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Home Wealth Remedy

    Home Wealth Remedy… More Like Home Wealth Allegedly

    home_wealth_remedy_scamThis one is going to be quick as Home Wealth Remedy is just another link posting scam. This is here today gone tomorrow type program.

    This is another program trying to borrow affiliate marketing’s good name to gain credibility, when in fact… it really
    has nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

    They drastically over hype the type of money that can be earned. There is also many red flags and signals that shows it’s a scam if you look close enough.


    Home Wealthy Remedy Comming To A Computer Near You!

    So you may have searched around the internet or have seen it in your inbox, a system called Home Wealthy Remedy.

    This program is a scam and you should avoid this.

    They will use a nice long sales letter to sell you on this opportunity.
    This is normal to have a sales page but the techniques used on this page are very questionable.

    They even have flat-out lies.

    They’re looking to catch the right person, who has never seen this.

    Then get them to pull the trigger without ever talking to anyone first or thinking.

    Home Wealthy Remedy Do You Believe In Magic

    Ok, so they really try to get you to believe this is real. home_wealth_remedy_fake_income_proof

    They do a few things that give good sign they’re a scam.

    As Advertised On – The first thing they want you to see. Try going to Fox news, MSNBC or ABC and see if Home Wealth Remedy really has ever been on there, you wont find it.

    The only way this can be said is that they have paid these networks to advertise on their network. Anyone can advertise on their network.

    Only limited places left – This is not always a deal breaker having limited spots as some are real.

    With a program like this, it’s totally fake and they say they will only accept 15 spots in each city. They would take you at any time.

    The only thing that makes this a limited time offer is the fact that this scam will go under and disappear soon.

    The Sad Story – Another rags to riches story from a fake character named AB Anderson. He was hitting rock bottom and then he found this secret guy that had secrets that he shared and now lives the good life.  ALL B.S.

    Then uses Ferrari, boat and private jet images to get you excited thinking, what if.


    AB Anderson is just a Stock Photo – AB Anderson does not really exist. This is just a picture used by the scammers.home_wealth_remedy_AB_anderson

    Don’t Focus On The Course And What They Say, Focus On All The Earnings!!

    The part that they added in to sell people is the earnings calculator.

    This allows you to get excited about the money you could make, which is not a good idea. This is only to get you excited and cloud your judgement.

    This little calculator is used to play on people’s greed.

    These are also used in legitimate systems but here they’re wanting it to make this look like this is “the real money you can make.” When it’s not going to happen.

    Also they want you to add fantasy numbers up and get blinded by the possibility and just pull the trigger.

    It asks you to put in:

    • The number of links you will post a day
    • The average money earned for each link
    • How many days a week will you work

    Then it shows you way higher rates to get you to overlook other details, while in a state of excitement… thinking of all the money you can make.

    It gives averages like $250 a day

    $1700 For The Week

    Monthly income $7,000

    Yearly Income $91,000

    This of course will sound good to anybody for such little work.

    How Does Home Wealth Remedy Work Is It A Scam?

    So the idea behind all this is referred to as link building.

    The idea is that you get a bunch of links and pre-made text and you go around looking to post these links on various websites.

    They claim you can just post on:

    1. Social networks
    2. Forums
    3. Blog comments

    Then they say if someone clicks on the link you make money.

    So they say that you post these links and that you’ll earn money.


    That’s just not true.

    What company will really pay $20 dollars for each link in a forum?

    They could easily hire others for pennies a click outside the US if they wanted.

    No one will pay 90k a year for 3000+ links to random places.

    You could get links to all these places for 2 cents a link.

    Then the same 3000+ links would cost $78 bucks and not 90K.

    People won’t believe that they would buy a link for $20 bucks each,


    They will believe it when someone tells you… that you could make that much from “big companies.”

    Also just putting links in general won’t help.

    A random irrelevant link in the wrong place can actually hurt you and your rank.

    So you get paid if someone clicks and buys, not just if links are posted everywhere at random, especially if they’re not relevant or related.

    Now this is where they think they can call this Affiliate marketing.

    but it’s not.

    This doesn’t work like affiliate marketing especially the way Home Wealth Remedy offers it.

    So Home Wealth Remedy costs $97 dollars Up Front.

    This is a bad deal to begin with as they’re having you do the work, what are you paying for.

    Then you will likely need to buy ad space


    your name and email will be sold off to a third-party.

    They also could just use this list as a way to re-solicit or sell you in the future under a different name,  if Home Wealth Remedy goes down.

    What Are Your Options?

    Well, Are you sick of trying different opportunities, only to find out later after you sign up its the same or similar type thing that didn’t work before?

    Have you been looking for an opportunity that you can finally make real money with?

    The problem is, most people get sold on overhyped courses promising the moon and under delivering.

    Many get into a point in their search where they’re so jaded they can’t even see a legit program when they come across it.

    They start to think that everything is a scam in the back of their mind.

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