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How To Earn Swagbucks Fast Top 14 Ways To Maximize Your Swagbucks Earning Potential

    How to Earn Swagbucks Fast is the question right?

    Does Swagbucks Work? Well if you can maximize how you use your time on Swagbucks you will find that this can work for you.

    You really need patience and consistency to make this work. Is is the reason some ask  Is Swagbucks A Scam.  For some this just isn’t worth the time.

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    So you may already know that Swagbucks is a site that you earn points for doing tasks like searching the internet. What you may not know is how you can earn Swagsbucks fast to get bigger payouts in exchange for things like their Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

    They have more gift cards to choose from but these are the best with the most usefulness in my opinion.

    Now it’s not easy. You have to rack these points up and they seem impossible at first, if you don’t at least come in with a little strategy. A Swagbuck can be seen to be  worth about a penny each.

    Were talking $500-1000 real dollars a year if you do it correctly, so you’re looking at needing to earn about 50,000 to 100,000 swagbucks a year! Whoa. So this is definitely not something you want to do to make a living or any real money online.

    Not only is getting that many points a lot of work but if you don’t make habits out of doing all the tasks correctly you wont even get close to even making $500-1000 bucks a year from it. 

    If you learn to make habits doing these little tasks in your down time it’s cool. Use it to pay for a trip at the end of the year or something like that and this could be worth it, as it all depends on how much you value your time.

    It’s all about slowly compounding these points with the tips below.

    So If I haven’t scared you away yet, lets get into it…

    How to Earn Swagbucks Fast [Top 14 WAYS]

     #1 Make Swagbucks Your Homie 

    Set Swagbucks as your homepage in your browser. When you use Swagbucks you can maximize your profits by installing their tool bar as you will start the habit of always logging in daily. You get 1 Swagbuck a day for having it installed.

     #2 Answer The SwagBucks Daily Poll

    You earn 1 swagbuckaroo for answering the poll. You ideally want to answer this daily.. I know the excitement is probably killing you thinking that you could make a total of $3.50 at the end of the year doing this. This is definitely playing the long game. If you want to do this check out the “Swagbucks To Do List” on the Swagbucks homepage.

     #3 NOSO Bro!

    NOSO stands for “No Obligation Special Offer.” Click through to the end of one of these special offers and earn 2 swagbucks. This is also under the “To Do List” on the Swagbucks homepage.

     #4 Swagbucks Search  

    Use Swagbucks search engine to search and get a chance to win Swagbucks several times throughout the day. You do need to do real searches and it’s better to not just do a bunch all in a row that son’t seem natural. If you really use it for your search engine when you can you will have much better success.

     #5 Swagbucks Mobile Apps

    Download the SBTV & EntertaiNow Mobile apps to your phone. By doing this you can use these apps to generate more points. You let these play in the background while your doing errands or mindless chores or in line waiting etc.

    Then you can earn money while these just play in the background,  doing mundane tasks that you had to do anyway. You do need to monitor this ad you need to click every once and a while to keep it going. Also this will run your battery down so keep it somewhere plugged in.

     #6 Swagbucks Tasks

    Go to Discover on the top of their homepage and click on Encrave. You can start doing tasks mainly watching videos.

     #7 Swagbucks Refer Your Friends

    If you can get some hustling friends signed up using your referral link you will automatically earn a portion of what they earn.

      #8 Get Those Swagbucks Surveys Filled Out

    These can earn higher amounts of Swagbucks but they can be hard to sift through them and not find things you can qualify for. Some will get lucky so this is always worth a shot.

     #9 Meet Those Swagbucks Goals And Get A Bonus

    Get a bonus every time you meet your daily goals. So you want to keep hitting those goals consistently. Meet your goals for a certain number of days in a row and you will earn even more bonus swagbucks.

     #10 Read The Swagbucks Blog Regularly As They Post Specials To Get More Swag Codes 

    • Read the Swagbucks Blog and Watch for periodic Swag codes

     #11 Follow Swagbucks To Get Swag Codes

    • Follow Swagbucks on Facebook Watch for periodic Swag codes
    • Follow Swagbucks on Instagram Watch for periodic Swag codes
    • Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, and Watch for periodic Swag codes

     #12 Shop With Swagbucks And Earn

    Use Swagbucks like Ebates and Click through to other websites using their site to make purchases you will earn points for every dollar spent.

     #13 Print Out Swagbucks Coupons And Redeem In Stores Physically

    Are you already an extreme couponer? Well this is for you as you can earn 10 Swagbuck points for every coupon you can redeem. This is a win win as you save money using this coupon and also get some points.

     #14 Playing Swagbucks Games

    Swagbucks games are a easy way to earn more points.

    (If you have kids that like playing games give it to them and let them play with them while your driving or waiting for anything).

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    How to Earn Swagbucks Conclusion

    So there you have it. These are the best ways to earn the most Swagbucks fast.

    You can do everything from:

    • Play games
    • Take surveys
    • Referring friends
    • Using their search engine
    • Fill out special offers
    • Following to get extra swag codes for points
    • Meeting daily goals and getting bonus points.

    There is believe it or not a few more things but these are the main things that earn the most amount of Swagbucks.

    So if you’re looking to learn how to earn Swagbucks fast this is the best most efficient ways to do it. If your hoping to hit around $500- 1000 real dollars a year from it in exchange your going to have to work for it.

    If you feel that your time is better spent focusing on things that can make you way better money, I don’t blame you.

    If you use Swagbucks the right way and happen to be online and on your phone all the time anyway Swagbucks could be something you either fall in love with or hate.

    I hope these tips can help get you to at least a free trip at the end of the year or a few nights out.  At least if you want to try to make Swagbucks work, this is the best way you can make the most  Swagbucks for the time spent.

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