Cuddy Cabins Boats
    • Centre Console Boats
    • Dinghy Boats
    • Houseboats
    • Pontoon boats

    3. Figure out the need your going to serve

    So no matter what you need to serve a need.

    If not you have a hobby not a business.

    If you don’t feel you need to serve a need then you need to say good-bye to making money like a business…

    and say hello to a rather boring side hobby that eats up a lot of your free time.

    So lets say for example you like private planes for some reason.

    You could look at that niche and think all you can talk about is planes and different kinds of planes.

    Just talking about planes and their features won’t serve that much of a need.


    Showing people how to get the best private plane rentals or how to use Netjet to get the best deals would serve a need inside the planes niche.

    Then you can also once in a while create content about top planes to rent, or safest rental services etc. Then also talk about new planes coming out etc.

    4. Imagine who your target audience is going to be

    Then you need to think who your audience is going to be.

    What groups of people are you writing for and what needs they’re looking to have met.

    Not necessarily just demographics like age and sex

    but more of psycho-graphics of desires, wants and needs.

    If you go with say Fishing Boats…

    your target audience would be something like this…

    Lets say the person’s name is John,  you assume John likes the outdoors:

    • Desires a boat to get him out on the water and be able to get the job done so he can focus on fishing
    • Wants possibly a little upgraded model of fishing boat that has more bells and whistles to help him have an advantage, to make fishing more enjoyable and catch more.
    • Takes fishing seriously and wants to be able to catch lots of fish… with the least annoyance and hassle. They can get out on the water and actually fish more and for longer.
    • Probably has a job that is around 50k+ to have disposable income to buy a fishing boat.
    • Focused on special fishing tools to increase the fish caught each trip.

    Then when talking to this person, you would focus on what matters the most to them like…

    • Catching more fish, & catching them faster
    • Why you would want to buy a customize boat over an old fashioned dingy type fishing boat, enabling him to get way more fish at a time.
    • Best trailers to carry your boat
    • The best gadgets to make fishing more enjoyable as well as fruitful.

    5. Figure where your target audience is at right now & where they want to be

    Find out where your target audience is now and where they want to be with your help.

    So using fishing boats and John as an example… You could put together that maybe John or “the attractive character” that you build/imagine might be starting out with  a junky boat, that does not do the job well. This makes fishing much less enjoyable.

    Then your job is to introduce John into your way of thinking about certain fishing boats.

    Discussing the quality and the time savings only a good fishing boat can offer.

    6. What passion, interest and or competitive advantage do you have in the niche you choose.

    So again just to use fishing boats you would then think to yourself…

    • Do you even like fishing?
    • Do you actually fish with a boat?
    • Do you have tricks, tips or anything from years of fishing with your dad when you were young?
    • Have you seen the benefits from fishing in a real fishing boat, over a cheap basic boat or dingy?
    • Are you already shopping for fishing boats?… (Then you could really give in depth specs on which one to choose. ) This then comes from the enthusiast stand point or from a person already doing lots of research, because they’re considering buying a boat for themselves.
    • Have you already bought a few fishing boats?… Then you may know the downfalls of certain boats you only find out after putting it to the test for a few years?

    Any of the things above plus some passion or at the least some interest, you would be able to serve a need for people like John.  

    I made up John above as the person to use as a model for your specific audience.

    Then when you talk, write or make videos you talk mainly to this type of person as those will become you avid readers, super fans or buyers.

    7. What traffic source, advertise or  SEO?

    What do you plan on using as your main promotion platform. Example Blog, you tube, podcast, social media, webinars etc.

    Which ones do you like the most and make that the main traffic source.

    I could go into each traffic source with a full-page and still not cover everything.

    So this article will be way too long if I do that, so what I will say in this is you should find a channel that you understand the best, and go with that first.

    You can make any traffic source work with the right strategy.

    If you like Pinterest use pictures on Pinterest to promote you business.

    If you like Facebook use Facebook as you will be able understand how to market to people much faster.

    If you have already used it as a customer, viewer or consumer and viewed it through your potential audiences eyes… you will have an advantage when it comes time to promote on that specific platform.

    8. Research different affiliate programs for products and services inside your chosen niche.

    So now you need to look for any affiliate programs…

    Programs that you can use to promote necessary items…

    Items to help your specific audience “like John” get from where he is now, to where he wants to be.

    Provide suggestions for affiliate program that you believe in that help “John” carry out what ever task that you feel needs to be addressed.

    This is to help them get to the desired place or position they want to be in.

    You just need to search in Google for good affiliate programs, here are some ideas for suggestions:

    [accordion title=’CLICK HERE To See Example Suggestions List’]


    affiliate marketing for cars
    best affiliate marketing programs for cars

    affiliate marketing for clothing
    best affiliate marketing programs clothing

    affiliate marketing for concert tickets
    best affiliate marketing programs concert tickets

    affiliate marketing for dating sites
    best affiliate marketing programs dating sites

    affiliate marketing for digital products
    best affiliate marketing programs digital products

    affiliate marketing for Disney
    best affiliate marketing programs Disney

    affiliate marketing for diabetes
    best affiliate marketing programs diabetes

    affiliate marketing for dating
    best affiliate marketing programs dating

    affiliate marketing for education
    best affiliate marketing programs education

    affiliate marketing for electronics
    best affiliate marketing programs electronics

    affiliate marketing for financial services
    best affiliate marketing programs financial services

    affiliate marketing for fashion brands
    best affiliate marketing programs fashion brands

    affiliate marketing for fitness
    best affiliate marketing programs fitness

    affiliate marketing for food products
    best affiliate marketing programs food products

    affiliate marketing for games
    best affiliate marketing programs games

    affiliate marketing for hotels
    best affiliate marketing programs hotels

    affiliate marketing for health products
    best affiliate marketing programs health products

    affiliate marketing for herbal products
    best affiliate marketing programs herbal products

    affiliate marketing for luxury brands
    best affiliate marketing programs luxury brands

    affiliate marketing for mobile apps
    best affiliate marketing programs mobile apps

    affiliate marketing for real estate
    best affiliate marketing programs real estate

    affiliate marketing for restaurants
    best affiliate marketing programs restaurants

    affiliate marketing for writers
    best affiliate marketing programs writers

    affiliate marketing for wedding
    best affiliate marketing programs wedding



    9. Get a host and domain

    This can get tricky as there is so many cheap hosting plans out there.

    Many people go with cheap hosting and everybody typically starts with cheap shared hosting.

    This is a problem for not only load time (that helps ranking) but also shared hosting is very unsecure and if one bad apple messes it up, there’s a high chance something can happen to your site as well.

    This can actually be one of the hardest more intimidating parts of starting an online affiliate business, as a beginner.

    The good news is once you find the way that works for you it’s incredibly easy.

    Figuring out the right thing you want to do is the hard part.

    10. Build a site on that host

    So once you have chosen a place to host your website, then it’s time to build a site on that host.

    If you’re looking for an easy site builder with training an tools all in one

    that will enable you to do everything to run your business at home all in one place.

    then you will love this option below.

    Make two Word Press sites with subdomains and access to keyword tool and TRAINING FOR FREE …

    plus personal help from me… SEE it all work HERE for FREE.

    This training and host above works the best for those just starting with affiliate marketing.

    If you just want a host and are not a beginner but more intermediate and have put site on hosts before then… 

     You May Want To Try…
    Blue Host

    Then you can use to install and build your blog fast or use movable type or what ever content management system platform you prefer.

    11. Start immersing yourself in the best blogs in your niche

    get influence and then use that for ideas and topics but find your own voice.

    The more yourself you are the better.

    Also weirdly enough, the more controversial you are the better.

    12. Start writing crappy content to at least start

    You just start with whatever you can, don’t procrastinate get something written down.

    Then you will start producing mediocre content that gets the job done.  

    Then finally start slowly finding your voice and writing with entertainment or edgy or humorous spin.

    I say start writing crappy content not to say you should produce garbage, but many hesitate to write and never start writing.

    You will never just get a perfect article from the first draft.

    So what you have to do first is just write with helpful content in mind. 

    Always “keep your audience in mind and where they’re now and where they need to be.”

    13. Produce entertaining content around the niche & keywords To solve a problem

    You can produce content from a…

    • Controversial
    • Informative
    • Beginner on a journey
    • Enthusiast
    • Experts perspective

      You can write with humor or short and fast to the point, depending on what you think your specific audience like John that “you actually defined” will most likely want to read.

    14. Start understanding what your competitors do as well as what your audience likes

    Start with spying on your main competition using tools to search for where they link or where they get main traffic from.

    Tools like

    • SEM Rush

    Can all help define what the “successful” competition in your niche is doing.

    Then when you start to build a little bit of a following, constantly ask them…

    “what is stopping them from getting from where they’re now to where they want to be.”

    Then offer tools resources and content to fill and serve that need to give a solution for that problem.

    15. Add in your affiliate suggestions

    Explain tools resources or software that can help them on their journey you just took them on. If you provided good content they will trust your recommendation. 

    If You Want To Learn How To Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner This Is Your Safest Bet.

    If you have already wasted lots of time with scams and programs that don’t do what they say, it’s time for a real change.

    This “Learn How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners” Guide will be a good starting point for anyone just starting, to give you a serious head start.

    So the main problem when trying to start affiliate marketing when you’re just a beginner is that your vulnerable until you get a solid legit foundation. The hard part is where to go to get that foundation?

    Typically before your able to get that foundation you get confused, frustrated, not having the direction or understanding what you should be doing.  

    If you believe you can find all the info out there for free, great you’re probably right, the problem is what info will you find first?

    Then how long will it take you to find the right info when you don’t even know what you’re looking for?

    Your days will be filled with looking at what others are doing and saying and trying, to find out how you can do that as well.

    No matter how much work you put in,

    you get so many different schools of thought or answers back in return.

    Too much misinformation or outdated info will just make it feel impossible, where you just can’t seem to put it all together. 

    This is why I want to share some training with you…

    that got me on course and can do the same for you.

    What I love about this course is I no longer feel confused.

    I know what I need to do and then it’s just up to me to do it.

    I feel like a real marketer and am making money online where very few would say it’s possible.

    I now get online and know what I need to do everyday to inch myself closer and closer to my goals and find I can work less and produce more.  

    Then you can get free training to enable yourself to work at home and know what you need to do and have all the resources to do it all in one place…

    It’s also Free To Join and Try.

    So if you truly want to get started the right way and learn how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, then you should pick up my niche guide by entering your email HERE.

    I will send you a detailed 60+ page guide on really how to uncover hot niches that actually make money.

    It has lots of hot niche ideas and a unique ways to find hot niches whenever you want.

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