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Royal Prestige Cookware Review Quality Cookware or Crappy Dookware


    Royal Prestige Cookware Review  Will Royal Prestige Cookware treat you royally…? Or will this cookware just leave you royally pissed? Many have got pressured into buying what seems like grossly overpriced cookware. Serious buyers remorse happened with many who bought into this cookware presentation. “Dangers of cancer from Teflon cookware..!”  The salesman will claim.  I don’t dispute […]

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    LegalShield Scam Review Is This Legally Just A Waste Of Money


    Can LegalShield Really Cover You Or Just A Pain In The Butt?   Is LegalShield a scam? Lots of the Legalshield reviews sound alot like the Prepaid legal scam reviews… Oh that’s right it’s the same thing.   When things got bad they just did the ol name switcheroo to LegalShield. What LegalShield Claims They claim that […]

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    Monat Shampoo Scam They Seem To Try To Make You A Customer For Life


    Is Monat Shampoo a Scam? Are Monat hair care products really worth the price and hassle..? Alright, let’s chat Monat.   I have heard a little bit of a buzz about Monat Global… At the same time also hearing lots of bad Monat reviews about Monat Global being a scam. If you’re curious (or in a hurry): ✅  […]

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    What Is The Longaberger Company… Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Longaberger Basket?


    Can The Longaberger Company Really Make Baskets Great Again?   Longaberger Baskets… What’s That? The Longaberger Company is a basket manufacturer. With a long history but today it might not be much like it was remembered. What are Longaberger Baskets? Well long story short… High priced baskets. Back in 1896 The Longaberger family moved to Ohio and built up […]

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    Is Modere A Scam Or A Business Opportunity Worth Your Time?


    Is Modere A Scam Or Is It Really Worth Your Time? Is Modere a Scam…? Well it depends on who you ask… If you asked one of the Modere distributors they would say no. If you ask others they would say yes. If you ask me… I would say it’s not a good opportunity to […]

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    Nerium Complaints and Lawsuit Gotta Let It Burn!

    Nerium Lawsuit: Nerium Complaints About Chemical Burns On Skin! A Lawsuit against Nerium was filed recently… A bold woman by the name of Christina Swiatek decided to file a lawsuit against Nerium International, for causing chemical burns to her face and neck. This makes you question if Nerium is in fact a scam rather than just […]

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    Optavia Review: Scam Or Real Weight Loss And Business Opportunity?


    Optavia… I finally remembered the name of this company after my wife found a sample she got at the ol’ county fair. I saw she had frosted cookie dough bar and sounded pretty good…  Then I just had to check out Optavia’s ingredients used… I found nothing special and in fact pretty average vitamins and minerals. Nothing […]

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    Nucerity Scam Or Wonderful Makeup Biz With A Plan?

      Nucerity Review: Is Making Money With Nucerity, Insanity!   NuCerity Scam review:  So this is another MLM/network-marketing company called NuCerity. What is it exactly? Well, NuCerity is just another MLM skincare company with a confusing name. This is a standard MLM health and beauty scheme with products that are overpriced.   Very little that differentiates […]

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    Is Youngevity A Scam

      Is Youngevity A Scam Or Is This A Good Product And Business You Can Do From Home?   So Is Youngevity a scam? If you have just started getting into health or organic foods, you may have possibly been exposed to Youngevity. This is a MLM company that was started by a Veterinarian Named Joel […]

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      Sand Cloud Are These Towels Just Dust In The Wind


        Sand Cloud Thin Cotton Towels For A High Price? So Sand Cloud, not to be confused with Sound Cloud, is a revolutionary new product… Ready for it?…. OK here it is…. It’s a Beach towel/beachwear company. Are you blown away? I know what you’re probably thinking… I can get that anywhere, whats so special about that? […]

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