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Genesis Theme Review Might Be A Little Too Rich For My Blood

    This Genesis Theme Review will cover how this is a very well coded quality theme… but might be a little too confusing and time consuming to actually use it correctly. Unless of course you hire a theme coder.

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    Genesis is a theme that you will hear bigger bloggers using. These themes are more suited to handle more custom complex design scenarios.  This is for those who want a theme that can grow with them. It’s best suited for those who want an absolute blank canvas, where you could work with a


     theme designer to allow you to make many tweaks and special customizations

    Are These Extra Customizations With Genesis Worth The Hassle or Really That Necessary?

     So if you have already been blogging and perhaps run into issues with your template, many get referred to Genesis.

    When you’re site is getting traffic and not loading fast enough Genesis can be a great option.

    Also with solid fast loading lightweight code framework, security and SEO built in.

    It has been a solid choice for theme designers for years.

    If you’re not fine with spending time tinkering with your site, trying to understand extra plugins and child themes… Genesis probably wont be for you.

    Genesis comes naked with limited functionality unless you know how to code.  

    With the Genesis theme, it’s almost impossible to not add plugins not because you want to but because you have to. 

    If you want to customize, you need third party plugins or a premium Child theme and requiring costly Theme designers help. 

    The cost of Genesis

    The Genesis Theme Costs $60 dollars and comes with 1 yr support.

    So when you buy your theme for $60 you can’t forget that you need to add in a child theme.

    If you want to have full customization you need to purchase the premium Child theme that costs an extra $40-$120 so all together you need to pay $100-$180 for a theme. 

    But remember you typically wont be able to edit that child theme and would need a theme designers help to set it up easily…


    You will need to purchase plugins such as Beaver builder or Thrive Architect which can edit any themes.


    Studio Press Genesis specific plugins like Dynamic link or Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin that work with only Genesis.

    This is just to make the blog and page design edits yourself. 


    These plugins for Genesis are just to allow for customization.

    The main basic customizations are things that… for example Thrive Themes has right when you start.

    Slower loading time happens especially with adding too many third party sloppy coded plugins.  

    Also even slower if you’re on a shared host which most people are. ​

    Genesis has been claimed to be a bit faster than other themes… when used without any plugins… BUT that is usually never the case.

    You will typically have more plugins slowing down the once faster naked theme framework. Especially if you’re trying to do it yourself.

    Genesis Is Geared For The Person Who Needs A Theme Framework To Allow A Designer To Build Out Very Custom and Unique Functions.

    So some things that Genesis does well.

    Emphasis on Security – This is well recognized as one of the most secure WordPress themes online. They have even gone as far as to hire the WordPress lead developer Mark Jaquith to test their framework with a security review. Genesis_Theme_Review_mark_janquith

    They continue to pass with flying colors with all the New Studio Press framework releases.

    29% of hundreds of thousands of hacks on WordPress are caused by insecure WordPress theme. 

    Nice Selection of Themes – They have over 43 different genesis child themes available.
    Hundreds of child themes if you count all the third party designers.
    They make designs for every type of blog or website including business, magazine, real estate, and photography type designs.

    Fast, Responsive And Lightweight Code-  The Genesis framework is designed well and cleanly coded for fast loading without using lots of bloat throughout. 

    Optimized for SEO – Genesis has some great built in SEO features. They have area beneath each post and page for adding in SEO details about your article.

    This framework allows you or theme designer to integrate Google + as well as configure your home page SEO settings, document head, robots meta and archive settings.

    This feature will also not clash with other third party plugins should you want to add them for SEO instead of using their settings. 

    Unique Genesis Hooks – The studio press framework is built with lots of its own hooks on multiple locations on your pages.  These are unique Genesis hooks that are basically the same regardless of what child theme you’re using. 

    Your theme designer can then insert anything you want by calling a hook.  Hooks are to generally make structural/global like changes. 

    This is if you want something to show in a certain spot globally on your site or on multiple pages, a hook is a way to get that done. 

    Easy To Switch Child themes –  Once you have everything configured and figured out, you can switch to another Studio Press child theme. There is almost no configuration needed to switch to another child theme once you set up everything correctly. 

    Support forums And Tutorials – They have a good amount of information to set up Genesis and they also regularly ensure that it always works with the latest version of WordPress to make sure it is always bug free. 

     Genesis Theme Review Conclusion

    Genesis is not about flash but more about function and security and has light code for fast loading.

    It has the functionality if your theme currently is not able to perform certain tasks or functions, you will be able to do it with Genesis.

    Just remember you’re going to need some help if you’re not well versed in theme design.

    If you can get past the difficulty and have the money to hire and theme designer this is a very solid theme framework that just works and keeps working.  

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