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Is Full Sail University A Scam – Well If You Care About A Valid Accredited Degree That You Can Use Then Yes.

Many of the reviews about Full Sail University that I have read, typically label Full Sail University a scam

Unless they are paid staff or representatives.

Full Sail University is a college that wants to target a market a little out of the ordinary.is_full_sail_university_s_scam

 This private university was established and is located in Winter park, Florida.

Full Sail originally started as “Full Sail Recording Studio Workshop” in 1979 and helped people to get into the the recording engineer field.

This school seems like it has good intentions but will the real world care about your degree?

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Is Full Sail University A Scam | What Is The Value Of Full Sail?

 The marketed value of going to this school is to get your entertainment or media degree…

To pursue careers with:

  • game design
  • music recording
  • developing mobile apps
  • internet marketing
  • film and more

These programs offer degrees in different levels such as associates all the way up to masters degree.

They claim that they can get you a job in the fast paced film, game or music business and give you the training to succeed.

The problem with Full Sail is they’re a “for profit” school, which basically means the school is a lot better at marketing to get you to come there… but typically are a lot less qualified at teaching when you get there. 

Regional vs National Credits

So one main problem to point out from the beginning is that they have problems with accreditation.

Many are having issues transferring their credits and many times are having to retake classes that they already took at Full Sail In order to complete their masters degree or bachelors.

If you are planning on getting a degree and just getting placed in a job than I would say Full Sail is not for you.

If you want some training and have a lot of money to pay and only get a basic theory and still have to work your way up the ladder then Full Sail could help.

Unless Full Sail has certain specialized training that only they provide to specifically get you to where you want to go, you really should avoid Full Sail.

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Is Full Sail University A Scam | What You Get With Full Sail


On Campus At Full Sail

So The Full Sail University education is not cheap and does not offer credits that transfer to other schools or at least to ones that matter.

So the courses are accelerated meaning you get a 2 year associates degree in 1 year or a bachelors in 2 years.

 Associates degree in 1 year: 

  • Online: 29k/year approx
  • On Campus 31k/year approx

 Bachelors degree in 2 year: 

  • Online: 55k approx
  • On Campus 75k approx

Not to mention with both of the degrees there is also other costs associated with getting the degree…

Such as software… 

Special laptops that can add another 2-3k on to the yearly tuition.

So with the cost of that you could in my opinion do a lot better.

You could learn to be your own music producer and get mentored by someone already doing it for less than the price of a 1 year associates degree.

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Is Full Sail University A Scam | Case Study Of Full Sail


So when it comes down to it Full Sail University may not be a scam… but it is not a school that I would recommend to anyone. 

They’re going to take your money and leave you with a bunch of information but no real degree.

Due to the fact that they’re a for profit school they operate more like a business and one that wants to make more and more money, NOT help more and more people.

Not for profit schools and universities receive their money from donations and government funding and a large part goes to the schools.

The problem with a “for profit” school is the money they get are going back to profits for Full Sail and it’s shareholders.   

The Credit Transferring Problem IS A Big Problem

This reminds me of a local school in my hometown that offers law degrees but they do not hold any value due to the school not getting the proper Accreditation and many would graduate to find a law degree worthless. So to make this point clear Full Sail University is not a regionally credited university and this is the biggest issue as they wont transfer to other schools and the degree is not taken very seriously.

So basically if your school is not regionally credited it is not recognized by the educational system in the United States.

If your degree is not recognized what makes you different from others with just a High School education that knows how to lie well in interviews? The answer is basically nothing.

That is typically why you go to school so you can be treated better than a bum off the street. Well in the case of Full Sail you will still be looked at like a bum off the street but that went to school and has now a lot of debt.

Schools can sometimes accept your credits if they want to but this basically never happens.

So I do not recommend Full Sail University because:

  1. Bad Job Placement after graduation
  2. Very expensive for the level of education you get
  3. Transferring credits is a nightmare or wont transfer at all 98% of the time, due to regional and national credit difference.
  4. Not regionally accredited so the degree you do get does not hold much weight with employers.
  5. No financial aid have to be able to come up with money up front
  6. Accelerated classes makes your brain stuffed with information that you usually forget a lot by graduation unless you start working right away.


Is Full Sail University A Scam | Conclusion


In conclusion is Full Sail a scam? I would say not exactly but I would not recommend this to anyone. This is a system that they can always say  “it’s because you did not try hard enough” and can always claim that they delivered what they said they would. The probelms is you wont get a job ecept for internships that you could have already possibly gotten without Full Sail.

I see people saying that it is not a scam due to the big campus and flashy sales material but if you go and pay 30-70k a year for a school that does not give a lot of hands on training and is mainly theory & class work and is a “for profit” school and wants to get more money for shareholders and does not hold regional accreditation… I would say who is this school for?

In the long run if you went to Full Sail, you would leave confused with basic theory and class knowledge, with thousands in debt and with no real diploma recognized by almost all the businesses in the united states. With also the complaints that have been filed over the years with the BBB, If this is not a scam I would say what school is then?

This is a private school that’s hidden behind a veil of flash and marketing and loads of information to confuse you. 

This type of school will continue to thrive as long as people with dreams are willing to pay the tuition.  

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John says June 17, 2017

Without defending the university, but transferring credits is tricky (most universities with luck accept half of your credits) for and from every single university. Its a normal drama if you are from a community college.

So the regional vs national credits is moot.

Crystal says June 8, 2017

Hi Brandon,
My husband received both his bachelor and master degrees through Full Sail, and I am currently a student there. For us, it has been a great school. My husband has used his degrees to move up in the company he worked for through college. Even though he has continued with the same job he had before entering Full Sail, his adviser sought out several positions for him during school and still sends him leads for jobs.
I will say Full Sail, by design, is for a certain type of student. It can be very stressful because of the accelerated time span. You also have to have talent and be willing to put in a lot of hours on your course work. Those favorited by their professors will be the ones offered paying work outside of school. Middle ground and poor producing students don’t get noticed. That being said, if your teachers see you trying hard, they will help you get better.
As far as transferring credits go… I’ve moved twice with my husband’s work and have looked at transferring credits from a previous state school. Credits rarely transfer from school to school for anything other than electives.

INGO NGOYAMA says November 14, 2016

IF ANY ONE HERE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A WEBSITE USING WIX TO SPREAD THE WORD ON FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY SCAM EMAIL ME AT: I plan to do a full scale campaign against them using what Ive learned there and on my own. That is how I will build my Portfolio! Feel free to join me in the war. I am about to fire them this week. I have screen shots of this supposed lab specialist refusing to teach me. I ahve noticed on certain terminology on Slack they say what am I talking about and try to down talk me but when I double check the books and the course the terminology is there and I was using it right. I think the teachers and “specialists “are not as good as they say they are. I think they just get any one to teach that has coding experience and use them for a figure head.

Paul Casio says September 6, 2016

Add me to the list of rubes that got scammed. I attended around 2000-2001 and fifteen years later still no job and 23 grand in debt. They advertised an 85% placement rating but while there, the placement department dissolved. Their solution was to offer us an extra week in the lab to use their broadband internet (which most students already had at home) to shop our resume or demo reel around to find a job. So I attended and paid and the one thing I really needed fizzled at the very end. My parents were beyond livid as was I. I had totally wasted my money since I already knew DAWs (which the instructors hated the “new” digital audio guys as they were still analog guys) as well as the contracts the school had with Apple and Kurzweill to snag idiots into buying overpriced garbage they learned on. In the end I taught myself computer and electronics repair and have done that freelance for peanuts since then. Have yet to make more than 12k in a single year (while not signing up for govt assistance) and still eating peanut butter sandwiches makes me feel like a loser. It was the single biggest mistake of my life and being 40 with a degree that only gets you hired as an instructor at FS is pathetic. Then you have the monthly student loan debt to pay that I honestly fret about first thing every morning like invisible coffee or a mild heart attack. The best was when I last did a massive job hunt in March with 143 submitted applications to various places ranging from Petco stocker to Kroger plebe and got a total of SIX responses. Those were from the half that I omitted post-high school education. So by my experiment alone, you are better off WITHOUT a degree from Fool Scam. Just a lot of daily shame and regret. Kinda like prison but without free food, housing, or cable TV. And yet a convict can go to jail for robbing a person at gunpoint and have a better chance at employment thru some bootstrap program, which makes me feel even more foolish. I am an embarrassment to myself, my family, and my cat (fur kid- cannot support a human child), and my wife but I have probably driven a couple of million in revenue away from that place thru talking to prospective students, which is my only comfort. There are other issues that hopefully the school has tackled like security and substance abuse (try staying up for three days straight without help) and washout instructors but from what I hear they are just milking kids from the hood aka “producas” that wash out in a few months and have zero to show for their massive debt and go back home to slang until they get busted and go to jail where they are fed and have cable TV. I almost legally divorced my wife last year to finally file for bankruptcy and hose the loan debt but that wouldn’t be honest and was not the way this Eagle Scout was raised. So yes stay away from that behemoth of human misery and greed. I honestly laugh at the notion of any actionable legal status since even back then they had a team of lawyers that fended off lawsuits for fun everyday… My life is my own doing, good choices and bad, but hopefully someone else can hear my story and make a better decision for their own and not be crippled by debt that makes them question their usefulness to society and only solace being every day is closer to death, where they will be surrounded by their loved ones (still wake up at 5am every morning to stay ready for a hopefully eventual job or career and have lots of alone time to reflect on life good and bad). As Bart Simpson says, Full Sail can “eat my shorts”.

    Brandon says September 6, 2016

    Thank You Pual for adding your wonderful specific insight on the dark underbelly of FullSail. Fullsail looks like they will just continue to get away with murder. Man it just seems like Unless others like you and me warn people before they join, it seems not much else will happen sadly.

    Thanks For Stopping by,

Tomas says July 29, 2016

Hello Brandon,

I read your article and I have a few things to say about Full Sail. But first, let me talk a little bit about myself:
I’m a former Full Sail University student. I graduated in September of 2013 from the Game Art Degree program. I was class Valedictorian, Advanced Achiever Recipient, and got 3 course directors awards. After graduating I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area at the beginning of 2014 to look for jobs. I did a some art tests but found no luck. Then I moved to LA at the end of 2014 to try and find a job. To make the story shorter: At Siggraph 2015 I saw someone from career development from Full Sail and talked to him. Turns out he was looking for companies to recruit because Full Sail was holding an alumni network event just for Full Sail graduates in LA and wanted companies to be there and see if any of us could be a good fit for them. BINGO! I was interviewed by a company called The Third Floor Inc. Right away they offered me a paid apprenticeship for 3 months and if my work was good, I was then going to be hired as a junior artist. On the other hand, a friend of mine was also interviewed by them and got the job right away. He had industry experienced before, so no apprenticeship was needed for him. On January of 2016 I started my apprenticeship with Third Floor and in April 2016 I was hired as a Junior Artist and I have been there since then. I love working for them and the wait was definitely worth it!

Most of my closest friends from Full Sail got industry jobs. Some of them took a longer time to find it than others. Most of the people that I know that went to Full Sail that got jobs are very talented and hard working people. Unfortunately I do know of some friends that didn’t get job after graduation and are still looking for jobs and the worst of all is that most students that go there, only a few graduate and the few that graduate, only a few get jobs. So why is it that some of us make it and some of us do not? Well, this is where I believe Full Sail fails and there are 2 main reasons for this:

A) They accept everyone. Regardless if this person is talented or not for their degree, they will accept him/her and as long as they can pay for it, they will keep going there. Some students do really bad work, and even though we are all still learning, some of them were not meant for their degree, even if it is their passion and what they want to do. A lot of students don’t do that well in their classes because for some reason they don’t take it seriously. They think that Full Sail is the type of college that you can actually go out and get drunk and unfortunately it isn’t. I noticed that the newest students that get in are recent high school graduates and are still too young to figure things out and therefore they get bad results.

B) Some instructors do not teach as good as they should. In some classes I learned really good stuff, in others I barely learned anything and I completely blame the teachers for this. A lot of them got prior industry experience, unfortunately just because they had industry experience doesn’t mean they can teach. They might have a lot of knowledge and experience, but it takes a special type of person to be able to be a mentor. Unfortunately what I learned in some classes I could learn over the internet. They definitely need to re-enforce this!

The entertainment industry could care less about your degree. They are not going to deny you a job just because you graduated from this school or any other school. If this were true, how is it that I got a job and so did my friends and other students that got really good jobs? Eventually they have what is required: a very good portfolio that can give you an entry level position to a company/studio, then you start to build up resume and walk up the ladder. No other way to put it. Unfortunately because of point A that I mentioned before, most students that eventually graduate end up with a poor portfolio or a portfolio that doesn’t stand out from the rest.

My conclusion is that Full Sail could be a better university! And if I were them I would make the program at least 30 months for the same price. I don’t regret going there because I believe that part of learning also comes from what we decide to do. How much students put into is is how much they get back. Full Sail will give you the pencil and show you how to draw, but you are the one that is going to have to draw by yourself and practice as much as you can.

I probably will be in debt for the rest of my life, but to me waking up everyday and loving what I do and not hating my job (like most people do) has no price. This might sound crazy but I rather be in debt and doing what I love from Monday through Friday and getting paid for it, than not be in debt and hate my job from Monday through Friday waiting for the weekend to rest from my job because I hate it. What is the point of living like that?

I recommend Full Sail to those who are talented and have some type of “experience” in whatever they are going to do. I agree with Tim, there are some degrees that are a waste of time and you are better off learning by yourself. Nonetheless thanks to Full Sail I manage to get this industry job and I hope that now I will walk up the ladder! It wasn’t easy but definitely not impossible! However, I also recommend looking at other options and see what fits for you. College is not for everyone and Full Sail is not for everyone either. Good luck out there!

Melvin Mitchell says May 17, 2016

My daughter attended Full Sail. What she got for her troubles was burnt out, a piece of worthless paper that says bachelors degree on it and wasted over $100,000 of my money. She has discovered, like this article says, that NONE of her credits would transfer to USF or St. Pete College or any other school. I would absolutely LOVE to sign up for a class action lawsuit against these people. I specifically asked if the credits would be transferrable to another institution when we first talked to them and was told yes. It is absolutely a scam.

    Brandon says May 17, 2016

    Hey Melvin,

    I’m sorry to hear this, I appreciate you sharing your story. I think with 100k a class action would be a good idea as this school is ridiculous and really just a clever way to get money from people. The sad part is they may be able to transfer to another institution just not most and that may be how they’re getting away with saying that. If they said yes in the beginning I think they’re definitely scamming people.

    I wanted to go to this school years back for music production but luckily I just couldn’t afford it. Thanks for sharing your story and keep me posted if you get that class action suit started and I can promote it here for you to help get the word out.

    Let your daughter know that instead of just working a job your daughter could take what she has learned and build a blog about it, and then turn a bad thing into a good thing. There are many that would like to know what she may have learned but it was not good enough to get job placement so blogging about it would enable you to recoup the money talking about schools like full sail and credits and classes and how you can not get scammed what to look for and recommendation when thinking about school what alternatives are better.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Lynn Magnuson says April 21, 2016

I visited the campus a few weeks back and most of what I saw was a bunch of flashy production and advertising. I could not get very many answers to questions about the school or what I was getting for the money, so it’s on the back burner for now until I get more information. It seems like a LOT of money (the program I was interested in is nearly 100 grand!) and it didn’t seem like they had much financial aid. Flashy school for the wealthy I think. Hope someone gets a job after going there .. I think I’ll be going elsewhere for my film degree. Something affordable with transferable credits!

cathy mac says February 17, 2016

Is there a continuing forum to help others to file suit against Full Sail?

    Brandon says February 17, 2016

    They Cathy,

    Not that I know of, I think the only hope would maybe be make a blog and get all the people that have been scammed to sign up to do a class action lawsuit. I tried to look for some forums and found a few people complaining about it but no real forum speciafically about it. Th main problem is I’m assuming Full Sail has contract they make people sign making it so this can continue and be clear of any trouble or legal problems.

    This is a tricky scam as they give you somthing for the money so the government will not do anything about it as it’s technically legal. I’m assuming there are more angry people out there that want to take them to court, so you may have a good class action lawsuit possibly as also taking them on alone would be too difficult and expensive. Hope this is helpful as this is a tricky situation.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Tim says January 19, 2016

Hi Brandon,

I think university can be good for certain professions but in some cases in can be a complete waste of time and money.

This one certainly seems like a way for them to make a whole lot of money when in actual fact it holds very little value. Not being nationally accredited… what is the point? One of the main reasons people get a degree is to have that piece of paper to get a good job. Not much point if it isn’t recognised. Thanks for sharing and I think a lot of people will benefit by reading this. Cheers

Jess says August 20, 2015

Interesting review….Is Full Sail University A Scam I would have to say YES….This university is something new to me. If you plan on getting a job in the entertainment career field that you are studying one of the first things to look for when choosing any type of schooling, especially if the courses are offered online is if the school is accredited, if not I suggest not wasting your time.

If you where going to go to one of those schools you would be better off just teaching yourself how to set up a business online here and then just take classes in the vocation or occupation you want to get into and teach it to others and charge for it on your website. Besides that, the tuition for this seems outrageous, it’s right up there with full blown national universities!

    Brandon says August 21, 2015

    Hey Jess,

    Yeah I totally agree with you if the school is not accredited it is just not worth it and they are just taking your money for a accelerated cramming/learning experience without a degree that is worth anything to anyone. You would definitely be better off learning how to market online with this course here.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Stephen Mcgouran says August 20, 2015

Wow, a university campus that is basically profit driven! That and in my opinion more importantly a college that has credits that are not really recognized in the United States? If they’re not red flags before the massive debt you’d be getting yourself in then I don’t know what is!!

I tell everyone, no matter what their situation that there’s always a downside to everything, don’t let your emotions blind you, go on your gut and do your research before committing to anything!

It’s the same if you’re getting started in college, know your outcome. Back then I didn’t have one, all I could think about is the social side of college but if you’ve to put down that kind of money you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a degree that’s respected and you can get a real job out of when you graduate!

Cheers, Stephen

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