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How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate

    So How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate? The Sky Is The Limit!

    So you’re wondering how much money you can make with Wealthy Affiliate? Well this can be a very tough and also an easy question. It’s tough to say sometimes depending on how much work you put in and how fast you take action and how long you do this will determine how much you can make.

    Wealthy Affiliate is not a place you go to earn money and do tasks for. Wealthy Affiliate is a training and hosting and blog ranking platform to realistically enable you to start a blog without all the problems that come with doing it alone.

    So this is why this can be tough as some blast through the course in less than a month or two and already have their blog making money in few months… Then some I have seen can take a year to go through the course slowly and not really take action and just talk to people in the community, not actually do the work.

    The difference is how much action people are taking will determine how much money you make. If you just sign up for Wealthy Affiliate without doing any work or minimal work you’re not really going to succeed with this or any program.

    If you’re a hard worker but just have got caught up in the wrong programs, then Wealthy Affiliate will be the first program to get you to making consistent money online. If you would like to know if Wealthy Affiliate is Worth it or Not check out this article for more

    How Much Money You Can Make With Wealthy Affiliate Proof!

    Ok, so you’re probably thinking that’s a great answer but I want to know how much you or others make… so below is some proof that it works. I want to add that I only post about 2 blog posts a week and did only one a week at one point but still was able to learn and then earn consistently by around 5 months, to get first sale and about 7 months for consistent sales.

     I did many things wrong and had many other things I was doing. I also got into the hardest market to try Internet/affiliate marketing programs and I also did not blog often like I was supposed to.

    I stopped a few times without anything for a week here and there and still got this to work. I was working on two other things along with doing Wealthy Affiliate and was only able to get a post up semi-consistantly but still earned money.

    This is not even close to the way you should do it and if you do it better than me, which many have, you will be making much more!

    Then it just compounds every year exponentially if you keep it up. I did this as sort of a side project to make some money to pay for my hosting to work other projects.

    Well It paid for my hosting and them some so lately I have put a little more love into this blog.  This course makes you more serious the minute you see the potential. Don’t let the simplicity of the program fool you as it works and anyone that says it doesn’t typically does not have a good reason.

    So enough blabbing here is some screen shots of payments. They’re not that big as oddly enough I slacked off a lot. I didn’t post very regularly or post very much either. Also I have not built a list or anything which is huge part of sales, see how lazy I was. This is the money I make while really not thinking much about it and just putting the best review I could up, when I could.

    Here Is where you can see I keep getting yearly memberships where I already cleared $315 a month and then made $495 in yearly commissions but have to wait a month to get this


    Then here is where I got a few more yearly memberships So if I got paid all in one month I would have $940 this month and that is not calculation my Amazon and other affiliate programs I promote. This is just for showing how much money you can make with Wealthy Affiliate monthly.

    If you added in my other programs I would get around $1,500 this month. This blog started off going in the wrong direction but I stayed consistant and still is earning money.

    Below you can see a break down of commissions I have received. Remember this is not the only way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. You do not need to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money and can promote any affiliate you want, as it works for any niche.

    Actually if you started a smaller niche blog with something you enjoy you would make way more money and make it even faster. The marketing space to sell Internet marketing and affiliate courses is one of the toughest markets to break into.

    Also I really don’t necessarily love talking about internet marketing and scams but thought I knew a thing or two from years of seeing them and dealing with them.

     So if I can break into a tough market like this, that I don’t like writing about that much, just equipped with a high school education and a smile, then imagine what you could do if you focused on a niche you understand very well? imagine if you also kinda know how to write, as I didn’t at all.  How much could you make doing something you really like and actually focusing all your time on it.

    I used to see people showing screen shots like this and thinking, I would be happy to just earn something and when you get here you wouldn’t believe how you still will take it for granted get lazy and want to try new things instead of steadily working on this.

    The people who really focused using Wealthy Affiliate are making 10k+ plus a month with just one blog (you can set up 25 of them plus many other features with your monthly membership plus try it for free). It can take time to build up to that level but the time it takes, I can assure you is less time that going to college and trying to get a job that pays that much.


    This is just showing that the account is mine and this is my recent payment proof as you can see my picture an name in search bar as showing payment in Paypal can be from other programs. This is showing that money from Wealthy Affiliate is very possible.


    To Give You An Idea Of How Much Money You Can Make With Wealthy Affiliate… Here Is What Others Have Been Able To Make!!! 

    Remember these are just the people who actually wanted to share their payment proof with the community… Many including myself, do not even share this info… So just imagine how many others are making money online using Wealthy Affiliate university and not talking about it.

    There are many different ways to earn using the Wealthy Affiliate platform as you can see below it’s not just teaching everybody the same thing. These people below are all real and not fake testamonial and you can actually find there profiles in the link below telling their stories.


    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    Colton worked at a gas station and built his blog while working and going to school to get a design degree. He has this goal of living a lifestyle filled with design, love, growth and prosperity. Through his years of research, he finds that Wealthy Affiliate has offered the most value and long-term success potential.



    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    4 Figures a month made possible by WA for Kuda 

    Kuda is from Zimbabwe, against all odds, joined WA in March 2015. He followed the training in Wealthy affiliate step by step and diligently, building a foundation that has earned himhis first 4 figures a month and is probably much higher now as that was in 2015 and it just gets better the longer you have your blog up.



    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    Andreas leaned that he could make really good money with Amazon affiliate sales on his niche site. 




    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    A mother of 4 and grandma of 4 from West Coast, Canada. she has some blogs and was making a little money. She wanted to know how to make real consistent income and joined Wealthy Affiliate in Oct 2013 and has never looked back. She is still a happy member till date.





    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    Dom runs a couple of niche sites and has achieved $10,000 a month income in his 3rd year with Wealthy Affiliate. He was featured in and he sharing his story here.




    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    Steve makes over 20k a month for many years and is nearing probably 30-40k a month but he is one of the more successful WA members and many know he makes money but just wanted to show this as proof that it keeps on working as he has been a member since 2009! So don’t think this info will not be relevant later on down the road.





    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    Josh from Australia was working full-time working as a house painter , he then decided to expand his reach and knowledge and choose WA as his first choice. He is now a painting company owner (funded by internet money). Read his story here.





    Click Here Or On Image Below For Full Story

    $345 commission in one day

    Was promoting a product through a product review on his website and made $345 in commission for one day and he is just figuring things out.



    Learn How To Make Money For Yourself And Start An Online Business Using Wealthy Affiliate.


    Now that you have seen how much money you can make with Wealthy Affiliate it’s your turn.

    If you have wanted to make money online and still think that everything is a scam or outdated program that doesn’t work anymore then this is the course/platform/online education that will get you to the next level and beyond. This will build a foundation that you can use to branch out into more risky ventures after you have leaned to build a solid foundation.

    If you would like personal help from me and ALSO get a free membership to check things out… then you can set up a free membership here Get free training and the ability to build two websites to see how easy everything is to use.

    Set up your free account to see everything works, Kyle and Carson and I can start helping you understand how to really start earning online.

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