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Does The Hoth Work Like Everybody Says Or Is This Just A SEO Placebo?

    Does The Hoth Work Like They Say It Does?

    What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_logo-minSo you might have a blog or website and have thought to yourself Does The Hoth Work?” Well I thought the same thing until I signed up and had a 30 minute consultation with their SEO account managers.

    I will be covering everything about the Hoth. I will show you why you need it, what it can do for your blog and how much time it typically would take your blog to rank better after using The Hoth.

    After you read this you should have a pretty good idea if the Hoth works or not.

    By reading this review you will be able to make a decision if this is the right resource for you and your blog. This will be mainly focused on if The Hoth works and not about packages and suggestions as they can help you with that much better as everything is really a case by case scenario and it depends on how much your willing to spend as well.

    If you already know The Hoth Works and want more detailed info on what they do and what packages they have see my article what is the Hoth by clicking here

    What Is The Hoth And Why Do You Need It?

    Ok well it’s partly a site that provides good quality back-links that are permanent and not rented such as companies like The Hoth builds links in a very safe white hat link building service, from back-linking to guest posting.

    Now I have heard there is really no such thing as White Hat SEO as realistically White Hat SEO is all organic and SEO in general is trying to in theory game Google’s algorithms.

    Many believe back-links are starting to die out but they’re still very important to your blogs overall portfolio.

    Back-links that come from the wrong places that are not relevant to your niche will definitely not help rank and will actually hurt your search engine results.

    You need to get relevant back-links from higher authority properties and pages. Also what your focused on is social proof and higher page and domain authority.

    What Can The Hoth Do For Your Blog?

    Well it depends on the help you’re looking for if you’re just wanting a magic bullet to raise your article to the top of Google for the word “Car insurance” you’re probably going to be disappointed.

    If you’re looking for a real way to give the appearance of a complete Organic site with links that are yours to keep, then The Hoth is  for you. If you’re having a hard time completing all the tasks that need to be done with running a blog and the cause is always getting lost in the chaos The Hoth can be a lifesaver.

    How Long Does The Hoth Take To Work Typically?

    The annoying thing about link building for search engines is that it can take on average of 10 weeks to see the results from your link building efforts. This is why things can become confusing with people using The Hoth as they need to be in it for the long run and they will see some nice returns in traffic and ultimately targeting customers to their blogs.

    For The Hoth To Work Well For You, It Depends On A Few Factors Such As:

    • What keywords you’re targeting
    • If they have the keyword optimized with all the correct on page SEO methods
    • How old is the domains that you’re competing with in that specific market or niche
    • How many relevant back links they have pointing to them
    • How good is your competitions external linking habits
    • How good is your social presence compared to the competition

    What Can Typically Happen Is:

    • Your keywords are really competitive
    • The competition has optimized well with good on and off page SEO methods (i.e title tags, description, H-tags, alt tags, internal linking, backlinking, etc.
    • The domains that you are competing against are higher authority aged domains
    • The competition has tons of relevant back links
    • The competitors have tons of internal linking and guest posting etc.
    • Competition has really good social presence

    This is just an example of why possibly doing one Hoth package wont do the trick. This is obviously a general statement just to make a point, that some will not be happy with the service or feel that The Hoth should have magically ranked then in the #1 spot.

    Then once they buy even the most expensive package and just do it once they still would not get the results they may have been looking for.
    How You Can Get The Best Results Using The Hoth:

    • Find a group of buyer keywords that are low hanging fruit (You can sign up HERE for a free training program plus keyword tool and 2 blogs hosted and check for low hanging fruit keywords using their free keyword tool)
      Do research to find what websites you’re competing against also looking if they have the keyword optimized in their title, description, H-tags, alt tags etc.
    • Find the proper tools to do research – such as SEM rush to do competitive analysis to see what keywords your competition is using and looking up the age of back-links and domains.
      Search to find what relevant places your competitors are linking to and what relevant places are linking back to them
    • Search to see what there internal linking looks like
    • Also find out if the competition for the words you’re trying to rank for have a good social presence.

    Then once you get this dialed in your efforts with The Hoth Would be amazing as they would just boost you up to the top of Google. The problem is most people who use their service don’t do a lot of this stuff or do not have the time to do it.

    So when they get the results back The Hoth will build white hat links but still the blog at time will not go up in ranks as much as they had hoped or only go up a couple of spots on the third or second page still. No matter what it helps but just at times people will complain about it not doing what they had hoped and that is the main reason, cause it does work and works very well.

    This is why when trying The Hoth you really need to look at it long-term especially if you do not have your “On and off page SEO” dialed in completely. The Hoth can be used to really give your website a boost or you can just pay them to  slowly whip your blog into shape.

    I know you’re probably thinking if you did all the stuff above what good is the Hoth?

    Well The Hoth has many different types of packages that can cater towards many different types of situations. So if you had everything done correctly when it comes to the SEO of your site you would notice results just doing the most Basic $60 Hoth back-link package.

    The less you have done SEO wise and the higher you want to rank high will decide how much in theory you would have to use The Hoth.

    It can get very difficult to explain exactly what package you need as everybody is different and realistically there is not a one size fits all package that will work the same for everybody’s blogs due to the many factors of Google.

    One thing is clear, if you’re not getting exposure in the SERPs and just need a boost, The Hoth is worth every penny as that slight boost from the top of page 2 to bottom of page 1 could mean making nothing to actually earning money. Then you can target other specific Hoth packages to get it higher or keep it there.

    Also if you want to use The Hoth and have good success with it you’re going to want to use it as consistently as possible. So instead of doing the most expensive package just once, break it up and do a cheaper package every month for a little while.


    Instead of doing it every month do a more expensive one but every other month, just make it consistent.

    The best way to really learn what to do, is to set up a 30 minute SEO consultation with one of the Hoth Account managers. This consultation will really help you to understand which one would work the best for your particular situation.

    You can sign up here to set up a consultation and they do not try to sell you and give great info.

    Why The Hoth Can Save You A Lot Of Time

    If you have pretty good content and are in a niche that is not extremely competitive, The Hoth can get you to move up in rank a lot. So if you’re either wanting to boost your websites traffic or get more sales, The Hoth can really be an excellent resource to use.

    Their guest posting on high domain authority sites and writing them for you is an amazing service that will help anybody no matter what, as a relevant guest post will get your blog ranking higher. If it’s a guest post that gets shares and attention it could act as a driving force to rank up all other pages linked or related to it.

    So Does The Hoth Work?  My Thoughts On The Hoth For Ranking Better In Search Engines

    In My Opinion it works amazing and is a great service and is the closest thing to a push button method I have ever seen. You can literally have a guest post written and submitted with link back while you’re doing something else, as just getting someone to accept your guest post on a higher domain authority blog, let alone writing a good guest post can take a while.

    Building back-links like they do from relevant properties would also take a long time doing it by yourself manually. So basically if you value your time and want a boost in traffic and rankings, I would say The Hoth Does Work.

    This service can allow you to get more targeted traffic even if you slow down on posting new content and just focused on sharing and building back links to your existing content. They have excellent support and again you can learn a lot from just a 30 minute consultation from an account manager from The Hoth.

    Read full article about The Hoth and more detailed info about all the different Hoth packages HERE.

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