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Binary Fund Scam

    Name: Binary Fund
    Owners: Peter Nettle
    Price: 5% of each transaction
    Overall Scam Rank: 7 out of 100

    How Binary Fund Sounds Good But Really Just Stinks Like The Rest Of The Options Trading Software


    binary-fund-homeHave you seen the latest Binary fund Scam? Well if you haven’t, “” is a software that will turn you into the sucker at the table, gambling away all his money. Binary funds or options trading in general are risky business and at best are unsafe high risk investments. If your looking for sustainable income that you can rely on this is not the program or software for you.

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    What on Earth Is Binary.Fund Exactly



    The options trading strategy program is a type of software that you download directly to your computer and is not web based. It works on the principle where you have to decide whether the price of an asset will rise or plummet. Supposedly all the relevant indicators about a trade, are all in this software.

    Now the software is free but it’s useless and really this is just nothing more than the woners sneaky way of trying to capitalize off of being the middle man. makes money off the percentage they take from your trades on top of the broker costs. Even though it gives you the feeling that it’s free. Don’t be fooled at the end of the day they just want to make a percentage off of you. Your paying a big percentage once you enter in your credit card info and start trading. binary-fund-deposit

    Your using Call’s and Put’s and deciding if the value of the asset will go up or down. Using a tab to signal the software you can hit the “CALL” button when you think the odds of any asset will increase in value in the next 60 seconds. Then you hit the “PUT” button when you think the time is right or the software is also supposed to tell you when the odds are high, that a particular asset value is going to drop.

    So if you have seen it is interesting as it is not a .com and is a new domain extension .fund. Instead of “.com,” “.net,” it uses the extension “.fund.” Binary Fund is no different than all the other binary software programs out there. They will try to get you to buy with the scare tactics on the sales page and lay the hard sell routine on thick.

    • The author says he is only looking for 30 people in you area, which is weird with a big software program. (This is typically a sign he want to sell much more than helpful software).
    • He says he want only 30 or 50 people depending on which script you landed on, but then you can see that he has affiliates trying to promote it and if it was so secretive why have affiliates.
    • They also have a fake countdown timer that no matter what you can sign up later…this is another sign of high pressure sales with a low quality product.


    Binary Fund Will Market To Your Greedy Side, That’s How They Work.



    With The Binary Fund type scams, they are hoping that you will be lured into thinking you have a chance of making 100k + a month or 3k+ a day. This is what gets your attention, as psychologically your afraid that it could be real and don’t want to let it slip through your fingers. These figures are just like the Ferrari or multi-million dollar homes used in the MLM scams.

    These are all scams that your chances of success are less than one in a million, but they still try to sell you with that belief, so you can feel like quoting Loyd Christmas from dumb and dumber “so your saying there’s a chance.” All joking aside people really do start believing this and feel that crazy ideas and schemes sometimes are normal.

    Binary Fund Proof Of Earnings and Legitimacy


    Binary fund claims that they are the best platform of the year and they have the best Binary Options Customer Service. They claim this through some fake awards and badges that they gave to themselves to sway people to think it has credibility. To the naked untrained eye this can actually add to credibility in your sub conscious while reinforcing that it is a legitimate software program.

    • They claim best binary options customer service… How are you supposed to prove that and were is the survey?  
    • They have a badge for the best platform of the year...Who named it this, the owner?

    binary-fund-coursesThere is supposedly in depth training that they offer with the Binary Fund software. These courses are nothing more than filler and fluff basic courses to make the software look more credible. 

    They have a video sales letter that is just screen shots of people earning huge astronomical amounts of money in a single day. 7+ million, 2.5 million, 25k all in one day…oh my. These figures can be faked and typically are, as programs that work usually don’t even add crazy income claims.

    This system is preaching that it can generate you enough money to live without debt and buy that dream car and house you always dreamed of…The owner must have learned “selling the dream type sales” in the 80’s and still using it to this day.

    Hype and all flash still works and sells people even in today’s market.

    Don’t ask me how exactly but it works and plays with people psychologically, like adding a laugh track on a TV series. People have said they hate laugh tracks but yet they still work at making people think a show is funnier than it is. The same applies for hype and flashy videos and income claims as people say they hate it but it still seems to sell.

    They also use exact numbers when they say you can make anywhere from $18,487.96 instead of just saying 19k. This is another psychological trick that makes people think that this number was special and not just some random one pulled from thin air. Saying an exact figure makes people subconsciously think, the money figure that was stated was actually earned by you, rather than you just throwing out numbers like 100k, 1 milion etc.


    A Couple Of Big Caveats Of Binary Fund That Are Important To Consider.


    binary_fund_software_dl#1 One of the main things that put up a red flag is that binary find takes out 5% of all of your earnings. Now with the broker fees being at least 20 percent, you would need a near perfect success rate in order to make any real money.

    #2 The success rate is the main problem with binary fund or any binary trading options program.

    No matter what system your using there is nothing that can realistically increase your win or success rate. The small 60 second periods of time associated with trading Binary Options makes foreseeing the rise and fall almost impossible, even with advanced algorithms. So you are just gambling all willy nilly with some software that is only useful so the owner can take his cut like a casino.

    #3 This system does not even provide real advanced algorithms, it simply gives you access to a worthless bot used by the broker.

    This bot typically used by the broker is not helpful at all and is just as smart or better to guess and go with your gut. You are just gambling and typically the house always wins. Sure gambling can be fun but if your not looking to gamble your money and hope for a lucky break then stay away from this money pit.

    This scam is very similar to many other Binary Options Bot Scams Such as Google Trader, Cash Code, The Aussie Method, Fast Cash Biz, 3 week Millionaire, Automobile Code and they typically lead to a unregulated broker like Binary Book to steal your minimum deposit that they get you to make. 



    Binary Fund Deposit Account Packages

    Micro Account


    Basic Account


    Gold Account


    Platinum and VIP Account


    My Final Thoughts On Binary Fund

    With all the other binary scams out there you would think that some would work, well that is what I hoped for but yet again another scheme pops up claiming anything, just to get you excited to take action. Unless you have a money burning a hole in your pocket you are going to want to steer clear of the Binary fund scam.

    With a lot of these programs not only do they scam you before you make money but if you actually do make money they can be very difficult to get the money withdrawn. Make sure that any broker you do go with is able to answer your small questions in a timely manner, as if they can’t do that during normal trading times they will not help when trying to get your money either. I usually suggests unless you are well versed in trading and know what your doing, stay away from Binary Options Systems and avoid them like the Ebola Virus.

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    Name: Binary Fund
    Owners: Peter Nettle
    Price: 5% of each transaction
    Overall Scam Rank: 7 out of 100



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