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Easy Arbitrage Profits

    Name: Easy Arbitrage Profits

    Price: $8.54
    Owners: Dan Ashendorf, Art Flair, Shane Nathan
    Overall Rank: 54 out of 100
    VERDICT: Borderline LEGIT

    Easy Arbitrage Profits, Another Arbitrage Method That Claims Big Money But Can It Deliver?


    Easy-arbitrage-profits-sales-page-picThis whole product could be explained in one of the articles that I write here on this blog. To sum it up in a nut shell this is a retail arbitrage course and just explains in very little detail how you can buy things on amazon and sell on E bay. Then bingo bango bongo you will start making money with no website?

    Sounds easy right, well this is after the course owner brags about making 1 million a year from this idea alone last year. Then is wanting to make 2 million this year. Now you may not see something wrong with this but what is going on is this guy and many others have already saturated this idea.

    One of the main owners of easy arbitrage profits is just trying to make money now selling the idea that he and many others have already saturated. They are letting you pay them money first to get the idea and then let you fight over scraps at the bottom.

    This course will tell you that the first $8 dollar E-book is normally $29 dollars and how it will go up in price soon and it’s all you need to succeed. Then they say “wait just one more thing,” they do this for three separate “one time offers” or (OTO’s). They say nothing about what they will do for you or what they are going to be giving you.

    They don’t explain anything in the video as they are afraid the method is so easy that you would be able to figure it out without buying it. Everything that they are trying to up sell or cross sell, is just claimed to supposedly speed things up. If the info is anything like the main book, it is way to simple and does not have a good enough barrier of entry. This is too easy for anyone to get into and is also an old technique so it will be highly over-saturated quickly. 

    It’s another course that wants you to buy everything and by the time you try it and realize it doesn’t work it’s past the refund date. The hard part is finding a product to make money with. You will inevitably come to the same conclusion that I did, your working way too many hours for little scraps. They are banking on the fact that it will take you a while to figure out how saturated the retail arbitrage method is.

    You will find a sale or two but unless you take it to the next level you will always be one step behind, just following the basic course. There is at least 3 courses off the top of my head that teach this retail arbitrage method. It’s gained in popularity because it sounds so good in theory, until you actually try it and by then its too late. The price of the product is low enough where you will feel that it kinda worked and just quit after a while. Then usually forget to return the product and that is how these courses thrive. They just focus on an idea that seems easy enough but has secret hidden caveats down the road that are hard to uncover without a few months of work.

    Who is Easy Arbitrage Profits For?

    This product is definitely aimed at the beginner who knows nothing to the intermediate person who wants to make money fast without a website. This product is good for easy setup and little technical skills are required.The problem with this is there is no barrier of entry and everybody and their MAMA can do it and when that happens you get comoditized and when you get comoditized you are in a price war and then it comes to a point where you just can’t get it any lower and make profit.

    Easy Arbitrage Profits Tools & Training

    The original product comes with just a 29 page e-book and 2 bonus books that are really just more of a detailed articles than a book. They say that everything is included but offer three up-sells. This is due to the fact that they would not be able to sell in a all in one package at $55 as it is such basic info people would for sure refund that.

    When you separate them into 3 and have one cheap offer that offers a product at a huge discount and gets you to make a commitment and you want to naturally see what is next and slowly pay $55 without being fully aware. Then you will have a lot harder time returning all of them so most people will usually just keep them.

    There is also one webinar that is not even done by them, that is just  added as part of the training 


    Easy Arbitrage Profits Support

    The product does have the one of the owners emails in plain sight so it seems legitimate I have requested a refund and will update this when I get the refund and how quickly.

    UPDATE: Ok I received the refund only after the owner Art took his sweet time, then offered me the up sell program instead of the refund which means it is crap. Then most people just give the refund without asking questions, he then asked what my Paypal address is and then finally he returned it. He only asked a single question at a time in each email hoping that I would forget, very annoying.

    This guy could have easily just refunded the money as he received all my refund info and he still asked three questions. So all in all the process was a hassle. They try to keep your money and you kinda have to wrestle it away from them.

    Easy Arbitrage Profits Price


    Regularly $27 Dollars discounted to $8.54 for no reason other than supposedly,  it’s in the launch phase. Well see if this ever goes

    OTO #1: $17 Claimed just to speed things up but also give unfair advantage somehow and does not explain. Also just claiming to give you a few more gold nuggets the main course should have had those gold nuggets added in their as it was not enough info IMO.Easy-arbitrage-profits-upsell-1-
    OTO #2: $27 Again claims to make things faster does not explain hints towards an unfair advantage.



    OTO #3: $17 Claims it is just one more thing to yet again speed things up that they do not explain. (If everything was just to speed things up then why was all this not in one OTO, instead of three?) They also just look like this is a attempt to throw in their old courses in a bundle and try to re-market them to you as something cool. Easy-arbitrage-profits-upsell-3-

    The Good & the Bad Of Easy Arbitrage Profits


    The Good:

    PRO #1 It is a easy concept to understand
    PRO #2 It is really short 29 pg book
    PRO #3 You don’t need a website

    The Bad:

    CON #1 It is very vague and not very detailed
    CON #2 You really have to fill in some gaps just to make it work out in the beginning
    CON #3 This is a highly saturated and over marketed technique
    CON #4 It is sneaky offering 3 different up-sells just to share how to speed things up
    CON #5 Most things to sell are dominated by others who have been at this for years and are selling at way lower than you can
    CON #6 Takes a lot of research to find these products, they can disappear, change and get sold out at anytime with little
    CON #7 The sale of Amazon goods on E bay is easy but if you find something on E bay to sell on Amazon you need to change your
    address on E bay to the person your selling to address as they will just send to registered E bay address.

    My Final Opinion of Easy Arbitrage Profits


    So my final opinion on this is, it is not a scam. It is at a program where it is focused on the beginner but the beginner will not be able to make money from this. This is a saturated and over marketed idea and thousands of people are doing the exact same thing, some using more advanced software. So while this sounds good at first, you will be fighting over scraps that make you pennies while the others who were in years before are one step ahead. Then everybody is selling for under what you can sell and make a profit with. You have to move on to another product or give up.

    If you understand retail arbitrage and think you could do this this course is not for you due to the fact that it does not explain retail arbitrage very well rather just tells you in a more complex way to simple buy low from amazon and sell high on Ebay and collect profits. Also say a couple of other places but if you have ever sold online you know that Ebay and amazon are really the only two when it comes to making real sales.

    Well that is like saying go out and knock some doors & sell 10 x $100 items a day and you will make $1000 dollars a day but that is much easier said then done, Doing this is basically impossible but anything is doable with the right formula and attitude but is it realistic?? No.

    The only good thing is you don’t understand the simple method of arbitrage and want the cheapest lesson this course is only $8.54 with a 30 day money back guarantee. It definitely has $8 dollars worth of information in it especially if you are unaware of the arbitrage methods and don’t have a website. I also gave this a higher score just for the fact that it is a doable idea, it is just a little old and over marketed. I also gave it a passing score as this can teach you a very simple idea of making a little money online and you don’t have to purchase any products to sell like with the more expensive DS Domination scam.


    Easy Arbitrage Profits at a Glance…

    Name: Easy Arbitrage Profits
    Price: $8.54
    Owners: Dan Ashendorf, Art Flair, Shane Nathan
    Overall Rank: 54 out of 100

    VERDICT: Borderline LEGIT

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