Duplicate Dave Review Can It Help You By Duplicating His System?

duplicate_dave_scam_not_showing_what_their_doingOk, so this Duplicate Dave review is to answer the many questions you may be asking yourself after seeing an offer for Duplicate Dave, Questions like…

Is Duplicate Dave a scam?

Will Duplicate Dave’s system actually work for everybody?


Will it become saturated just like everything that is not unique and just copy paste type programs where everyone’s using the same thing?

Well to start, if you didn’t know this is already, Dave Sharpe is one of the main two from Empower network. Now Empower was successful but then is slowly disappearing and lots of the top promoting leaders have already jumped ship.

Some would say that what they did with Empower was a scam and others will say he’s a marketing genius.

In my opinion Dave definitely has serious marketing knowledge and knows how to execute it to promote his brand.

The problem is…

The marketing knowledge may just get used against you rather than teaching it to you to duplicate.

You will want to ask yourself,  If Dave is making money, is that off of the people he is capitilizing on or all from using Duplicate Dave system that hes showing you?

Did he make $116,000+ in a month from doing what he’s going to show you or from what he does to you. This is the question that you need to ask yourself as I have realized that no matter what, if I say somthing is a scam someone will have to say no it’s not.duplicate_dave_scamMoney_claims

So I don’t reccomend it and it’s up to you wheter you want to go for it or not.  All I know is I would not do it.

With that said it’s not nessesarily a scam so if you try it and it works come back and let people know here in the comments. 

What Is Duplicate Dave?

So what is Duplicate Dave?

Well Duplicate Dave is a system where Dave is using his sales systems and allowing you to use them…

This is to supposedly get the same results that he gets.

So once signed up and you buy the course you want to promote you can then…

…Use His:

  • Sales funnels
  • Ad copy
  • Email follow ups
  • Advertising resources
  • Phone sales closers

So essentially he’s letting his members get access to his funnel, hence the name Duplicate Dave.

Duplicate Dave Product:

The products are video events and marketing education.  These are the trainings that you pay for before you can get commission on them.

They’re to help you market your MLM or Network marketing business or really to promote the Duplicate Dave system.

They can help in other areas but to make money fast you would need to mainly use these tactics to sell and recruit others to sell the Duplicate Dave program.

Duplicate Dave Case Study

Ok, I know you’re probably thinking,

Well is Duplicate Dave a scam or not?

Well this is where it gets tricky with well crafted programs like Duplicate Dave or Empower Network.

They’re not scams technically,


if you’re not savvy about these types of MLM/network marketing type programs you can get shafted.

If you don’t have a real insiders type understanding about them and know when to jump in or out at the right time and market like crazy… You might want to stay away from spending money with these types of courses.

You also need to understand when to get out at the right time. Like many with Empower Network figured out.

These programs always work like gangbusters in the beginning.

Typically the product is something that you must buy to qualify to get commissions on that particular product.

These products all go up in price and each one explains a juicier marketing strategy to sell the Duplicate Dave System.

The problem is…

They’re just teaching hardcore marketing to use, to sell a product that just tells others how to sell that same product.

When the product does not serve a real purpose other than teaching you to sell it, then recruiting more people to buy the products to teach them how to sell it under you in your downline… Then you will have a problem later on.

You Will Have A Problem Later With:

#1 Saturation – Too many selling one thing.

#2 Product does not serve a purpose besides getting more people recruited – It does not in itself contain ways to make money on its own. Too many people selling the same exact things, the same exact way. 

So lets break this down:

You need to buy the products to get qualified to sell and earn commission on that product. You have to buy just to figure out what he’s doing. duplicate_dave_scam_order_form

This product only serves to enable you to sell the Duplicate Dave system.

Then the only way to make money is to sell these products that you already bought and now are commission qualified for.

So then the people under you will be doing the same and selling the same products unless you invest higher amounts.

Then this will encourage people to buy the higher priced products not many others are selling, in hopes of marketing somthing not so saturated.

Everybody in the beginning infancy stages of this program have some opportunity to make some quick money if you’re lucky but it won’t typically last long.

Depending on when you joined, you could have only a few years left before saturation and the ship starts to sink.

Then unless you can start marketing globally, those products will make its way around the internet rather quickly.

This makes loads of money for the creators and alright money for the promoters.

Now this is not to say it wont make you money, as some can make money from this but typically they’re people who understand the game.

MLM and Network marketing are not a fair game and to me has more to do with luck and positioning than hard work and business savvy.

So What Is Duplicate Dave A Scam Or Is It Legitimate Way To Duplicate A System That Has Worked?

Is Duplicate Dave a scam?

Well no not technically.

Is it a program for you?

Well if you have already made lots of money from MLM/Network marketing


You understand how to get in early, invest lots, recruit hard and “get while the gettin is good… and then get out” then go for it.

If you’re a newbie that wants to make money and is looking for something that is easy I would not recommend it.

This will just teach you how to get more people recruited to a program that recruits more people, it wont technically teach you how to market your own business.

This can actually set you back unless you intent to make MLM your life career and some do. For the most part if you’re looking to run your own business from home and have never made MLM work or have never done it before this is not a good idea for you to start.duplicate_dave_scam_controversey_rags_to_riches

I envision that with the awesome sales video they have and the marketing Dave can afford with his deep pockets from Empower network a lot of people will jump onto this in the beginning.

Just be aware that you only have a certain amount of time to get in and qualify for everything and then promote and recruit hard before the programs eventually get too big and start to do downhill and disappear or become like Amway and Herballife.

These MLM’s get huge because they move into different countries. Even though their huge… Just try to sell herbal life and Amway to a few people in your area and see how they react to you.

Again if you understand what you’re getting into and understand MLM’s, I would say go for it, But anyone else I would recommend to use caution as you could wind up getting in over your head.

Then before you know it you’re buying the courses to become commmison qualified.

Then, only to find out that you’re having a hard time selling it cause everybody else and their Mama and your downline are selling the same thing, marketing the same way.

Well Seriously If This Doesn’t Work Then Does Anything Even Legitamitly Work Online?

Have you been frustrated trying to get something that you can just do online and it will make money?

Have you been wanting to earn consistent money from home but felt everything you have tried is really just a scam to get your money?

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Now imagine if you just stay consistent and have a platform that take care of everything for you.

Then this platform had a helpful community and they give you superior expensive cloud hosting and security to help rabk your blog with all the bigger blogs.

Then your job, is to just simply use the keyword tool provided, that then shows you easy words that need to be written about.

These easy words will then rank and get viewers.

Then all you need to do is talk about topics of interest to you. 

Then have a certain voice, just who you are is your voice.

Trust me there are other that will respond to your particular views.

People just need to respond to your voice and the content topics you choose. Then slowly you will start to gain lots of search traffic targeting easy words and soon get traffic that will start to exponentially grow your blog.

This is just to see what things your talking about and how your talk about them that is it, you don’t have to come up with anything new just differnt takes on things. 

Blogs start slow but then grow exponentially. Then you have to remember that when a blog grows you don’t have to do lots more work like if you had a brick and mortar business. You can sell anywhere in the world at any time. This is what make a blog such a big deal.

The problem is most people who create a blog give up within the first 6 months if not the first month.

This doesn;t happen with the proper system, training and guidance.

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