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Does Swagbucks Really Work. How To Earn Money With Swagbucks?

    Earn money with Swagbucks, is this really possible? does_swagbucks_really_work_how_to_make_money_with_swagbucks_logo
    Does Swagbucks really work?
    Well to answer in short… Yes.

    • People have made money with Swagbucks
    • They do pay out if rules are followed
    • They have many ways to earn
    • Its not a lot of money but if you have the spare time many feel it’s fair for the work
    • Can get some extra Christmas money or help them take a trip.

    If you’re in a hurry:
    ✅ Earn your first $5 Dollars here with Swagbucks just for setting up.

    Although there is a little more to using Swagbucks and also higher chances that you wont make the money you may have thought, Swagbucks overall is a good company.

    Swagbucks works like it should giving kickbacks and rewards. When people try to use it to really make money online, it will not work out so well.

    If you really want to  Learn To Make Money  you would need to start something like a Blog [Check Out This Ultimate Guide].

    You also need to play your cards right when using Swagbucks and Swagbucks Swag codes.

    Get the most points by combining tasks with completing daily goals, free offers and bonuses to maximize your rewards. This way you can learn How To Earn Swagbucks Fast with special tips and habits to maximize your Swagbucks earning.  

    How Can You Earn Money with Swagbucks?

    If you really want to know the nitty gritty details on how you can earn money with Swagbucks read on.

    What Is SwagBucks?

    Swagbucks is really just an online reward program that grants users virtual currency for doing tasks that they can convert into real gift cards and money.

    They have a few ways to earn money with Swagbucks.  Some of the easier ways would be using their search engine or watching videos.

    Is Swagbucks a legitimate website?

    Yes. Swagbucks is a legitimate website where you can earn swag points to get prizes and gift cards for your time.

    Is Swagbucks website safe to use?

    Swag bucks is 100% safe to use.

    Is Swagbucks a scam?

    No Swagbucks is not a scam. All though the time you put in working for the money.. can have some feeling like it is. There is also a few common Swagbucks complaints that make this not for everybody.  Is Swagbucks A Scam That Looks Legit? 

    Who is Swagbucks For?

    Swagbucks is really for anyone but I would say it’s more geared for stay at home moms, retired folks or college students. If you’re main goal is just getting a little cash back for what you spend anyway, then Swagbucks will work perfect for you. If you want to make income don’t use Swagbucks… as you will feel like its a scam when really it’s not.

    Swagbucks Training

    Most of the functions in Swagbucks are pretty straightforward. The rewards program is explained in depth with video and tutorials. If you’re going to use Swagbucks on desktop you don’t even need to download anything. The mobile user will just need to download the app.

    Swagbucks Support

    Swagbucks have had their share of disgruntled customers but they’re pretty good about addressing customer concerns as they’re dealing with a lot of people. They often make You Tube videos explaining things to users. You can also just contact customer service through email.  Swagbucks also has a pretty robust community of fellow members via the forums to ask questions.

     Is Swagbucks Free?

    Currently, it is free to sign up for Swagbucks and to earn the rewards.

    Well using Swagbucks is always free but some of the offers to complete for higher swagbucks cost money.

    How much is 1 Swagbuck worth?

    1 swag point equals about 1 cent.

    How Many Swagbucks Equal A Dollar?

    100 swagbucks equals a $1 dollar.

    How much money can you make using Swagbucks?

    You can make anywhere from $1-10 dollars a day with consistent efforts.

    Can you make money off of Swagbucks?

    You can make money off Swagbucks but it’s really geared more for a extra reward when trying products that you have already been interested in. If your looking to do more free surveys you would be better off trying Survey junkie, VIP voice, Pinecone research and Ipsos i-Say

    How do you turn your Swagbucks into money?

    You can redeem your Swagbucks for prizes or gift cards. Just click redeem SB at the top of screen under your profile. You can get amazon gift cards or now even Paypal gift cards from anywhere from $10, $25, $50 and $100 dollar card. Then when you snag your card it will be redeemed into your Paypal account.

    How do I link my Paypal to Swagbucks?

    1. Just log in to Paypal
    2. Click get verified on your account overview
    3. Select verification method
    4. Then just enter your info and click continue
    5. Just confirm and then submit.

    How to get 1000 Swagbucks a day 

    Swagbucks is not going to 


    replace full time income but you can have a goal to hit 500 -1000 swagbucks a day which could amount to around $1,200 -3,600 dollars a year.

    But to do this you will need to be seriously prepared to capitalize on many offers like an extreme coupon-er.

    Getting 1000 swag bucks a day is not very realistic as just 500 a day is an above average goal. It’s still free money you can earn in your spare time, so if you find yourself sitting twiddling your thumbs at home or cooking and doing laundry and studying a lot this can work great. you can get good at completing tasks and watching videos in the background of your phone while doing chores and errands.

    Get Started Earning With Swagbucks:

    Get Swagbucks by searching

    Use SwagBucks as your main search engine. When you search with SwagBucks search engine you can win points or SwagBucks. Use it regularly as your search engine and you can earn points every 1 or 2 hours your using it. 

    Search for sites you already have bookmarked because it gives you more of a chance to win more bonus Swagbucks!

    Use the Swag button

    Download the SwagButton extension for your browser. This is a way to make sure your earning as many Swagbucks as possible.

    Use Daily Poll 

    Swagbucks polls its members  on different topics.  The daily poll only pays 1 SB for about 2 seconds of time – and that SB goes towards daily goals and bonus.

    To find the Daily Poll go to the toolbar on the left from your Swagbucks dashboard. Halfway down you will see a section called “TO DO LIST.” then just click on the Daily Poll to answer that day’s question!

    Daily Offers

    “No Obligation Special Offers” are located right beneath “the Daily Crave” – which basically is where your presented with offers that you can skip. You don’t have to sign up for ANY of them in order to earn Swagbucks with NOSO. Just skip through and once you get to the end you will get 2 SB. This takes just a few seconds and can contribute towards your daily goals.

    Special Offers/Free Trials 

    Signing up for subscriptions like credit cards or surveys and free offers can all result in earning swagbucks.

    You can find all these special offers by clicking on the discover button on the left hand side of the toolbar. Find Special Offers by clicking “Discover” on the left hand side toolbar.  Then once in discover, choose the “Free Offers” on the left. These will all be activities that reward you without costing you any money.

    Swagbucks Codes

    Swagbucks swag codes are Free SB points given out by Swagbucks.

    They give you a Swagbucks code for:

    • The Swag Button
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Swagbucks Code promo offers 

    When you see a Swagcode you can enter it into the swag button to have the Swagbucks entered into your account.  The Swagbutton will automatically notify you when there is a new code so you wont have to hunt for them.

    Swagbucks Inbox

    The Swagbucks inbox contains special offers, swagcodes and limited time bonuses. Try to take advantage of these whenever you have extra time.

    Each day you want to start hitting your Swagbucks goals. Then once you hit one goal you will want to also try to hit your second larger goal if you can. This can lead to extra SB and bonuses.

    Swagbucks TV

    When you have Swagbucks TV you can start earning an extra 150 SB per day. Many will open the Swagbucks TV from their dashboard or Swagbutton and watch television in a new tab while working on other projects. For every 10 videos or so you watch you need to enter a code and get 3 SB and up to 150 doing this a day.

    Swagbucks mobile app

    Swagbucks app for mobile gives you extra ways to earn. The app is available for both Android and iOS and its free. This app allows you to earn an extra 50 SB per day just for watching videos while you’re out and about. Use the mobile app while you work on other things and have this run videos in the background .

    Follow Swagbucks on Social Media

    Swagbucks will release exclusive Swagbucks swag codes on their social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter. So if you follow what they post you can pick up some extra swagbucks.

    Swagbucks Games

    Get 2 SB per 2 games played and up to 10 per day. Just need to play them for a few minutes each.

    Swagbucks Surveys

    Take as many surveys as you can qualify for that don’t have anything to buy. Earning vary widely by survey but you can easily hit the daily survey goal of 60SB + add on other surveys that you like or qualify for. Find the surveys by clicking on answers in the left hand side of the swag bucks dashboard.

    Swagbucks Print Coupons

    One of the best ways to earn Swagbucks is redeeming coupons at physical grocery stores and pharmacies. You can earn 10 SB for each one you redeem at the store.

    Shop Through Swagbucks

    Swagbucks shop and earn section gives you cash back in the form of Swagbucks.  If you click through Swagbucks first you can earn SB for shopping. This works similar to E-bates except your credits are in the form of Swagbucks.  With the Swagbucks button you will be automatically notified when you can earn SB from a online retailer you’re already shopping with.

    Use The Swagbucks Credit Card

    If you sign up for the Swagbucks credit card you can use this to buy from Swagbucks approved retailers. If you transfer a balance within the first 3 billing cycles you’ll earn 1000 SB points. If you spend 1000 in the first 6 months you’ll earn an additional 2,500 SB. So about $10 -$25 dollars.

    The APR is 0% at least for the first six billing cycles. After that the APR varies from 11.99% to 18.99%, based on creditworthiness. So you need to pay this off or transfer in full before the 6 months to avoid the balance going to 11.99% to 18.99% APR.

    Swagbucks Refer Your Friends

    Earn points by referring your friends. Suggest Swagbucks to friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or any social media outlet.

    When a friend signs up, you’ll both receive 100SB bonus + you  will earn 10% of their Swagbuck earnings they create.

    My Final Conclusion on Swagbucks

    Well Swagbucks if used correctly can be beneficial if your already shopping and buying the things that they give Swagbucks for. 

    This can be great if you look at it like couponing or if you already have spare time and can leverage all Swagbucks has to offer.

    You would have to be very creative and be consistent and still only equal around 1,000 dollars a year in real products and money. Again this is if you work the system correctly and qualify for the majority of things.

    P.S. Extra Kickbacks From Swagbucks:

    This seems perfect for college students or someone retired. If you’re up for a lot of bouncing around and completing little tasks online for little bits of money for extra Christmas spending money then this could be good.

    Just remember that it is very limited earning potential and many times your time is much better spent focusing on building something of more value. 

    If you’re going into this to get some extra money it can be a good thing.

    If you’re trying to make  full or even part time money you will want to try something like starting your own blog.

    Related Article: Learn To Make Money Blogging 

    So realistically you can make some good extra spending money but don’t look at it like a way to actually make or even really even supplement your income.

    COMMENT what is your experience with Swagbucks:

    Let me know if you’re apart of the Swagbucks community?

    Have you had a positive or negative experience with Swagbucks?

    What is the highest Swagbucks points you have earned in a day?

    Do You Like Swagbuck Or Have they pissed you off?


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