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How To Make Money Writing Articles Online Quickly That Don’t Suck

    How To Make Money Writing Articles Online Crash Course

    How to make money writing articles online is a common question that many are looking for the answer to.  If you have searched for a simple way to learn how to make money writing articles online this is for you. If you want to make money online writing you can typically only do it two ways.

    1. You can get people to pay you for writing (fast money now)
    2. You can write articles for yourself build up an online asset (larger passive money later)

    Getting people to outsource you as their writer is obvious how you can make money with that. What is not as obvious is how to make money writing articles online for your own blog or business. Well if you’re writing already or have wanted to write, you might as well put that on a blog and make the money for yourself.

    If you write for others it can be great to get money up front to use for something but it’s like another job. If you don’t like writing that much you will hate this job. If you want to write for money you should strongly consider using those articles as blog content and make as much as you would like in the future.

    How To Make Money Writing Articles Online Without Fear.

    Ok if you have wanted to learn to make money writing articles but still have to figure out the confusion with the technical side of things for example getting the blog set up and then finding good hosting etc.

    So if you’re a beginner and are being held back by the technical part and need some guidance and skills to make at least 5k a month you will really like this.

    So if you’re just starting to write you will soon get better and you will make money.

    The hard part is just starting and then allowing yourself to make the worst article in the world…. Then edit it so that it make sense and helps others. This is a nutshell is how you start writing to make money online, obviously there’s more.

    All that needs to happen is you need to serve or help someone to get from point A to point B.

    First you need to find out where your audience is right now.

    So if you’re looking to provide dog training on specific breeds and you had a coaching program to sell you could start writing about dogs.

    So if you’re writing about dogs…

    …and then dog training

    …and then you think about a certain type of person that will really like your course about Jack Russell training as it covers everything as well as a really good technique for Jack Russell dog whining.

    This is all made up for example purposes but I actually have a probem with my Jack Russell whining. Whether he’s happy or annoyed. So I have seen others complain about this as well. This could be a real problem to solve the easy right & humane way. 

    Then you would want to write about how to curb Jack Russell terrier whining with positive reinforcement.

    Then once you dig into the niche and found your keyword you can then just research to find the best answer. Everybody has a unique way of answering and people who vibe with you will read your content.

    Then when you have let say an article about how to curb Jack Russell terrier whining with positive reinforcement, then you will want to write about unique ways you found to solve this problem and then lead them to a product or service below for company that comes to your house and does it for you.

    When you write about how to do this, people will understand it needs to be done but will not necessarily want to do the work it takes. So then a natural segue or segway would be linking to a related affiliate program at the end of your article that specializes in Jack Russells with positive training. 

    Then the people who do not have the time or just don’t want to do it themselves can see this article and come to the realization that it needs to be done and that they don’t always want to do it themselves.

    This is where you will get some dog owners that will try and then fail and then buy the course. Then you will have others that just don’t have the time and know it and are happy to pay the money.

    So when you’re trying to learn how to make money writing articles online don’t think about making money. Really focus on what real need you’re solving. If you’re not solving a very good need then you will not make very much money. This does not have to be a hard thing, it just needs to be a need currently, to the audience that you’re targeting.

    How To Make Money Writing Articles Online When You Have No Idea What Niche To Choose

    Well if you need help on how to figure out what niche to choose you can sign up to get my free guide to finding niches that actually make money here.  Then it will show you an easy way to get started with a full wordpress blog very similar to the one your on now all for free.

    So if you’re wanting to learn how to make money writing articles online you need a niche. Like I stated above you need a niche that you can serve some sort of need or want.

    Don’t think about things like finance or rocket science, think about things like:

    • Certain types of clothes you’re into
    • Specific watch reviews
    • Types of parenting methods
    • Diabetes management and natural cures
    • How to heal stomach issues
    • How to get a date
    • How to do special type of workout
    • How to lose weight with special type of routine, diet or exercise
    • How to properly care for the health of dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, fish etc.
    • How to buy or build the best dog beds, cages, stables, fish tanks for animals
    • How to buy or build the best computer, fishing pole, hunting setup, raft etc

    The above is to just get the motor running and find something, at the very least have some interest in, at the very most have a passion for.

    Then once you find that thing, market or niche that you have some interest in then it’s time to find the problem to solve.

    All you need is a small understanding of a niche to start seeing problems. Then once you find a problem you need to see if there is an audience all having problem with this same type of thing.

    Then you can focus on solving this problem with course, pdf e-book, email series etc.

    Then once you give them something to solve their problems some will still need much more in-depth training or explanations to completely understand and execute what you’re saying and clear up other misconceptions and misunderstandings.

    Then when you start to work with your audience and help them by serving a need and explain things you will find a new common problem people are running into. If you listen to your audience or readers you will find that you can then constantly find more problems to constantly serve within your niche or market.


    How To Make Money Writing Articles Online

    So if you where looking to learn how to make money writing articles online, this article should have provided some sort of service to you. Now you have everything you need to get started. There will be more to learn and more to improve upon but this is in a nutshell what you can do to start making money writing articles online.

    If you’re looking for something to give you a head start and allow you to run, market and manage your online business all in one safe secure place you will get a lot of value from this.


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