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How To Start A Blog Step By Step

    How to start a blog … I remember when I first thought, “hey i’m going to start a blog.”

    Not only did I not have a clue what blogging really was but I  didn’t think you could  make very much money from it.

    Soon I figured out that it can be very complex when doing it all by yourself but not when you have the right plan. 

    Well if you’re looking to learn how to start a blog and make money blogging with it in the future then this is for you. 

    how to start a blog

    Now this article will just mainly be focusing on how to start a blog and going into depth on how to tackle this. If you’ve already started a blog learn how to Make Money Blogging [HERE] 

     You will learn how you can start a blog quickly… Also how to get started blogging as a beginner, starting with the very first steps you need to take.

    So when you’re going to start a blog you need to first get 2 things set up…

    #1 Domain name
    #2 Host 

    Without these two things you don’t have a blog.

    NOTE: You can skip all this reading and have everything you need with a proven plan to give you a shortcut below (special bonus for readers). 

     If You’re In A Hurry… (and want to Get Started Blogging Quickly):

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    Your Blog Domain Name:

    First things first you need to get a domain.

    It can be tough to know the direction your going to take in a few years. This stuff is hard to predict. 

    This is why you see some people just go with using their full name.

    The content is really what causes people to keep reading and clicking.

    You just want something that is at least not confusing. The domain name mainly needs to be easy to say.

    Always remember that getting something started is much more important.

    Also try to have it relate somewhat to what you’re talking about. 

    FOR EXAMPLE: You don’t want a blog about “finance”, to be called…

    …as it would be confusing and most would think it has to do with salsa making, salsa dancing or something like that.

    Oddly enough, if you offered a good service… People would be recommending the “funkypepper financial advice” ALL DAY LONG. 

    Realistically it just needs to make as much sense as possible to the people you’re looking to serve or target.

    What Type of Tone Are You Going For…?

    • Funny
    • News like
    • In-depth research
    • Review like
    • Enthusiast (following their passion)
    • Follow along your journey
    • Serious

    Decide what niche you’re wanting to serve? 

    Think about the avatar and then what problems they need solved?

     Then you can craft a good relevant name accordingly.

    (Easy way) Name + Industry keyword:

    1. MrsKim + KimChi =
    2. Billy + Burgers =
    3. Katie + her Kitchen = 

    Really these are easy,


    What if your name and your niche don’t go together

    such as…

    “Brandons Adult”

    This is a hard one but you could just call it…

    • “Discrete absorbent”
    • “Fresh pair absorbent” (this is really catchy if it has not already been taken)

    So lets say you’re a dad.
    You want to help other fathers quit their jobs and
    start a business online.

    You could call it:

    • (teaching others how to blog)
    • (to be funny for personal finance)
    • (more follow along journey)

    Say You’re a mom…

    You want to help other mothers empower themselves and
    start their own business online.

    • (could be anything related to moms and parenting family etc.)
    • (more of a lifestyle blog)
    • (personal finance, saving or budgeting blog)

    Just examples to get the ol’ motor runnin and give you some ideas. 

    Thinking of a home-run name can actually take a long time, this is why my examples are not necessarily amazing. 

    To come up with tons of winners I would need to waste way too much time… I’m already a master at that.

    So with a domain the main rule on this, really is… don’t take too long!


    Also don’t rush it too much like I did, just using a keyword phrase and then get too lazy to change it.

    I mean “make money online scams exposed dot com” what kind of dork am I, using such a long name…  Talk about pigeonholing myself. Well in my defense this site was built years ago, when it was still cool to stuff keywords in your domain name.  

    It really does not matter a ton… in the long run… just have fun.

    It seems in hindsight that many bloggers find problems with their blog domain names after a while. They either switch it or just work with it. So don’t sweat it too much.

    You can get the idea, as this is simply to help “paint the picture.” of what is needed.

    If all else fails give a name generator a try:

    • Name mesh
    • Lean domain search

    The name generators above will find you names that are not taken.

    Now you can buy your domain just just about anywhere.

    BUT… Domain name ideas starting a blog

    Some places look better in the beginning than others… When you factor in little fees, those cheap looking ones could end up costing you a lot more.

    I’m not going to get too much into it but you can see on the chart, Go daddy will give you a low price to entice you.

    Then you can get charged quite a bit more than expected for add-ons making them much more expensive than they seem in the beginning.

    All total you’re looking at about $100+ dollars for a year of having a domain. Instead of say $13.99 a year for the same thing using Places like…

    W.A. Domains you can get all the bells and whistles with a domain without all the extra costs. You can buy any domain at a discount with just their free membership HERE.

    Places like go daddy can start at $12.99 and by the end you pay $108.96 for the year.

    You can also try 


    Best Blog Web Hosting

    Find The Best Web Hosting For Bloggers

    So when you buy your domain name, it’s time to get a hosting account.  This is so you can host your domain and your blog content and be found online.

    For many bloggers there “go to host” to recommend is Bluehost. They’re not a bad host but also not the best host either.

    I have found a better option.

    Top 3 Three fastest most reliable Hosting Companies To Run A Real Business Online..(In no particular order)

    #1 Siteground (Best Up time and support)

    The Top shared host to grow your business… with fast speed, reliability and with some of the best up-times. Not too mention they have hands down the best support anywhere.

    #2 A2 Hosting (Fastest Shared Hosting) 

    A2 overall rated the fastest shared hosting. They have good support and also low downtime.

    #3 WA hosting (best overall deal for Everything To Build your online business all in one place, Very fast secure cloud hosting, full affiliate training to learn to make money online, easy one click site builder, low hanging fruit keyword tool, plus amazing support)  Does cost more but the hosting is superior and they also have continuing education updated within a easy to use blog building platform (excellent for beginners & intermediate bloggers)

    Very good very fast, Secure and dedicated. – Also is a complete training platform and community with all the tools and resources needed to run a successful blog all in one place. Excellent for those looking to make money and not do it all by themselves.  This is affordable hosting would cost you hundreds a month if you paid for it elsewhere.

    Bluehost – Ehh…This is a pretty good host to mention but can be hit and miss lately with downtime issues. I was just adding this in for all the people that have some neighbor or uncle that told them their the best. So it’s not a bad host. I just think the three hosts above are much better. 

    Start Pointing Your Domain To Your Host

    Once your domain name and hosting is obtained…Just point your nameservers. (This is only if you get your domain name from different company than your host). hosting company will explain this).

    You won’t need to point the nameservers when if you’re buying a domain with the same company that provides your hosting.

    They will automatically connect to each other. You will not have to do anything.

    Having both in one place will save a step. If you used any of the services above you can buy and host your domain in one place.  


    Now with most hosting companies they will have an auto wordpress type install.

    Also you can manually install them yourself, onto your host using FTP.

    This can be tricky and where lots of beginners fail and have tough tech problems.

    Some easy auto installs of WordPress sometimes are not properly done.

    So they can have problems down the road. The hosting sites listed above can all take care of this for you no problem. 

    Another reason I suggest This ALL IN ONE training, hosting, blogging community  as they have extremely fast and very secure one button click WordPress installs. It take less than 5 minutes to set up a website on this all in one platform. Then also you have everything you need to succeed blogging not just hosting. Also host and manage multiple sites (up to 25) easily in one dashboard.

    Select Blogs Theme

    Now that you have WordPress installed on your host it’s time to log into your admin panel and install a theme. You can use the free WordPress themes but they’re really only for small hobby blogs not looking to make any money. These can work when just starting but before you get too much content on there or if your planning on taking this seriously a good theme is worth it’s weight in gold.

    How Do Your Add A Theme To Your Blog?

    This is located in:
    > appearance
    > Themes
    > Add New
    > Upload Theme you have bought and downloaded
    or Search for themes for free in right top search bar.

    ** If You’re In A Hurry (and want a very good premium theme):

    ✅  Thrive Themes  is one of the BEST Premium WordPress Theme For The Highest Conversions Of Readers Into Customers

     Thrive Themes is amazing. Way more than just a theme. This will do everything from having wonderful coding and loading very fast to having easy customizing of theme that no other themes have.

    This Theme alone will have your blog converting double just setting it up and using their Thrive Leads plugin. These are special plugins made by Thrive Themes that are included with membership or your can buy separately.  

    Themes are actually a lot bigger deal that what they sound like.

    You just want one that functions well… Not necessarily one that looks really pretty but the pretty functions wont work properly later on.

    You don’t want this theme to give you tons of trouble later on.

    Now you just need to activate the theme and make sure it’s working and your all set.

    Best Blog Plugins To Start

    Up to personal choice.

    You can find tons of people wanting to give you advice about which ones to use.

    For simplicity you just need a few main plugins:

    • Yoast or All In One SEO
    • Akismet spam plugin
    • pretty link 
    • Table of contents plus (optional)

    Site speed and performance

    • W3 Total Cache: helps with site-speed. (optional but recommended)
    • Smush Image Compression and Optimization: Reduces image file sizes help page load time, boosting rankings (optional but recommended)

    Legalese of starting a blog:

    The boring stuff to stick on your site that no one reads but your supposed to put it on your site.

    • Disclosure Policy
    • Privacy Policy

    These are very easy to find.

    Just copy and edit a general affiliate disclosure or privacy policy and use it on your site.

    Basic Blog Categories:

    First, decide on some basic categories at the top.

    If you’re in fitness:

    Some example beginning categories can be as basic as:

    > Blog
    > Shop
    > About
    > Recipes
    > Fitness
    > Contact

    Or they could be more niched out and specific.

    The best thing is to model after one of your personal favorite blogs in that niche.

    Then improve on things to make it your own.

    Basic Blog Content:

    When you first start a blog you need to write your first few posts

    You need to then just get out there and try writing some posts. I will let you
    in on a little secret… If you have not written before your articles are going to suck! Like mine lol. 

    Just get something written and then just keep reading other successful blogs and start to find your own unique voice. 

    Also learn how to write to get attention and keep interests. You want to focus on one main thing, this articles focus is “starting a blog.”

    Then write so that it naturally “segues” to a relevant service or affiliate product link.

    ✅  If you want to learn more how to write content and how to make money blogging you can Learn How Step By Step here.

     SEO 101:

    You will want to always have some keyword or keywords in mind when writing.

    Not focusing on your keywords enough or over stuffing them in articles can cause you problems. You do want to have then in your articles enough to allow the search engines to properly understand that it is about a certain word.

    Ideally you want your keyword or LSI keyword variations to appear in the:

    • Headlines
    • First paragraph
    • Middle body
    • Ending statements of article

    Blogging Tip: Then it wont hurt if you can also mention those key words in comments back to readers questions as well.

    Also another tip is to remember to focus each post on only one thing. Use questions that you find in the search suggestions of favorite social media platforms, or Google and other search engines etc. This will help you decide what exact keyword phases to write about. 

    If you want to get started learning SEO and affiliate blogging you can get 10 [FREE] Affiliate Marketing blog lessons HERE

    Starting A Blog Is Easy With The Right Plan

    If you’re going to learn how to start a blog you really want to follow a proven plan and trust the process. This is something that you can take years researching for yourself or take advantage of the free offer above to learn how quickly. Have your first blog set up tonight. 

    If you need further instructions on what to do when you set up your blog and how to make money blogging you can see that here.

    As always please leave any questions below in the comments that you have about how to start a blog and I will answer them promptly.


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