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How Does Ebates Work… Combine Your Coupons And Go Crazy!

    How does Ebates Work…

    Well basically you’re just purchasing products that you were already going to buy anyway. The only difference is that with buying through Ebates these purchases are now going to start to earn cash back.

    What is pretty cool about Ebates:

    Well, you can see the latest coupons offered by each store when you shop through Ebates. Then you can also get cash back on top of those coupons. 

    For example if you see a 30% off coupon at one of the approved stores and you could also get 5% cash back from Ebates you can combine them together to get 35% off.. Pretty cool.

    If Your Curious (Or In A Hurry):

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    Now maybe one day, their can be some extreme Ebates+couponers showing loopholes for $1000 dollar rebate shopping sprees.  Then around the holidays many stores will give double cash back so get ready for that.  

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    This is a site that can give back money to people otherwise never going to become an affiliate partner with any of these companies.

    Also people who are already making purchases of the many of the items with these companies anyway and wouldn’t mind a little cash back.

    So What Is Ebates  

    So Ebates really is like a huge website or blog that has tons of affiliate partners.

    To become an affiliate with all of them would be impossible for the average person. Plus you would not typically be able to purchase through your link.

    So Ebates enables you to purchase through their links. Then Ebates splits the commission with you and keeps the other half.  Ebates is an affiliate with over 1,800 stores.

    How does ebates really work?

    Well in plain English Ebates is a huge affiliate that gives you a cut of their commissions if you buy through their site. When you make purchases through Ebates, they will share the commission with you. 

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    How To Use Ebates  

    1. You simply sign up for an Ebates account and log in.
    2. Find the store you wish to shop at using ebates site or app
    3. Click the store and start shopping.

    You go through the Ebates site to approved retailer you will then qualify for cash back on purchases.

    Which Stores Does Ebates Partner With? 

    They have partnerships with over 1,800 

    stores and growing.

    Some of them include

    • Nordstroms
    • Macy’s
    • Kohl’s
    • Walmart
    • Amazon
    • Ace Hardware
    • Aeropostale
    • Barney’s
    • Bath and Body Works
    • Cabela’s
    • Old Navy
    • Priceline
    • Target
    • Kmart

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    How Does Ebates Pay You

    So many times the first thing you think is how do you get your money from Ebates. Well after you go shopping  you just Return to Ebates to verify the purchases where verified through Ebates. Then when you see it was credited you will then after the wait period depending on retailer you will receive your cashback via Paypal. This is paid out every quarter so you will not get this monthly. 

    Ebates In-Store Cash Back App

    So what if you want to shop at your favorite store in person? If you want to try something on or see a color of something for yourself, you can now use their In Store Cash back option.

    Now you can get paid for your purchases in stores or online.

    How to use the Ebates In-Store Cash back App

    • Just tap on the “In store” tab in the Ebates app. (you can also use the in store cash bback page on
    • Then locate the store your’re shopping at and the hit the link button. This will trigger your in store cash back.
    • Then if this is your first purchase it will ask you to link a credit or debit card
    • Then you will now if the Cash back is turned on when it says “linked.”
    • Now your ready to shop with your linked card at the selected store and earn cash back.

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    Tips & tricks for In-Store Cash Back:

    Stick to using the highest cash back credit cards:

    U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa card can give you 5 percent cash back on two things of your choice. This is to be redeemed each quater.

    You can use a Chase Freedom card to get 5 percent cash back at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens on rotating quarterly categories. Some American Express cards such as the Blue can give you 3% cash back in supermarkets.

    So basically pay attention to use the right card for the right situation. If your Visa card pays double or triple points at gas stations then use it for that specific purchase.

    You want to be aware of what card your using and keep track of which purchases get the most points and on what card. Then try to use those cards for those specific purchases that give the highest cashback percentage. Also try using multiple other services to compound your earnings. 

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    Ebates and Credit cards

    If you pay with debit you wont be able to track it. So you want to use credit to enable you to track your purchases.

    Link Ebates Before Shopping

    Be sure to always remember to link an in-store cashback offer to your card before you shop. This will ensure you get the most cash back you can. 

    Get an Extra 3% Cash Back With Ebates Credit Card

    So if you get an Ebates Visa Credit Card you will get an extra 3% cash back.

    Make Sure to Relink Those Offers
    Shopaholics, this one’s for you. Once you’ve earned your In-Store Cash Back, you can relink the offer from the store and shop again.

    How Does Ebates Work In Canada?

    You can join… eh… and your orders will get reported on with Canadian dollars covered to Us dollars. Don’t cha know.

    Is eBay on Ebates?

    Ebates is on eBay… that’s also fun to say.  Click on eBay link and then complete your purchase. This will only work on Buy It Now purchases.

    You can however receive eBay cash back through Ebates when bidding on items. 

    Can you use Ebates to buy gift cards?

    Cash back is not available on gift cards.  It is also not available with purchases made with a gift card. 

    Use of coupons and coupon codes that are not on Ebates may void cash back as well. 

    Cash Back is not available on gift cards. Use of coupons and coupon codes that are not on Ebates may void Cash Back.

    What Is Ebates Conclusion 

    Well Does Ebates work? Yes. 

    It’s definitely at least worth a try to see if it’s for you, as it’s real and will make cash back… just depends on how long it takes and how much.

    They have a large number of stores so chances are you’re going to find something in there. Hopefully it’s also something that you were already going to purchase anyway but it’s free so what do you have to lose. This is easy to use once you get everything set up and understand the basics.

    Some stores are offering up to 40% cash rebates so this is worth a look.

    Although if you’re looking for a good way to earn decent income online from it, the results will seem disappointing. 

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    They have a great referral program if you already use the app anyway and can get a $25 cash bonus for first one. the referral actually has to shop like explained above and spend at least $25 dollars through approved retailer.

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