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DS Domination Scam

DS Domination ReviewDS Domination logo

Name: DS Domination
Price: $19 – $99 dollars a month + up-sells for special training
Owners: Roger Langille – Kevin Hokoana–Hitesh Juneja- Jason Rose
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100
Final Verdict: SCAM

DS Domination Scam Review….Online Retail Arbitrage Method That Is Saturated And Outdated


Arbitrage_ds_domination_scamI had recently bought into the idea of this program and similar programs like it. There are lots of other arbitrage type programs out there. The oldest online method of arbitrage is selling business owners a website and then outsourcing the website creation and all the technical work to a web designer in India for less money than you were paid and then keep the profit.

Before I start this review I want to say this technique they teach in general is legit but the idea is so outdated that the owners of this system are just trying to put lipstick on a pig.

This DS Domination program and many others like it are based on a similar arbitrage method. Finding something cheap online and selling it back to someone else for a higher cost. Then in this case also having a third party ship it off to them, sending it as a gift.

Definition of arbitrage is: The simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the price.

You may think to yourself, “Man what a good idea” when you first hear this.

The arbitrage method, in theory is a great idea. With programs like this you need to remember one thing… the devil is in the details.

I have no doubt that you could do a bunch of research, find some product to sell and earn razor thin profits. 

Many might still say “well I’m not handling the product so this could be worth it” and try to just scale up. This is what everyone thinks at first. In the infancy of this idea I think that could have worked that way. Now this idea has gotten out of control.


Comoditized_ds_domination_scamWhen you try to find a product to sell it’s hard because it needs to not only be a “good selling item” but you have to also hope that 19 other people are not trying to sell the same thing. Everyone will start cutting their prices just to beat yours and vice versa.

Since it is so easy to set up shop, you are beaten out by people that have the advantage that signed up before you and would have to work your way up the MLM ladder just to compete on a large scale to still not make very much.

DS Domination or just the idea of retail arbitrage in general is a mistake. Many of the products that have the margins to make money with retail arbitrage become comoditized. When a product that you sell become comoditized, it becomes just a price war and there is listings for the same exact products everywhere you look with same picture and descriptions.

Many times all the listings that look like they are promising end up being lower than you can sell for and make a profit. The more that people are signing up to Amazon and Ebay and doing this arbitrage method, the harder it is for a new person to make money. Unless of course you want to join the MLM side of things and recruit people to believe in the dream that they can do it..

You need to first sign up for more expensive elite tactics and training to be able to then start sponsoring people through MLM  side of DS Domination to make any real money.

Then there is a huge caveat, as you would not have made very much or any money at all but still would have to tell people you are doing great. Even though your not doing well you still need to act like you are, so you can sell the MLM part of the program and you can try to make a commission.

DS Domination was launched in 2013 and has been getting steady followers since. The reason they get steady followers is people are defending their buying purchases and when you get in over your head, you tend to lie to yourself. Also they realize that making a lot of money from the the arbitrage method just isn’t happening anytime soon.

So they start trying to recruit for the MLM side of things and to then become a DSD MLM member they must purchase everything that they want to make commissions on first or the money goes to their sponsor.  Then the person who signs up will lie to themselves and others why it works and angrily defend the programs honor. 


Because people don’t want to hear or believe something doesn’t work after they have invested a few hundred dollars into it and makes them money. They will defend that purchase way farther than they realistically should have. This is what every MLM/pyramid banks on.  .

You will be spending money only to make your sponsor money to compensate them for all the money they have previously invested, If you are on the tail end of an MLM program and sign up at the bottom.

Soon most pyramids either throw in the towel and run away with your money.

Some are so clever that it can take people years getting told they are not working hard enough before they figure out they are being scammed. Then years go by, thousands get spent and they have not learned any fundamentals that they can fall back on. The only lessons you can take away from this is the skill of selling people a dream and motivating them to motivate their referrals. This is always much easier said than done.

There is little information on the actual contents of the products provided on the company website.


  • $19.95 Monthly for pro membership – This includes The pro Level Training + Videos
  • $99.00 Monthly for Elite level – With more advanced training to give you the edge
  • $249.99 up sell for extra Unleashed training and software and videos
  • $499.00 fee for the Monopoly training and software and videos

Extras That You “HAVE To Buy” To Join The DS Domination Scam MLM Side Of The Program:


After you have gotten a couple sales and make a tiny little bit of profit you start thinking that it was possibly and start thinking you can make big bucks signing up people under you and creating a team. The sales on the products are just a marketing tactic to get people interested in this MLM.

If they didn’t have the selling of items, it would just be a pyramid/ponzi scam but since they added the outdated technique of retail arbitrage they feel they can call technically call it drop ship domination.

If You Wanted To Sign Up For The MLM Membership

  • $9.95 a month just to activate the so called affiliate membership, which right there that switched it from an affiliate promotion to a MLM promotion
  • $199 On time fee for the marketing and training materials not to learn to sell but to learn how to sign people up under you in DS Domination.

Do you see why they offer no money back and charge these fees just to look at the material…Cause they know there refund rate would be too high as the concept is not hard. You search and search for a low price of some product and then resell it to people on E-bay.

The concept is not hard the work selling these is the tough part. Imagine you and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people are trying DS Domination or similar programs.

There are also similar programs without the MLM such as Ezonincome. When all these people are fighting for the same thing you got the tail end of a gold rush. Then you need to remember with MLM programs like these, if your not at the top or you can’t see where the sucker is, then sadly your the sucker.

Now with all the people fighting the best way to make money after an idea is saturated is to sell picks and shovels, so that is why DS domination is really focusing on the MLM side of things but displaying it as focusing on drop shipping. They also just promote large income claims, without real statistics that show average income.

Here Are A Few Reason To Stay Away From The DS Domination Scam


#1: Same Technique, Same Product, Same Descriptions = 0% Profit Margin

ds-domination_scam_dropship_methodNow just imagine for a second that you want to buy a generic wood gun rack from Ebay. You find multiple listings of the same exact product with the same or similar photos, similar or same descriptions but had a different price…

which one would you choose?

Most people would choose the one with the cheapest price.

So imagine what this does every time someone finds a good product to sell. People will start to notice, as there is absolutely no barrier of entry so anybody and their mama can start putting up listings cheaper than you.

Now you probably guessed what will happen next.

You get commoditized and it becomes a price war. Commoditized products are everywhere. What are commoditized products? They are products that have very thin margins and are sold based on price rather than functionality and brand.

When you get wrapped up in commoditized products you are constantly lowering your price and are engaged in price wars. Until one day someone may lower it to a point that you can no longer make any profit from.

Then the only people thriving are the original people who started this way in the beginning as they have the most capital to make special deals to get stuff even lower.

Lets say years ago someone found a hot seller and was doing a retail arbitraging method. Then found that it was selling like crazy.

So the person who sold it first could buy up a lot of just that one product and take a gamble and then sell it for under what anyone could get it for online. Basically putting all the other “late to the party arbitragers” to go out of business as they can’t make any money. Since they can’t make money, they can’t buy products at low enough costs to compete with others. 

The DS Domination Scam Teaches You To Copy Images And Descriptions


Ds Domination teaches you to cut and paste the same descriptions from Amazon to Ebay…

Do you feel in your gut that this is a good strategy?  

Think about how hard it is now going to be to stand out from other DSD members. You really wont be able to really customize or change all the listings, as you have to do lots and lots of them to make any real money and would not have enough time to focus on them. Not too mention all the other programs that teach this same method plus all the people who just figured it out on their own.

After paying your Ebay fees and Paypal fees and marking down your prices to be competitive, your left with a tiny profit margin at .01 – 0 percent.

So when it all breaks down, you are working hard for nothing. Before you know it you will be in too deep and will tend to be more apt to defend your purchase and then just give in and join the MLM side of things. This is where everything starts to go downhill and people lose lots of money chasing more money!!!


#2 Customer receive box from Amazon

Amazon_boxes_ds_domination_scamMany people buy from Ebay and then they get it from Amazon. People like Amazon but will still feel cheated when they look and realize that it was found $20-30+ dollars cheaper. You also have to make sure you send everything as a gift, to get rid of the amazon invoice. This invoice will clearly show the buyer that they had been suckered into paying more.

Some people don’t care, some are curious then try to copy what you did and some just get angry, feel cheated and complain. If you bought a product on Ebay and it was shipped in an amazon box you may be a little suspicious and look into why they did it or maybe try to get your money back and buy it cheaper elsewhere.

The owners of these products will side step the fact that most consumers are a little putt off by a Amazon box being sent when they bought on Ebay. Not to mention this just makes more and more competition every time you send something out. Imagine you bought something on Ebay for $50 dollars and find out it was on sale at Amazon for $30 and when you get the package you simply run a quick check to reference the price.

Then all of a sudden you would think to yourself  “I am going to do this also.”  Unless you are able to get a brown box service that then will cost even more and rip into your razor thin profits your up a creek without paddle.


#3 Ebay or FEEbay will cut even further into your profits for listing your products

Ebay_Cost_ds_domination_scamSome don’t completely factor in all the little fees. Most in the beginning don’t realize at first that the only tiny profit they might make is shaved away to almost nothing by Ebay.

You also don’t have a guarantee your listing will sell in the sea of other arbitragers that are also just copying and pasting descriptions and listing the same thing as you.


#4 You have to front the cash in the beginning.

Ebay holds your cash until tracking number is added and it is shipped, so when you start out you have to buy all the products and then be reimbursed by the buyer once they relinquish your funds. You have to also remember that Ebay is completely PRO buyer, so you can have many buyers ask for refunds and get the money back and will not return package or send back a bogus package. Then they will win a dispute with Ebay and your out the money. With as many people that are doing this arbitrage method now you are better off just buying products wholesale and just selling them normal on Ebay.


My Final Opinion of DS Domination

The packages that are sold at DS Domination are focused on retail arbitrage and MLM and not simple drop shipping. Arbitrage is nothing more than taking advantage of a price difference between two or more retail markets. Your essentially looking to find matching deals to capitalize on the imbalance or difference in prices of particular products or services.

This is not a new concept and this company figured out that instead of selling Mary Kay make-up, Acai juice or special vitamins they used a retail arbitrage system as there MLM product. The idea is great in theory but if you try to actually execute, you will only work really hard for peanuts if your lucky.

Also you have to buy everything that you essentially want to earn a commission on. You also only get a commission on products you sell only after you have sold three or more of that particular product.

DS Domination is a classic online Ponzi scheme disguised and marketed as a drop-shipping affiliate program. It also walks a fine line of violating Amazon terms of service.

To even attempt to make real money with this program you have to buy in all the products that they sell and then recruit other people to pay you money. Further more if you don’t buy the product your commissions will be forfeited to your sponsors and has nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with hierarchy and who’s at the top first.

If you decide to buy DS Domination just remember you may make a sale here and there but look at the time spend for the profits earned. Even if you did DS Domination instead of working a job at McDonald’s you would be stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. You will not make good money with this system unless you are an extreme MLM’er and you love talking about how much money your making when your really not.

Roger_Langille DS Domination ScamOne of the main owners of the course Roger Langille also has a questionable background and a history of not returning money. He also wants to mysteriously pull out of the company. The system that DSD  teaches has lost it’s effectiveness, unless you are wanting to start another MLM online and don’t mind trying to trick people into buying a course that teaches them to do the same as you, steer clear of this.

I have been involved with internet marketing for 10 years and have come across my fair share of scams. I have been scammed a lot and therefore I will not recommend any program or product that I have not thoroughly reviewed, tested and proven to earn income first.

If you are sick of messing around and really want to start and I mean truly and realistically start a business online that is not an MLM and is not an outdated system, then I would really recommend that you CLICK HERE and read my Wealthy Affiliate review my # 1 Recommendation.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my review…Please feel free to share this scam with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

I invite you to also feel free to leave a comment below and let me know any thoughts you may have.

See You Soon!


DS Domination Review

Name: DS Domination
Price: $19 – $99 dollars a month + up-sells for special training
Owners: Roger Langille – Kevin Hokoana–Hitesh Juneja- Jason Rose
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100
Final Verdict: SCAM


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Marguerite says January 12, 2016

Thanks for writing such a detailed review . I have looked at DS a few times and have always been turned off with all the upgrades they say you have to have to make any money. I am retired and was looking for something legitimate that I could spend my time at and make a few dollars too. Again I thank you for bring this scam to my and others attention

    Brandon says January 12, 2016

    Hey Margerite,

    You are very welcome, thank you for your very nice compliment. Yes Ds Domination seems like a really neat thing at first but then you start realizing, this is just a system that’s just stealing the idea of retail arbitrage and turning it into an MLM and forcing people to buy upgrade, if they hope to make commissions if they sell those packages in the future. This causes many to get stuck in MLM, after someone buys the program and has spent a few months at least with it, people start to get “in too deep” and “start defending your purchase” and then have a hard time leaving.

    Plus they will claim that you need all these upsells just so you can make retail arbitrage work and make some money and be qualified to earn commissions or it goes to sponsor. Another huge problem with Retail arbitrage is there’s a lot of people doing it, as it has a very low barrier of entry which makes it a free for all for everyone and their Mama to do it.

    This causes people who do this to operate on razor thin margins and makes it hard to make good money with this system unless you recruit and sell a lot.

    Marguerite I really encourage you to try My #1 Recommendation as I feel this can be the program to really put everything together and start making money from home to add a nice positive cash flow stream to help have a great retirement with plenty of extra money, you can read the full review here, or you can just sign up for a free account HERE. I will immediately get in-touch with you and be there to help if nessesary.

    If you set up a free account and get a full free training on finding niches and beginning lessons all for free. You can then also look around and get in touch with me and then we can discuss getting you a marketing angle that you could spend some time on and make more than a few dollars but a full time income. This all comes down to building on the right platform and then having the right guidance to then connect the dots and that is what this program will do it’s an all in one program

    I’m so glad that you liked the article and it helped you avoid wasting loads of money in upsells with DS Domination just to find out that you are now stuck in a MLM and now have to recruit people in order to make good money and you would have to recruit people in knowing that it’s really a scam. Very good that you made the decision that you did.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


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Gan says May 15, 2015

Hi Brandon,

First of all, I would like to thank you for just saving me $19 haha.. Awesome review in the breakdown of how this actually works and the 10 minutes I have spent here have saved me my money.. So in a way, I earned $19 in 10 minutes 😛

    Brandon says May 15, 2015

    Hey Gan,

    That’s a great way to put it, I like that. I hope future posts can save you even more lol. I love to hear stuff like this, that is awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Dustin says May 14, 2015

It sounds like a really good idea at first until you start doing more research. This is a very well written review and it helped make me a decision to not join. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Brandon says May 14, 2015

    Hey Dustin,

    You hit the nail on the head, the idea sounds really good but then you start doing your research and start executing and realizing that the market is truly saturated…. at least for people wanting to cash in on arbitrage. I am glad that I could share this with you so it could possibly help you down the road.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Staey says May 14, 2015

I love your “Arbitrage” description of DS Domination as I was confused what that meant exactly as I have heard that term being thrown around. This is one I haven’t heard about..however, like you; I got caught up in a few scams myself. Thank you for spreading the information, so that others will steer clear of this company!

    Brandon says May 14, 2015

    No problem Stacey,Yeah there is a lot of arbitrage going on, Thanks for stopping by,


Jon Brome says May 14, 2015

Great review – detailed and informative.

    Brandon says May 14, 2015

    Hey jon,

    Thanks for the compliment, I hope I can produce more content that can be even better.

    Thanks for stopping by,


Angela says May 14, 2015

Thank you for the inside-out review. I’m never a big fan of MLMs.I got pulled in a MLM once years ago, and I still have the bad taste in my mouth. Your post will help many make their right decisions.

    Brandon says May 14, 2015

    Hey Angela,

    Yeah I am still surprised at the amount of people still getting sold on the dream. I got tricked by one offline and one online MLM but never did anything besides buy the entry package. I am glad this could help. Thanks for checking out the site.


James W D says May 13, 2015

Thanks for the heads up here on DS Domination. After reading all the details here I don;t think that this is something that I want to do.

    Brandon says May 13, 2015

    Hey James,

    Thanks for stopping by, I am glad that I could save you a little time, money and sanity by steering you away from this. This is defiantly something that would steal your time and leave you broke. If your looking for a good program to give you everything you need all in one place check out my review on my #1 most recommended product here.

    Thanks for commenting, I hope this helps and will guide you to the right path

Heather says May 13, 2015

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned. I am an honest person and it is sometimes easy for people like me to get sucked into a dishonest company. Thank you for explaining the way it works and why it is not a good path to take. I am amazed by the number of people who are willing to cheat people who just need to make some extra money.

    Brandon says May 13, 2015

    Hi Heather,

    I totally understand where your at, in the beginning I was trusting and thought most courses would never really scam you and it was your fault for not trying hard enough. I think that all these scams basically are preying on all the people that don’t understand how to make money online, so they never know if they are being scammed. Then by the time you hear all the people that are trying to recruit you say good things it’s hard to not believe the hype. The internet can definitely turn you into a skeptic real fast.

    Thanks for sticking around and leaving a comment and stopping by.

Nathan says May 13, 2015

I’ve heard about the DS Domination Scam before. It’s ridiculous. I found it hilarious how you nailed it on the head that it is putting lipstick on a pig. There’s no point to it, and the fact that you have to climb this tower of rats to get to the top and hopefully make a few bucks is insane. Thanks for this article. Let the truth be exposed! haha

    Brandon says May 13, 2015

    Hey Nathan,

    Yeah climbing up the ranks in this course will at best, make you do a lot of work and just break even. Trying to get to the top of the MLM is really the only way to succeed. When you start a course like this with old information in a saturated market the only way to earn money is by recruiting others. I like the analogy of climbing a tower of rats to make a few bucks lol. Thanks for stopping by Nathan


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