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Convertkit Is A Hit If You Want To Do More Than Just Mail it!

    Name: Convertkitwhat_is_convertkit_review_logo
    Price: $29 a month to start with 1000 subscribers 
    Overall Rating: Legit

    Summary: What is Convertkit? Well If you’re with an autoresponder company now and want more options for tracking and managing lists this Convertkit Review, is for you. Even if you have never used an email autoresponder but want to get the best one for the money with all the best features all in one place then Convertkit is your best bet.

    I can tell you one thing that Convertkit is not a scam, you just need to see if it’s the right tool for the situation you’re in.

    This Service is good for people wanting to build a real relationship with their lists through segmentation and labeling to give the best subscriber experience to maximize conversions. This is also with the ease of having all these features all in one place.

    If you’re interested in what Convertkit can do or why you may not want to switch from your old email provider to Convertkit, then you may find value in this Reasons you shouldn’t switch to Convertkit article here as well as current pricing.

    What Is Convertkit – If You Want To Do More Than Just Mail it, ConvertKit’s A Hit!

    What Is Covertkit Exactly? Well it’s an autoresponder with a kick. In this review of Convertkit I wanted to quickly cover what makes Convertkit such a good service and how this can be a very good investment for many entrepreneurs. This is why many bigger bloggers like Pat Flynn from smart passive income and many others have made the switch to Convertkit. 


    Have you ever wanted to run your own email list but then fear that you will just waste money paying the monthly payment to an autoresponder and make nothing? Well then, Convert kit may be for you. This is not only for experienced marketers to use to get better results but also a place where a beginner could use this and hit the ground running.

    If you have tried other autoresponders but possibly did not get much of a return on your investment it might have been due to you not fully maximizing the potential of that mailing list. If this sounds like something you have had problems with in the past Convertkit may be for you. Let me explain.

    Convertkit Has The Value Of Having Everything You Need To Maximize Potential Of Your Lists All In One Place

    So the main value with Convertkit over other email service providers is the ease of use and the analytics and statistics. Convertkit has many advanced features with easy segmentation of lists and easy tagging of customers with specific labels. These labels allow Convertkit to charge one email subscriber as one email subscriber.

    If you didn’t use labeling one email subscriber that you segment on to another list, would count as 2 subscribers when really it’s only one. This would then mean that your paying for duplicates. So if someone with the same email subscribes to 4 or 5 different lists, you’re going to get counted for 4-5 subscribers and not just one subscriber using Convertkit.what_is_convertkit_review_sign_up

    So one person with one email counts as one subscriber.


    These labels allow you to get the most relevant message into the right persons hands.

    They have overall graphs that can show overall trends. Also they can see what opt-in forms that are bringing in the most subscribers.

    Then on each form or course that you make, Convertkit will show you the visitors the subscribers and conversions for the forms or courses.

    Then it also has a graph that shows a general trend at quick glance which is handy for a looking for overall drops or spikes in visitors across all of your subscriber opt in forms to see patterns or where attention may be needed.

    They also have very neat automation rules that you can create. Many other autoresponders may have some automation rules but they’re very limited and still require segmented users to be on different lists, causing one email to be counted as multiple subscribers.

    Convert kit uses an “If this then that” sequence that are very simple and easy to use.

    So this enables you to have a trigger event where someone purchases a specific product though a specific landing page or affiliate network.

    You can have an action to tag users with labels to segment them into the proper categories or send them through the proper courses.

    All These Tools That Convertkit Uses Sets Them Apart From Other Basic Email Service Providers.


    So basically it breaks down into trigger events:

    “when this event happens” such as…

    Subscribes to a course
    subscribes to a form”
    Completes a course
    Click a specific link
    Products purchased

    Or When….

    A new RSS post is up
    A Tag is added
    A Tag is removed

    Then you set up what action you want to happen…Do This.

    Subscribe to a course
    Un-subscribe from a course
    Subscribe to a form
    Un-subscribe to a form
    Broadcast message
    Add Tag
    Remove Tag

    So then you can see how for example, If your subscriber completes a course then you can un-subscribe them from that course. Then when they un-subscribe from that course you can then set it to tag them with a specific label, that will automatically subscribe them to a different course. Learn how Convertkit can pay for itself and easily get you more sales that outweight the cost of running Convertkit.

    This is how you can keep subscribers on your list can segment them and manage them without having to put them on separate lists to segment them costing you more. If you have to put everybody on different lists you have almost double or triple duplicate emails that just get counted as multiple email instead of just one person.

    If you want to try to put together a system similar to Convertkit. You still would not get as good of statistics as your landing pages would be a separate company from your email provider and not be able to get the exact metrics that Convertkit can get by being connected together.

    So when setting it up all you need to do is set up either a landing page, form or course.


    Then they will give you a template and you can just edit to your liking.

    You can also make courses which is “a sequence of emails” that you have already set up and put into a course. You would just need to make different courses inside Convertkit.

    Then you can see some open rates for each course in a quick view. This is great for when you start segmenting your lists as this is how to really optimize the specifics of what to send to a particular segment in your audience.

    Then you can do things like….

    1. Put a certain form on a landing page
    2. That could tag a member for a beginners fly fishing course
    3. This will then trigger Convertkit to send them a specific course.
    4. Then once done with that course it will offer another course and once you sign up for the level 2 or part 2 course your subscriber will be placed into a segment of
    5. Level 2 or part 2 subscribers and will receive different emails and messages and tips etc based on where they are at in their learning.

    So A Real Example would be:

    • If someone signs up for a beginner product like “learn the basics of fly fishing.”
    • You can have a form that goes on a page that targets beginner aspiring Fly Fishermen…
    • Then have a specific beginner course sent to them, triggered by a specific form.
    • Then you would fill out the form to get a free copy of “things to learn before you actually catch a fish with fly fishing…
    • Then you can watch the analytics and statistics of visits and conversions in your Convertkit dashboard.
    • Then to get better conversions you could just simply adjust and refine. Get Convertkit for your business now. 

    The you can send easy broadcasts to segmentations of lists you have built:

    Another handy function is you can send broadcasts to specific segmentations of your list very easily.

    So if you where setting up a broadcast you could define parameters on who or what forms or what specific segmentation or what courses or tags etc that have been labeled. So you wont send a beginner email marketing course or something like that to your more advanced or intermediate audience that has already seen it or does not have the need to see it.

    So you can send out lists to people who are tagged with whatever you want. So for example… if you tag someone with the label “interest in learning how to set up a website & beginner blogging” you wont send them expensive high-end software offers to help maximize huge existing authority websites and blogs.


    Is Convertkit A Good Product?

    So with this Convertkit review I would say this is a very good program to use if you’re a one man band and run your own business and mailing list. The best part is that it comes all in one and you don’t have to put a couple other tools together to make it all work.

    If you would like to try Convertkit to help you start your first list or convert better with your existing list
    you will really want to start using Convertkit before your competition does!!! 

    So What If You Already Have An Autoresponder You Like But Want The Functionality Of Convertkit?

    .If you have never used an autoresponder and need an all in one that you can learn and grow with convertkit is your best bet and you can schedule a demo with them to see more about it and exactly how it works.

    Well if you already have an autoresponder you could make a set up similar to Convertkit by using something like Thrive Themes. You will be running two different programs though which makes it tougher Good alternative to add on to your regular autoresponder to make your own Convertkit. 

    This option will be more expensive but you can have similar functionality to Convertkit but using your regular basic autoresponder such as Aweber or Getresponse instead and paying for two seperate programs.

    Well, please share your opinion… I want to know what you think about Convertkit. What is your favorite autoresponder and why? Let Me Know In the Comments Below!


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