Is Full Sail University A Scam | What Is The Real Story?

is_full_sail_university_s_scamMany of the reviews about Full Sail University that I have read, typically label Full Sail University a scam… Unless they are paid staff or representatives.

Full Sail University is a college that wants to target a market a little out of the ordinary.

 This private university was established and is located in Winter park, Florida. Full Sail originally started as “Full Sail Recording Studio Workshop” in 1979 and helped people to get into the the recording engineer field.

Is Full Sail University A Scam | What Is The Value Of Full Sail?

The marketed value of going to this school is to get your entertainment or media degree to peruse careers in game design, music recording, developing mobile apps, internet marketing and film and more. These programs offer degrees in different levels such as associates all the way up to masters degree.

They claim that they can get you a job in the fast paced film, game or music business and give you the training to succeed. The problem with Full Sail is they are a “for profit” school, which basically means the school is a lot better at marketing to get you to come there but are a lot less qualified at teaching when you get there. 

Regional vs National Credits

So one main problem to point out from the beginning is that they have problems with accreditation. Many are having issues transferring their credits and many times are having to retake classes that they already took at Full Sail In order to complete their masters degree or bachelors.

If you are planning on getting a degree and just getting placed in a job than I would say Full Sail is not for you. If you want some training and have a lot of money to pay and only get a basic theory and still have to work your way up the ladder then Full Sail could help. Unless Full Sail has certain specialized training that only they provide to specifically get you to where you want to go, you really should avoid Full Sail.

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Is Full Sail University A Scam | What You Get With Full Sail


On Campus At Full Sail

So The Full Sail University education is not cheap and does not offer credits that transfer to other schools or at least to ones that matter.

So the courses are accelerated meaning you get a 2 year associates degree in 1 year or a bachelors in 2 years.

 Associates degree in 1 year: 

  • Online: 29k/year approx
  • On Campus 31k/year approx

 Bachelors degree in 2 year: 

  • Online: 55k approx
  • On Campus 75k approx

Not to mention with both of the degrees there is also other costs associated with getting the degree such as software and special laptops that can add another 2-3k on to the yearly tuition. So with the cost of that you could in my opinion do a whole lot better. You could learn to be your own music producer and get mentored by someone already doing it for less than the price of a 1 year associates degree.

I think about this and think how much your overpaying if you paid to get a internet marketing degree as I know that their is better and cheaper ways to learn what you need to know you just need to know where to look.

Is Full Sail University A Scam | Case Study Of Full Sail

So when it comes down to it Full Sail University may not be a scam but it is not a school that I would want to go to or recommend anyone to go to as they are going to take your money and leave you with a bunch of information.

Due to the fact that they are a for profit school they operate more like a business and one that wants to make more and more money NOT help more and more people. Not for profit schools and universities receive their money from donations and government and a large part goes to the schools. The problem with a “for profit” school is the money they get are going back to profits for Full Sail and it’s shareholders.

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The Credit Transferring Problem IS A Big Problem

This reminds me of a local school in my hometown that offers law degrees but they do not hold any value due to the school not getting the proper Accreditation and many would graduate to find a law degree worthless. So to make this point clear Full Sail University is not a regionally credited university and this is the biggest issue as they wont transfer to other schools and the degree is not taken very seriously.

So basically if your school is not regionally credited it is not recognized by the educational system in the United States.

If your degree is not recognized what makes you different from others with just a High School education that knows how to lie well in interviews? The answer is basically nothing.

That is typically why you go to school so you can be treated better than a bum off the street. Well in the case of Full Sail you will still be looked at like a bum off the street but that went to school and has now a lot of debt.

Schools can sometimes accept your credits if they want to but this basically never happens.

So I do not recommend Full Sail University because:

  1. Bad Job Placement after graduation
  2. Very expensive for the level of education you get
  3. Transferring credits is a nightmare or wont transfer at all 98% of the time, due to regional and national credit difference.
  4. Not regionally accredited so the degree you do get does not hold much weight with employers.
  5. No financial aid have to be able to come up with money up front
  6. Accelerated classes makes your brain stuffed with information that you usually forget a lot by graduation unless you start working right away.


Is Full Sail University A Scam | Conclusion


In conclusion is Full Sail a scam? I would say yes as I would not recommend this to anyone. This is a system that they can always says it’s because you did not try hard enough and can always claim that they delivered what they said they would. 

I see people saying that it is not a scam due to the big campus and flashy sales material but if you go and pay 30-70k a year for a school that does not give a lot of hands on training and is mainly theory & class work and is a “for profit” school and wants to get more money for shareholders and also does not hold regional accreditation… I would say who is this school for?

In the long run if you went to Full Sail, you would leave confused with basic theory and class knowledge, with thousands in debt and with no real diploma that is recognized by almost all of the businesses in the united states. With also the complaints that have been filed over the years with the BBB, If this is not a scam I would say what school is then?

This is a scam that is hidden behind  a veil of flash and marketing and loads of information to confuse you. This type of scam will continue to thrive as long as people with dreams are willing to pay the tuition.  

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