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Big Spot Survey Scam


    Name: Big Spot  big_spot_survey_scam_logo
    Owners:  Not Sure

    Price: Free but they have you dowork for them and barely or rarely get paid.
    You also have to pay a fee to get extra surveys and better jobs supposedly. 

    Overall Rating: SCAM
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    Is A Scam? | The Bigspot Survey Scam ?

    Is A Scam?big_spot_survey_scam_landing_page1

    The Big Spot Survey scam, Whats It All About?

    Well here we are yet again at another survey scheme.

    This time it’s the Bigspot Survey Scam. The only reason this one is even a little bit known is from the ads on TV.

    This survey company is just like the rest, work your tail off and get paid peanuts or nothing at all.

    These survey companies are rarely ever worth doing. These surveys are just like gambling in casinos and you know the house usually always wins.

    Is A Scam  | What Is The Value Of Bigspot 

    Who Is The Bigspot Survey Scam For?  No One Unless You Want To lose Money.

    Typically taking surveys would be for the person who wants to make a little side cash working their butt off taking survey after survey.

    Well that is best case scenario, worst case is all the surveys you don’t qualify for and they don’t pay you at all, even when you reach the threshold.

    Now there is a lot of work to even get something worth while. Just barely making a few hundred dollars a month after putting in solid 7-8 hour days 5-6 days a week seems to be the only way to do it. Is this really the best use of your time? if so give it a shot.

    The problem with these survey sites is they can be hit and miss on all of them. Somtimes they could if they wanted to just keep your money, sell your info or pay you so that you could write a testimonial claiming it works. 

    They can then screw over a bunch of other people after or before you, they just need to pay some here and there to make it look legit..


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     Is A Scam  | What Is Bigspot Exactly?


    What Is A Scam Or Can You Really Make Money From It?

    This site is a survey aggregator or hub that supposedly has companies that they work with that want to pay average consumers to take surveys.

    This is just like all the other surveys companies. I’m not sure if this one does CPA offers and makes money from people filling things out as well.

    They just say that you didn’t qualify for the surveys and blame it on the advertiser that pays for the survey.

    I find it a little fishy why these survey websites can’t store your info better. You should only have to fill out your info once. You end up filling out a pre survey every time before you take the real survey that you’re most of the time denied for.

    This website started making waves in 2010 when they had some advertisements on TV.

    They must really have a better way they make money because a free website that pays you to take surveys. Then they spend pretty large sums to advertise tells me they understand this scam.

    This shows just how much they can really make behind the scenes Or they just have deep pockets when they started and are incredibly dumb. All I do know, it’s not worth your time.

     Is A Scam ? | Is Bigspot Just A Fancy Name For The Same Ol Crap


    I’m going to make this fast, these survey companies don’t work for making more than 10 bucks a week or a $100 bucks a month at best. These can take 20 minutes to an hour and you have to fill out pre qualification surveys every time making it take longer.

    There is a lot of unhappy customers, but as long as some don’t say anything and others make some money, no one can prove they’re a scam and they will be able to run this operation forever.




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    If you want to know more about different survey scams and how they’re essentially the same, you can read about these survey scams below

    Well as you can see not only is Bigspot not a survey company but really a middleman that holds surveys and take a cut, possibly sells your info and makes you work for them to make money.

    This can make you a little angry to think that you could have just by passed them and gone straight to each advertiser and got the same opportunity.

    Here is an example that shows bigspot after sign up just simply linking you to common survey companies that also don’t pay crap and have you do tons of Pre-screening. Whats The Point Of Bigspot again? Oh yeah there is no point.big_spot_survey_scam_offers_after_joining 


    These advertisers on the surveys pay referral fees for getting others to get started. This is what motivates companies like Big Spot to run these types of operations.

    So if you’re new to taking online surveys you want to take into consideration how little they pay you for your time.  

    Most of the time you will spend 5-30 minutes just taking a pre screening survey only to be told after you complete it that you do not qualify, Why would this company not just have you fill out your info once and have surveys find you?

    When you do finally qualify, you then spend a long time to earn pennies or finally get a $20 Amazon gift card.

    Then to add insult to injury they make you wait until the advertisers campaign for surveys is over before your account is credited for the survey, which does not just take a few days but can take a few months. Then if you do not reach your minimum cash out threshold you will really be forgetting about this money.

    Most people will just cut their losses and move on all together as it’s typically more of a pain to get your money than its worth. These companies are well aware of this. This is why they also put it in their Terms Of Service.


    Many people rarely stick with them long enough or rarely qualify for enough surveys to make even close to decent money. Then you have to factor in all the time they spent to actually make that little chunk of money and it becomes terrible again as it is way too low for how many hours you put in.

    So if you’re trying to earn a good part-time income, you need to realize that surveys will rarely pay you much or at all for your time.

    Is A Scam ? | My Thoughts On 


    This is just like the others, many say it’s not a scam but nobody make any real money from them. Besides the occasional mystery man that pops up out of nowhere to say that he has made alright pittance, but had to work 12 hours a day to get it.

    It seems like Urban legend to hear a person making more than $500 dollars a month from them.

    The people who claim that they make a few hundred in a month were working 8-12 hours a day 6 days a week  or something crazy that made it really not worth it.

    These survey scams are still around cause they capitalize on internet newbies just looking to leisurely fill out surveys and make some extra money.

    Little do they know they’re getting you to fill out multiple offers they get paid for and getting your contact info to spam you or some even sell the names to the highest bidder.

    if you see any survey company you might want to think twice as they usually always help out the owner of the site but rarely the survey takers. Many people will say their not a scam cause they have been in business for a while or because they sometimes pay a person here and there for their work.

    To me this is a complete scam and the people who get paid out, was because the company wanted a few people out there saying it works but for the most part it’s just here to make the owners money.

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