Better Money Habits

Learn Better Money Habits Quickly While Simultaneously Fixing The Complexity In Your Life With 3 Simple Steps


Looking to get better money habits but think that it is too much conscious effort? 

poor money habits

Poor Money Habits

Then the 3 steps that I am about to cover below will change your life dramatically, if you let them. Good news is, you can change all your habits right now no matter what type of person you may be. The thing that is important is you take the first step now and actually give it your best.

Changing yourself and your habits one at a time is really all you need to focus on. Sounds really easy but I wont lie, it can be a tough bumpy process. In this article, I will be covering how you can start changing a few simple yet powerful things to create a life that you design. Also learn building better money habits in the process. You can create habits easily, if you just do them one at a time and see it all the way through. 

How You Gain Better Money Habits


You need to invest your time wisely in specific tasks that I will cover in a minute. These simple yet fairly difficult to execute daily tasks will get you from failure to success fast, it is just up to you if you want to, “do it or not” and/or “believe me or not.” Chances are high that you will experience failure no matter what you do. Your goal is to understand that you will experience failure and learn from it but not feel like a failure which is a huge difference. People who feel like a failure when they fail tend to procrastinate until everything is perfect, which it never will be. 

Be Careful Not To Overwhelm Yourself With Habits In The Beginning!better-money-habits giving up

If you try to overwhelm yourself with these specific habits that I am going to cover all at once, you will fail. So when following along only pick one habit to focus on at a time. Follow this one habit completely through. learn how it is done correctly and spend 1 month and 1 week doing it correctly before focusing on anything else.

Your goal in the 37 days is to create a automatic habit like brushing your teeth and spend time simple focusing on one thing. Find new things that you see that you need to work on and take yourself from

  • unconscious incompetence


  • unconscious competence

You are starting with the “you don’t know, what you don’t know” mentality and ending with automatically executing a task repeatedly until you can execute on that task without you even being completely aware.

Motivation and faith are just the start

You have to know how to use self discipline everyday and how long can you commit to doing something if you truly want to succeed in gaining better money habits or any habits in general. You may be aware of this already but for those who are not, when you do something for one month and 1 week you develop an habit and it’s yours forever. Then when you start to add other things it is not hard as everything you have learned thus far is now a habit. You do them habitually and unconsciously without really even thinking about it. So in theory within a year you could master a set of skills that will help you in every area of your life including getting better money habits in the process.

The Empowering Skill Of Creating Better Money Habits


So one of the best kept secrets of man that was only discovered in the last 20 years is the power of the habit. The main power lies in your body’s ability to re-do a specific task over and over that is ingrained in your head for life.It can seem hard when trying to make something a habit at first, as it will be foreign to you. Once you start, it can be confusing but after a month, it will be like second nature. You will be able to easily include it into your day. It is the same with how we brush our teeth, drive a car or tie our shoes. This is the power of having these as habits and not tasks that you have to remember everyday.

For example: It would be like having to remember to write a To Do list to Take shower, brush teeth, put on clothes, tie shoes, go to work and drive the car to work etc. If you did not have a habit of doing these daily you would have to focus hard to remember to take a shower and brush your teeth…

It would be like you starting your day and having a hard time succeeding when you forgot everything and would walk around the streets naked with untied shoes. The same applies for bigger things and once you make it a habit it can be as easy as driving a car or putting on clothes, you just automatically do it. The hard part is the start. Once you learn to start and do something daily and focus only on one task at a time and see it through everyday for 5 weeks or 37 days, it is yours to keep. The only thing that is stopping you is what your doing right now.


How to Form These Habits

A habit has been documented to be formed when you do some task in the same way for around 37 days. Some easier habits can take less time some can take more but on average 37 days will lock in most habits for life. You have to just learn to build up your self discipline to keep yourself on the straight and narrow until you adopt that new good habit.


Now Here Are 3 Things That You Can Do That Essentially Lead To Building Better Money Habits


If you learn these 3 habits you will not only help with making money but also throughout your entire life.This will work for anything. It can help you with making money online, being a better athlete, being a better person or being a better parent.The habits I am about to share with you are basically a one size fits all type of thing So “without further ado” here are the 3 things to help you get better money habits so you can be successful beyond your wildest dreams.



1. Healthy Body – Keep Your Body Healthy And Relaxed

You need to remember that you do everything with your body and many people neglect their body. So the number one rules is to not go crazy and neglect your body, just to get success faster as it will be much shorter lived. Also you will not be able to fully think, make decisions or thrive with a sick unhealthy body, you just wont have the energy. 

The best way to take care of your body is easy, in short: 

  • Eat more greens
  • Eat less meat, processed foods, fast fried foods, refined sugar, table salt and commercial oils.

Find as many foods that you can that are free of any preservatives, corn syrup, table salt and processed carbs.

better-money-habits-eating-healthyEating healthy can be a chore at first…Once you make it a habit and your body gets used to it, greasy processed foods will seem gross. Learn to eat more live fresh living vegetables and fruits mixed raw into a smoothie for example. Probiotic drinks are great along with living minerals like such things as Himalayan pink salt and silica. There is much more obviously to learn but is beyond the scope of this article.This is however a very good start and foundation to building and maintaining a healthy body.

Get out in the sun and exercise and work up a sweat. Spend at least 15 – 60 minutes a day exercising. This can be anything where you are working all the muscles in your body. Some workout, some swim some do athletics and some dancing. No matter how you get it you need to consistently exercise and move your body as moving is part of the body’s way of detoxing.

Also the competition in any sport or hobby will make you feel alive and revive you and deep down inside and is how we grow in life. To quote the Daft Punk song, you will become “harder, better, faster, stronger…”

Also when you have a lot on your mind go for a mandatory walk to work out the problems in the mind.

So this is the main thing to start with because “if your body is not able, you will not be able…to do anything.” 

Get Regular Sleep:  Also you want to make sure you do not eat anything unhealthy before bed. Also no caffeine or alcohol and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. You will also want to sleep in 1.5 hour increments. So if you typically sleep 8 hours you should try sleeping 6, 7.5 or 9 hours as a REM cycle of sleep ends after the REM cycle and not in the middle. Also you are going to want to wind down before bedtime and get into bed 20 minutes before the time you want to go to sleep with temp between 68-71 degrees. If you plan it right you should be able to go to sleep within that 20 minutes.  


  • Habit Task For THE BODY (WORK ON ONE AT A TIME ) Do Them Daily For 5 weeks or 37 Days and Make A Habit: 

***** Spend 15 – 60 minutes every day working out and sweating and moving vigorously. Do every day for 5 weeks or 37 days.

***** Start eating more raw living greens less processed foods in every meal every day. Do every day for 5 weeks or 37 days.

***** Start going to sleep at the same time every night not eating at least 2 hours before you sleep. Do every day for 5 weeks or 37 days.


#2 Healthy Mind – Learn To Nurture Your Mind 

Now more than ever the conscious commodity is in demand. We are working more and more at desk jobs and in front of computers and your brain is the new workhorse. Many are starting to see that sitting is the new cancer.

People might think to themselves ” well I am thinking all day, so the need to work on the mind right?
I am assuming you know probably already know that the answer is wrong… The stability of the mind is how you process all the hard times and how you create your own reality.

How can you take care of the mind?

Well in short the mind is a muscle and you use it or lose it. As long as your using it, it will stay healthy and remain fit but when you stop using it, it starts to decay and becomes sluggish and lethargic. So how can you keep your mind muscle active

Read Daily

There is almost no difference between the person who doesn’t read and the person who can’t read. If you know how to read you should be reading more and more. Try to spend at least 30 minutes each morning and night reading something that can help propel you forward. If you can’t read self improvement or financial books cause they are too boring, just at least read something that you can retain, as something is better than nothing.

If you must read fiction stories or romance to be interested then read that. The main thing is that you read and comprehend and learn something. Lessons are everywhere and you will start to notice that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, meaning that there is lessons all around us. When you are ready you will see the lesson or the beauty that is and always has been all around you. You just had to get out of your own way and see things for what they really are.

Write Thoughts Down Everyday 

Remember a little quote “If you think it, then you should ink it” This is just a cute little way to remember that when you have a thought write it down. If the thought is not relevant to the task at hand, just write it down and get it out of your mind for later observation. The best way to bring your thoughts into reality is to write them down.

Get in the habit of writing everyday, this will clear out your thoughts in your head and allow you to formulate better more complete ideas. When you write down all these things they will start to make a pattern to help you clarify your thoughts about life and business and right and wrong.

Listen To The Right Things

Try to always watch or listen to things that help develop not distress the mind. Example try watching or reading a tutorial like this on how to have “better money habits” instead of watching a tv sitcom that allows you to escape reality and live a rich life for 40 minutes at a time. Instead of listening to “loud- rough breakup-get my girl back- big booty -hoe on the flo,” type songs try listening to EDM or techno music without lyrics or classical or zen music instead.


This is probably the most important out of all of the above steps. You need to spend time every morning meditating and thinking of nothing but the present moment and nothingness. This is very crucial to balance your mind and body together and make stress dissolve away.

Plan to learn something new each year!

Whether your learning to play an instrument or learning how to snowboard you should try to spend as much time as you have free to improve your hand eye coordination and muscle improvement.

Ask yourself 3 Questions

– What do I want to do for the next 5-10 years of my life? (write it down) 

– What daily action do I need to take to make ( “X” amount of money) in (“Y” amount of time)? (write it down) 

– How Will I Monetize ( “X” product, service or passion) to make( “Y” amount of money) In (“Z” amount of time)? (write it down) 

By asking yourself these questions you will feel silly at first but once you start to understand that you are connected to something greater, you will start to see the benefit.  These questions are just ways to get the information that is already in your head. Your job now is to uncover it and allow it to surface, don’t think just be and allow thoughts to flow and write them down. The hardest part about this task is you have to really give it your best and you will uncover the answer.

Learn to clear your mental Calculator

If you fill up your mind with garbage such as TV drama, News, and work your mind becomes lethargic and fatigued. You start to associate everything with sad, depressing news. This will free up space in your mind to use for beneficial reasons and not dwelling on who will die or who is getting eliminated on some fictitious TV show


  • Habit Task For THE MIND (WORK ON ONE AT A TIME ) Do Them Daily For 5 weeks or 37 Days: 

***** Read and Meditate for 30 minutes every day for 5 weeks. or around 37 days.

***** Write Thoughts Down Everyday  “If you think it, ink it”


#3 Finances – Learn to Pay Attention To Your Finances

No matter what, there is no excuses when it comes to taking care of your finances. This doesn’t take a professional to get you to understand that your finances control just about everything your do.

If you don’t take care of your money, your money wont take care of you.  You then end up living the life of a servant that is forever indebted.

So first things first….Get Passive income or At Least Positive Cash Flow

So to start taking control of your life and finances you need to get more income then you spend. I know easier said than done but that is the way it is. So your looking for everything where the “outcome is income.” You need to be always making more than your spending. This may sound basic but you would not believe how many people do not even realize this until after owing many credit cards that they purchased liability’s with (AKA stuff and junk). Even people that are working paycheck to paycheck still feel that they can’t change.

So if you don’t have positive cash flow you could get it by spending a couple of years building something that would get you positive cash flow.

If you don’t have something to make you positive cash flow do not worry. There is a way to get a web property up and running with all the training to get your site ranked and making money. If you don’t want to do it all alone then you can use the method I currently use that I wished I had started years ago by clicking here.

Spend the next 20-30 minutes figuring out how much money you spend, Include everything from house to car to donations etc. Then subtract your net income from expenses, if you have no extra your in the negative… If you in the negative you need to do whatever is possible to get it into the positive. If you truly just ask yourself, you will get an answer!!!! Try asking yourself these crucial questions right before meditation or before the day starts. 

After a little while of repeatedly doing this, an idea you can work with will pop into your mind.

  1. Write it down
  2. Look at it and critique it
  3. Make improvements
  4. Take action and fail
  5. Learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly
  6. Dust yourself off and move forward
  7. Rinse, Wash, Repeat 
  8. Double down and focus on what works

So once you get positive cash flow now what?

Pay yourself first…because every other cent will be spent for you by others. There are many people out there just waiting to take all your money with things such as bills,fees and services. Everybody is looking for their cut and will take it until your dry. This is why you have to pay yourself first. If you don’t nothing will get done cause your too broke to move forward and make the money to pay.

If you are working a job make sure to get into a retirement plan that takes 5 – 10% from your salary, some even match it. Then once you get your check put another 5-10% away in another account for safety. These accounts are your retirement plan B safety net accounts.

These accounts do two things…

#1 – They will allow you to make more money because your not thinking with a scarcity mind set.

#2 – It will give you the option to do “what you want to” and not have to listen to anyone “if you don’t want to.”

You wont have to worry about being a slave to anyone and having a employer control you “until death do you part.” There is however a bit of a caveat to all this… You have to habitually add money and save daily, so the sum of the money you save can grow large enough to invest into assets that make money for you in the future. Then you spend that money only on more assets to make you more money.

Example: Buy a house and rent it out, get government bonds or starting a profitable business.

Red Flags To Avoid When Growing Money

If it sounds too good to be true, it most of the time is.

#1 Stay away from hot stock tips, When just starting out try to only invest in the S&P 500 index fund as it is a much safer bet than the one a friend says is going to make millions.

#2 Stay away from bad business opportunities that require you to “buy before your try.” With most good business opportunities you should be able to “try before you buy.” When you come across a business that requires you to buy everything that your selling first your want to run the other way or lose lots of money.

#3 Any Type Of Lottery– Even if you think your lucky a lot of these free cruise, car and vacation giveaways are typically just ways to get your email and phone number.

#4 Stay Away From Credit Cards – Unless you are using them to make more positive cash flow then you should not use credit cards.

The best an only way to really get what you want is to save a pay for it in cash. I know this is hard but it is the best way.


  • Habit Task For Finances (WORK ON ONE AT A TIME ) Do Them Daily  For 5 weeks or 37 Days: 

***** Make a habit of focusing on getting positive cash flow higher by reducing spending or increasing income

***** Make a habit of working on things that bring in Passive income or At Least Positive Cash Flow coming in consistently (If not start making a habit of at least thinking of it until you figure something out)

***** If you have negative cash flow or not enough positive cash flow, make a habit of thinking daily how you could start building something that would get you positive cash flow.

***** Pay yourself first, re-invest in keeping yourself a float!

***** Stay away from hype and too good to be true offers


Each day that you spend focused on these specific areas of your life, the faster you will move forward in general with life, money and health. These simple habits will have a dramatic effect on your life and put an end to things that hold you back. When you create this many good habits you unconsciously succeed.

Every day that you spend doing these tasks above will increase your results in life tremendously. These are very simple things that you can start doing now to quickly weed out unnecessary things holding you back. If you spent a month doing just one task out of each step to make a habit it would only take 4 months to have 3 very powerful habits working for you.

Remember just focus on “ONE TASK/HABIT AT A TIME” and don’t overwhelm yourself. Spend 5 weeks or 37 days making it a habit that you do on auto pilot, then move on to the next. By the time you just start being aware of these 3 things and making them a habit for just a couple of years, you will start to see major changes. This is a quick life hack to gaining better money habits and also move yourself up in life along the way. All of the 3 habits above may seem like they are “NOT REALLY going to help” but when you truly make them a habit and start putting consciousness into it you will really start to see a change.


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