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Is Daisy Blue Naturals A Scam? This Seems Like The Best Of The Worst But Is Starting A DBN Business Worth It?

    Name: Daisy Blue Naturalsdaisy_blue_naturals_scam_logo
    Owners: Jena Thompson
    Price: $99 Dream Start Kit.
    Overall Rating:  Legit If You Like Network Marketing
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    What Is Daisy Blue Naturals? Is It The Right Decision For You.


    Well is Daisy blue naturals a scam? If I was to give you a short answer I would say no… but if I was to give you a longer answer, I would at least say I don’t recommend it.  

    Although I can say it has much, much better products than most network marketing business I have come across.

    Daisy Blue Naturals is a Network marketing business Headquartered in Albert Lea, Minnesota. DBN is a work from home Network Marketing business started in 2001.

    This company is a lot smaller than most of the MLM’s out there which is actually a good thing as far as Network Marketing is concerned. If you can get lucky to be the first wave of people to sign up and it gets big you may get lucky.

    This company has already been around for a while, so is there a reason they have not grown very quickly?

    Daisy Blue Naturals is a Network Marketing company that helps people looking for healthy all natural organic health and beauty products.

    I went through and tried to find the scam and I must say that if you were going to go for a Network marketing business this could possibly be it.

    I will never fully recommend any business that is build using the MLM pyramid payment structure. This basically means many of the women signing up later are just basically supporting the women who started first at the top.

    By the time the people at the bottom are ready to receive good income from the down-lines they created many times there just is not enough people in the US that need or want the products to support that pyramid.

    The main thing that saves this is that the products are in somewhat demand and not found everywhere.  

    So actually selling products and making somewhat good money is possible. 

    Often times people involved in network marketing are just making money recruiting distributors, who then buy products themselves to stay commission qualified.

    Most of the products bought are from the distributors and not actually real customers.  

    Daisy Blue Naturals does look like you could actually sell the products to others and make some money on selling products and not just recruiting.

    Is Daisy Blue Naturals Really Different?

    The good news is this product actually has much more value than your typical MLM.  I would have to say that you could unlike most MLM’s actually sell these products and have people coming back for repeat purchases.

    These products will be always higher priced than they should be and usually requires a buy in or start-up cost of some sort.

    This is all to support the up-line and pyramid structure. Most of the time if you where really selling a good product you could just make money selling it and not have to buy in to do so.

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    What is Daisy Blue Naturals Exactly?

    Well they’re a health a beauty products company and they make a promise that they use:

    • No sulfates, phosphates or sulfites
    • No parabens, phenoxyethanols, or other artificial preservatives
    • No artificial fragrances
    • No phthalates
    • No mineral oil, silicones, or paraffin
    • Cruelty-free products and ingredients
    • Gluten free
    • Casein free


    They also promise that:

    • It’s 100% natural ingredients, that are also safe to eat (This could be a great targeted niche product for kids with gluten and casein allergies)
    • It’s medicinal and cosmetic grade essential oils
    • It’s Certified organic
    • It’s got pure vegetable, flower and plant oils and extracts

    When I look through all the products and their ingredients I’m shocked that this MLM is not bigger than most of the others popping up.

    Is Daisy Blue Naturals A Scam?

    Yes the products are really good quality products and they seem like a neat business but there is always a few things that just make it not a good idea.

    Now just based on the ingredients they use I’m sold, this is really a good product but there is usually a few unforseen problems.  

    There is always something that makes these MLM’s not very realistic and this one is sadly not much different.

    You have to first  like the MLM business structure.

    If you’re already making MLM/network marketing work for you, this would be a really good opportunity, for the right person.

    Your going to need to do home parties and sell person to person.

    Your going to need to practice your demonstration like a traveling vacuum salesman.

    These products are really not in that much demand when stores in most rural cities have specialty item like this.

    The sad part is due to the fact that they are a MLM and put good ingredients in their products, there is less profit for the distributors to make or the prices would have to be sky-high.

    There products are not bad as they have an all natural lavender lotion for $10 not including shipping.

    You can find a similar quality Lavender Lotion on Amazon if you did not a have a convenient health store near you.

    Below is an example of a lavender lotion similar to Daisy Blue Naturals but DBN still has slightly better lotion. This is what makes Daisy Blue Naturals a Real Contender as far as their products are concerned.




    I think this is why this has not taken off faster as you would have to be a person that was already into MLM and have or have someone in your family that has an allergy to really see the value right away.

    Don’t get me wrong I can see the value of anybody using these but still not sure about how big the market really is for this particular product at this point.  

    This is a good thing as you’re selling at least a solid product. The sad part is that unless the people you sell to also are vegan, gluten-free or really into the environment, you might have a hard time selling this concept to regular everyday people.

    Some may not really see the benefit of these products unless they have specific ailments for them to want to pay more for something that is gluten-free or casein free.

    If you’re considering this just ask around and see if anybody you know would be looking for the types of products before you start selling.

    Really try to figure out if these products are special or if they’re the same as other quality health products with natural organic ingredients. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I see the value but whether you have gluten intolerance or allergies, most of these products would be better for everybody to use but sadly the world does not always see it that way.

    For the most part people really don’t care about their health as much as they should. The point I’m trying to make is there is only a smaller demographic of people to sell these products to.

    If that wasn’t bad enough you really have to sell a lot of these products, as the earnings are significantly worse than most MLM’s (hence the reason that this is not a bigger MLM business.)

    It has been shown that your expected earnings with Daisy Blue Naturals after selling a $1000 of product is just around $50 bucks. Then if you sell 10k worth of products which is no easy task, you can get $850.

    This is before buying in more inventory and demo stuff. That number would be even less if you calculate in driving, sales material and anything else you did beyond the norm to try to sell this product.

    If you were to join in this program you can get your starter dream kit at $99 dollars.

    Below is what you get inside your Dream Kit.



    Also this kit is not enough and typically you will need to buy lots more products to effectively give the impression that your succesful and have a nice choice of products.

    There is always something else typically hidden somewhere in the fine print, they usually don’t like to show such as:

    • How much you have to sell monthly to stay commission qualified
    • You may have to buy each product yourself, that you want to make commissions on or when your downline makes a purchase your commissions will be forfeited to the next available qualified sponsor in your up-line.
    • Sometime if you don’t hit a certain monthly sales goals your commissions can be forfeited to the next qualified up-line sponsor who did hit their goals.

    I’m not sure which one Daisy Blue Naturals decided to do but that is usually only figured out after you get shafted on commissions.

    If anybody from Daisy Blue Naturals wants to make a comment and set the record straight on the D B N commission qualification and what is required I can update this. Typically it’s usually one of the three I mentioned above.

    The other bad thing about these businesses is typically you will not be able to sell online and in this day and age you’re missing out on a lot.

    You could however start a blog and recruit people but your cannot usually sell MLM products online.

    Is Daisy Blue Naturals A Scam? My Thoughts On DBN

    So Daisy Blue Naturals a scam? I would have to say not really. At least for a MLM/Network Marketing Business it’s not really a scam. In my opinion I would NOT recommend you go for it. If you’re not already in to MLM marketing and just love the way they work you should give this a shot but if not I would stay away from this.

    If you were going to try this business you could at least set up a blog about a tight sub niche in the health and beauty market. You would be a lot safer and at least have the blog to fall back on if Daisy Blue doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.

    Setting up a blog now is crucial for your success in the future.

    If you’re looking to sell this type of opportunity at least set up a blog/website so that you have a place to send people, they could watch videos about you presenting and about the products to reviews and case studies on how they worked or didn’t for you.

    At least when you start a blog you really do own the blog, well at least when you host it yourself.

    When you work for an MLM you’re an employee, business owner, salesman and recruiter all in one.

    This may sound neat but basically all the responsibility is on you and you don’t get the benefits normally tied into running your own business.

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    If you want to try something different or significantly improve your recruiting, setting up a blog could make all the difference. If you do sign up to try Daisy Blue Naturals, making a blog that works the right way will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the pack. If you’re interested you will really want to check out my #1 recommendation here. 



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