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Enagic Kangen Water Scam, Is Enagic Magic?

    Name: Enagic
    Overall Rating: Scam


    Enagic Kangen Water scam. This company is selling very expensive machines that do nothing special and the process not only is bogus but can have more serious potential problems down the road. This is a MLM company that allows their distributors to make bold claims. None of them are really backed up with any third-party NON enagic company facts. other than hearing rumors through the grapevine this product is really selling snake oil or in this is_enagic_a_scam_kangen_logocase snake water.

    This in short is not a business opportunity that you would want to get into and if you want to sell $4k dollar water filters that are not special then that’s up to you. All I know is the MLM business side of things is bogus and the product can be harmful later on.

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    Is Enagic Really A Miracle Water Filter From Japan? 

    What Is The Enagic Kangen Water Scam? Do Enagic Kangen water filters create the best water? Well if you asked an Enagic distributor they would claim the many health benefits and what an amazing business opportunity this is when you join. I mean the Japanese make lots of great things Toyota, world-class sushi knifes, and Kawasaki motorcycles but MLM water filters I’m not so sure about. 

    So this is another MLM opportunity that sadly will lead to time wasted and money that you didn’t have to be spent. Then only about 1% or less actually make a consistent full-time living from them.

    These companies will never tell you this upfront and Enagic is one such company.

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    What Is Enagic? Is Ionizing Water Really That Good For You In The Long Run? 

    Well Enagic’s main product is the Kangen water machine. Your job as a distributor would be to sell these expensive ionization machines. This is a little device about 15 inches tall that is going to set you back around $4,000+ dollars. This is basically to turn your acidic water, alkaline. 

    Now I have no problem with the logic of turning acidic water to alkaline but charging $4,000 dollars for it?
    Also no one is to say for sure if Ionizers are the best way to filter your water. Just because it’s alkaline does not make it the best necessarily. If it’s missing minerals similar to distilled water.

    You will be able to see their sales presentation where doctors are filmed speaking about all the benefits of water. They even claim that you can use it to lose weight.

    Then they claim that this type of water like many other MLM products also may cure cancer and other diseases. They also insinuate that Japan is least obese, almost because they drank magical Enagic filtered water.

    Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known doctor focusing on nutrition has stated:
    “The health claims for water ionizers and alkaline water are bogus. Save your money.” I belive getting naturally alkaline spring water is good for you just the ionizers are a hoax.

    Dr. True Ott another health expert in this area stated that…
    “so-called health benefits of water alkalinizers or ionizers are based on junk science.”

    “These machines strip electrons from the contaminants themselves, and this creates hydroxyl ions which are harmful free radicals. The OH- ions attack cells and stimulate adrenaline, which is why there is a short-term buzz, but in the long run it creates a condition that breeds cancer. It can also cause arthritis,”

    This is more scary that the previous warning. This warns of more serious dangers down the road besides just losing money. 

    Also to Anyone that wants to claim that since people buy it, that it works are thinking the wrong way.

    Many think that if a MLM company has been around for a while that they‘re automatically legit and that is exactly what they want you to think.

    They play on the placebo effect. Enagic and many other MLM’s rely on the placebo effect. On Average 30% or more of people will claim that a useless sugar pill worked to heal them with just adding in the power of suggestion.

    This alone is the reason many MLM’s have been able to thirve and then they just move to other countries that are not familiar with their B.S

    Why Are All These Claims Being Thrown Around, If They’re Not True?

    What happens most of the time is companies like Enagic allow their distributors to make claims instead of the company, to make sure they limit their legal liability.

    These companies present just enough information to lead distributors in a specific direction and allow the power of rumors to take over. Many are so confused they may join just to see if these rumors are true or not.

    Enagic Is Such A Big Company They Must Work Right?

     Ok well if you wanted to start a business selling Engagic you would need to sign up and buy a starter pack. This will have some basic promo materials that you can use to hopefully recruit some new members.is_enagic_a_scam_kangen_water_filiter

    This is like all other MLM opportunities where members can get downline referrals underneath them. Then those referrals can get more referrals.

    Then your goal is to create a team that sends cash up the chain to the original creator. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong.

    The problem with these companies is typically they’re very hard to sell the product as there’s always other products that directly compete with this. Typically they’re always better deals for the same thing.

    You can make some sales selling water ionizers but these are not that easy to just find people who are looking for one, An Engagic one at that.

    You will need to do a lot of research about the product and constantly be looking for new warm leads.

    This is definitely not the worst MLM I have seen and if you’re going to get roped into one this would not be a bad one to try as I could see some pulling the wool over someones eyes but is that what you want to do?   I suggest you stay away from Enagic and all of the other MLM schemes out there if you want to keep your time and money and sanity.

    There are many distributor claiming people are just lining up to buy these from them but you really can’t listen to the MLM rep about those kinds of things.

    Just do a little research and see for yourself and get a good gut feeling and I have faith your gut instinct will show you the way.

    Is this machine worth $4,000 dollars?

    Does it really do a better job than cheaper alternatives?

    Do you feel you can really find lots of people willing to buy these machines at such a high price tag and no clear advantage over other machines similar in quality. 

    Problems With Enagic

    They have complaints of not refunding brand new never opened Engagic water machines.

    They really have no real proof that drinking ionized water is really very good for you over other healthy waters. This is a tough call as They’re actually a few people who have debunked many myths associated with ionized water.

    You Down With ORP… Yeah You Know Me…

    What is ORP? ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. This is a way to measure the quality of various chemicals and water.

    The Engagic company claims that their machines make water that have a reading of -200 to -400 ORP.

    So the theory is the less oxide the better, as less oxide leads to rust.

    Is Engagic Water Machine the only ones to do this?

    So the Engagic Water Machines are not the only water ionizers out there. There is other cheaper water ionizers that can filter water with even lower ORP levels. This ORP level is not something that you necessarily need to worry about.

    So most Tap water has a ORP level of around +500, bottled water typically has around +200 and spring water has a rating of +150.

    The source of your water plays and important role. As the water from one area that is filtered by an ionizer might not have the same ORP as water filtered by the same machine but just in a different area.

    This ORP rating is really just a way to gauge the overall general quality of water. You really need to look into more important factors such as minerals in the water. Minerals are very important as that is why you don’t just drink distilled water.

    So Is Ionized Water Really That Much Better?

    So overall these ionization machines do remove some harmful elements from your water. The problem is this water is not known to be safe in the long run. Not sure if all or just some of the minerals disappear with it as well. This is like the same theory of taking antibiotics to wipe out your bad bacteria, but in the process it also wipes out good bacteria as well.

    With that said the ionized water does contain supposedly less chemicals than tap water and regular drinking bottled water but no one knows at what cost later on down the road.

    So What Are The Best Quick Cheap Alternatives To Buying A Enagic Kangen Water Filter?

    The best so far is just drinking spring water with all the minerals naturally added. Also if you can’t get the best mineral spring waters then adding lemons to your water is a simple trick to turn water alkaline.

    Another cheap trick is adding Pink Himalayan salt to clean water to add in minerals. Even distilled water you can add in Pink Salt to mineralize it. Distilled water is technically bad for you cause it has no minerals. Since it has no minerals it absorbs the body’s minerals, unless you add in a mineral such as Pink Himalayan salt or liquid trace minerals.

    So is Enagic A Scam?

    So really Enagic is supposed to be a legitimate company. In the eyes of the law it’s not a scam and is legal. With that said, is this really a business you could see yourself thriving in. Do you think you could sell $4000 dollar water ionization machines when they have no real proof that they’re better and also have other machines with the same quality for less money?

    Also you really do not need to buy an expensive water machine or expensive water to achieve health benefits.
    Drinking ionized water has been shown to not change your blood pH level. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body become alkaline and give far better health benefits now and in the long run.

    Realistically if you get involved with any MLM you’re going to have to be an excellent sales rep as the product does not just sell itself. If anyone was interested in these Enagic ionization machines and decided to do any research, they would realize that there are better machines for less money.

    Ok So If Enagic’s business model for earning money doesn’t work what are your options?

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    Please let me know in the comment section below what you think about Enagic. If you find this article useful please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

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