Name: Elite Eduction Mentoring Formerly Elite Mentoring Group elite_education_mentoring_logo
Price: Whatever they can get from you as their products are just fake garbage to make it look legit  
Overall Rating: SCAM
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Is Elite Education Mentoring A Scam? | Watch Out For This Scam As They Change Names 


Is Elite Education Mentoring a scam? Well if you have heard of the”Stores Online Scam” and how they scam you this is the same type thing. They promise everything and deliver very basic average e-commerce drop-shipping stores online with places like Ebay.

They will just set you up enough to look good but you will not be able to do anything with it. Then to get it working they will constantly up sell you until you finally figure it out. The problem is many figure it out, after spending $2500+ with them.


What Is Elite Education Mentoring Do They Really Offer Anybody Real Help?

Elite Education Mentoring will randomly call you and tell you that they will basically work with you for free if they feel you’re a good fit. They string you along to keep you on the phone and qualify you and set you up for the closer to come in.

This is the so-called mentor that this guy that called be on behalf of Nick Marks talked about.  I’m still not sure if they’re connected with Nick Marks or they just have a way of calling people who buy products from the Warriors forum. So watch out for either of those things.

So I got a call from Elite Mentoring group and thought how interesting, they call after I got a program from Nick Marks called “Profits Smasher.”  I ended up getting the course to see why he sold so many and really did not think is was that amazing to start off with. The main problem was not the course, (as it wasn’t good but) it wasn’t horrible.

The problem was a company called Elite Education Mentoring decided to give me a call. They tell me that they work with Nick Marks and they help make success stories and testimonials for Nick Marks and other Internet Marketers.


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These guys keep claiming that they just want to see if you qualify so you can talk to their mentor and get free internet marketing help. They again say they do this so they can get a testimonial from you.

They first start by calling you, I got a call from a guy named Adam and they’re very weird at first,  just trying to set up a good time to call you back which was the first thing that was annoying.

The second is once he called back and we could talk all they started doing was asking questions like how much would you like to make, what things have you tried in the past etc. All these questions are just a tactic to get you in the end especially when the so-called mentor gets on the phone with you.

They will circle the wagon and tell you that with the goals that you shared with them you would be a perfect fit and then the mentor that is supposedly going to possibly give you a chance at being mentored will just get on the phone and tell you they don’t think they could work with you as they need someone to buy the things they tell you.

Then they will give you their supposed online knowledge. The knowledge is just a bunch of outdated garbage, they will just set you up with a e-commerce site and show you Ebay and some other basic things and charged you a ton for it. If they string you along and keep telling you it takes time and other stuff they will be able to scam you out of a good amount of money in the end.



Why The Elite Education Mentoring  Products Are Just Garbage And All They’re Selling Is A Wild Story

Then guy I talked to named Adam phone number is 858-812-2953 said that he could not explain anything as he would get in trouble with his boss if he did but then when I wanted to speak with his mentor he was conveniently in a meeting.

Remember he called me back when he wanted. Then when he calls me back he has nothing he can really tell me and wants me to wait yet again for his amazing mentor to call me back.

Then after I said this seems like a scam he kept reassuring me that “I have got it all wrong” they’re here to help for free but they only pick 2-3% of the serious people who want to make money. This allows them to keep you on the phone and waste your time in hopes that you will get selected.

They then call you and ask how little you’re making now and how much you want to make and then try to make you feel that you need to make a change.

I did not fall for it and immediately starting asking more questions but trying to act interested even after this guy tells me to grab a pen and paper and then tells me nothing.

He dodged almost all of the hard questions and then told me that he could get his mentor to call back in a couple of minutes and then just never called back. He said everything the right way but just had nothing to say.

This is what irritated me the most. I shot it straight to ol Adam and said look it sounds like you’re doing the same call floor sales tactics that I used to do years ago and if that is what they’re doing I did not want to waste either of our time.

He assured me that this is to figure out if they can work with me for free to get a testamonial. He then said he is just calling to make sure that I’m not a know it all and could be mentored. The reason is they wanted to get a bunch of testimonials supposedly for their website.

Then when you go to their site it’s full of just stock images and basic general videos and things talking about setting up e-commerce stores to eBay to make money. They would not ever say what it is they really do besides trying to slowly sell you masked as them trying to see “if you’re the right fit.”  

They will just say whatever sounds believable. Saying they could basically coach you from zero to what ever goal amount you wanted to make.

Well after two calls I got nothing from these guys except to go to and and then check out some videos and tell him if I had any questions.

Then I said I wanted to just talk now as I’m busy and he then just said I’ll call you back in 40 minutes, I reluctantly agreed. They then called me back yet again 40 minutes later.

I told him I wanted to talk to his mentor to see what was really going on and yet again said he wants to just make sure I’m a good fit.

It was a website selling services to set up e-commerce business and then he had nothing of value to say yet again besides some questions.

I then said I need to talk to someone who can answer these questions or this really is not going to work. He then said he could have him call me when he gets out of a meeting.

I said that is ridiculous as they called me twice but didn’t plan to have the mentor that was supposed to talk out of  his supposed meetings. This is to stage importance as you will feel that this mentor/closer is very important when really he is just eating cheatos in the cubicle next to the original caller. 

So then I said I can’t wait for that as they have already wasted too much time giving me literally nothing of value, if anything I gave this guy a ton of value answering his questions.

So then I finally got to the point that nothing of value was said, I just basically took a free survey for these people and then wasted a couple of hours of my day waiting for them to call back.

I have since tried to call back and left a message and have not got a return call.

The craziest thing is they used to be called Elite Mentoring Group and they have a really bad name selling crap products for a high price, then not returning it. When I confronted them about it they quickly knew everything about the other scam and said that they are trying to copy them. They have the same layout and theme so it is a little weird.

The picture below is Elite Mentoring Group and is known to be a scam even the guy that I talked to said that it was a scam and for some reason knew all about it.



Then Here Is The Website They Told Me To Go To And Said They’re Legit But They Work So Good That Others Are Copying Them. Yeah, Right.



This website is the same and they’re just here to rip people off with internet services they’re clueless about.

Elite Education Mentoring Just Change Their Name Like underwear So When You look Them Up Not Many People Have Done Negative Reviews On Them Yet.

Below is a complaint about the business which is the same thing they’re doing now.


Here were some of the comments:


If you want to see the full review of the person screwed over by this company when it was called elite mentoring group check this out here 

What Is Elite Education Mentoring  A Scam? | My Thoughts On Elite Education Mentoring  


So is Elite Education Mentoring a scam? In my opinion it’s a huge scam and one of the worst kinds. They will get to know you and then slowly take from you and give you nothing but garbage products that will get you nowhere.  

They bait you with guys like I talked to Adam (most likely not his real name). Then they try to see if you understand what they’re talking about. They’re looking to see if your the right type person. 


If you don’t know anything about Internet Businesses they can sell you on everything under the sun they can talk you into. The main problem is everything they will set you up with will be a extremely high price for noting of real value to a beginner. They know when they set these people up, they’re setting them up for failure.

They’re capitalizing on people who do not understand how much it cost to build a website and selling them just enough to make them a danger to themselves. It’s like the saying “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”

They will sell you things that will do nothing on their own and if you need to get them to work it will cost a lot more.

Then if they see you don’t really understand what they’re talking about they find out, you’re the right fit… The right fit as in draining as much money from you after the closer gets on the phone and overpromises and severely underdelivers.

The qualifier in the beginning is just probing you to see if you’re sellable, once they can determine you’re a buyer,  they will transfer you over to their mentor that is supposed to drop some amazing free knowledge on you.  All the qualifier person that calls first has to do is call you and qualify you and then the closer will act like the expert mentor.

These Sales Guys Tag Team The Prospect Until They Buy Or Die Or Hang up LOL

This also works in many types of sales as you wear a person out by talking to the first person and then a new fresh voice or face comes into the picture. Then they can both play good cop, bad cop or many other sales tactics that confuse the prospect on the phone. They do this to put themselves in a position of power.

I didn’t get that far as they were taking way too much of my time calling me back and having me look at websites. I was not going to originally do an article but I had to make a quick one just in case others out there are getting calls from these so-called good Samaritans. This is a scam, stay away unless you want to pay a high price for a smoke and mirror show.

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So If The Elite Education Mentoring Business Model For Making Money Doesn’t  Work  What Other Options Do You Have?


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