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Google Trader Scam


    Name: Google Tradergoogle_trader_scam_logo
    Owner: Ben Williams
    Price: Free for the software, deposit minimum of $250 to trade
    Overall Ranking: 0 Out of 100
    Recommended Alternative program to try:

    Is Google Trader A Scam | The Google Trader Review


    Paid Actor Ben Williams Fake CEO of Google Trader.

    Ok, so lately I have heard more and more about Google Trader and a lot of questions asking “is Google Trader A scam?”

    Well I have seen this Binary Options scam before with many other Binary Options software scams, so I thought I would write an in-depth Google Trader review to give you the lowdown on this over hyped Binary options software.

    To give you a little background, this program was created by a man named Ben Williams that’s about all you get to know about him (most likely not his real name either). 

    Ben Williams is really nothing more than a paid actor in a suit promising things that are just down right impossible with auto trading software.


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    If you’re not watching the video on your “most vulnerable and gullible day of the week” you will see that this thing wreaks of scam and tells you everything you want to hear with zero or very little actual work. 

    The software is supposed to work on autopilot and you just have to activate it and start figuring out how you’re going to spend all that money. Well as you may have guessed, it’s not that easy. Actually it’s nothing like that at all.

    Google Trader is basically marketed as a free binary trading software that uses some type of modern-day wizardry to magically deposit thousands of dollars into your bank account every week.

    If you watch the sales video after you read this review and look at it from a logical and not emotional perceptive, you will notice a lot of red flags just like all the other binary options trading software scams out there. 

    This scam is very similar to many other Binary Options Bot Scams Such as, Cash Code, The Aussie Method, Fast Cash Biz, 3 week Millionaire, Automobile Code and they typically lead to an unregulated broker like Binary Book to steal your minimum deposit that they get you to make. 

    Google Trader Scam | Is Google Trader Just Another Over Hyped Binary Software Scam?

    What is the perceived value of Google Trader that entices people

    Google Trader is said to be an auto trading software that is supposed to be based on Google’s search engine algorithm. They claim that Google Trader is up to 96.47% accurate. if you think about it a lot of things can be “UP TO” 96.47% accurate, Just by dumb luck or chance. At one point someone is going to hit a lucky streak and get something on accident.

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    This Software is Touted as

    100% Proven trading software verified by brokers… What brokers?

    Oh yeah, the unregulated ones that can steal your money.

    They also make a bunch of other claims that I wont get into as they’re just irrelevant because this program is just all lies. They’re just saying and doing whatever they can to get you to ultimately trade with unregulated brokers and not get your money back.

    These companies gets a high commission from these unregulated brokers to promote this and that is where scams like Google Trader come in.

    This program has zero value. This software does not work the way they claim, not even close to what they say. The reason these types of scams work in the beginning is until people start writing scam articles about them many beginners will get sucked in to these. These programs are not targeting experienced traders they’re trying to steal money from beginners. 

    Is Google Trader A Scam | Why Are People Saying Google Trader Is Legitimate?



    So what is google trader

    It’s really nothing more than a piece of software that is supposed to trade binary options on auto pilot. They claim that you don’t have to do any of the work but you also have no control over what trade your money goes to.

    Trading Binary options is a legitimate thing and that is mainly why these scams work as they can make you think it’s legitimate by using the idea of making money with Binary Options. The software that they sell and the broker that you get sent to is the problem.

    If you really wanted to trade Binary Options

    You need a mentor or trainer to help and guide you with a proper trading strategy before you invest in real trades.

    If you do not understand the terminology or world events you should not try to jump into binary options trading with a piece of software like Google Trader.

    The human element is missing with all these Binary Options software schemes as the human element is needed to watch out for these natural world catastrophes.

    Trading is always risky and when you have a plain Jane auto trading software trying to predict everything for you it’s worse odds than gambling or winning the lotto.

    Then why does Google Trader and other Binary Options software seem to work?

    Also why do they keep popping up then?

    The brokers used and promoted with this type of software are not regulated, which means when you try to get money from your brokerage account back into your bank account it will not happen.

    These programs will promise you the moon, to just get you to take that risky step of using this software that is free but you have to deposit a minimum of $250 to use it  and once you deposit the minimum you will most likely will not get your money back.google_trader_scam_sales_video_lies

    If you do somehow get your money back it’s probably going to be really hard. Getting a small amount back can also just be a tactic to get you to invest more money and then they will take the larger sum.

    Any legitimate trader will tell you that you have to watch the market and not just trust some software or mathematical quants.


    Is Google Trader A Scam | Why Google Trader Is Not Affiliated With Google And Is Just The Same Binary Options Software Scam

    Just like I had stated before, the sales page and the video where just full of so much hype and fake promises to make most people laugh or throw up a little in their mouth. The problem comes from when they say so much hype that they can get you to think to yourself that you can’t lose and “what if it worked.”  This tiny bit of hope mixed with little to no experience and a lot of emotion can be a recipe for disaster.

    Binary Trading using this scam software program, linking you to phony unregulated brokers results in many people getting scammed out of their mandatory minimum deposits.

    This program has all the signs of a scam from the fake website earnings statistics to the fact that they use the term Google in their name but are not affiliated in any way to Google. They can get away with this by adding fine print at the bottom of the page that says “This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Clickbank, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo or Bing.”

    Also the other main signal that this is a joke, is the fact that they get video testimonials from paid actors instead of these supposed members of Google Trader. The use of paid actors is a typical sign of any online scam. 


    The first guy that did not state his name but said he could hug Ben Williams but wont cause he is married? (weird thing to say on testimonial)

    Well below is a picture of him on Fiverr. 



    Remember Tammy…

    The woman who now can stay at home with her 5 kids

    Well here she is on Fiverr



    Then remember the “cheery ol chap” Steve from the Uk.

    Well here he is on Fiverr



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    So How Is Google Trader Getting People To Use This Phony Looking System?

    Well It’s because Google Trader is advertised as free. Well the software is free but to trade with it you have to put in a minimum deposit for $250 dollars to a company called Binary Book. Binary Book is an unregulated broker that many of these binary scams will send people to.

    Sites such as Google Trader get a big commission from brokers such as Binary Book to just send people to them to do a minimum trade of $250.

    Well you might be saying in you head “big deal they’re just promoting a legitimate binary trading platform with dodgy used car sales tactics but it could still work.”

    This software and the unregulated broker Binary Book are a combo that is going to just set you up for failure. 

    Binary Options trading in general could work but not these amazing push button software schemes. Binary Options trading takes a good understanding of the market and world events to be good and it. It has been known for years by experienced traders that software like Google trader are just flat-out scams.

    Binary Book will pay people to send leads to them and those vendors will make sites like Google Trader and then get a big commissions for sending someone to unregulated brokers such as Binary Book.

    Then Binary Book can just keep your money without you being able to do anything about it but complain. 


    Because they’re unregulated and can get away with it. 


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    Binary Book has pissed a lot of people off and Google Trader will inevitably do the same for referring them to Binary Book. When websites like Google Trader get too much flack, all they do is set up another identical website, just with a different name. So the only protection against sites like Google Trader is educating yourself by reading articles just like this one and being able to spot one out next time a mile a way.


    Is Google Trader A Scam | My Thoughts On Google Trader


    Google Trader tries to get you to believe the hype and follow your emotions in their sales material.

    They claim they’re the best auto trading software on the planet, with tons of fake paid actors to prove it and you will be making astronomical amounts in just a few weeks.

    This is a classic case of  “all sizzle and no steak” type marketing. Not only is it just basic software but it will send you to a unregulated broker that will just take your money. It’s also not going to take your money with bad trades, it will just take your money and not give it back. If you don’t believe me obviously you can still try it out for yourself. If you do try this and it takes your money, don’t say you were not warned.

    I am not going to get into exactly why Binary Options Software is terrible but the gist of it is… the software makes a lot of mistakes and trades fail much more often than they succeed. If you do happen to make money which is highly unlikely, you really wont be able to get it back.

    Your success with Binary or any other type of trading depends on your knowledge of the marketplace, understanding of balance sheets, knowledge of who runs the companies and luck and consistency. If you realistically want to make real money with trading you need to educate yourself on the topic as a whole. Any of these push button software programs are just here to take the money of inexperienced traders.

    When It’s All Said And Done.

    Google Trader is yet again one of many other Binary options software scams that just wants to get your minimum deposit and then pretends to trade with your money-making you feel that you just lost it in a bad trade. 

    My Advice:

    Stay away from the Google Trader scam and either learn investing the right way through companies such as Stronghold Financial or you could learn to turn your time online into a full time income and learn investing the right way and have passive income first to invest. 

    If Not This Then What Now? 

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    Name: Google Tradergoogle_trader_scam_logo
    Owner: Ben Williams
    Price: Free for the software, deposit minimum of $250 to trade
    Overall Ranking: 0 Out of 100
    Recommended Alternative program to try:

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