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Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers

    Best WordPress themes for bloggers in 2018?

    So I will be covering the top three best WordPress themes for blogs in 2018. All other themes are really just following behind one of these theme leaders.

    These themes are clearly at the top of their game. Any of these themes will work for your blog or website but which one will work the best for your situation your in currently? Below I will cover the top three. 

    If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

    Divi Themes- 3rd Best WordPress Theme For Blogs In 2018

    So What is Divi Theme? best_wordpress_theme_Divi_Theme_builder

    Divi is one of the best wordpress themes in 2018 but gets 3rd due to it’s bulky additions and plugins to your site. Plus you need to use this theme for life or use their plugin that fixes their short-code problem if you do decide to leave. 

    This seems to make it’s way into just about every comparison but really does not in my mind rank in the same class as Thrive Themes and Genesis (shown below).

    It does however offer a very easy to use editing.

    This is the theme that would be better for making smaller blogs customized in the beginning, when people feel that design is all that matters. (design should really not be the focus but ease of use, fast loading times and conversions should be)

    With that said… it does have unique features with the page split test option. Although this can be done much better with just monitoring the leads you capture and choosing the page that converted the highest. Or using things like Thrive Optimize with Thrive Themes.

    Also pre-made templates are nice for ease of use… but are they nice for a unique branded look? 

    You may just start coming across as just another cookie cutter site if you use them.

    Many of the features get downplayed when you look at other themes and what they bring to the table.

    Whats neat about Divi?

    • They have quick start templates
    • They offer easy to use editing features
    • Beginner friendly
    • Have a plugin to now fix shortcode problems when switching themes
    • Write a little link to divi vs article
    • You can easily customize the design of your homepage and other pages on your website and they do have great customer service.
    • They also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

    What You May Not Like About Divi

    • Feels more focused on the design and just looking good, rather than focusing on speed and conversions.
    • If your blog gets good amounts of traffic it would need to be on a stronger framework like Genesis or Thrive.
    • It can be tricky to switch themes like this after using lots of short-codes and need a paid shortcodes fix plugin if you want to later move to a quicker lighter theme.

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    Studio Press Genesis Theme – 2nd Best WordPress Theme For Blogs In 2018

    So What is Gensis Theme?

    Ok, so Genesis has been the go to theme for a business website and still is widely used with many businesses… but ever since Thrive came to town things changed. Genesis has been known to be the fastest loading theme. The problems are designing limitations unless you know theme coding and no real conversion focus right out of the gate like with Thrive.

    This is a very nice theme if you need a fully customizeable platform that is very fast, SEO friendly and secure.


    You need special plugins or theme coders with Genesis theme to figure it out and get basic customizations.

    Now if you’re fine with hiring a theme coder or are fine with adding extra paid plugins along with buying a child theme, you can use this theme and it works very well.

    So needless to say it’s really not the best for beginners but with the proper knowledge of what you need to use… You could actually make this theme work, even as a beginner.

    All coding and technical hassles aside, this can be a really good theme. You just need to use the proper paid plugins just to edit it to your liking or hire a theme coder/designer.

    It’s worth it to get a quality well coded theme with unlimited updates/support that you also can customize as well as can handle the load of high traffic from an authority site.

    Whats Neat about Genesis

    • They have quick loading light weight coded theme framework that can be customized to anything.
    • Genesis offers a truly professional secure and very SEO optimized theme
    • It’s great for businesses that need a site theme that can perform in all different environments and traffic situations.

    What I don’t Like About Genesis

    • I feel its more complicated to use out of DIVI or Thrive and does not add in the focus on conversions, like with Thrive setup along with plugins.
    • This theme just to have some basic functionality like changing headers and colors needs special plugins to enable you to code the CSS along with child theme knowledge.
    • If you don’t use special paid plugins to edit (i.e beaver builder, Pallete pro or dynamik plugin) you need to hire a theme designer to edit the CSS and get it to function like you really need and want it.

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    Thrive Themes – 1st place for Best WordPress Theme For Blogs In 2018 

     Ok, so if you want the best of both worlds Thrive can do everything that both themes above can do. Thrive is an incredibly fast loading theme like Genesis but also has the easy and better designing features that themes such as Divi have.  The thing that Thrive has that the other two do not is a focus on conversions as well.  If you want a easy cusomizable, fast loading, lightweight coded theme built for SEO, then Thrive can do it all in one. 

    Also a theme that can grow with you and be used with a child theme if you want (this is optional and not mandatory like with using Genesis)

    Thrive Themes is a premium theme where it’s an excellent choice for expert bloggers but also a beginner can learn to do it themselves with “built-in customizations” that are easy to use.

    They focus not just on speed or design but also the most important…conversions.

    Then you can also explode your results with their conversion focused plugins.

    Thrive Themes offers the speed and coding and security of Genesis

    BUT also…

    Has the functionality right from the start of Divi

    or to get the same design functionality with Genesis…

    you would need to use plugins like: 

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    Also have Thrives plugins comes with unlimited updates.

    Whats Neat about Thrive Themes

    • They have very fast loading, light weight coded themes with built in customization.
    • You can use a child theme if you want (not mandatory) and it can be customized to anything like with Genesis.
    • Offers professional, secure and very SEO optimized themes
    • Has another huge focus on conversions which is a big deal
    • Themes that can perform in all different environments and traffic situations
    • Also is built to help you market and sell from everything they do from how they build their themes, plugins and their Thrive university.
    • They have lots of video tutorials showing how to set up anything and everything.

    What I don’t Like About Thrive Themes

    • I feel its a tad bit complicated to understand for a beginner on what it can really do for you, but really all are at first.
    • So many functions and customization that can cause a little confusing and overwhelming.

    Thrive Is The Winner And Best Premium WordPress Theme of 2018 

    With Their Conversion Focus And Fast Loading:

    ✅  Learn Why Thrive Themes [Plus High Converting Plugins]  is the most popular with our readers.

    Not only does it have a very well coded light weight fast theme like Genesis…. but also adds built in functionality that’s easy to use like DIVI.

    Thrive Themes allows you to actually customize the look and feel of your site beyond what any other themes can do right out of the gate.

    There’s no need for extra plugins just to make basic customizations with Thrive Themes.

    Then they have plugins that you can add on, that can help to dramatically increase conversions.

    These plugins work amazing with or without Thrive Themes.

    They’re all included with membership and can turn a holy bucket of a site allowing conversions to spill through the holes in to a tight ship.

    Best Premium Theme For WordPress – Thrive Themes Conclution

    Thrive is the Best Premium Theme for WordPress.  Much more than just a Theme company.

    They focus on giving people what they want, rather than focusing on the what is normal. 

    Thrive makes their decisions based on giving people what they want but also what people truly need.

    Rather that just offering up amodified version of what is already possible, they look to see what would be best for their customers and create.

    Thrives conversion focused plugins help anyone to execute proper conversion techniques just using their tools.

    Thrive looks for new ways to enable their customers to learn more and get better.  Then in theory convert better.

    Learn How Thrive Themes Can Help Your Business  

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