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Five Really Good Reasons To Quit Your Job &The Only Good Reason To Quit Your Job

    What Are The Five Really Good Reasons To Quit Your Job?

    So you might be thinking what are five really good reasons to quit your job?five_really_good_reasons_to_quit_your_job_Your_work_week_feeling

    Well I put the top five reasons that I believe that you should quit your job.

    Not only have I  laid out the top five reasons you should quit… I also explain the only good reason to quit your job.

    I also will be covering why it’s so hard to find a good reason to quit your job.

    So Is There Good Reasons For Quitting A Job? absolutely

    So if you tell yourself there is not a good reason to quit then there never will be. Alot of times this can come from the fear of failure.five_really_good_reasons_to_quit_your_job_Chair_swivels_best_part

    If you continue to lie to yourself and say that it’s not that bad you will find that you wont really know who you really are after years of lying to yourself.

    This is a double-edged sword as you will be stuck in a job you hate, as well as not really understanding who you really are inside until you stop lying to yourself.

    This is very hard but needs to be done. You need to look at your situation and find the things that you must have and then create a business and then go for  it.

    I have quit more jobs than I can count on my fingers and toes. The Reason I quit so many jobs?… I felt I could do better myself and I learned that jobs can unfairly plant managers and underqualified brown-nosing associates in charge of you.

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     Five Really Good Reasons To Quit Your Job

     The Top Five Really Good Reasons To Quit Your Job.

    5. You’re tired of having your future capped.

    Many people do not make what they’re worth or know that they will be limited by not being able to break though the glass ceiling to get the income they want. If you’re going to work that hard you might as well do it for yourself.

    If you work for yourself your only glass ceiling holding you back is your drive and creativity. If your going to work hard you might as well not only get the credit but get paid the most possible. 

    4. Your advice is typically not wanted.

    Many times in business your going to be doing things the hard way and the way the owner feels is right and rarely take in the advice from the employees making it run smoothly. Just feeling like your contributing in a special way can be very gratifying.

    When your ideas get shot down all the time and possibly then get stolen with someone else taking the credit. Then once ideas get ignored it’s de-motivating which leads many to stop caring. If you start to not care it may be a good sign you’re in the wrong place.

    3. You feel like a just another cog in the machine.

    If you feel replaceable and just feel your working for a paycheck it’s time to bail. If your boss doesn’t care somewhat about your family or how you’re feeling, then your just a cog in a big corporation machine.

    2. Not being just a little excited to go to work.five_really_good_reasons_to_quit_your_job_First_day_back

    Everybody including people who work from home do stuff they’re not especially excited about but there should be some fun exciting moments.

    It doesn’t matter if anyone else likes them as long as you do. Even if you like a challenge or different scene with truck driving. You just need to find things that you’re excited to do or at least looking a forward to tackling that task.

    You just need to make sure that you don’t work a job that your just looking forward to quitting or the weekend.

    1. No real purpose or direction.

    Everyone wants you to feel fulfilled in life and be apart of something bigger. They also want to feel they made an impact on other people’s lives. When you’re at a job this rarely happens.

    Typically you’re just working almost to get your boss a promotion. Then you’re left without any purpose or direction and “can contribute to a state of being” that draws in more lack of purpose and direction.

    The Only Good Reason To Quit Your Job

    So the only Good Reason To Quit Your Job is the fact that you can now actually live the life that you imagine in your head and stop living angry or depressed. The hardest part is worrying about the blow to your ego.

    If you can get over what the neighbors, friends or family will think you can be on your way to starting a new life.

    You have to think about the future and think if a little struggle now is worth not having to go to work in the future.five_really_good_reasons_to_quit_your_job_Cae_of_the_mondays

    If you persevere now you wont have to live paycheck to paycheck, working for the weekend and having a case of the monday’s at the start of each work week. 

    Everybody has parts in their day that they don’t absolutely love but the majority needs to be pleasant. 

    Why Is It So hard To Quit Then?

    The main reason I have seen that makes it so hard is most of the time is if you’re taking care of a family. The main thing that you need to consider is a job can fire or lay you off  when ever they feel like it.

    If you create a business that you know something about no matter how cool or weird, that serves some sort of need, you’re more secure than working at a job you hate.

    Why Is It So Hard To Find Out What You Want To Do?

    You have done things you don;t want to do your entire life and are used to it.

    I know it may seem hard to figure out the business or service that you would like to do for yourself. The reason it’s so hard is mainly for the fact that for the majority of most people’s lives are consumed with doing things that they didn’t want to do.

    Then your too tired after working that the last thing you typically want to do is more work.

    They did most of it for the money or benefits. Soon all we search for is money-making opportunities and forget what we really like to do.

    You have been brainwashed by family and friends.

    I know this sounds bad but is true. There is a mentality that you need to have the same type of success as the family you’re in or the friends you hang out with. I know many people will think that’s not true but let me explain.

    If your family holds you back it could just be just with bad habits. Your family doesn’t always want to hold you back. If your family is not where you want to be in life then they inevitably do.

    They hold you back with many things that they may want to do but are not in your best interest.

    So if you have a family that doesn’t have a lot of money not only will most of them tell you they have no money but they will also teach the habits that get them no money.

    Typically they will also want you to take part in activities with them that lead to having no money. For example if you’re not into football but everybody in your family is, but you don’t actually play football, your family doesn’t play either but want you to come over or watch football games with them. 


    If you said you didn’t like football you would likely get arguments from your family about “why on earth do you not like football, that so un american” or something like that.

    Then many people just find it easier to say I like football and just watch games and cheer then to tell their friend and family what they really want to do. Then you do this for years and you will end up not knowing what you like to do.

    If you enjoy the smells, sights and the feeling you get from doing something, then you’re on to something.

    Don’t think about what would make you look cool or what will give your ego another good stroke, “ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

    You need to mainly focus and make a list of all the things that you don’t want and then write out all the things you do want. Then find the things that you can serve a need with.

    Then add in TLC from the love you have for it and you will out do everyone trying to do it just for money.

    The more you ignore your true life calling and trade it for money, the more you will not only get more angry but most of the time will result in more heartache and failures with less money than if you did what you wanted.

    Not to mention helping others, which is the best feeling but sounds really lame until you do it for the first time.

    The minute you start helping people and serving a need in some way or another is the minute you will not only fulfill your own life but make good money in the process.

    You don’t need to be healing the handicapped to serve people, but you would be surprised at the places you can help others online with just the info you already have in your head.

    This can be put on to a blog and there will always be a unique angle on every niche imaginable. You just have to start using your imagination, you know that thing that cliques in school and jobs took away from you.

    Here is a quick example, say you like dogs…

    • You realize that dogs like this are hard to train in specific areas (i.e Jack Russell Terrier Whining)
    • You show people how you got your dogs specific trait under control
    • You build a blog and write about that breed of dog with the specific problem that a small market of people are looking to control.
    • You recommend specific healthier diets, exercise routines and specific toys and treats that work well for this specific breed.
    • Then you move into what your audience starts wanting to see more of and you’re in business.

    How Will I Figure Out If This Is For Me Or If I Will Be Just A No Job Loser If I Quit?

    You may need some serious alone time as you will never be able to figure out who you really are hanging out with other people. You need some soul-searching time where you can really understand who you really are. Then after that you need to think about what you do like doing. The find what you must have in your life and just do it.

    Then you want to think what types of people you like being around what smells or sights you would like to see? (i.e smell of fresh-cut wood, feel of typing computer keys, smell of grass on a summer day, smelling clean and working in nice air-conditioned office, beautiful views and alone time on a rooftop business etc.)

    Find some things that you find pleasant and possibly try to start a business or blog about those types of subjects, interests or environments.

    Then think about how you can serve a need doing something for the types of people who you like.

    Then put a unique angle or spin on your service or business. Add in your TLC (as you supposedly enjoy this) and anybody doing it just for money will quickly move under you and will be no competition.

    If you follow these rules you will be able to successfully quit your job and start a real business that you love and actually make it work. Just remember always follow something that your interested in and you will always make something work out.

    Are All These Ideas Really Good Reasons For Quitting Your Job?

     Well only you will know the right reasons to quit your job in the long run but you need to start asking yourself the hard questions now. If you start to figure out who you really are and who you want to be around, you got the first part covered.

    Then consistently ask yourself who you are and what things you must have and things that you don’t want and soon you will find that a good answer will pop up, you just have to be listening for it.

    If you let other people’s opinions sway your decision you most likely wont be doing what you truly love but rather what others around you feel you should be doing. 

    Then just keep providing as much help as you can and learn from your failures and customer feedback and you’re in business.

    If you take the ideas I just said above and really think for yourself you can start figuring out some really good reasons to quit your job and easily get a blog up making you full-time income.

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